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0076 - Kathy Wilson, Healing Neurological Conditions w/ Tong Ren

Tong Ren Podcast
0076 - Kathy Wilson, Healing Neurological Conditions w/ Tong Ren

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 And big things are happening in terms of the election today in the U S so let's just sort of center ourselves and we'll follow our breath and then we'll send out energies for peace in our time, best results here. So again, let's just start by grounding ourselves, breathing and setting the intention for best path. We won't let go of the need for control. We need to look at sort of our own sphere and get power in terms of setting intentions. Okay. So starting off a Kathy's dollies asked to be put in the collective. So there we go.
Speaker 0 00:01:33 We're dealing with tree branch to start off with, we'll start off with opening up emotions, looking for free flow of spinal fluid. So starting off with the brain. Oh, sorry, Emma, there you go. I don't my person or bed pay into that. Okay. So still working the spine here faced a nerve pain in the face. So one of the things that helps healing, and I know it's easy for me to say is, is getting out of fear. And so how do we do this? Um, and also try to find some techniques that help calm you.
Speaker 0 00:04:14 Sometimes it's just a cup of tea. Sometimes it's having a little year CAC with yourself, smart nap. Sometimes it's just going to bed and sleeping. So try to find out some of the things that can calm you, maybe taking what they call a weighted blanket. You can get them anywhere. Now, Costco, just getting a weighted blanket and just snuggling up with a little bit of weight on you actually can get them pretty well. I mean, we're a mom who has an autistic child who uses a weighted blanket for, for her child. She has to be in old days when I'm stressed. She says, I just take that blanket, not just wrap it around me. And I snuggle up on the coach. She says, and it really helps me. So that might be one of the things I don't know if anybody wants to type in what works for them. That would be great, how they calm down.
Speaker 0 00:05:35 And if you're in Canada, you can freely list marijuana and similar products. If you're not illegal in your area, don't list it. I'm just going to pull up. I'm just going to make sure I copy this. Sorry. Make sure I don't lose anybody. Okay. So we've got, um, headaches now put Dolly in the collective, and now she's asking about spinal degeneration. So let's do that one. Not online, but that's okay. Okay. Here we go. So I'm just taking requests here. Call us for nerves. But I think I first started doing it. Nobody was asking, coming down the spine now popping up, popping up the bones here, the bone marrow.
Speaker 0 00:07:25 Can we tell the spine, just putting energy in the different vertebraes for any subluxate supporting movement. Okay. Under Suzanne now auto-immune for dry eyes. Um, deep relaxation. Okay, here we go. Starting off a bottle. It was kind of funny having an election isn't nobody's leaving the house too much to go and vote voting today. So whether or not you can make difference. I'll tell you a story about my mom and voting. So there was a gentleman running for mayor in her town where she lived. She was in a rural area. They had a farm and this gentleman was part of the horticultural society. And so was my mom. She was really into plants.
Speaker 0 00:09:15 Um, in the auto-immune here still. He was, she was really into plants anyway, at one meeting, I guess it was some dinner or something, sort of get together for the group. This individual who was running for mayor at one point was ready for mayor, talked about shooting squirrels. He was shooting squirrels of his place. So I mean, it was, was killing them. So my mother was horrified, horrified. He was shooting squirrels. He probably had a plethora of squirrels, but he wouldn't shoot them. And she was horrified. So there is no way she could vote for this man. Once he, she found out he was shooting squirrels. So she voted for her first competition. Anyway, he, uh, he lost and they did the vote count and he actually lost by one vote. So, uh, my mother felt so guilty that her one vote had had tipped the scales of this guy. So anyway, so here we go. Does it matter? Does your vote matter? Yes, it does. It does matter.
Speaker 0 00:10:27 I don't what they would have done. If they're diff if she'd voted for him, it would have been a tie, I guess, or whether she talked my dad into not voting for him too. I don't know. She's she felt so guilty that this bad head loss, because she just couldn't bring herself to, to vote for a man that shot squirrels. So anyway, there you go. So, so that the whole thing is, is, uh, does it, does your vote matter? Had I would say yes it does. So here we go. We're bringing energy, Suzanne, we're going to bring energy into the eye and eyes and the mouth now can bring energy to the eyes and the mouth.
Speaker 0 00:12:02 Okay. I hope this is working for you. My mouth is like dripping filler juices, just coming in, tapping the eyes and the most of themselves. Okay. Fibroid. Okay. Do you probably like stations or do the angel point talk about another exercise and this is a pineal gland. So it kind of is right in the middle and you can push on it. And it's kind of sad, a very cool feeling too. So just sort of take your attention, um, to the middle of your brain. Just go in from your temples, going from your third eye and the front and the back, and just kind of just feel, put some of your attention there and then just put some pressure, like, just see the pressure and then push down and you can feel your, your pineal gland there and it gives you a little rush. So a neat way to get some stimulation and some energy in that area.
Speaker 0 00:14:23 A little rush. So there you go, balancing you out. Okay. So we're on to Elaine now. Hey, there pal function hormones. So here we go. So on the bell here do this for everybody. We're going to put a few more people in, okay. Hormones, um, optimizing brain circulation, opening up the sky window here. Some of this, it seems so repetitive, but you know what I mean? As you get the points open and then they close again, then you open them and then close again. And then eventually they stay open. And once we sort of get everything where it stays open, totally balancing, right? And left brain, optimizing blood flow to the brain.
Speaker 0 00:18:37 Once you have to, once you get it open, you want to kind of take a little look at why the heck you got where you are, because you didn't get this way overnight. We sort of think the world puts upon us, but it, it doesn't work like that. It's, uh, it's a big leap in thinking from sorta going to poor me to, you know, I really kind of bring this on myself. What do I think I expect? What do I expect from life? What do I think that I'm, I deserve. That's what, when you start looking at that things can shift for you. Can you just bring the energy out from the brain that valves right? And left hemisphere, check the blood brain barrier and kind of put a bit of energy, a little kind of energetic, ping pong ball. If you want to leave it in there, just to kind of move around and stimulate the brain can just coming down the spine to give it open.
Speaker 0 00:19:54 Okay. So we're on to Isaac for the right rotator cuff. Okay. So done the top muscles. We're going to go down deep and just let the muscle, bring it out from the spine. Bring the energy out and the rotator cuff. Okay. Balance coat. Okay. On to your mom, go degeneration, bringing the energy into the eyes area behind the eyes questions. How long should you tap? Well, put a time limit on it. Or sometimes you can just tap until you see the point shifts, critical point cancer. And that's a critical point. Then I had this good idea to do it. Then come back to it a few times in the session, tap your mom's eyes. And there we go. Dad, let's do the lungs. It's funny when you switch from one person or another, how the energy changes coming up the lungs and balancing all of you out there. Okay. So we're onto good Winnie osteo pain, osteopenia left side and bladder. We'll start off with the bladder, the bladder first turn computer, you know,
Speaker 1 00:23:54 Something up and then asks you questions, you know, would you like
Speaker 0 00:23:57 To save to one drive?
Speaker 1 00:24:03 Worst is when you load the computer up and you're in a hurry and then it wants to update on you.
Speaker 0 00:24:24 So on the bladder.
Speaker 1 00:24:48 Okay. So it looks like you need a little bit more water in yourself.
Speaker 0 00:24:52 Well,
Speaker 1 00:24:56 We do a little check and see if you need it.
Speaker 0 00:24:59 You're not drinking enough
Speaker 1 00:25:11 Data kind of watch. And that is the water you're drinking. So if you have a water softener, um, things are getting kind of filtered through it and you're missing some of the minerals in the water. I don't want to talk about fluoride, but, um, you know, if you have young kids, sometimes they are missing the minerals and it doesn't help their dental health. So just kind of be conscious of the water you're drinking.
Speaker 0 00:25:45 Okay.
Speaker 1 00:25:57 Um, a day's always a good thing. You don't want to be loading up before you go. I would go say Attica and Austin to the blood, the bones here,
Speaker 0 00:26:18 One of those little, if you're
Speaker 1 00:26:20 Pregnant, they want you to drink water so they can take pictures of the babies. So they gotta get the bladder out of the way or whatever. And so they tell you 40 minutes before drink eight cups of water. So it only takes 40 minutes to get down there. So
Speaker 0 00:26:42 We're working the bones here, concentrated and left slide, but we'll give the right side a little help as well. Okay. So then you'd go to the diabetes first to the pancreas as well. Let's just try the Alzheimer's and the Alzheimer's points for this and do the brain fog and everything. These are all high points under the old timers points. And then do a few more on top of that. I told you already this story about, I first started somebody on the, got
Speaker 1 00:29:42 A doll and a hammer and the book and lazy Bumble can lent it to her friend who went to visit a relative in, in a home. And she had Alzheimer's.
Speaker 0 00:29:54 And
Speaker 1 00:29:55 So she was just, you know, she had no idea what she's doing, which is tapping away. You know, I don't have any Alzheimer's points. And so nothing happened when they were there and incredibly not impressive. This, this tongue ran wasn't impressive, except about an hour or two later, another group of people went into visitor and didn't she remember them? Didn't she know them by name and she hadn't for ages. So anyway, sometimes it takes a little while to you open the blockage in the energy cakes. It's time,
Speaker 0 00:30:43 Top of the head. So they go to PC now,
Speaker 1 00:31:31 Starting off with a cataract. So we've done these already. So I don't know if you noticed, like, as
Speaker 0 00:31:38 If I've
Speaker 1 00:31:38 Already done it. When I started again, your, your point seemed to just fly over
Speaker 0 00:31:47 A little faster, the longer rad it
Speaker 1 00:31:55 Can dry eyes again, And just have a look at the water you're taking in
Speaker 0 00:32:04 How much you're drinking during the day.
Speaker 1 00:32:33 The water quality seems fine. It's just, uh, just check what you're drinking sauce.
Speaker 0 00:32:42 Timing's not an issue. Just checking the field floaters and you know how to move floaters. Don't you like if you're looking Nelson there, you're looking and there's a little floater in the way. What's, you're looking at you to sorta move your eyes back and forth up and down, roam around a bit. And the floater will kind of move out of the way that's emergency handling the floaters go, Casey. Okay. So on John kidneys, prostate. Okay. So we're also adding Matt and in Wilton the collective today. And so by you just putting that down, um, it's done. If that makes sense. Okay. Johns, let's start. You let's do the lower area, starting off with the kidneys.
Speaker 0 00:34:17 Your energy's a little low today. I like it a little bit. Lack of sleep on the kidneys, down to the prostate and the triglycerides. John's gonna take them. This is focused just on John. Here is going to take some energy and just move it. So it's flowing. You're a little discombobulated today. Just taking the energy and forcing it, forcing it to be coming down your legs. Now she's gonna hook into this. You want, I'm just moving the energy. So it's not stuck. Energy works. See better with your eyes closed than open. Okay. This coming down from the front, I'm just forcing the energy down.
Speaker 0 00:36:49 Let's get rid of that to father, father, John spinal stenosis rebuilding the productions of white and red cells. T-cells coming down the spine. Okay, there we go. Okay. Neuropathy spine here, opening up anything, blocking them, probably any blockages, any points that have shifted and they're impacting on the nervous system. Pressure from bones, muscles, veins, pressure. That's put on. Let's come down the legs and feet, bring energy into that lore area. You were saying the left is the worst one. Bring them down, both right and left. Just praying the energy down to your feet. You might feel tingling. You might feel nothing. Feel kind of like energy. Moving might feel like your feet are sort of heavier tapping the feet just around the energy.
Speaker 0 00:39:53 Bouncing it back up and back down again. Let's just look at the leg muscles turning off right here, coming down the left leg. So father John's body is, his cells are saying I'm tired and I just need to acknowledge it. So I just said, I know like if somebody says to you, I feel sad. I know I hear you. I know. I just acknowledgement is huge balancing father, John clearing energy there. Okay. So here we go, Sandy. Now we're on to cataracts again. Let's just start at the eyes. No more relieve the pressure, the pressure from the eyes and moving back down the spine pain, the neck. Now bringing energy to the eyes.
Speaker 0 00:42:18 Things need to flow. Like let's put more energy in the head, but again, it going to the head and then there's no release point. I need to float all of this needs to go in and out, back and forth up and down. Sandy out there. You've got your troops there, John. Okay. So on to Karen. So we're looking at cervical dystonia, scoliosis and emotions for you and your mom. Your mom has a herniated disc rash and need sleep. Okay, here we go. We'll just do the emotions to start off with kind of relaxed and down to scoliosis.
Speaker 1 00:44:38 So scoliosis is an interesting one member. Everything seems to have a, a pattern to it. So if I said this before, it is just bears repeating. Uh, I had, uh, when I was doing the monthly quantum healing evenings over at the naturopathic college here in Toronto, and that was a number of years ago, a woman showed up and she had a very small a daughter that was heading into puberty and of course had scoliosis. So, so there's the pattern. It's, there's this young girl who wants to please her mother, but she's turning into a woman. In other words, her period had started. Her breasts were starting to bud out, but she knew her mother wanted to keep her a baby. So of course this, what the spine does is it kind of starts to compress itself. And then we have scoliosis. So that's one thing is if you're a parent and you've got a child that's growing up and becoming a woman, you want to, you want to encourage that.
Speaker 1 00:45:52 You know, you want to, you know, have her feel good about her body and you don't want to hang on to the fact you want to keep this kid, a baby kind of a little chat with the mom. And I hadn't seen them and seen them afterwards, but hopefully it helped that you could see the mom just wanted to keep her daughter wrapped up like a little flower, wanting to keep her imperfection of being in a child and know that doesn't work like that. So, so often scoliosis will set in and sometimes the person generates it themselves. They don't want to grow up and they don't want to take on any responsibilities. And they're terrified of changes in their body, their life, their life they're so scoliosis. So you can just sort of ask yourself, you know, what am I thinking? Where am I think, okay. Onto your mum. Now the herniated discs to just go right till four and five, actually let's just roll down the little spine. I'll give you that. Okay. That rash.
Speaker 0 00:47:36 Okay. Tapping the skin points. And also auto-immune back to the ratchet itself. Move along, move along. Okay. And balancing both. Yeah. We've got garden lady. Now I'm going to copy people here cause I don't want to shit. Well, that's good care. And you're very welcome. Check the bottom here. John was talking here. Um, John was saying, thanks very much, Kathy. I really need the extra energy today. Also. Thanks for tapping for father John who suffers silently from his condition. So, okay. So we're on to garden lady. Wait a minute. Hang on. Okay. Good. All right. So we're immune system, heart arrhythmia and hip flexor. So let's just get the immune system going.
Speaker 0 00:49:46 K P one is blocked. So let's get that open. So people are so interesting. Why, why would someone be in pain and not share it? And then there's other people who are in pain who are quite happy to share it excessively. So people are so interesting. So interesting how they walk in this world and what they need for themselves. Joe Ellis, who does the court of atonement came out with that really interesting thought the other day about it's not what you desire in life. It's what you think you deserve. That's what comes your way is what your, what you think you deserve. So what do you think you deserve if you think you deserve to sit in guilt, shame and all the, the big geeky ones and give your head a shake, gave your head a shake. Did you? Don't pee. That's a hard arrhythmia now in the heart and down to the hips. Let's just come down the spine and the hips volts. Yes. Calming energy down the spine to the lower area there and the hips.
Speaker 0 00:52:10 That's going to do that again and again and coming down. Okay. There you go. Okay. Balancing. Okay. So we're on to Gwen now. Hey Gwen. Okay. We've got, um, bone loss in the lumbar vertebrae, right? Hip dude, osteoarthritis and bursitis. And here we go. So let's just do osteoarthritis and that'll get a lot of the points you need. Why bother? And look it up. I just crazy. I look it up and I'll go. Okay. I already asked you arthritis. So just relax. Let the energy flow get out of your head. Oh, actually I was going to do something to John, but back, come back and do everybody after we finished Gwen here.
Speaker 0 00:53:47 So just relax. If you find yourself tied in an area, put your hand on it and just feel your breath goes through your hand. Bring your breath in through your hand, that hand. And then when you spray it into the hand and then when you breathe it out, send it breath out through that hand and that'll help stimulate the area. And then they're cheated that area of pain, osteoarthritis moving down to the area. Now let me tell them the spine. And there we go. Clearing a lot of stuff through you guys. It, me grabbing your stuff, just tapping the right hip. Now you've done this before. I'm just going to do a little bit of pulling on you, tweaking how going to shove you up and then just rotate the energy and then down. Okay?
Speaker 0 00:56:05 Okay. So we've got Mary Jane next to you. They're calling me grandma. Actually. I don't know what they're going to call me. The other one. The other grandma wants to be called grandma, grandma. So I don't know. I'm not going to go. Actually. I've only physically see them once. So I'm going to go up this weekend. Anyway. I'm going to see the little guy again. This weekend immune deficiency. It's actually a good looking little baby. I've been calling the other kids, been the aunts and uncles of this little guy. They want to see their baby pictures. I've been hauling the melanin kids much better looking than all they were babies come out. Perfect. Don't then trying to compare their birth pictures with this little guy onto the lungs, tapping lungs here, bouncing out.
Speaker 0 00:58:12 All right. So let's do William now for depression, strength for work men, particularly the more than women. And I'm being very general. They tend to identify with their jobs. So when they lose a job, it's like they've lost part of themselves. So William down to the angel points as well. Okay. So we're still on Williams. Who's going to take a pen and just intention here. So we're going to start off with looking at William and you can put anybody else you want into this situation. So we have an individual that you know, is, is sort of been shoved off the horse if you know what I mean. So I can look at Williams. And we're going to ask that to think about this.
Speaker 0 01:00:30 Governor basically asked that, uh, Williams have to do this a couple of times. So we're going to ask that Williams start to feel good about himself. Did he connect with his passions, his soul's journey. He feels supported by those around us. He connects himself his heart and his head. Can I ask that any frustration or feeling of powerlessness williams' feeling be removed energy still going still shifting. Okay. So I'm gonna do a second step on that a few times, but we'll look at, um, what's out there. So we've looked at Williams, we're repositioning him. So he feels good about himself and gets rid kids rid of some of those negative
Speaker 1 01:02:20 Feelings. And that poor me, you know, Oh God, what is the world? Shit on me all the time. You know, need to get rid of that because it, cause if you get that and you're feeling that that's, what's still coming in. So we'll do another step here and we're going to do this for everybody. So then we'll look at your, your, your heart and your head. So heart head, and we're going to open the energetic connection between the two of them. Other words, this will be helpful for those of you who are constantly overthinking things, constantly being in a place of analysis paralysis And just opening up that beautiful connection between the two
Speaker 0 01:03:14 <inaudible>.
Speaker 1 01:03:18 I often say it's the longest journey between your heart and your head. That's where we get in trouble. As we listened logically, supposedly to other people.
Speaker 0 01:03:36 Okay.
Speaker 1 01:03:37 I'm not, I'm not going to bother checking. Oh yeah. I am nosy. I made a percentage of benefit. Got out of that. No, I'll go with that 50 60. And that just over 50% benefit out of that. So I'll T I'll take it. Yes. So second step, um, focusing on William is, is, so we've done him. We've done the connection between the heart and the head. And now we're going to just sort of open up possibilities for Liam in terms of employment, in terms of what he does with his life in terms of his next. So we're opening up the possibilities to vibrate with him. We're also opening up his consciousness to recognize possibilities. I know it's a strong run, but sometimes Tom run hell is a lot of other modalities out there that are amazing Tong. Ren is pretty well top of my list, but I do do dowsing as well. Okay. How are we done?
Speaker 0 01:05:10 Okay. We're good.
Speaker 1 01:05:11 All right. So let's see if that helps or it doesn't. We can look at other people and we can think we need to, they need to do this. And if they do, we do that, then life would improve With my ex. I kept thinking, if you just get a job, if you just get a job and then it occurred to me that, of course he was out there looking for work. And he actually went to job interviews, but he didn't want to, he didn't want a job. So going, looking for work doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get it because if you don't want it, you're not going to get it. So he was just doing enough of looking to shut me up. So
Speaker 0 01:06:00 Here,
Speaker 1 01:06:03 My idea of looking for work was actually getting work. Okay. So we've got you guys balanced out now. So we can't really control other people. We just have to love them so much and let them find themselves the supportive case. We're going to ask her now. Okay. So parathyroid bladder left joints. I Attica,
Speaker 0 01:06:33 Okay, here we go.
Speaker 1 01:07:08 Different sizes of glasses. Nelson's given me
Speaker 0 01:07:11 Headache,
Speaker 1 01:07:18 Parathyroid
Speaker 0 01:07:40 Bladder.
Speaker 1 01:07:53 Let's look at that left leg now.
Speaker 0 01:08:17 Okay. Send energy down to that leg right now. Still going down, healing goop in your hip. Looks really tight energy here. Coming down. The leg can do that a second time and a third. Okay. Getting snuck, tightness out of that hip area, letting the energy flow down the leg, down into the liver. Meridian. Why don't we do kidney one? Just shoot it up. Shoot that energy right up. There you go. So hopefully that helped yesterday. All right. So this is the point where I'm going over to hop on over to Facebook. See what's what's the hap over here.
Speaker 0 01:10:08 There's a lot of talking going on here. Okay. So Mika, um, we all need to be calm today. Yes, I agree. Okay. Dan Kelly say hi to AMA, who was news in a way here on the floor. I can't believe I threw my purse on her bed so she couldn't lie down. Okay. So Theresa got hives, rash and healthy teeth. So let's do the auto immune system here. Just kind of take a deep breath, um, about today. And over those of us, you who are voting are, and really globally, everybody's watching. I really believe that we're in a process of change and change is painful.
Speaker 0 01:11:40 I just need to let it, let it go and work on what we can do things about. I already gave you the example about your vote to make a difference. Goodness. Okay. So there you go. Okay. So the rash and let's get the teeth. Now that's hard with like it's different place. I booked a claiming with my dentist and I don't know, you gotta wait in your car. And apparently they don't really use, they have that really neat implement that kind of blows air and blows baking soda. And it's Oh, that's such a good job in your teeth. Well, now they don't do that cause it's particles in the air. So my daughter said, you know, I got my teeth cleaned. She said it was just as expensive as always. She says, but they don't feel good. She says, that's like, if they just scrape the plaque and give you a little clean. So she says they did half the work for the same price she says, but then they've got all that claiming to do before and afterwards, the things are changing. I got to tell you, I haven't tried a hair cut, but I'll let you know. I'm trying to haircut yet. It's really getting long, but I'll let you know what I do out goes, okay. So there we go. Um, hives rash and the teeth. Can you, so Jamie's got an ear infection. I, Jamie always work well for me.
Speaker 0 01:14:18 So I'm just gonna have to get what I can see. Jamie's uterine infection. Okay. In the auto-immune and then we're just gonna open up energy to the ear coming up the spine at T which one is it? <inaudible> sorry. C7 and T1 are blocked here on you. So let's cut that off. If you're doing tongue Rand, you're going to find you get more intuitive. So you start kind of seeing things or knowing things or realizing things. So that's a good way to kind of open your channels. Do you tongue tight? Yeah. Okay. I was gonna just gonna leave that. I'm going to stop actually physically tapping, but I'm going to energetically. Just leave the hammer going on you because you're not, you're not letting go. What are you not letting go?
Speaker 0 01:15:44 Not ready. I'm supposed to come up the neck. Okay. So those C7 open T one did not. So just mentally leave a second hammer. The one on you for a little while, until it opens. I don't want to leave you high and dry and to the ears balancing you out. And let me just get that here again. Okay. Make us asking for a fibromyalgia as well. Try and get this old. I have to go full speed here. Oh, there we go. Okay. So we've got fibromyalgia and knock. It was diseases. They seem to have trouble finding cancer. We're looking at fibromyalgia and this is the explanation for it is pain in the link once muscles and tendons, fibromyalgia or on bladder nine. Right now all those points are open for you. Okay. I'll do Yvonne. So we're looking at liver cancer.
Speaker 0 01:18:19 So looking at the liver. So just relax, Yvonne right side left side looks good on the neck, needs a little bit more out on the spine there. Tapping the liver points, the liver from the front stomach, and then coming across the liver itself, roll back as well. Do the liver from the back. That's why, but seems like a plan here, the liver from the back, and then we're going to do your calming points and there you go. Okay. So hopefully let's just get that neck, sorry, balance you out. And it's like, Oh, that's step two. Can you type it? Have a tight neck, mainly at the back where the muscles are.
Speaker 0 01:21:01 Okay. And balancing you out. So there you go, Yvonne. Okay. There's Patricia. Hi there. And Linda. Oh Linda, I miss you so much. I miss you so much. I'm enjoying your Facebook posts. I have to tell you. Oh my goodness. They're great. So, so thanks for putting them up. Hey, Linda has some amazing, some pretty, pretty good Facebook posts and they always seem to really hit the Mark. Uh, okay. So here we go. We're on to John. So headache. Um, so let's headache, neck, back pain and knee pain. It feels like pressure John, an energetic level. It feels like you're out of alignment. Stretches would help. Um, just housing stretches would help also you're stressed out so, so important that we not, it's not how the world treats us. It's how we react. So, so today's a day of a lot of emotional activity, a lot of myths truths out there and truth as well, but a lot of kind of bullshit, a lot of passions. So how do we walk around all this? How do we navigate? So we're okay. So kind of try and relax, heart healthy eyes,
Speaker 1 01:23:42 These points. I'm not ignoring any of what you're asking for. It's a lot of these points are already opened since, right? Remember that the mission with Tom Ren is to open blockages.
Speaker 0 01:24:01 Anything
Speaker 1 01:24:01 That's impacting the energy flows in your body,
Speaker 0 01:24:18 The heart,
Speaker 1 01:24:23 Well, this stuff we're in anxiety about this is other people dancing around and saying things. And we kind of have seen a lot the last four years, all of the, um, let's see
Speaker 0 01:24:39 The word or the word, all of the,
Speaker 1 01:24:45 Or all of the information or the accusations that have been made that were against people or things that are said that are not true. So, uh, or maybe our dark shoes. So we need to kind of just sit back and pull ourselves into ourselves and feel our own truth and what we need to do. I don't know if any of you have relatives that like to create drama. I've got a few. Okay. So balancing you out there,
Speaker 0 01:25:22 Tricia. Hey, you're coming in on Facebook.
Speaker 1 01:25:29 Okay. So we've got Sam. Uh, we did the done prostate yet. Okay. Shoulder and knee right shoulder. And we'll put Pat in as well. I think Dolly usually brings her in with shoulder issues.
Speaker 0 01:25:45 Sure.
Speaker 1 01:26:52 And there we go. So a bit of an energy boost. Let's just fill the dog in here. It we'll do it for everybody. I actually haven't filled it yet. Have we going to tap that CD four CD six until I see your teeth.
Speaker 0 01:27:27 There we go.
Speaker 1 01:27:43 So Pippin, the cap got weight balance.
Speaker 0 01:27:47 Here we go. Start off with tap the Brown fat
Speaker 1 01:28:04 Metabolism
Speaker 0 01:28:28 Balancing.
Speaker 1 01:28:32 Okay. So Rhonda Cassie now, um, Hey Kasey, anxiety disorder, fear, chest pain and sadness release. Okay, here we go. That's a big one for today. So let's just got you Cassie and include everyone else as well. We've done a lot of emotional tapping, but
Speaker 0 01:29:01 So some of us have panic attacks where all of a sudden we're just in anxiety for no reason. So again, you're going to have to figure it out yourself. What works for you? Like what you need to do when this happens. Some of us have been walking on eggshells for years, and then it was hard enough getting along before COVID and now we've got COVID on top of it and elections. And you know, it's just, uh, we may have family members that are not well and we can't see them. You know, we're just, we're aggravation. So you're gonna have to kind of get your shit together if you don't want, I mean, put your ducks in a row, just figure out what you need to do to make yourself okay.
Speaker 0 01:29:57 If anybody wants to share what they're doing, that great yoga Tai-Chi, you know, nice warm drink. Sometimes, you know, just a cup of tea helps to sitting and breathing helps. You need to figure out what works for you. Just going to bed, getting a nice blanket. That feels good. And just wrapping yourself up the net till weighted one or not. Could you Sue theirs or their thumbs or their fingers slacks or what do you, what can you use to kind of figure out how to, how to deal with stress and anxiety and you can put in place that kind of stop it when it starts floating in.
Speaker 0 01:31:12 So there you go and look in to just do a chest pain. So Cassie, we're going to Sunday as we think we've got a worry, like, but it doesn't do it. Doesn't solve the problem. Okay. There we go. Okay. So we've got Kim next. All right. So here we go. Clearing your stuff out of my mouth or my own. It's a combination actually. Okay, here we go. So that rheumatoid arthritis, calcium balance here, we've also done. We've done the hormones already. So good idea. If we calcium, balanced here for you and everybody, my water on a book on the floor. So you can look it up. Do you want to look it up?
Speaker 0 01:33:42 See what's going on. Calcium balancing. And this is kind of like our house electricity. That's how Tom calls it. So it relays information. We're also looking at balancing it. So the calcium itself back into the bones. Thank you, Emma. It's got a plastic cover on it. So she's looking up the water that I didn't know. You were thirsty calcium still. If you have any place that you've got extra calcium plaque around any of the Oregon, just kind of think about them and see the calcium dissolving back in the bone. Calcium. Turn the arthritis on, on down here.
Speaker 0 01:36:27 No idea on the arthritis auto-immune inflammation. Let's just tap those joints. There you go. Hopefully that helped Kim. Now, Kim. Sorry. I was just checking to make sure I got everything with you. Okay. So you asked what the hormones as well, just going to quickly do, we've already balanced the hormone. So we're just going to do this again real quick. Okay. And I'm going to also connect your lady bits, kind of just look at the breast area and then we're going to make sure the channels are open all the way down to the ovaries, the uterus and all those little tickly bits you've got down there.
Speaker 0 01:38:39 We think we have secrets here, but the energy is, is like it doesn't lie. And once you start kind of tapping into the information, you kind of put you in a place that, that, you know, a bit more. So in other words, there's no secrets out there in the energy field. People think they've got secrets, but that all has to happen as people, if they need to be looked at by someone. So balancing downs, we did the balance inflammation. I think we got everything there cam right? I think we got everybody on Facebook. There we go. Decrease the size. They're going to be taking so long, but I stop. Okay. We're on to Tahoe now. Stress worry, mental distractions. He see a lot of it. We're asking for the same things here. We're asking for the same stuff. We're all stressed.
Speaker 0 01:40:01 Let's see if anybody's had any suggestions for the group. I've been cutting my own hair. I let someone else cut my hair once. And they learned how to do good. Haircut was six foot long tree Lopers. That's funny energy, energy, energy. Okay. We've got Patsy in the collective as well. Patricia's jumping between Facebook and okay, so here we are. Some days you just need to count to 10, you know, that helps get some rhythm of stress before you see what you don't. It's a good idea to write stuff down. Like what are you worried about? What's bothering you and then you think, okay, well, what part of that belongs to me?
Speaker 0 01:41:54 The angel points again for you. Okay. Balancing notes on Atlanta now. Um, where to go? Okay. So we're just gonna start with you there. Evelyn's so we're looking at lung congestion. So for anxiety could idea to just think about good stuff. Like what's good. What's happening in your life. That just brings you back to nice memories. You know, sometimes just bathing your feet, helpful. Just get your little lost the, and fill it full of warm water and maybe some Epsom salts or I use peroxide. Actually my favorite gets dead skin off and just kind of soak your feet in and get some nice smelling stuff and just soak your feet in the water that feel a little relax.
Speaker 0 01:43:29 You need to really think about self-care here reading a book, all those Halloween movies. I just can't watch them. I'm sorry. I just, I think the last one I watched was the one with Carrie in it. And that was set was years ago. I just cannot watch those movies. They just, Oh, they just throw me off too much. So I passing on the, uh, the zombie ones and lately they think they, they, they, one up the auntie said they get the zombie mood. They get zombies, werewolves and ghosts or whatever. All in the same movie. Like, Whoa, we'll have to be together. Um, I would on those.
Speaker 0 01:44:43 There we go. All right. So they're long. We've got the anxiety we've got. Okay. So let's get onto your mom. The two, think on the right side. Sorry. I thought I was on the wrong side when I wasn't in the area and the gums and tapping that poor. Okay. There we go. Okay. Vertigo, same time or send tapping the vertical points. We're sending energy right down into her legs, through the kidney, Meridian, kidney Meridian. And we'll just bring it back up as well. And then I'm going to bring up birth energy to the kidney Meridian all the way up to the crown chakras. Just roll everything through the chakras. Same thing on the way down. Okay. There's vertical osteoporosis.
Speaker 0 01:46:32 Okay. Balancing your mom now onto your dad for the muscles. Ask him, do the spine. Go, come down the spine and pay attention to the muscles. Coming down, supporting all the muscles. I'm just going to tap a couple of brain points here. I'm just going to get some more energy into your John. Your dad's daunting area. And he's got a couple of leak points. There's going to seal those up. I noticed that on, um, first of all, on my mom, years ago, as I'd work on her, it was like things like a sieve. I'd fill her up with energy and then she would just disappear. It would be, she would just leak out of her. So it's going to place a couple of patches and it just energetic patches kind of like little band-aids it off she'll sparkle. And we'll just stop the leakage. Stop these leaks that your dad's having put on it for three, four spot.
Speaker 0 01:48:33 Where's that last one? I can't see it. I know you're there. I know you're there. Your little leaky spot. Okay. There it is. All right. So we got it kind of just put little patches on them, so it's bounce them out. We didn't do the kidneys. Hang on. Okay. So again, remember, everybody's getting the benefit of this, even though I'm focusing on one person. There we go. So circulation done. Okay. So onto Doris now we've got ms. And we're going to put Linda in on this as well. And if you know anybody that has multiple mass, okay. I'm working in my BMS points, talking to myself, the stress points as well, get some relaxation go so long session. Yeah, these, I feel better just going through and doing everybody. I don't know why, but I do. Okay. So that spice jelly beans, thank you all the time. Requesting a circulation memorializing, various fat levels in the body and the blood and body. What are you asking me for here? Let's start off with circulation vessels and neatly work in the vessels down to supporting the heart itch. Joel, I want to send thanks to what as well, just give it an attaboy for all the amazing things that are just keeps pumping away. We pay no attention, right? It just keeps going on its own. So we'll be in gratitude.
Speaker 0 01:51:59 Okay. So onto the lungs now let's optimize the oxygen tension to the nerve, the phrenic nerve and the diaphragm. That's another way of trying to relax. It just brings much oxygen in your lungs. As you can right here in your lungs, just get one of those Pranic breathing apps for your phone. It's not a big deal. They last about five minutes and get really good benefit from it. There's one that has a ball ball bouncing. There's one that kind of has a little circle that goes around. So it's a lot of different options depending on what works for you.
Speaker 0 01:53:00 Okay. Here we go. Okay. Looking at the fat levels, let's just tap the digestive points for processing fat and then we'll do the Brown fat as well. Okay. There we go. There we go. Balancing out. Okay. So we're married Jane now. Um, have you done prosperity levels for this month yet? I don't know. I don't think we have a month. It just started. So just see if it is appropriate. Okay. So let's just see when we should do it. I'm getting mid month. Um, so no, we haven't done them yet for this month, but yeah, I'm getting, today's not a good day. Um, okay. So we'll just kind of, yeah. So the reason we don't keep doing prosperity is because, uh, if we keep doing it means we keep focusing on black.
Speaker 0 01:54:45 Okay. So here we go. This is Murray, such a stretch to ask him to the angel points. These points are interesting because they're on the pineal gland and they say, this is your connection to the universe, to the third tab. And your points will also tap the pineal gland or whatever you call call for any calcification. Let me get rid of that. Any sluggishness, any negative vibration, get this guy work properly. They're part of our body. We pay very little attention to, Hey, there you go. Um, so cognitive functions. So I cite lack of energy, teeth and gums. Okay. So let's just bring energy into that head because once those points are at your head areas are just going to open up the sky window, start lower. Let's just open up that stomach Meridian S T 12. Let's just take it up and that right. And left side up the sky window. That's all the way up the neck. Right? And left side. Okay. Coming up the spine to the head, let's just tap the occipital Ridge. Take some of the pressure if there's any pressure there.
Speaker 0 01:57:03 Okay. It's going to damn done this one before, but I'm just going to take your skull. If you can see that and you know, you're the platelets on your head. Okay. That's it. I can realign them. Cause it looks like there's, you got two that are touching each other and we want, I don't know if you noticed, but you can take your hand over top of your head and you can feel the opening between the platelets. So you can feel it in two places, you can feel the energy on your hands from the opening part. And this is always a good, uh, this is a place that if you're running energy, it's a nice place to run it in for relaxation, but you can also feel your head can feel your hand inhale, feel it in two places, you can feel it on your head, the platelets where they're separate.
Speaker 0 01:57:53 And you can also feel like the tingling on your hand from the energy coming out of your head. So I'm just gonna, um, and this'll be for everybody, but we're concentrating on Marie. So we're just gonna just see if we can, I love working on brains. I don't know. It's so fun. So much fun. Okay. So we're just gonna see if we can adjust those platelets and you got two that are crammed in together. So there's going to see if we can shift them. Might not be able to, but what the heck? This give her a try. So we're not really shifting there. We're just setting the intention. They go back to normal.
Speaker 0 01:58:39 And as I say, I'm just, the energy field could be wrong. Could be right. I could feel my head moving on this one, answer, just moving the platelets is kind of give them a little touch and they'll just go where they're supposed to go. Concentrating more on the back there for you. Marie, let me get a little energetic head massage. I know if that worked or not, but Oh, well we're just going to tap them as well. Just put some energy in them as well to the teeth and gums and the eyes that a little bit sideways. They're balancing out there. Okay. We've done the energy and the gut there.
Speaker 0 02:00:11 Okay. So we're on to Andrea now and Maryland. So let's do the urinary. Let's just do the seizures first, coming down and strengthening the urinary tract coming across the platter to the kidneys as well. Just give them some support balancing out. Okay. So we're on to digestion for Maryland. It's going to follow your digestive tract all the way through, come in through as well. And John, we're looking at this heart as well for Dawn. Okay, Carol. We've done ms. So I'll just do a real quick again. There's kind of a sadness to the angel energy as well.
Speaker 0 02:04:17 All right. And we've got Kim you're our last one, Kim. So detox, detox here. He talks to the environmental I'm Roy left. Fun. Okay. Let's start off with your left on this though. Why not? You've done a left thumb today. Okay. Coming up on the left thumbs, let's just give that thumb a good whap, a room, bring the energy into it. Okay. I'm coming up the arm, the arm, the arm, and into the spine. Tap that thumb a bit more. So again, what you can do with that. So I'm going to just kinda take your, and just take the other hand and hold it and then do the, the quantum touch breathing. So you're gonna breathe from the bottom of your feet. You're going to, and you're going to bring the energy up to the top of your head, and then you're going to bring it down into your hands. So you've got your thumb cup and that joint, you can use your little, little three prong fingers if you want, but you can just cop it. And then you can just put your hand around it and just bring again, bring the energy up from your feet top of your head, and then bring it down to your hands.
Speaker 0 02:06:09 And you want to bring the energy out into that sore thumb. So that might help a bit. It might take some of the pain away. Self-care technique. What the heck? All right. So we're um, hyper thyroid. And if you have knee problems, cup your knees, if you're, you know, and again, if you I've said all this before, but bears repeating. If you're, if you can't reach the part that hurts and take a picture of yourself or use a pillow as a surrogate and just run the energy into the pillow, pretending it's your back or your bottom or your sore foot, it's pretty cool. The way it will shift energy. So again, you bring it up from any, if you can't feel it coming up, just imagine it just pictured is water coming up electricity. Okay. Hyperthyroid. And now we're on the detox. Let's starting off with the liver liver liver. Okay. Part of you're taking it out of the body elimination and pumping the immune system, tapping the skin too huge disposal
Speaker 1 02:07:36 Vehicle in the body. And there you go. I think we're done for today. All right. So remember if you need some more support, um, you can go back and listen to these calls in replay, uh, or you can listen to more, more than live. You can also get them on podcasts. Um, thanks to clay Collins. Who's doing an amazing job launching them up. And so you've heard the podcast just go and Google Tong, Ren podcast, and it's at, if you want to go to the main site, it's HTTPS www tolerant and you can get it just on so many venues on Amazon, Google. I have no idea who they all are, but there you go. So Clay's done a great job with that. All right. So thank you for being with me. Um, let's just do a little bit of closings are just going to do the quickly, the grounding going to go fast here and just making sure you're balanced with the earth energies, where you live. And also the Schumann resonance around the earth, Nepal, little healing blanket over everyone. It should last two or three days rapid for those that want to be wrapped in it and you can breathe through it. So it's okay if you take it over your head, checking everybody's bubble,
Speaker 1 02:09:12 Putting bubbles in those that don't have one, and these are just beautiful, energetic bubbles,
Speaker 0 02:09:19 Protect you against some negative stuff coming your way.
Speaker 1 02:09:27 Okay. There you go. All right. Well, thanks for being with me. And, uh, there you go. They said, we'll see you soon and I'm back on Thursday. And as I say, there's tons of these calls in replay. So if you need more support, do put them on. You can still listen to them when your bath in the baby making dinner, um, put them on where they're not so loud. So the tapping stops allowed, but you'll definitely, definitely get benefit from it if you're having trouble. So we'll see y'all soon.

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