Tong Ren Podcast

0065 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else

Tong Ren Podcast
0065 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else

Welcome all newcomers to Tom Tam’s Healing System. Join us for our Tong Ren Healing Class called “Eyes, Emotions and Everything!” During this hour-long class, we will use Tong Ren Healing to treat all kinds of problems related to eyes, emotions and general physical ailments, (cancer, autoimmune, metabolic, etc.) This is a general healing class, so all are invited to participate and learn what we have experienced in our own healing–what Tom calls “the mainstream medicine of the future–now!” Our goal is to empower you. By experiencing Tong Ren Healing you will literally be learning how to heal yourselves–and others too! Come, join in building the international collective unconscious of the Tom Tam Healing System of Tong Ren.

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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Anusuya Quinn
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Speaker 0 00:00:00 The <inaudible>.
Speaker 1 00:00:11 Okay, great. Sorry. Setting up devices and things. Cause I moved everything yesterday to work on an awesome experience. Okay. So one second, let me finish setting up the device. We have the glasses on the camera like we did the other day, uh, the device running like we do a lot of days. Um, lasering. Let me just look and see who's on and I'll tell you what we're going to leave. Who is actually physically here.
Speaker 0 00:00:49 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:00:56 Also getting an echo. Okay. Get rid of that. And then you're going, ready to go, but I haven't copied together list. Okay. So Lou skier. Alison. Good morning, John. K's here. Bernard. Good morning. Um, good afternoon. Right? You and Yon. It's probably afternoon Kim. Okay. Casey sky or, and Tina. Goodness. No wonder. I thought of you this morning. You have a lot on your plate. Everybody does actually. Good morning, Janice. I just saw you pop in. I don't know if I have your request yet. Okay. Karen's here from Chicago. Okay. So you guys, what do I want to do with you? Um, I'm going to put the, um, laser part of this device up on C5 six, seven. So we'll do long thoracic and do brachial plexus and get shoulders, arms pause. Um, our hands obviously will help us oxygenate. Um, so we'll do that.
Speaker 1 00:02:12 The little of our traps, a little going up thyroid parathyroid. So that's where the laser is the probe and always stands on one, the other one in kidney 26 down into the GI tract. So into the middle of warmers. Okay. So also lymph lungs, airways, breasts, all that on the front. We're getting on with the probe. Then I have the headset. So not the headset we had the other day. The one we were using was actually what I accidentally walked off with, which I gave back to Tom. And that one had two pieces on the top that were entangled to the galaxy device that were different than what I have anyways. I gave him my headset the other day.
Speaker 2 00:03:04 Um, mine has three pieces of, um, tungsten on top. And then
Speaker 1 00:03:16 It was the headset that I used to actually that I got my night vision back with. So it was, this one has these little things in side. It was like really early. He opened it and he was like, Oh,
Speaker 2 00:03:30 Cause I've
Speaker 1 00:03:30 Had it for three years. And it was probably one of the absolute first ones that was made if not the first.
Speaker 2 00:03:38 Um, so anyways, he loaded this one up with, um,
Speaker 1 00:03:42 Um, supplements, like he had done with the one labor had been using. And when I asked him what was in there, he just said everything. So I have no idea what he put in, even though I sat there and why
Speaker 2 00:03:52 Watched him? Um, he must've not wanted it.
Speaker 1 00:03:56 We didn't know. Cause I never thought to stand up and see what he was actually putting in it, even though I asked.
Speaker 2 00:04:02 So, um,
Speaker 1 00:04:04 Anyways, okay. Spot treatment.
Speaker 2 00:04:06 Sure. Um, okay, so let's
Speaker 1 00:04:10 Let me grab the other list just so I have
Speaker 2 00:04:13 Pleased to open that page. Um, so I can see how we do the general treatments at the stern is windy. There's been a few
Speaker 1 00:04:27 Snowflakes spitting around.
Speaker 2 00:04:33 It's actually quite windy. The oceans probably be before. I'll have to go see here. Okay. So copy that. Make it easier if I don't have too many pages and we'll start with emotions, we'll go through
Speaker 1 00:04:54 There. I was saying to somebody who emailed me this morning, I really think that one of the things I've noticed is Tom's done the trauma work, but also as we've done the mirror neuron work is that we are moving
Speaker 2 00:05:07 Connected collectively, um, that when we think of each other, we call them, um, whatever.
Speaker 1 00:05:16 Just those things you think of a person in your email pings with something from them.
Speaker 2 00:05:22 Um, anyways, I think that is part of
Speaker 1 00:05:26 What's happening when we work on the mirror neurons all the time, because the mirror neurons really are that,
Speaker 2 00:05:32 Um, connection that builds the collective anyways, going to do emotions. And I do trauma work. We can actually, let's start with C to C to both sides to open the motor cortex, just opens us up to really receive the energy pulling. It's nice to get in the beginning
Speaker 1 00:05:58 Because it also makes us more receptive to all the other work. This is the body and the mind relax open up GB 13, 14, both right and left. So, um, the right hand side is relaxation. Peace of mind. It's slowing the brain waves while we're in is actually a form of brainwave entrainment device going in the background, that's tapping out different frequencies, opening the left side. We work on memory focus, good cognitive anti aging for our brains. Um, so things like add ADHD, Alzheimer's dementia, brain fog, chemobrain GV 22 hypothalamus pituitary. So PTSD, PTSD, or flee survival instincts, things like fear, grief, anger works, the hypothalamus pituitary area. So we're producing, um, some of our, um, neuro-transmitters here also sending signals for all the hormone signals for appetite, thirst, body temperature, loads of things go on here in this area of the brain. Let's bring it down to in Tang. So the pineal gland helps balance sleep. We produce our melatonin, which helps regulate sleep. Also, this is all factory or so trauma point. So we've been having this debate about the trauma points. And originally there were, I don't know, maybe eight points and then Tom shortened it for. And then yesterday someone was intent on finding out about the points as time. It was three.
Speaker 1 00:07:59 And then she asked about another one. He said that was in the original eight. And he said, Oh, well you can use that if you want to. So anyways, um, yin Tang was still on. The list is part of why I'm saying yesterday. It was the end, hang in the hippocampus. So yin Tang, if the campus's memories GBA and TW 20. So those are Tom's trauma points. Um, again, we can go back to GV 22, take it into the insular cortex, mind, body spirit. We harmonize integrate work on deep seated fears, phobias, compulsion, stimulate creative mind and bring all the, uh, compulsive tendencies, et cetera, forward to the frontal lobe on the left side, delete button GB 13 left again, back to that memory, let's work on that whole left, um, motor frontal, a key broken area for speech centers, for people that have stroke or just with speech issues.
Speaker 1 00:09:09 So open that up and um, taking it back. So we did Tom's trauma points. Okay. We did insular left side frontal back, Teagan Tang, again, emotional balance, intuitive guidance. We want to see ourselves the way we want to be would be the way to visualize when we want to create new things. Um, again, intuitive guidance. So we want to open up to whatever, um, sense that comes through in our, you know, we're all, we're all really different and individual yet all part of this one, beautiful collective. So we're all gonna manifest different ways. We're going to receive our intuitive messages, different ways. So we want to learn to receive them know when we're getting them learn to learn, to recognize the difference between mental chatter and intuition, which also allows you to open up more and more to it. It will just guide you. You can let go of the worry and the fear know that you're being guided, that it's always kind of highest and best to know that you're protected.
Speaker 1 00:10:33 So take it down, burn it in Tang and eight in front of the ears opens the jar <inaudible> neck, shoulders, upper body. So we're opening circulation, bio electrical, and nerve functional. The SCMS scar window opens up carotids up to the circle of Willis. We can also open back through triple Wars back of the, um, the upper shoulders. Open up to the brainstem. We can open Bertie's little basil or earn Aries panels, a little ganglia, open the medulla. So again, it's our circulation or respiration. Respiration is tied into our relaxation also. So calming the breath, bring it down the front of the body. Just let go of any of the stress tension or bring it from kidney 27, right to the liver three through the souls, kidney one, which war, ground strength and balance and support each of us in whatever ways we need. We're opening immune opening the lungs, respiratory cardiac. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:11:56 Just down to the genital urinary tract down the legs feet, ground liver, three kidney one.
Speaker 1 00:12:05 Okay. So that was emotions and it was very long today. So let's do metabolism, endocrine and deep sleep.
Speaker 2 00:12:12 Um, and then,
Speaker 1 00:12:14 Like I said, we just kind of go through the list. Then we treat,
Speaker 2 00:12:17 Um, all the stuff
Speaker 1 00:12:19 That needs to be treated so
Speaker 2 00:12:21 Separately. Okay. So happy mom, some of you guys already. Yeah. We just did some little bit of extra on, um, and because we did
Speaker 1 00:12:36 That other side of the brain specifically
Speaker 2 00:12:39 Today, I'm still thinking I'm happy mama, but I'd rather take you there and move you to the page twice than not know. I have three Kimmy, Coco. Okay. Sure. Between, um, and then we'll go. I know I miss, um, Kimmy cocoa, cocoa. Goodness. Okay. Yeah. I missed Kim, Kim, Casey. Okay. I'm just going to take the whole bunch, copy it and go back and whatever, whatever. I just stayed in one sleep. Get you all again. Okay. Wait a minute. Okay. Got that mama Trishy. I am
Speaker 1 00:14:16 Totally lost. I'll figure it out later
Speaker 2 00:14:23 To watch you figure it out. I knew I had to call Theresa Good morning. Okay. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:14:36 I think I might just have a song now once
Speaker 2 00:14:40 Maybe. Yeah, I think so. Okay. We'll figure it out later. Like I said, we'll go and see what
Speaker 1 00:14:52 Needs to be treated specifically when we get there. So here we go. We're all just enjoying the machines running. Right. I have this other one in front of me that I had in front of me the other day, that pair of glasses on the camera, metabolism, endocrine deep sleep, triple warmer, 16, 17 metabolism, detox, cleaning out toxins, revving up metabolism. We want to balance the growth hormone, which is metabolism. Let's do GV 22, 23. So we get the growth hormone. We can balance the endorphins. We can work the calories, maintaining integrity of the DNA. Take it to be L six. Endocrine is also that mirror neuron point for the collective. Take it back. Let's do motor send through, get all the nerve pathways opened up wide, opens the whole spine, bring it back into the brain STEM. We worked the circadian rhythms there. Um, let's also get the pineal land intact.
Speaker 1 00:16:01 So get the melatonin, get the brainstem nerve function up and down through the brain. And I can do that because they use my hands so I can front and back the doll when I'm not using a hammer, um, we're opening the occipital Ridge. We're doing your, a logic occipital Ridge. Since we're going to do GB 12, let's take a GB six all the way back to 12, the whole, um, all the facial nerves doing endocrin and deep sleep. Okay. Well we get the facial nerves anyways, open the occipital Ridge. So we got the circadian rhythm occipital Ridge to GB 12 and a crane includes thyroid parathyroid. Let's do T one two three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21. We go out the breast, which is endocrine regard the immune we're going back to thyroid parathyroid. So we want to balance that we're working immune to strengthen the immune system.
Speaker 1 00:17:07 Um, Hashimoto's is auto-immune. So we treat those points and bring it back. C6 C7, S T nine, 10. So back to front, we worked sympathetic parasympathetic. We did the outpoints for thyroid parathyroid. We got the breast already. He seven also worked sleep. We're taking the, um, blood supply into the pelvic ball, endocrine against her. It's where we can get T eight pancreas endocrine exocrine, L one down through the Lumber's opening up from the adrenals, opening up male, female organs, which your endocrine base. So again, things like prostate, um, uterus and reentry M cervix ovaries. So we're opening it all up, bring it to Prudential nerve nerve pathways into the pelvic bowl. So again, to those endocrine organs, as two through five behind the knees opens the pelvis down to the feet or pulling things towards the ground. Opening the, we got the chest, we got the thyroid parathyroid.
Speaker 1 00:18:20 So S T 21 down as T 21 is pancreas again, down through the pelvic bowl, CB six for stomach 25 to 30 Prudential from stomach dirty again to the pelvic floor, pelvic organs, opening stomach, dirty liver, 12 spleen 12. Take that energy down to the beat again, where we ground liver three kidney, one kidney, one for deep sleep, deep relaxation, grounded. Okay. Brain circulation, neurologic and energy building opening, uh, 10 on brain circulation and SCMS also the circulation to the brand. So it comes up from the aortic arch into the SCM area, opens up subclavians carotids back into the vertebrals. Again, the vascular brainstem circled Willis comes up from the carotids. We can also access it from the medulla, um, as well as other entry, exit points in the brain. So we're opening all that circulation. Um, we're opening triple warmers to Civi 22, again, metabolism back through motor sensory. So we use that to build energy charge up the system. We pull in cheese through the top of the head. So through the motor sensory. So these are the nerve pathways. They go back to the brain STEM where they come both in and out, up and down. So we really want, um, good circulation here. Good nerve function. Tom talks a lot about how much of what happens in our body is actually nervous system related.
Speaker 1 00:20:19 We want healthy signals. Let's open the bio electrical seat at GBA, which again is the hippocampus as well. So bioelectrical seat, um, also is regulating healthy cell function, healthy cell growth, healthy nerve function. It's biochemical electrical opening from the, um, GB 12,
Speaker 2 00:20:48 Again, six to 12. All those spatial nerves,
Speaker 1 00:20:54 B12 opens neck shoulders. So opens the facial arteries. We will be going to the facial area in a minute. Opening GB 12, the whole spinal artery sympathetic nerves, head to toe. So all again, all this neurologic
Speaker 2 00:21:10 Along the
Speaker 1 00:21:11 Spinal artery, spinal nerves,
Speaker 2 00:21:15 Open up C5
Speaker 1 00:21:16 Six, seven, where we have the laser opens long thoracic to diaphragm for oxygenation T six phrenic on the front LA 17, CB 17 also opens the diaphragm.
Speaker 2 00:21:31 Um,
Speaker 1 00:21:32 Okay, so still doing nerves. T seven is blood supply with the lumbosacral L four five sciatic as two, three o'clock Panadol. Again, Prudential. Let's take that out to S two down the sides of the line,
Speaker 2 00:21:47 Legs to the knees. And you're using GB Meridian, GB 34 39. Sorry
Speaker 1 00:21:55 We go up through dental on the back. We got frantic on the front. Basic begus is nerve, um, biggest nerve innervates, chest abdomen, and pelvis root of the Vegas is on
Speaker 2 00:22:06 The, um, brainstem
Speaker 1 00:22:09 While we're here, let's get CN seven 11 to the throat area, Vegas LA 18, take Vegas nerve down as well, kidney Meridian down. So again, it enervates the, um, chest respiratory cardiac digestive tract,
Speaker 2 00:22:31 Bringing that down. Let's see,
Speaker 1 00:22:33 Take it back down to the Prudential on the front stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12 all the way down to the feet in the ground and back up below the knees. So we're recharging the batteries and cells. We're bringing the cheap back to the lower Donte ends. We want to store it. <inaudible> so recharging storage chief or self-healing storing the cheese. So we have an abundant supply of energy
Speaker 2 00:23:04 To the ground out through the soles strength, again, support and balance at liver three kidney, one sinus
Speaker 1 00:23:15 Eyes, ears, nose, mouth throat around
Speaker 2 00:23:18 Next. Um, okay. Yes, snowflakes. Okay. Oh, goodness.
Speaker 1 00:23:28 See, I know gene it's okay. No, it's okay. You go do your thing. And I was just saying, it's like, I'll be in your neck of the woods. I'll send she while I'm there
Speaker 2 00:23:42 And I'm sure I'll see
Speaker 1 00:23:43 You soon. I was in Hayesville. I was actually
Speaker 2 00:23:46 Just very sweet. Stayed till about, I don't know when something, and now it with Tom,
Speaker 1 00:23:54 The phone ringing, it just kind of turned my head and never went near the desk.
Speaker 2 00:24:00 Oh,
Speaker 1 00:24:02 It was like, I was a total visit visitor. I was late to be an Indian, but I got to be an NBN for a little bit.
Speaker 2 00:24:07 Well, it's very sweet. Like I said, especially where I'm not really in Quincy these days on Wednesday. So I was this Wednesday for some hours at home before dark plate. I got home when it was getting dark. Okay. So let us go back. Yeah. This
Speaker 1 00:24:44 Is all in a very jumbled, strange order.
Speaker 2 00:24:47 I don't know. It's okay. Okay. So we just
Speaker 1 00:24:50 Did that sinus eyes near his nose, mouth
Speaker 2 00:24:52 Throat. Let's do the neocortex dreamy six to 12, open the facial nerves to all those places, both sides, cheapy, Meridian, opening,
Speaker 1 00:25:14 Gee B12. Let's do all the facial arteries as well. See one to seven
Speaker 2 00:25:18 And takes are the blood flow to the sinuses. Again, eyes, ears, nose, throat, Keith gums.
Speaker 1 00:25:31 So get C6 seven there, which is good for calcium balancing. And we get the throat on the front, which is the thyroid parathyroid calcium balance work again for teeth
Speaker 2 00:25:42 Gums, osteoporosis. Yeah,
Speaker 1 00:25:49 Goes guys. We get it. All right, team one, two, three, four, seven. Since we're saying osteoporosis, let's get the inflammatory piece as well. Kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21.
Speaker 2 00:26:03 So we're getting T-cells
Speaker 1 00:26:05 B cells immune function, anti inflammatory, back to the triple warmers, 16, 17 circulation. Again, all these places take it to GV 22 cell regeneration, motor sensory. So open the nerves, especially a lot of sensory nerves work on again. These are our sensory organs along with our skin
Speaker 2 00:26:28 And we open that up competent head GB Murray, and 29 to 19, six
Speaker 1 00:26:41 To eight. I'm getting that wicked kill that I get from this device. So it's done it. It just got into my chest. So it's moving. Oh, it's really moving down today. It's going right from my chest right down my legs today. Not it's on the tops and
Speaker 2 00:26:57 Like the
Speaker 1 00:26:59 It's coming out the bottom of my right foot. It's coming out my left foot. Okay. So today it's taking it all the way down. So if anybody has feedback on our things today, um, again, I'm not sure. I think the device I had the other day didn't have a ton of stuff in it. I think the one that was on the feet had cinnabar, which was really grounding the motion.
Speaker 2 00:27:21 Again. I don't know what's in this one. Um,
Speaker 1 00:27:25 Probably something in each ear piece. Some of them were those little green, Chinese, or balls.
Speaker 2 00:27:33 They should've watched more carefully anyway,
Speaker 1 00:27:37 Because I can really, like I said, feel this running all the way. Even though my legs are crossed in my lap, I can still feel it burning to my feet. So, okay. We're still working sinus eyes, ears, nose, throat. Let's go back to the facial artery, take it back. So we got the nerve pathways. We get the facial nerves. We're at the braids.
Speaker 2 00:28:01 Also opens up some of those cranial nerves. Then you're upset.
Speaker 1 00:28:05 Low Ridge opens lower part of the neck, back to the neck, see one to seven. <inaudible> two sinus eyes, three. Let's take it right back. Top of the head that bill three, four, five, and six, taking it back in Tang triangle to the eyes, send it to Sydney who I didn't send out. See on today, send it to Sandy. John doesn't usually put Sandy and buddy husband, anybody else working?
Speaker 2 00:28:34 Nice years tinnitus. We got the nerves. Let's get the crying CNA. So clever
Speaker 1 00:28:45 Right up through the neck, the shoulders, the jaw, the upper backs, and we're loosening clearing tension in the neck, the shoulders, the facial area. We are also opening that blood supply back again into the,
Speaker 2 00:29:00 You know, all those, um, really regularly
Speaker 1 00:29:04 Everything on the brain and all that circulation, bring it to the feet and grounded again at liver three kidney, one virus prevention. Immune giant is a nest OEMing as my mouth starts to water OEMing in GB B12. So salivary glands
Speaker 2 00:29:25 Let's do triple warmer. Tom probably will.
Speaker 1 00:29:29 Um, but I do a triple warmer, 16, 17 clean-out metabolism, clean-out bacteria, metabolism, um, bacteria viruses, any kind of <inaudible> radiation, chemo, medication, environmental food, water, chemical, um, like MCs, metals, whatever gene. I keep thinking of the young woman. And I have been for a couple of days from the Berwick group, like to the point that I think I might just kind of check in with her and send an email that was bringing her mom with her towards the end. I'm so bad. I can't remember her name, but I know I have her email and I will, but I know y'all know who, I mean, so let's hold her in the collective.
Speaker 1 00:30:29 Um, somewhere opening back through the nerve pathways, immune and joints, let's do tendon muscle ligaments along the neocortex GB six to 12 occipital Ridge opens up the traps and a whole thoracic spine. So helps open up joints helps open up our calcification. The calcium downsizing helps open up some of those nerves as well. So we're feeding the nerves as well as opening up the joints. GB 12, um, C5 six, seven, again, opens the brachial plexus, take it. Shoulders wrists, elbows, wrists, fingers. Pause, Coco, take T one, two, three, four, seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 are the immune points front and back. Um, T and B cell function also opens up the lungs. Let's open long one long two. Also Tom would include those C5. Six, seven also opens diaphragm. So let's get T one, two, three T five T six. So we're getting the lungs, the heart, the diaphragm on the sympathetic.
Speaker 1 00:32:06 We're opening the subclavians again, taking it down. The arms, opening the chest, the lungs, the airways, opening the heart, the vessels to the kidney Meridian focus kidney 23 heart vessels, 20 to 21. So the upper kidney Meridian, and then we're taking it. We've done the upper joints. Let's bring it to the hips. T seven L four five ouch point hips as well. So we're opening sciatic S two through five. Prudential opens the hips to toes, opens the pelvic floor, the pelvic organs, stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 femur heads. Again as ouch points behind the knees be off 54 in front of the knees liver eight spleen nine, 10 stomach, 36 GB 34 to GB 39, both sides also inside the ankles. 39 is standing at the ankles inside ankles, down into liver, three kidney, one out through the soles. Again, we strengthen balance support and ground respiratory cardiac is next. Let's send this to Rosemary also in to Eleanor and to Linda. Um, someone's working cardia someone else. Okay, well anyways, let's send the respiratory to Virginia. We will be doing lung cancer for Bruce also. Um, let's send the respiratory to Suzanne that's who I'm thinking of that I want to include. She's been having a hard time with her chest also. Okay. So here we go.
Speaker 1 00:33:59 Um, respiratory cardiac go back to and dong subclavius up to the neck and shoulders through the carotids, back to the prettier April's basil or brainstem. So this is good again for the neurological. So opening that brainstem basil ganglia, basil, or artery, um, everything respiratory cardiac is regulated on the brain STEM. So the medulla be on nine GV, 17 balance, the breath, heart rate, blood pressure, all of the dilation of the capillary arteries veins. So that's how it regulates blood pressure. I'm wearing Tom's clip. Oh, I'm going to share the story. Cause I still don't know if he shared it yesterday or not, but this is an awesome clips story. So one of the she's actually taken the training. So she's a practitioner and, um, I've known him for quite a few years and she has had a cardiac condition it's actually in her family had had some, um, you know, procedure to clean everything home.
Speaker 1 00:35:21 Not really that long ago had gone back before COVID, you know, knew that there was some things going on, but they chose not to really address them at that point. I think anyways, had a cat scan recently, um, and they should be tapping when we do this, I'm going to just tap. I'm going to just do the respiratory cardiac, where they tell the story. So anyways, um, had a cat scan done some weeks ago, 40% blockage in her femoral artery. Um, no blocked femoral artery, 40% blockage in the rest of the arteries in the leg, along with her femoral. So again, it hasn't been a real long time since she's had procedure, but needs to have procedure done again, according to the imaging. Um, so she has the procedure. So two weeks ago, this Saturday, so not even two weeks, I was with my son and we were going to Gloucester and I asked if there was anything Tom wanted to send to Elinor.
Speaker 1 00:36:29 So he handed me a clip, which I left in Eleanor's mailbox. I called her, we chatted, I left it in the mailbox. The next day I get an email. And she said, so. And so I'm not saying, because I don't know how, you know, I don't know how public they want to be anyway, said so-and-so's having a procedure. Um, I'm bringing her the clip. So brought the person, the clip, the clip person where the clip, the nine days, the 10th day was the day of the procedure or the clip. When you had the procedure done on Wednesday this week came out, you know, it's an anesthetic, it's a big procedure. Really. It's not something you just want to go through, but anyways, plus the stress, et cetera, came out and the doctor said, he didn't know, he couldn't believe it. He didn't know what was going on.
Speaker 1 00:37:26 He couldn't explain it at all. But when he went, there was absolutely nothing to be cleared out of her vessels. They were totally clear. So she had been wearing the clip, which I currently wearing on my shoulder. Um, I'm not sure what Tom put in. And it was the day we were doing the calcium ADK, which I have in mind. Um, but you know, probably put other things, I don't know, you know, probably filled it. I'm not sure what was in it anyways. It was an amazing story. And it was to me, you know, and too, I'm sure many of us, it was a great testimonial and you know, not many weeks had the scans, the scan showed the blockages. It's not like, you know, it's not like the scans were really wrong. So anyways, really beautiful story. People love these clips. They're awesome. They are working for a lot of different things in a lot of different ways. So anyways, we just did respiratory cardiac, as I told you, the respiratory cardiac story, really the courteous,
Speaker 2 00:38:39 Right?
Speaker 1 00:38:42 So next we have digestive weight, Canada, urinary. And after that, we'll do emotions and trauma. And after that, we'll do the,
Speaker 2 00:38:50 Um, people on the list.
Speaker 1 00:38:55 Yeah. So pain in the low back. So I honestly think the turning point with my wrist, which is soft tissue damage, which is really hard to heal, but boy has it changed in the last few weeks can finally like do things and it's not hurting and
Speaker 2 00:39:14 It's not as
Speaker 1 00:39:15 Swollen. And it looks and feel so much better anyways. And you may have noticed I haven't worn ice for a bit of a few of my webcasts now. Um, anyways, that I put the calcium with the ADK and, and I think that made a different Stoli in the soft tissue anyways. Okay. So let's see. I have JD,
Speaker 2 00:39:36 I believe. Um, really Maureen, I felt you. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:39:48 Well, so is the wait one? Did you just get it? So this one has a
Speaker 2 00:39:53 Dolly. This
Speaker 1 00:39:57 I imagine. So yeah. We're having
Speaker 2 00:40:00 So Diane. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:40:03 I mean, I would try it if I were you, because you have all those calcium issues. So my son has a tendency to kidney stones and he was the day here, the day we added the calcium and he wore mine a bit until I got calcium to put in his, the, you know, later the next week or whatever, before he left. Um, along with the Omega, whatever the Omega is, fish oil. Um, anyways, Tom's gonna write about this. This is he's finally feels really inspired to write, and he's going to write about this. So anyways,
Speaker 2 00:40:39 Um, this one is
Speaker 1 00:40:41 The one that has the little, this one has the, I mean, people could do it with one. You could do it yourself. All it really is, is a little, um,
Speaker 2 00:40:51 Um,
Speaker 1 00:40:54 Put an SD card in it. But like yesterday was it yesterday, Wednesday, he was making some that were like little round contact cases. So really anything you don't think it's doing anything. Okay. Because I really noticed that other clip did, um,
Speaker 2 00:41:12 Did help
Speaker 1 00:41:15 Me with weight balancing doily,
Speaker 2 00:41:17 Um, personally, but it's been a long time
Speaker 1 00:41:24 And I still put that one on if I start to put weight on and I stop. So anyways, I just wear that one. It was a grelin clip. So anyways, um, Anna, um, Robin, sorry, Robin, if I were you, I would, um, I would, I'm calling you Robin now. Diane, I'm tuned in to all of you, right? Um, Diane, I would just let them know that you want the, the clip that's in tangled, but that you can put the supplements in. So it's got, you know, a thing to put the supplements in and then you have some room. This one, the little round ones might be better because this has some, um, channels built into it to put the SD card into it and it makes it so, you know, you can only fit little things. Yeah. So anyways, okay. Yeah. This is bigger. Yeah, no, this is a different thing.
Speaker 1 00:42:27 This is a, you know, he's been making them for, I don't know, three or four weeks. I'm not sure how long anyways, I'm in a time warp. I feel like we're all in just this weird time. Weren't quite honestly, at this point in time, this pandemic thing is so old and so still going on and yeah. Anyways, let's not go there. Let's do digestive, wait, genital urinary emotions, trauma and see if I could still finish on time. After I talked to solo, digestive weight genital urinary let's do kidney 22 and the T six stomach stretch receptors. Grelin let's take the signal, bring it to T4, bring it to the brainstem, be all nine GB 17, bring it to the mid, um, through the medulla, bring it to the hypothalamus. GB 22 hypothalamus pituitary signaling appetite. Take it back to the insular cortex.
Speaker 1 00:43:35 Okay. Digestive, wait, genital urinary OEMing starts the whole GI tract and the mouth start of our digestive process. We have enzymes in saliva that help us digest opening up TW 20. Tom's been using it for trauma. I always used it for intra abdominal organs before we used it for trauma as well. Okay. Let's open up metabolism, rev up. The metabolism helps balance weight GV 22 growth hormone and regeneration. Um, so regenerate cells through the GI and GI you trapped open up <inaudible> endocrine helps balance weight as well. We can open up the brainstem through of the cranial nerves or at least some of them route a Vegas, specifically Vegas innovates, the GI system open up the occipital Rindge occipital, open traps, whole thoracic spine. So again, nerve function to lots of the GI tract. Take it to GB 12 cervical plexus, open up the gut, the GB 22 that's open be all six again with the endocrine.
Speaker 1 00:45:04 So holding, be all sex with C6 seven thyroid parathyroid opening up the T one, two, three, four, seven, clearing any inflammation also opening up T seven down eight through 12 L four five is GI. We balanced the own digestive function. The digestive organs helps balance the weight. Again, we still went back down into the GI and the lower number. Also let's open up the lumbosacral for the male organs, female organs, bladder ureters, et cetera. We got the inflammatory. So anything like a UTI we're clearing infection, we're bringing it down behind knees to the ankles just to keep pulling it down. Always. I know most people just do front. I tend to do back also phrenic diaphragm, diaphragm, oxygenates, but it also opens up down into the abdominal region. Open up Vegas again, innovate GI. We got the upper kidney Meridian for the immune, the antiinflammatory CB 13 down the CV Meridian opens from the esophagus down CB 13, 12, esophageal stomach junction again around the stomach stretch receptors, kidney 23 down stomach, 21 to 25 middle warmers, pelvic bowl, stomach 25 to 30. We already got the CV Meridian stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12 opens up again, Prudential to the pelvic floor to the pelvic organs. Open down below the knee, stomach 36 again, recharges and works the GI system. Take it back to the lowered. Empty dantians can always store to charge it up. Work again. OCE points score the lower GI bladder, Canada urinary tract. Bring it back to the feet where we ground at liver three kidney one again, emotions, trauma, C2, both sides. GB 13, 14, both sides GV 22, 23,000,000,000,010 open
Speaker 2 00:47:30 Up the insular, open up left side for a little open up being intending. Open up, open up CNA, open up <inaudible> back to you and turn back to see any subclavians up as CMEs. We can open up the neck and the shoulders, all the circulation, the vessels to nerve function, pull the cheater, the feet where we ground at Liberty three. Okay, give me one time. We just did the points. We set the intention very early on in the emotional work. So again, right out through the souls ground. Okay. Let me grab anything I haven't got, then I'll find my way through this list and see what I did. I really have not got a clue. Okay. So I have through Jay and I'm sure I have. Everybody just might be that I have some people twice. Um, what's a good question to all like, okay, wait a minute. Let's see.
Speaker 2 00:49:19 Yeah. So we don't have anybody that's done bone density with it. The old clips are entangled, but they're not in tangled to the galaxy device. They're entangled to the old devices that we always ran. So these new clips are actually entangled to the galaxy device, which was one of the things that makes them different. Plus they also, again have the supplements right in them. I don't know if we ever did that with the old clips. Um, but Dolly, I'm not sure you might want to say, um, um, I want to use it for whatever, um, and see what you get. I mean, you were, you, you mentioned blood pressure, you mentioned weight, you mentioned the, um, Sayada stuffs. So I would maybe, you know, give the diagnosis. Um, Pat has inflammatory in that shoulder, the muscles, et cetera. So, um, I wouldn't be able to just kind of give a, not to, you know, just kind of give a brief, this is what we want to treat and that would maybe, you know,
Speaker 1 00:50:29 Determine what goes into it because only so much fits. So it would be good if you get the things that you really, um, yeah. I don't know if it's this one to Ali, make sure you tell them it's the one that's entangled to the galaxy. I mean, I can look, but again, I'm not like running over here because I'm not doing my work. I'm talking. Okay. So anyways, um, I have all the requests, so let's just go and do it. Perfect. Blood is next. And I'll read down the list as we go, whether it's highlighted or not. Okay. Perfect blood. So triple warmer, 16, 17, any of the cancer treatments we use, the metabolism cleans out tops and side effects opens up metabolism to balance the cell growth.
Speaker 1 00:51:26 Didn't I do this the other day when we started the, after we did the second emotion run, I started yawning. Can you be 22, 23, again, common to all the cancer treatments, growth hormone tell nice B L six works on calcification. Clotting factors in the blood and occurring for young also helps balance sober. So really good for all of us. GV 17 B alone brain STEM cells. Again, Tom uses in the cancer work, always opening the occipital Ridge. It be all nine and a half opening GB 12 opening C5, six, seven again, long thoracic nerve T six oxygenation. We always want to oxygenate to create a healthy environment for cell growth. So great preventative, um, as well as good work for anybody again, working with cancer issues. Um, so C5 six 76 Pranic on the front is ally 17, CB 17, also innovate strive brand. So both back in front of innovate, scrolling as well at T six, kidney 22 as well, T one, two, three, four, and seven gets bone marrow. Spleen works on regeneration, works, lungs, airways, lymph T cells, B cells, immune function. So again, back in front and then for the blood, <inaudible> L two happy mama you're in on this. Anybody else working blood? Um, Julie, doesn't on, but we'll send to her, excuse me.
Speaker 1 00:53:33 So we're opening the blood points on the spine. We're opening the Vegas and down as well. So again, we're opening all the points, sympathetic that parasympathetic front brand Newtown in front of the knees recharge down to the feet. Crowned liver three kidney one. Okay, we've done autonomics. We've done chest. We've done on all the emotional, um, brain chemistry, et cetera. We've done healthy jaw teeth, gum, nerve pain, nervous system. We're going to do tremor. Parkinsonians next. After that, we're gonna work on Cynthia. We're gonna work on Gina. Now we're going to work on Sara. Sorry, Gina. We're gonna work on Zanny Jean. The CLL, we just did. We did happy mamas. Perfect blood. Suzanne got her spa treatment. We're gonna work on, um, Bruce's long. Anyone else for long? Like I said, Virginia, um, Carolyn. Okay. Marie Patrice. We're going to include you for the breast.
Speaker 1 00:55:00 Okay. Yeah, we got Carolyn. Okay. Skin goes with, um, skin goes with Cynthia camp when we do Cynthia in a minute. Okay. Casey's wife. We'll do with Sani and Marie Patrice. Okay. Got the neck. Shoulders. Yep. We got all those things. Karen happy mama. We just did your perfect blood. Okay. Looks like I got everything. So those are the things we're going to do. I have six minutes to treat. I don't know what, how many things, so obviously I'm late. Okay. So here we go. We just did perfect blood tremor, Parkinsonian let's do C1, C2, C3, focus on C2. Bring it to the brainstem. Open the triple warmer 16, 17 open the GB. 2223 P L six seven eight GV 21 2019 brainstem be all nine. And I have Neo cortex loop to GB 12 to the spinal artery all the way down. C one to seven T one to 12 L one to five S one to five.
Speaker 1 00:56:36 Coccsyx C5, six, seven brachial plexus, long thoracic T six, C5, six, seven down the elbows, um, down the shoulders, arms elbows, wrists and fingers opening up the T one, two, three, four, and seven. Again, kidney 27, six five, four 21. Opening to clear the inflammation. One more time. Bring it down into the lumbosacral. Open the sciatic, L four and five, Prudential as two through five out, down the GP Meridian, all the way to the ankles. Opening Prudential stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12. Actually let's get Pranic Vegas bound through the diaphragm, the chest, bring it down to the pill. Whipple, open up the down at all, bring it down the legs all the way down to the ground. Strength and balance support liver three kidney one. Okay. I'm obviously just calling point Cynthia. So we're doing genital cervix scan. Let's send this to, um, Suzanne Elaine for prevention. We do the pelvic things. Um, okay. Let's just do it. Triple warmer. 16, 17 metabolism, TB 2223, B L six and motor sensory church. The system to the brain STEM and the brain STEM cells. Also good for circulation and vessel Cynthia, as well as respiration for everybody.
Speaker 1 00:58:27 Open the occipital Ridge to GB 12 to C5, six, seven to T six, diaphragm CV, 17 to LA 17, CB 17 diaphragm C5, six, seven also opens up limp to the breast also to the skin, T4, T4 kidney 24 skin. You got the immune T seven open for blood supply down. That's open up L two S three lumbosacral who dandle there as two through five into the pelvic floor. The pelvic organs open up the Vegas nerve down again through the chest to the skin, opening the T-cells B cells, lungs, airways limb. Bring that down to the pelvic bowl. CV six, CB four kidney 15, nine stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12, pull the pudendal. Bring it down the legs. Back to the feet where we ground for Cynthia liver. Three kidney, one, Sarah with colon to right cerebellum is next. Triple warmer, 16, 17. Again, the talks also open GB 22, 23 metabolism.
Speaker 1 00:59:56 Open back to the brain STEM the brain STEM cells. Also the cerebellum is there and we usually do primary first, but since we're right here doing the brainstem for bringing STEM cells, we're going to get it twice. So beyond nine GV 17 opening occipital Ridge be online and a half GB, 12 C five C six, C 76 long thoracic to the diaphragm opening the T one, two, three, four, and seven. Take blood supply down T 11 T 12 L four, five small intestine, large open up the colon, bring it back up to the cerebellum. KP 17 opening again, cripple murmurs, GB 22, 23 to the brainstem root of the cranial nerves. Root to the Vegas nerve Vegas. Intervates the call and take it to LA keen on the front. Bring it down to 10, 11, 12 opening 11, 12 open T 12 L four five on the back open and bring it down again from S T 25.
Speaker 1 01:01:20 Open, back up to the liver, detox to the kidneys as well. Y down the kidney Meridian, CB Meridian, stomach Meridian, poodle, or stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 stomach 36. Again for GI lower jaunty ends. Recharges works on the outpoint back to the feet. Yon. Good for your small intestine to always good to do. Keep you tuned up ground liver, three kidney one. We have someone in the other group. Paul, I want to say who had small intestinal? So someone was putting him in Tom's group. Okay. Limp for, um, gene. Then we're going to get breasts or Zanny Cathy T Murray, Patrice cases, wife, et cetera. Okay, here we go. Um, so Jean.
Speaker 2 01:02:20 Oh yes. Okay.
Speaker 1 01:02:22 And Facebook. Yeah. I can't look at Facebook. I can't run everything at once. I look after, but I am clear. I'm definitely including Virginia for sure. Um, in all alone and the lung cancer
Speaker 2 01:02:35 Work. Okay.
Speaker 1 01:02:38 Which is what we do, right. Once we're aware of what's going around with people. Anyways, here we go. Jane, for you. See one, two, three, two, one, two, three Oh one, two three S one, two, three. For gene from lymphoma. Let's include Lily, Barbara, um, on the West.
Speaker 2 01:02:58 They're also in Tom's group. Okay. Jean let's do triple warmer. 16,
Speaker 1 01:03:04 17 KB, 22, 23.
Speaker 2 01:03:07 Let's open your motor, your sensory, your brain
Speaker 1 01:03:12 STEM cells. Opening evening for you again with GV 22
Speaker 2 01:03:17 Fluid balance, open bio electric seat, open G B12. Let's do this
Speaker 1 01:03:34 C6 C7. Cause I know Tom's been doing that. Calcium balancing through the, uh,
Speaker 2 01:03:41 Clip. So CC
Speaker 1 01:03:43 Seven S T nine 10, take it. T1 T2 T3, T3 focus, kidney 25.
Speaker 2 01:03:51 Focus for the limp. Bring it down.
Speaker 1 01:03:54 <inaudible> bring it down to the sacred room down as two through five, bring it down. A frantic to the diaphragm. Vegas down to the ouch point down in the pelvis and the groin, the pre-dental stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12. Take that all the way down. Legs down to the beat focus, especially on the right Virginia.
Speaker 2 01:04:18 Bring it down all the way to the ankles, the toes. We want to pull
Speaker 1 01:04:25 It back up to the thoracic duct.
Speaker 2 01:04:27 So back up knee,
Speaker 1 01:04:29 Bring that key up to the lower Dante hands. Bring it up through the middle warmers up through the heart center, up to the thoracic duct. Flush it right back to number three,
Speaker 2 01:04:43 Bring it back. Round gene. Over three kidney, one breast perfect
Speaker 1 01:04:49 Warm or 16, 17 GV 22, 23 bills six.
Speaker 2 01:04:55 Take that back to the brain. STEM GV 17 beyond nine. Take it to the occipital Ridge. Take it to GB 12, take it to C5. Six, seven limp, breast long thoracic to T six, phrenic to the both. Get the
Speaker 1 01:05:18 Oxygenation. <inaudible>
Speaker 2 01:05:21 T4 kidney
Speaker 1 01:05:23 Before breast. Also skin, sweat glands, hair follicles.
Speaker 2 01:05:30 Okay,
Speaker 1 01:05:31 Let's open up again. T one, two, three, four, and seven kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 T cells, B cells, lungs, limb airways breast. Take it back up to C6 six, seven for any bone Mets, take it to T nine for liver. Take it to the lumbosacral. Open. The kidneys also helps detox. Open the hips, low back,
Speaker 2 01:06:01 Bring it to the front. Take frantic, take
Speaker 1 01:06:06 Vegas, bring it down. The kidney
Speaker 2 01:06:08 Meridian through the chest breast area all the way down to the feet and the ground liver
Speaker 1 01:06:18 Three kidney ones. So we did Ken CLL with, um, happy mama and
Speaker 2 01:06:28 Um, no
Speaker 1 01:06:37 Twice. I have more people twice. Okay. Let me see what else we've got here.
Speaker 2 01:06:46 Okay.
Speaker 1 01:06:46 So happy mama. We did you tow Suzanne. Bruce is okay. So Bruce's stomach is still bugging him. Okay. So Bruce, we're doing, um, the lung cancer now. Okay. You're stressing. Okay. Sorry, Marcia.
Speaker 2 01:07:07 Um,
Speaker 1 01:07:08 Deanna. Okay. Marie Portree sweetie.
Speaker 2 01:07:11 We did. We're doing Carolinas along right now with, okay. No, this is weird. I don't know what I did. Okay. Then I go back.
Speaker 1 01:07:38 Yeah. I don't know what I did to my list today anyways. Okay. We have one more here. We have lung that looks like it looks like I got everything else. All the other cancers, immune. Um, not the immune,
Speaker 2 01:07:49 Um, neurology.
Speaker 1 01:07:52 G ALS Parkinson's ms. Okay.
Speaker 2 01:07:55 So Bruce, here we go. Cause we did the scan and we did the scan with Cynthia. Okay. So Bruce triple, whatever. 16, 17 GV,
Speaker 1 01:08:08 22, 23
Speaker 2 01:08:13 P L six
Speaker 1 01:08:17 Back take it through mode or through sensory. Get the endorsements for Bruce. The motor nerves, the sensory nerves back into his brainstem also helps regulate lungs and the baby gets nervous here for the digestive issues. So brainstem brainstem might be a good place to focus. Um, best way to reach bell is if you go up to shop, maybe I think there might be something there with Bill's email contact at the bottom of the shock page, brew Bruce on your motor, since I'm on your own brain STEM skill, occipital Ridge GB, 12 <inaudible> diaphragm T one two three, kidney 27, 26, 25 long one long too. We got the long thoracic and frantic. We can get the, um, T seven down through the gut, the middle warmers, the Vegas also into middle warmers, bring the chief from the chest all the way down below the knees for the stomach GI system for Bruce to the lower Donte ans to charge up his system.
Speaker 1 01:09:56 Also open up those hips. Cause we always work his hips, his shoulders, that long thoracic guard, his brachial plexus into the shoulder, right shoulder left. Can't bring it to beat and ground liver, three kidney one, we're going to do everybody. So I'm Dolly. If you go to the tongue run page, the shop page, if you go all the way to the bottom, it says additional information. And at the bottom of that, it says contact. So if you click on that content, it gives you a spot to type in a message, which I would assume those to go. Um, if you don't have any luck with that, I can definitely look up his email for you. Okay. It might be something like PB, Tam, Tam, Tam healing, or anyways, I can look it up if I need to. So we're doing everybody. So I'm going to just send a little bit more chief for relaxation. You still have devices running gratitude, always tone. It was so fun to spend some with him yesterday
Speaker 2 01:11:17 Break the old days when we have wasn't working at all get needles, the tables are always full in Quincy, all of those rooms, which is awesome. I love it.
Speaker 1 01:11:33 Very good at what they do. It was great to have meals with him. We just want to open up all the blockages. One less.
Speaker 2 01:11:46 Okay.
Speaker 1 01:11:47 With gratitude for this beautiful collected. I really see that we're just all becoming more,
Speaker 2 01:11:53 More connected. Throw
Speaker 1 01:12:00 A little like she had all our mirror neurons. Well, becoming more intuitive is another piece of it. Perhaps
Speaker 2 01:12:21 Wait over 10 minutes.
Speaker 1 01:12:28 I talk way too much. But you guys had a lot of questions, so I'll give myself
Speaker 2 01:12:34 So a little rope ourselves. Right? So
Speaker 1 01:12:45 See you guys Tuesday morning at eight 30 right here in Maine. I might see a couple of you in the office in Quincy tomorrow.
Speaker 2 01:12:55 Um, everybody have a great weekend. Um, I think that's it. There's
Speaker 1 01:13:04 Much more to say you said a lot,
Speaker 2 01:13:07 So,
Speaker 1 01:13:09 Oh. And my Conrad station page went away on me. So I don't know if there's anything for me to see.
Speaker 2 01:13:17 We're not. So I guess
Speaker 1 01:13:18 That's it. So everybody have a good one. Um, take care and we will see you next week. Thanks.

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