Tong Ren Podcast

0087 - LuAnn Fountaine, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-08

Tong Ren Podcast
0087 - LuAnn Fountaine, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-08

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast |

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LuAnn Fountaine
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Speaker 0 00:00:20 Hi, looks like I am on. Yes. Thank you, Suzanne. This beautiful Sunday. No inclement weather gorgeous. Say here Vegas to my, and then we can get started disappeared. Okay. With this. There we go. Okay. Well, I hope this finds you all ready to wind down the day you relax together. So if you're new to the Sunday night webcast, I always start with, I guess, last night lays the group line for our motions antivirals. So I do have a laser on the doll. I had it on a hit it, I guess. Okay. Okay. Ready to rock and roll. So I hope you're all in a comfortable position. You're laying down, sitting, you're sitting put your feet on the floor. You can get the energy from the earth, some starting at the top of the head, give gratitude. And this is where we received the energy from the collective.
Speaker 0 00:01:51 All relaxed together. Start opening up the neck, especially C2 on the right-hand side saying, Oh, the stress it's stressful week here. So that's all feel together. GBH 13, TB, 14 slowing down the brain waves, relaxing the mind, sending soothing, calming tea and all the worries. Very soon. Really change anything. Spend a lot of time. Let's fell to all the brain chemicals, hormones in the body, and then we'll take it into the insular cortex, integrating that body and a spirit, knowing that all is working for our highest good y'all six let's visualize ourselves. The way we want to be Pacific is right now, transcending time and space, the energy into them, which is the status of the bagel there and open up the Vegas, the whole parasympathetic system.
Speaker 0 00:04:09 So neglect coming through our bodies, dropping into our heart space, CB 17, bringing in love into loving that really outward. We'll bring it back up to the Vegas, into the medulla spinal artery until 11 to 12, releasing our body's natural serotonin that's ground that and let that change is slow down. Like a gentle walk waterfall. <inaudible> okay for viral protection. So the parotid gland JVs 17 VR line for the lungs, the heart, the blood vessels, six pop up in the sinuses, Ella 17, the phrenic nerve one, one, two into CP 70, keeping our lungs nice and healthy and strong.
Speaker 0 00:06:10 You want to be a three, four, seven 27, 20. So it helps support. So we'll go ahead and clean out at LA 17 for the phrenic nerve and we'll take the kidney flush. Okay. So there you are. Okay. We have something positional vertigo, open up neck, shoulders and back. Okay. Got it. So moving on to the individual, um, and as most of you know, you will be saved even if it's not your turn, get something that you're working on. So it's great. You don't have to keep repeatedly anyway. So we're going to open up the next is in and to work on the positional vertigo. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:07:38 neck and shoulders. So this'll work to her as well. So opening up the long thoracic nerve C5, GB 21 on top of the shoulders. So if we get the net goal opened, then we can Mark on the vertigo as we go up right now, focusing on the neck shoulders, see, we need to backward to as well say one, two, three, 12, coming up along the SCMS, let's release the trapezius muscle in between the GP 12 to be 21, to bring that up to the main, the ears Friday gland premium seven, eight, nine that's positional vertigo sounds like it is fluid. I don't know if this is something new or if it's something that keeps coming back on is that we want to work on opening up those nerves.
Speaker 0 00:09:21 We want to work on the middle ear. Sometimes it's a little bit in the ears and then we'll go to the sensory cortex and the motor cortex that's open up actually before that field one, two, three JV 24 and be all six. It's opening up all the sinus passages in Tang timing. And then we'll come back to the sensory cortex and the motor cortex so that she down the spine T seven to L four L five and the lower back 54 behind the knees also helps with the lower spine. And then we'll send that down at ground at liver and kidney.
Speaker 0 00:10:40 Okay. This is then more of your stuff to come over and over. So we'll be well covered. Okay. Dolly wants some tapping for arthritis and left foot and leg numbness. Um, cat also has arthritis. What's the pressure sugar. Okay. So here we go. We're going to open up a seat and one, two, three, one, two, three, then we'll do metabolism as we go. As we get further along, we'll help with the way we go up through the metabolic points, I guess 17 and 18, 16, 17 GV 22 let's regenerate. And then as we come down, we will release the break-in toxics C5, six, seven, lift that chin fuller down the arms had to the hand.
Speaker 0 00:12:43 Then we'll cover down again to the Lotus five Oh four Oh five and the left play gallbladder, which is the it band 31 34, a lot of 54 behind the knees loosening the lower spine all the way then to the soles of the feet. So the blood pressure up the whole sky window points, which opens up the Ana carotid arteries, whichever library, and then show them the doula Javier center. So this is good. Um, the body knows what to do with the T. So it's good for high blood pressure and low blood pressure by they will balance it out. This is all about balance, right? Then look at three kids. One that's the blood pressure drops or rises doing what it needs to do, putting you in perfect balance balance two seven, eight, nine integrators.
Speaker 0 00:14:37 And then we'll go on to two now. Hello. So Tina is working Hashimoto's and the boater sensory cortex for all right. I still don't know the reason why. Okay. So seeds is 7 million to finish you off as well with the, um, points you and he was come on that I haven't seen yet. <inaudible> now see one, two, three, four, seven. So we were wanting to work the immune system first, Suzanne licks his boy after a kidney Meridian stomach nine summit, which is a priority points right on the block. It's just to the thyroid C six, C seven as well for the sensory cortex and the motor cortex opening scene one on the neck, creating a nerve pathway, GBS 20 GB, 21, increasing the bioelectricity down the spine, bringing in some energy into the body, dragging it over three, Kathy, one little Ms. Page angel points. I love that so much too. We'll be doing well adjusted area. Here we go. So the angel points, Tom calls him the old all factory. I mean the young factory points, people aren't calls on like handle points, which I love. So this is good for emotions, trauma, um, any like memory focus, some opening up then that first as we speak that's up in that seat too, triple, almost 16 and 17. That's that along the way, my Mehrabian's good for most, not bring it to the intake. Cranial nerve number one, GV 22 of the hypothalamus and all the brain chemicals.
Speaker 0 00:18:44 She knew the regulation can be out six at the marinara. And also the psychic points say endocrine system, GB eight 20, going into the hippocampus, seep into the amygdala. Take that speed that are going down the parasympathetic system first. So calming the whole body. And then on the back of the sympathetic nervous system, grounding liver three kidneys. Okay. Relax with that. Saved him for the slope. And then we're moving on to you. So we're going to work on bow. So for healthy and limp, lining of the lung on the left and stomach and for you, um, prostate health and hearing, okay, here we go. Okay. Let's start with the bone needs to have some metabolism work for the cancer.
Speaker 0 00:20:54 So JV 17, 18 and four 16, 17 number that two GB 22, 23 and six, looking for helping yourself or people in the lining of the lungs, into the stomach area rate for a normal condition. OPL six also works. The endocrine system come down through the doula for the lungs, 17 one two CB 17, also kidney 25 and then kidney 22 stomachs. Then we'll come back up through the Vegas, through the middle of T3 for the lift 70 of the stomach area. We'll go ahead and bring it down. Okay. Okay. Triple warmer. 16, 17, maybe 22, 23, B L six, healthy soul good endocrine system with the process three vessels, bring it into your CV. Six CV for opening. The biggest Snyder 2214 for the press seat.
Speaker 0 00:24:34 Let's open the facial artery for the EHRs C3. So 60 NSI 17. We'll bring that to the nerves and the oratory 67 working on Cal span, balancing for any of the growth and the bones and the years. Some that she there a little bit to really kick the Chino, relax with that. She let it continue to work. I'm just going to see who else might have joined us. Give me a minute. Okay. So I have, and then go right back, go get into that. End of mercury and retrograde. Okay. That works great. Alrighty. We're back in the game. So I have Tony in Italy. Oh, hello. Welcome. Thanks for joining us. Let's be quite late. There are quite early. I think you're ahead of all as well in Italy. So here we go. So being the chief for asthma, right lung and back pain to Italy.
Speaker 0 00:27:13 Here we go. You have this thing about like the Fabius seven, uh, the stronger it becomes. So let's see, let's start with that. And the lungs we can do that. Start those breathing problems and working on those together. Some opening up the napkin area, getting some good circulation, going up to the brain, into the doula to give you 17 beyond that. So this is good for lung issues, heart blood vessels, cardiac center, respiration opening, a big long thoracic nerve goes into a chest cavity, phrenic nerve, pulling it through the diaphragm oxygenation into CB 17, the lungs.
Speaker 0 00:28:51 Then we'll go back through the medulla, completing that circuit of energy. One, two, three, good, a lot more going on here. Same one. That's so working on that, hold that energy to the sensory cortex and the motor cortex relaxing the whole spinal column to two seven with the lower body and open up the lumbar back pain. Some just taking it down and granted have 54 behind the knees on the way down underground live at three. We're glad you joined us. Tony. As I go on to JG working osteoarthritis the hip flexor in low back a back tonight. See one, two, three, two, one, two, three.
Speaker 0 00:30:29 They asked anybody with any inflammation issues. So from the sensory cortex and the motor cortex, motor oil going down, coming back then she wanted three, four, seven, seven, four L five lower back to work in the right hand side to the hip opening, the hip flexor, the gallbladder Meridian 31 through 34 and bladder 54 behind the knee and grounded in live at three kidney. Alrighty. So John K and crew, you are next. So we're going to work the type one, diabetes, healthy kidneys, balanced parathyroid reading and blood. Okay. And we get tuna family, John Alexandra, Sandy, and collective. Okay. So type one. Diabetes is the immune system. So let's work few one, two, three, four, seven. So type two diabetes. We work mostly the metabolism type one is more immune working. The immune system points Ferris,
Speaker 1 00:32:42 And then we'll come up in belts in the fabulous AGB, 1718 triple murder, 16, 17 JV, 22 will help belts. The parathyroid bill six for the kidneys, the endocrine system, 67, but the thyroid and the parathyroid two seven. <inaudible> the pancreas, diabetes, 89 to the kidneys. One of the kidneys out to Vegas that working. Can we 22 for the girl at hormone metabolism, some 2125. Go ahead and open liver. 13, 15 of the kidneys and 14th and the prostitutes ready and then nine and 10, six. And for good circulation right down to the grounding liver three kidney one.
Speaker 1 00:35:09 Okay. So lax that John and Kim B can you talk? So, okay. Um, and hypothyroidism, cause we'll work on widgets. The stress at the beginning, we just did the angel points again. Um, the stress for the thyroid and the, um, detox. So here we go. So we've got to work the neck <inaudible> triple warmer, 16, 17. So cleaning out the guy, but just some would say maybe 20 GB, 21 top of the head. So it helps to just clean things out. Revitalize all the cells, see one, two, three, four, seven, 17. Let's do a kidney flush right down to balancing all the free radicals.
Speaker 1 00:37:04 Just like imagine them washing away for the thyroid. <inaudible>. So this is for, um, asking for hypo, but this works for hyper and hypo. Again, it's all about balance. Seven, nine stomach 10. Let's do stomach 21, 25, clean up the liver, kidneys, kidney. We'll take it down this lane on the inside of the legs and grounding liver three kidney one. Okay. Let's see Chris. <inaudible> hello. So yes, I did enjoy this beautiful weekend. It was a big tease. I think it's like summer again. It's awesome. I'll take it in November. So we're going to work back. Hello for Roger and the parotid gland for you. Alrighty. So most more once again. So we're going to balance everything else. You're going to come up through all the sky window points, get all the arteries open, going up to the brain brain circulation, creating those pathways. So restoring opening them up as they shouldn't be chamber lotteries, especially to both sides. Triple warmer, 16 and 17, 13, 14, both sides, GB 16, and then GV 22, depending on those brain chemicals in balance. Good integration, connectivity, bales, six, creating new neuro pathways, insular cortex. <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:41:23 Vegas going into the Vegas nerve stomach 2125 releasing the body's natural serotonin. Send that down and ground liver three could be one chief balances, the body and the mind. Okay. Krista, let's go up along the SCMS, across the petals, into the meeting with the private land on the Vegas kidney 22, then we'll send the two down three and the grounding energy of okay. Casey w working guys. Oh good. Cause we haven't done eyes tonight. Cataracts, floaters and breast cancer to the liver. Okay. So let's work the eyes. So this is for everyone. Cataracts, floaters, dry macular degeneration, any eye issues? I just read something about the eyes visit. Interesting. Okay. Let me get to the facial anatomy and get that open seat. Three speak for let's say 16, 17. So it was that I go to do more research. I'm not really one on supplements or things like that, but now Tom has the, the cases on the lens you could actually put in there and just wear it on your body rather than taking it. But it said issues of saffron to see if I could find some other sources. It might be hard to get that.
Speaker 1 00:44:27 I don't think it's like in abundance, but anyway, make your worth looking into some serious side issues. So to help it along, maybe it was for macular degeneration degeneration bringing this up to the mean one, two, three eyes in Tang time, six that'll help lubricate. <inaudible> more water balance in the body as well. Some metabolism, the cataracts, the floaters TVA, and just about for the Gates center, except for the metabolism long thoracic nerve into the chest cavity, phrenic nerve oxygenate. We know that cancer pants, opposites needed body 17 and 24 for the breast will come down this side during the energy to deliver 18, the biggest nerve, some X 21 stomach, 25 liver and sending the two down and grounding.
Speaker 1 00:47:19 That's it for? Since the last time I went back to a last check, do I miss people here somehow? Right. So Tahoe and Helaine right. Sorry guys. And so Tony in Italy says it's 1:30 AM there. And he says he heard that she works better long distances. Yes, definitely. Let me know. Tell me all right. Let's see how we're here a couple more. And then we will do the sleeper Tahoe. Dominal hernia erectile, this function and a little bit today. So she one, two, three, four, seven for the vermin. What it is since we don't have a channel out of a little tree, go to the biggest conception vessel to <inaudible> for the abdominal hernia, tapping out the whole pelvic bowl, 22. Cause we want to work with metabolism for that as well.
Speaker 1 00:49:55 Okay. Let's go to 16, 17 JV, 22, six two seven. Bring it into lumbar L two, three to five blood vessels. Bring it into <inaudible> and we'll bring that down as we go on to two lane listers grounded-ness yeah. We're going to deal with sleep on. I think this is your first time here. Um, my other ones, so super bright and we'll take care of the fears and the ground. And so that's coming up just a few minutes. So for the blisters T one, two, three, four. So the blisters are being caught by like irritation. We might be able to like from your foot where, um, we're going to be able to speed up the healing, but it's not really the blockage.
Speaker 1 00:51:53 It's some cushions band-aids it's not going to be prevented from happening, I guess is what I'm saying. And then I just bring it right down and the feet that'll help ground as well. Speed up that here. Okay. Suzanne says Abednego comes once in a while. Okay. In terms of the allergies, would that middle ear, some fluid sinuses or something? So that's getting better. Oh yes. CJ did cover all your re correct. Ques that's great that you received all that and I'm glad your lens stuff. Right? That's what we're all about. So Tony go back to bed, be well wants coffee, beans, varicose veins and emotions yet. We'll do the emotions will come in with the sleep one and the power and the beans. Okay. So what we want to do is work our way up through the SCMS, into that medulla, the medulla is works, the blood vessels, the, and also the scope for respirations. So for the car, it's also open up the priority. Glen for coughing is that cousin to the Verde area.
Speaker 1 00:53:44 I want them to do things like this sort of overlap those blood vessels, relax. And then what comes down to two seven until 1154 behind the knee. So that's a prepper tail battery for the beans. And then they'll go to the phrenic nerve, Ella to 17 one, one, one, two 17 for the lungs sending the tube down grounding, look at three one. Okay. So we have completed the individual rents. So maybe Tony and Italy's on. He can get the sleep one. Okay. Let's we need to get him back to bed. All right. So relax. I'm going to do the sleep run. So everybody has a wonderful night's sleep wakes up, restored refreshed. So again, with gratitude that we are able to work with this wonderful collective. We are all willing to send up this nice calming energy to the world in our healing intentions, our country and our healing intentions.
Speaker 1 00:56:07 So are you, I receive in Nicola receives beautiful thing. Some opening the neck, getting everybody nice and relaxed. Lisa, the tension that we hold there. So we need some extra cheesy this week to be 22, 23 and six insular cortex, 13 TB, 14, relaxing the brainwaves. Yeah. The body for sleep good. Night's rest the 88 hormone balance fluids and water in the body into the reticular activating system. I sleep wake cycle, circadian rhythms, the medulla, which is the set of the Vegas scenario. I'm not going to the Vegas whole body relaxes. So cheek, those are parasympathetic system and digest.
Speaker 1 00:59:19 We can down from the top of the spinal, the heart perfect rhythm, all sleep issues, all nighttime issues, pain at night. And by night, we mean like 11:00 PM to 11:00 AM. The next day, call that in night time, probably the T seven left. Your pain is more different the day <inaudible> how many of them that's really some more natural serotonin, 11 to 12, right? And side down to the stomach muscles, none bladder 54 behind the days spinal, especially let's grab that three 51. Well sleep well next week. And you know where to find that she, throughout the course of the week tune in many classes daily.

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