Tong Ren Podcast

0078 - Anusuya Quinn, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren Podcast
0078 - Anusuya Quinn, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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Anusuya Quinn
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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Let me know in a minute, that's a bit of a timeline. So while we timeline, kind of grab the last request, start with emotions. Yup. Okay. Here we go. Um, okay. So we'll start with emotions, Jake. We go, hopefully I grabbed the list earlier. I think I did. Okay. So like I said, we're going to start with emotions. The device is running. The glasses were hanging on the camera facing me. So start with C two on the neck, the motor cortex that's really opening up to receive. The key to start with motor cortex is actually on the top of the head we're opening nerves. Then, then you can bring it to the top of the head, pulling the tree, let it wash to the feet, helps church and energize us open. Both sides of the front of load can be 13, 14, right? And left right hand side is relaxation.
Speaker 0 00:01:50 Peace of mind. We slow the brainwaves. It's a form of brainwave entrainment. The left side is memory focus. Good cognitive. Some things like add ADHD. Alzheimer's dementia. I'm sorry. I get distracted to mail Cardinals. I haven't seen the male Cardinals. I was going to fill the feeder before class and I didn't. Anyways, there's two male. There's the big fat female right there too. Okay. Sorry. Got very distracted. Quite a little brain fog is what I was trying to say. Brain fog focus, left side. Can you be 13, 14 GV 22, 23, hypothalamus pituitary. Now it's brain chemistry balance all the neuro-transmitters use this point for, um, PTSD. So fight or flight survival instincts, things like fear, grief, anger. Let's bring it right down until you get in Tang. The olfactory nerve, one of the trauma points Tom uses, he uses olfactory at, in Tang. He does hippocampus at GB eight and at TW 20.
Speaker 0 00:03:20 So again, we can take it back from the GB 22 down to the Peniel caking into the insular cortex, stimulates creative mind integrates mind, body spirit. So we want to harmonize and integrate them. Clears away. Deep seated fears. Phobia compulsion left side of the frontal lobe helps to, to lead daily again, right back to the Ming yen Tang way off this morning, huh? In Tang balances, emotions works on intuitive guidance. So we want to be able to recognize our intuition versus just mental chatter. No, that it leads us to the highest and best so we can trust that. Follow it. That allows us to let go of the worry and the fear, the anxiety, all the stress. So yin Tang again, um, intuitive guidance, emotional balance. Also great point for visualization. See ourselves the way we want to be open. Tying open CNH helps open the facial region around the, um, jaw opens up around the ears as well.
Speaker 0 00:04:47 So CNA subclavians up S T 11 and 12. So Clady ans come from me or to garner slips. Come up from the heart through the subclavian arteries, into the carotids in through sky when no opening outside 16, 17 Frisco and no opening, TW 16, 17 GB, 2021 loosen the neck, the shoulders, the jaw, the upper back. So as we clear that tension, we're also opening our circulation nerves via electrical flow clearing out that tension. Again, we want to bring it back and down the front of the body. So wash it down. The kidney money from kidney 27 to one. So kidney one grounds us strengthens balances supports, but we also can just let go of the stress anxiety, the fear. Imagine it like a waterfall down from the chest down to the legs, out through the souls, into the earth. So like the roots of the tree is the ground that liver three kidney, one metabolism, endocrine, and deep sleep we'll do now.
Speaker 0 00:06:07 So we work the triple warmer's UWU 16, 17, and we balanced the metabolism. So metabolism, detoxes cleans out any kind of talks. And let's see, I have that. I have that Suzanne Sweezy and you're just soaking up the chain, getting spa treated you now, you know how this goes, right? One second. I'm just grabbing these requests. Then we'll go into that next, the next, um, somebody I wanted to tell the story about Sharon. So someone was asking about the clip maybe anyways, one second. I might know who I'm talking to. If I looked at the list that would be relevant to blood pressure. Oh, Regina was you. Um, so we've been playing with these newer clips. I don't know when the last time you were in the office was, I know I haven't seen him in awhile, but I'm only there on Saturday since Dave's so you could have been in. Um, so anyways, we've been using these clips for awhile and one of the things, so I'll tell you the story while I tap metabolism, um, endocrine, et cetera. So, um, someone that's part of the community, um, actually I asked Tom one afternoon, a couple of weeks ago about if he had something he wanted me to take to Elinor.
Speaker 0 00:08:07 So he gave me a clip. It was in the early clip times. And when, one of the things we were putting in it was the vitamin a D K that was with the calcium. So it was one supplement had all these things and that was in there. So I took it and I left it for her. And I heard from her the next day. And she said, Oh, so-and-so had their CT done someone. Who's a good friend. Um, and I, you know, I'm bringing the clip to her today because she has to have her femoral artery and all the blockage cleared, I hope next week. So she brings the clip to the person, the person wears the clip for nine days. They have a CT shows 40% blockage in femoral and then a lot more blockage in the leg
Speaker 1 00:08:56 Beyond that, um, has had procedures before. So it's, you know, continuing to calcify in spite of having been cleaned out. So anyways, where's the, you know, how's the CT done some weeks ago and they scheduled the procedure after they see it to see it. And she goes, and she has her procedure last week. And there's absolutely no calcification in any of her vessels. Everything's clean as can be the doctor doesn't know what happened, doesn't know how it could have happened, et cetera. Anyways, it's a great story about the clip with the supplements. I don't know what else was in it, you know, but I know that was one of the things in it and that when it was sent, it was one of the things that was sent for was for circulation type issues. So anyways, I'm telling you this story because the clips are awesome.
Speaker 1 00:09:54 So if you do get in the office, um, I would recommend you try there. You know, we use them to just test out on people in the office and they're available if people want them anyways, I know you're someone that gets there. So that's the story. We're working metabolism, endocrine deep sleep, as I, um, told it. So we opened metabolism on the top of the head. We opened the growth hormone. We opened the endocrine at BL six. We opened the nerve accolades, which we'll be doing again right back across the top of the head, which helps to recharge us. So if we have sleep issues, it's nice to be recharged as well. We work, sleep apnea, respiratory on the brain STEM as well as the, um, circadian rhythms let's work on the neocortex loop as well. Open sinuses. Again, some of these things really help with sleep open sinuses back through the neck throat, into the thyroid parathyroid points. So we're getting some of the endocrine function there. So again, we open neocortex brainstem, the occipital, Mary joke, and straps, and the thoracic spine GB 12 opens the, um, cervical spine again, T one, two, three, four and seven kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21 works the immune system, correct auto-immune issues to see six, seven. So people working, how she modeled thyroid we're balancing thyroid Esther, we're balancing parathyroid also st. Nine 10. Take that C5. Six, seven, bring it again. Down through, we got the, um, immunes while we were there, we got also
Speaker 0 00:11:54 Kidney 24, which is breast and endocrine. We get T seven blood supply, eight pancreas, endocrine <inaudible> and kidney 20 also works on pancreas. Let's bring it to the adrenals at L one kidney 16, open lumbosacral. So kidney 16 down open the lumbar spine opens the endocrin male, female organs bring that, um, behind knees to the beat. So we're grounding back in front, pulling it right down, taking it down the front. We also opened up the endocrinal organs. We're bringing everything down, liver three kidney, one right out through the soles again, where we ground strength and balance support brain circulation, neurologic energy building is next.
Speaker 0 00:12:53 So by the time we have treated everything, um, I would, that's exactly where I would, where it Tina for thyroid. Um, I would wear it on the back of your sweater because you're also getting your own point for thyroid parathyroid and I've learned mine there a lot. Um, and Tom's clipped him on people there a lot. So definitely you got it right where you should have it. Okay. Good morning, Maria. Okay. Yep. Okay. Now fractured ribs. Okay. When we do the lung fluid we'll, um, we'll be doing lungs for Bruce. Um, let's see. Well, if you're in the office, they might have them there depending we have a big, um, I would ask someone in the office, we have a big basket of different kinds of supplements in the conference room. Tom sits down and loads up the headsets and the, um, clips and things out of the baskets. So there might be, you know, I would go in and, you know, say, Oh, I have, I want the heart supplements. Um, all right. Half the names somewhere. I have a sheet with the names of some of the Chinese herbs, Regina. Um, anyways. Okay, here we go.
Speaker 0 00:14:37 This, everything after Marsha. Okay. So my sister's friend has the knee. Okay, Diane. Yup. I thought of, um, Anna, when I did all the frontal there stuff and you know, we'll be doing it again. Okay. Um, so let's keep going. Whenever I said was next, it'll be next. Um, brain circulation, neurologic and energy building brain circulation that started 10 front of the neck opening vessels circulation up. I still have this thing set up for my friend Judith rather than the way I usually set it up for the group. Um, so this is the clip we're talking about. There are variations, different shape things. Some of them are to have other kinds of things on them. Also, I don't have my pin here. I'm not even sure if I still have it. I might've given it away. But at one point we had pens that had something on the back of them.
Speaker 0 00:16:09 Tom's been putting on little, um, lenses and little things on those to entangle. So we're using different things. And then this is a really old heads that the new ones actually have different material on the top of them. They have something entangled to the galaxy, although this is entangled to that device. Um, but he put the, he took the ear pieces off. This very old headset was again, one of the originals. Um, even Tom was surprised when he opened it. And so it, it looked like inside. Um, but anyways, took this, opened it up and put some supplements in it, which is why it rattles now. And I've got that around the feet of the doll. Anyways, these things are working on the doll with the device today, um, that I always set up or we're usually set up for you guys. Okay. I just based it a little more forward. Let's do more like we usually do for you guys. Okay. So if, when I can do it and then we'll do the next thing. Okay. We usually have it way up higher than that. So I'm going to move the, um, laser on this up to long thoracic and brachial plexus. It's actually, what's clicking
Speaker 2 00:17:50 In the background to put down. Okay. There it is. Okay. Standing on a probe, it's the headset around another pro a, the laser. So where's T3
Speaker 3 00:18:22 Three down to L one. So we're doing a lot of thoracic work
Speaker 2 00:18:26 Under that probe. Okay. So anyways, that's how we're going to play with it for today. Okay. Um, well I have to clip the clip. We'll stand right here. Okay. The clip also touching. Okay. So on, we go play with our things, send out to, to everybody. Okay. So again, we're doing a brain circulation, neurologic energy building front of the neck, dong subclavians up sky. When you bring it back to routine liberal basil or basil or artery basil ganglia into the brain, STEM opens anything, circulation and vessel related. In this case, we're working brain circulation. So we want the circle of Willis, which is all the vessels in the brain. We can access that through carotid, through fatigue, um, through brainstem, as well as other areas. So open up all that circulation out through the neck, the shoulders, take it back again through the neck and the shoulders. As we loosen up, opens up that circulation opens up for healthy nurse healthy. Bioelectricity take the triple warmer 16, 17 open the GV 22 balancing and regenerating. So growth hormone, regeneration regenerate the nerves, regenerate, um, tissue for the vessels for the circulatory system. Top of the head opens motor and sensory also recharges the system. So again, we're pulling G through the top of the head washing, it had to be open the brain STEM, balanced blood pressure balance, the heart rate balance, all of the vessels, open
Speaker 1 00:20:48 The neocortex neurologic. We're getting all the facial nerves from GB six back to 12. We're opening GB 12, which gives the whole neck region C one to seven, all the facial arteries opening the occipital Ridge above GB 12 BL nine and a half opens the traps and thoracic spine that could GB 12 whole spinal artery C one to seven T one to 1201 to five S one to five, open the spinal nerves to all the Oregon's spinal nerves, head to toe open the C5. Six, seven long thoracic and brachial plexus. Great gate. A plexus opens all narrow radial medial nerves. So we bring that down the arm through the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands fingers, opening the brachial plexus. We also open the long thoracic nerve there. So take that to the diaphragm. Key six ally 17, CB 17 is parasympathetic also to the diagram, phrenic oxygenates.
Speaker 1 00:22:02 So back in front, we're working on healthy oxygenation where opening up T one two three four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21. So again, back in front immune anti-inflammatory, let's get, um, T five, both sides, kidney 23, as well as the heart and vessels kidney 22 is the diaphragm pericardium also, um, T six T seven is blood supply to the lower body. We're taking the, um, blood supply down into the lumbosacral area. So down to teeth, four C L four and five sciatic nerve as two through five Prudential nerve, we can open behind the knees, helps open the pelvis, open down to the feet, bring it through the, um, the, this nerve root is on the brain STEM down through GB 12 LA 18 for Vegas Mongola versus sending your Vegas opens up chest abdomen, pelvis for the, um, digestive system. So we're bringing that Vegas nerve down. We're opening the vessels. We're bringing everything down to the Prudential there. So stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 down the legs, all the way to the feet and ground liver, three kidney one back below the knees. Again, recharge.
Speaker 2 00:23:46 We rebuild the energy storage and the lower Donte ends and the pelvic balls CV for CV six, sort of storing the chair, bringing it back to the beat ground liver, three kidney, one sinus eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat is next. Okay. Um, Hey Julie, I just, uh, move the device around a little Kathy key. Good morning. I'm glad you're on your spending, keeping me updated. So I know what we're working on for you. Hopefully this means you're at home. You're on for security. Um, we tap emotions again before we do emotions of the beginning, which includes things like security. Um, and then we do it again before we do all the cancer work at the end. So we will be doing that again. Um, second time, I don't give all the commentary the first time, but we do it again. So yes, we will be doing that. Um, okay. Now the last window Rodan, Tony and Anne, combining your names. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:25:26 Okay. Okay. Um, sorry, I'm just breaking these up a little bit so I can see if there's anything in there that needs to be addressed separately. Kathy key. And Judy, you guys both need to be addressed. Okay. The EMS will be addressed with the Parkinson's. Um, okay. Split those up a little bit so I can help you see them. Um, Carolyn's long will be done with Bruce. I saw Bruce. Bruce, let me go highlight you and QR. Okay, Bruce. Thank you, sir. We'll go back and keep tapping. Okay. Um, so here we go again. We are doing sinus near his nose, sinusitis and ears. You can't say it. Sinus eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat,
Speaker 1 00:26:45 Neocortex loop. Can you be six to 12 sides? Getting them all? Let's get immune to auto-immune T one, two, three, four seven, kidney 27, six five four 21. So we're clearing any inflammation in any of those areas that we're covering from the head to throat. So the whole head area really open triple warmer, 16, 17 balance. The metabolism open the circulation as well. There let's do the, um, GV 22 regeneration, 23 telomeric DNA integrity, B L six, dry eyes, six 78 motor association, sensory GB, 21, 2019 top of the head open the nerves, especially rich in such sensory nerves. Back to the brain. STEM opens up the, um, visual cortex, GB 19. We opened the gay center above GB eight. We opened all those nerves along the neocortex. If we open the occipital Ridge, we get the traps, a lower part of the neck. Again, down through the thoracic spine, into the GB 12 does the whole neck and shoulder area C1, C7 facial arteries.
Speaker 1 00:28:24 Take them around to the ouch points. Bring it from <inaudible> beyond one, two opening eyes be on one, two and three opening sinuses. Let's go four, five, and six. Bring it back into the mirror neuron area. Also the endocrine balancing at the BL six point, bring it back through the facial area. So again, we brought forehead yet in Tang, Tahlia, CNA opens up in front of the ear ears. We opened up things like the trigeminal nerve. We opened up some of the cranial nerves. We are opening sinuses below the eyes, opening around through the teeth, gums into the throat. And when we get the C6 seven and the S T nine 10, we're also balancing calcium to the gums teeth jaw. So all of that, um, bone loss, which occurs as we age, we want to balance that again. Let's take the subclavians up. Opening circulation to the facial area, to the brain all the way through
Speaker 2 00:29:42 The circle of Willis. Bring it back, take it from the chest, bring it down to the feet all the way back to the ground to deliver three times
Speaker 1 00:29:56 Kidney one buyer's prevention, immune and joints is next. You mean for virus prevention? T one two three, four seven strengthens immune kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21 also works immune T one, two, three six works the lungs, airways lymph. We'd go out them as part of the immune system, but also getting died, right?
Speaker 2 00:30:22 Oxygenation lone one long two on the front, open up the triple warmer, 16, 17 detox, clean out any, um, 12
Speaker 1 00:30:35 Since in the system, clean out viruses, bacteria, clean out any chemo side effects, radiation open GB 22. Again, working on the growth hormone, regenerating
Speaker 2 00:30:50 Opening up the B all six to eight GB 21 to 19. Again,
Speaker 1 00:30:59 The top of the head, all the nerve pathways, we got the endorphins for pain. We're bringing it back to the brainstem again through the occipital Ridge floor, the traps and the thoracic spine. Again, working on the immunes working on joints in the upper shoulder, neck area.
Speaker 2 00:31:19 Let's take the, um, again, G B12 whole neocortex works the 10th
Speaker 1 00:31:27 And it's the muscles. The ligaments GDB 12 opening again, C6 seven S T nine, 10 calcium dancing for giants. But for all of the systems in our body, we got the immune cells. The C5 six, seven again is brachial plexus, opens the shoulders, bring it to all
Speaker 2 00:31:48 Wrists, hands fingers, opening.
Speaker 1 00:31:52 Also the subclavius is down the arm
Speaker 2 00:31:56 To the elbows wrists and spenders opening T seven down into the low back, say
Speaker 1 00:32:04 Nerve L four, five Prudential S two through five behind the knees. Outpoint for knees also opens low back, open
Speaker 2 00:32:12 The ankles for things
Speaker 1 00:32:14 Like Achilles tendonitis. That would be the ouch point. Again, any eyewitnesses,
Speaker 2 00:32:18 Some new work we're bringing it from the chest. We're taking it to the hips, right?
Speaker 1 00:32:26 Opening. The femur heads were opening
Speaker 2 00:32:30 The pelvic floor. So open the hips, opening
Speaker 1 00:32:34 The congenital against stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 down legs to the knees,
Speaker 2 00:32:40 Stomach spleen nine, 10 liver, eight stomach 36 GB 34 down the sides of the legs to GB 39. Take it to the top. So the Pete liver, three kidney went out through the soles. Again, we strengthen balance support and ground liver, three kidney one. Okay, next, we are doing respiratory cardiac. So let's go back and open up the brain STEM, cardiac and respiratory function, both regulated at the brainstem. Be all nine GB 17 medulla. Let's open the subclavians up. So in front of the net, you can open 10 subclavian arteries carotids, again, VTB rules, basil, or back to the brainstem opening.
Speaker 2 00:33:47 Triple warmer's GB 22 regenerates. Again, we can bring it back through the nerve pathways, opening the brainstem open the occipital Ridge open GB 12 open C5, six and seven down to the diaphragm pericardium T six also phrenic CV, 17 kidney 2322. Actually let's go see six, two. I just can't talk this morning. Ally 17, CB 17 kidney 22 is grelin and diaphragm oxygenation. Um, also the antiinflammatories T one, two, three, four five for heart vessels six, again, diaphragm pericardium, seven blood supply into the lower body. So we take that circulation down, back and front, bring it down. Let's open the circulation down the legs. So we're taking it down. Spleen Meridian from the hips down to the ankles, down to liver, three to kidney one where we ground digestive weight, Janet or urinary is next. Then we'll do the emotions and the trauma work again. Um, then we'll do the other request. We just did. Heart liver is in digestion. So liver is coming now. Um, so I do systems Joan or Joanne. Okay. So anyways, we
Speaker 1 00:35:38 Just did heart and vessels. We do. So we do brain circulation, which also covers a lot of the heart vessel work, even though it's more, um, brain, we do that separately. And then we do the respiratory and the cardiac altogether. And then after that, we do the digestive, which again will include the liver, the blood plasma. We also included liver. And when we do, um, blood work, which we'll be doing liver as part of that and always gets included there. So we do it.
Speaker 2 00:36:10 Um, you'll definitely be
Speaker 1 00:36:12 Hearing it more in the next couple of minutes. Okay. So anyways, here we keep going.
Speaker 2 00:36:19 Um, so we just
Speaker 1 00:36:21 Heart and vessels, we're doing digestive weight, janitor, urinary tract. So let's start with evening. So gaping is parotid gland. Salivary glands are the beginning of the digestive process. This opens the whole GI tract, including the liver. And we're sending liver to Ebon might be on Facebook. I'm not sure she's working liver spleen and the spleen comes into the blood work. Okay. Virginia will be with Bruce. Um, Suzanne will be with, um,
Speaker 2 00:36:55 Um, Cynthia. Okay. Anyway, so we'll be getting those things. So we are doing emailing we're opening up the metabolism, Cato
Speaker 1 00:37:11 16, 17 balance metabolism balance and GB 22, the signaling mechanism. Also the endocrine system take it to be L six endocrine balance helps balance our weight along with our hormones also helps balance our emotional state at times. Um, opening
Speaker 2 00:37:35 Back to the KW 20 Oh
Speaker 1 00:37:43 All through the entire abdominals. Again includes the liver. Also opening up what's open olfactory nerve
Speaker 2 00:37:55 Trauma
Speaker 1 00:37:57 It again in a minute, let's get the, um, wait mechanisms. So TSX we're opening the courteous stomach stretch receptors. The diaphragm area also opens into the abdomen, opening the ghrelin hormone. Also on the front. The gremlin is actually produced in the pancreas so we can open the kidney. 22
Speaker 2 00:38:20 Down to 20, we can
Speaker 1 00:38:22 Open the
Speaker 2 00:38:26 Stomach.
Speaker 1 00:38:26 21 helps balance sugar is one of the points we work with either type one or type two diabetes.
Speaker 2 00:38:33 We opened metabolism
Speaker 1 00:38:36 For the type one. Now we open metabolism for tape too. We open immune for type one anyway. So we're opening up the weight mechanism, let's open and bring it to the brain. STEM. The signal goes up to the hypothalamus from there and we can bring it into the insular cortex as well. So helps to balance appetite again, let's take the C5. Six, seven to T six open style rammed down through the abdomen. Again for digestion, we can take it to the phrenic. Also CB 17 diaphragm on the front teeth, one, two, three, four, and seven is anything inflammatory. We tend to get a lot of inflammatory conditions in these areas. Um, things like colitis, IBS, crones, urinary tract infection actions. Um, so we went, I want to work on all that as well. In these particular areas, we're taking T eight down to 12 L four five getting all of the digestive organs.
Speaker 1 00:39:48 So we started the esophagus. Um, we started the esophagus T esophagus pancreas. Then we get stomach liver. We bring it on down through the middle warmers. We take it down through the lower GI tract Vegas interviews. It's the lower GI. So we're taking that. Um, it actually integrates the whole GI taking that from the brainstem to GB 12 to 18 down the front, we're opening up the whole front of the body. We're getting the immune system, bringing it from CV 13, down the esophagus through the GI tract, down through the pelvic bowl, pelvic organs, lower GI, the, um, lower endocrine. Then we get into things like the bladder and then your there's, the urethra, all of the genital urinary system. So we're opening that back in front in the pelvic bowl, back in front. So again, lumbosacral Prudential goes to the pelvic floor that has two to five front stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12. We opened Prudential. We're bringing that, uh, below the knees on the front stomach, 36 is a GI point. We can bring it back to the lower dantien spill up the pelvic bowl with GI storing energy again, where recharging the system, working all the lower GI lower GI. You Oregon's bringing everything to the feet and grounding that liver three kidney, one emotions and trauma. Again, we can do yin Tang for the olfactory. Open
Speaker 2 00:41:34 Up tie yang, open up TW 20 open up GBA. Let's do C2, both sides. Let's open the frontal lobe, both sides, GB 13, 14, right left GV 2223. Bring it right down again, down to you in Tang. Take it back from GB 22 and to insular cortex, take it back to frontal lobe on the left. Bring it back to you in Tang. Take it through, tying into CNA, up through the neck and the shoulders all the way back to the feet. So grounded, strengthened the hounds, supporting we release the trauma. We let it go through the soul.
Speaker 2 00:42:39 And again, the ground for deep relaxation there, get to the feet from the intern all the way down to liver. Three kidney one, my whole upper body is tingling like crazy in front of this device. I just got like a chill everywhere. Okay. So anyways, um, let's see. We're going to get into the cancer requests. So I'm Joan canine as a liver point, stomach 21 is the liver point on the right. Um, liver 13, 14 are good liver points, kidney twenties, a good liver point. Um, and again, they go down through a lot of those then. Okay. So this first one, this person's not here. Okay. So let's see, we are doing, um, yarns. Perfect blood also happy mama works. Perfect blood again. We'll include some liver work. We'll include some spleen work. We're doing liver spleen period, Yvonne. No that she's on, but thinking about her and including her, whether she is or not. So anyways, perfect blood triple warmer, 16, 17. We will be doing it over and over it detoxes our system revs up our metabolism so that it helps to balance cell growth. We want to clear away on
Speaker 1 00:44:32 Healthy cells, replace them with healthy new growth GV 2223. We also balanced tell them, erase B health six. We open endocrine helps balance clotting factors for the blood. So endocrine let's take it back. Open the brainstem for the brain STEM cells. Part of all the anticancer work, open the occipital Ridge into the neck shoulder area, the lower part of the neck, the traps, as well as the thoracic spine. So we're getting a lot of the, um, organs as well as the immune, the bone marrow, et cetera, through the thoracics. So working on the blood, take it to from GB 12, to C5, six 76, along with ally 17, CB 17. So back in the front, we're getting phrenic nerve, which helps to oxygenate intervates the diaphragm. So cancer does not like to be well oxygenated. So we oxygen load the system, creating a healthy environment, um, for the cells we are working key one, two, three, four, and seven kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21.
Speaker 1 00:45:57 So the T1 and the key seven, the kidney 27 and 21 are both bone marrow and spleen points. So regenerating the blood also for blood, we always go C seven T one T seven T nine T 11 L two, all involved in blood production, opening the nerves to the organs, taking it from the front to Vegas. Again, Vegas innovates, chest abdomen, lower GI for the, um, pelvic bowl from the lower GI. So again, back in front sympathetic parasympathetic, we bring it down all the way to the feet, really ground back below the knees, where we recharge, we strengthen downs, bring it to the lower. Dantians, fill it up with cheap. Good for Sarah also with colon, so that lower dantien nice abundant supply of energy to the ground liver three kidney one, we're doing tremor Parkinsonian symptoms, including ALS for mat we're, including amness for Janice can include Amy with
Speaker 2 00:47:30 Anybody else and news categories right now. Um, Oh, okay. Um, so let's see. So he said we're doing tremor. Parkinsonians ALS ms. Looking down through the request, see what's here and next after that, Cynthia. Okay. So let's do the neurologic stuff again. So this is also good for things like stenosis, neuropathy, um, any kind of neurologic issues, less do the brainstem stimulate the dope dopamine. Open the basil ganglia, open the basil artery. Let's go see one, two, three, focus. See two motor again, back into the brainstem. Also re balances breath, her, um, mat opening up. She had no subclavians up SKO and now SCMS again, the brain STEM, the basil ganglia, TW 16, 17, or metabolism GB 22, 23 for Televerde is also, um, growth. Hormone metabolism works on endorphin. So as well, we're taking it all the way back across the top of the head motor association, sensory brain STEM nerve pathways, healthy nerve function balance.
Speaker 2 00:49:58 Neuro-transmitters the bioelectrical seat for healthy nerve function, healthy cell growth and got the brain STEM the occipital Ridge into GB 12 into C5, six seven ally 17 CV, 17 T six long thoracic and diaphragm helps regulate the breath, works, the diaphragm opening, um, the G B12 again, or the whole spinal artery down. And as we bring it down, we open C5. Six seven brings us through the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers. The brachial plexus long thoracic we already did from there, T1 down T seven is blood supply to the lower body. We go through the lumbar spine where we get the sciatic nerve. We go through the sacrum where we get the pre-dental there. We can go back up through the neocortex, all the facial nerves, again, also the metabolism and the immune. Bring it back through the brain STEM for the cranial nerves, the heart, the vessels, the diaphragm, while the breath, not necessarily the diaphragm just regulates all of the respiratory function. G B12 LA tiene. Take that down through the front of the body. Again, down the arms, down to Prudential, down the legs, into the pelvic floor, to the ground.
Speaker 2 00:51:48 Strength, balance, support kidney one out the Soules back below knees, charge up the batteries, fill up the lower Donte ends again. Store the cheap, abundant energy back to the ground. Liver three kidney one, Cynthia, we're working on genital cervix and skin. After that, we're doing breasts to liver, to bones, um, wherever else. So we're doing genital cervix skin. Then we're doing breast. Then we're doing limp. We've already done perfect blood. Then we're doing lungs and I believe that is it okay? Okay. Um, okay, so let's do it. When we got eight minutes, Cynthia, triple warmer's, 16, 17. So you guys know how it goes. There's a bunch of points we do for everything. So they're going to keep coming up triple warmer, 16, 17, or two of them GB 22, 23 or two more <inaudible> works. And recurrent specifically let's bring it to the brainstem
Speaker 1 00:53:26 For the brain STEM cells also going to be done again and again, the occipital Ridge opens down to the traps for the long thoracic and also the thoracic spine. So we take the occipital Ridge, take two, GB 12, cervical plexus, C5, C6 C 76. Those points again, the long thoracic and diaphragm, along with phrenic LA 17, CV 17 will also be repeated again and again. We're working the oxygenation taking that T4 kidney 24 works the skin T seven down it's blood supply to lower body. Open the lumbosacral, especially L two. And it has three. Again, we bring it down the front and as we bring it down the front, we also want to open kidney 15 kidney nine, open the back the stomach to say from two through five pre-dental stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 Prudential on the front end to the pelvic floor, the pelvic organs for Cynthia take that.
Speaker 1 00:54:48 She bring it from the kidney Meridian all the way down from the top of the chest, kidney 27. Again, and as we bring it down or opening immune or opening cardiac respiratory, the whole GI tract, all the middle warmer organs, we're opening the pelvic bowl, which is an ouch point, bringing it below the knees, where we recharge the batteries back to the lower dantien. Again, the ouch point store, the cheek recharge the system, bring it to the ground. Liver three kidney, one breast we're doing triple warmer, 16, 17 GV 22, 23. And again, being six endocrin two breaths. And the crim also works the bone mats. Take it again to the brain STEM cells, B nine GV 17, the occipital Ridge to GB 12 GB 12 toes to C5 six, seven girls to long thoracic to dive Ram T six also goes to the lymph in the breaths of T3, T4 on the front kidney, um, LA 17, CB 17 phrenic LA 18 Vegas, upper kidney, Meridian, limb and breasts.
Speaker 1 00:56:06 The breast is primary. So we were kidney 24 back up to 25 for the lamp. Bring it back to the C6 seven S T nine and 10 for thyroid parathyroid for the bone and calcium balance. And T seven opens blood supply down T nine. Liver helps to detox. Also works the liver Mets, bring it down to the sate, grow lumbosacral. Also take it to the adrenals balance. The stress hormones open the kidneys as well, helps to detox, helps to fluid balance opening the Ochoa points on the bone. Bring it down from the chest to the feet where we grounded at liver three kidney, one gene, we're doing limp. So also Lorraine and Barbara in California. They do this webcast, but I know they're working lymphoma and Tom's group. So let's do that. See one, two, three T one, two, three Oh one, two three S one two, three, open up triple warmer.
Speaker 1 00:57:21 16, 17 GV 2223. Open the brain STEM cells open the occipital Ridge GB 12 <inaudible> 17 phrenic, two diaphragm T3 kidney 25 for the limp for gene again, T seven let's balance bone marrow on T one, kidney 27 balance the red cells balance the blood. Let's open up again, T3 for the ouch point. Bring that, um, let's open up her liver, open up the pelvic bowl. Um, the adrenals, the kidneys, bring it down the front front phrenic betas to the elk point, open Prudential back front, say from two to five stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12 on the front Prudential nerve ouch point for Jean spleen, Meridian down the legs, especially down the right down to the knees, down to the feet fluid lymphatic fluid balance down into liver, three kidney one, bring it back up, recharge the batteries for the T and the lower don't DNS, but also bringing the Chi and the lymphatic fluid backup. So through the lower Tante ends the middle warmers up through the heart center to the thoracic duct, where we lush the lymphatic fluid through the system. So healthy limp flow back to the feet where we ground liver three kidney one. So we did the breast. We did the perfect blood Tiana. What was it about the butter boil? There was something I thought of for you in the last day. Maybe it was one of the, I think it was one of the Chinese
Speaker 2 00:59:22 Herbs that Tom's from
Speaker 1 00:59:23 Putting in the, in the clips that I thought would be good for you, Deanna. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:59:29 Tahoe. We've done the circulation. We've done the rheumatoid. You've done osteo. We've done low back. We've done all that. So let's get Bruce's lungs, the right shoulder and the left hip. Um, we did the breast bone. Okay. I think this is it. So we'll do this then we'll work on everybody one more time. Um, so let's do Bruce's lungs. Virginia's lungs. Carolyn's lung. Okay. Um, back to triple warmer, 16, 17 GV 22, 23, back to the brainstem, respiratory to the little lungs brand STEM cells. Let's get the bioelectrical seed again for the, um, campus, but also getting the book
Speaker 1 01:00:43 Electrical seat for the healthy nerve and cell growth function.
Speaker 2 01:00:49 Back to the brainstem,
Speaker 1 01:00:51 Into the occipital Ridge, into TB 12 into the neck and the shoulders. Let's get the SCMS up, loosen any tension in the neck, shoulders job, or back open the bio electrical, the nerve function and all that circulation open the C5. Six seven for Bruce, the brachial plexus. We want to open shoulder ouch point. So back from TB 23 through the motor, the sensory, the brain STEM for the nerve pathways, we can do the neocortex for tendons, muscles, ligaments for Bruce, but for everybody. So again, we're opening the shoulder, we're taking it to the diaphragm. We're also opening the diaphragm on the front. So phrenic on the front, on thoracic on the back, that diaphragm also opens grelin for metabolism. We can open the diaphragm also for respiration, but let's get T one, two, three, and six kidney 27, 26, 25 kidney 22 long one long to also get a new T cells B cells opening up for the blood healthy blood balance. Opening up for the bone for Bruce opening up from T seven down, we can open the liver to detox. We can open the kidney. Also we can open to balance
Speaker 2 01:02:20 Blood. We can work on the pain, the sciatic, Prudential nerves down behind knees, down to the ankles, back to frantic Vegas, down through the chest lungs, diaphragm shoulder, hip down the legs to the feet to ground strengthening balance support liver three kidney one. So for everybody just want to relax. Silica the gratitude to Tom. We have this beautiful healing system is always therapeutic to create the next. He truly wants to heal everything. Everyone so generous with his time, this energy cheat run to her that she ran out through the soul. So again, we're strengthening our immune systems, opening blockages and all this, this blockages open and allows our body to heal itself. Excuse me. Nice and relaxed. That's a good sign. Okay guys. So thanks everybody for being here. We'll see you Friday morning at nine. O'clock do it again. And everybody have a great day. Try to relax. It's a stressful night and then put so many times last night. It was definitely, my adrenals were kicked up. Energy was very dense. So really take care of yourselves today, become and yourselves to other people. And then again, can see well to me on Friday. So have a great day. Thanks.

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