0088 - Monica Calvo, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-09

Episode 88 November 12, 2020 01:09:43
0088 - Monica Calvo, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-09
Tong Ren Podcast
0088 - Monica Calvo, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-09

Nov 12 2020 | 01:09:43


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Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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Monica Calvo, BA/CTCM/LMT
For private treatments and questions:
Phone – 617-605-3308
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Speaker 0 00:00:01 I was waiting with my aunt. She watches. Yeah. Quite a job on the hammer, in a book and set them off every day. When we had that little break up, she called it a cult and this and that, they call me names. Speaker 1 00:00:25 She's watching <inaudible> Speaker 0 00:00:32 <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:00:35 Do you know her name? <inaudible> Oh, she goes through this deck. You wouldn't be surprised. Speaker 0 00:00:55 Absolutely. A couple things that I wish I never said yes. Speaker 1 00:01:01 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:01:02 One about, Oh, go ahead. Speaker 1 00:01:08 You are <inaudible> Speaker 0 00:01:19 Ultimately by the sea. Speaker 1 00:01:27 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:01:28 I tried that on the walking trip to go homeless Saturday on the other side of the river. But you walked through the woods is <inaudible> cheers. All kinds of dogs and cat bowls and stuff. We started a Bobcat. Speaker 1 00:01:46 Really? Yeah. Wow. Speaker 0 00:01:58 Elisa had afternoon. Oh yeah. Let's get around to it. Speaker 1 00:02:05 Wow. Hi. Hi. Hi. Sorry about that. Yeah, I know. I know. Yeah. You can see that. I mean, you see them on the couch. You guys see, you can put a pillow on the back of your bag, you know, make yourself coffee, make you can try all the chairs. That one is very comfortable. That lack of there. Yeah. You can see it there too. Yes. You can go there. Tell me when you're settled down or did you get this for you? She goes in and I wasn't there. So I'm going to say hi to everybody, but I'm going to say hi to Argentina. Hi, to Gabby my niece for my long way down to the end of the world. Okay. Speaker 1 00:03:35 Okay. So we have 11 people on the stage. Let me check. Let me check. Oh, okay. Kibera. Good morning. Please start her bags flowing spinal fluid PTSD. Thank you for this blessing. You too junket. Please stand for healthy <inaudible> plan. Teenage immune system, clear lungs and energy brother. John is <inaudible> an Australian left legs, muscle Alexandra, emotional authors, or they need an energy. <inaudible> Russia, Lacy eye syndrome. Most I think you, um, Bernard. Hello. Christopher is feeling healing after two extraction has seen yet. I he'll see right there. You woke up be here. Now. I put it on <inaudible> as well as being on a stress relieve also, please. That for my son, I have husband as well as all caretakers and toppers is released and a new boost. Okay. We, with my art, 60 to 70 16 morning preset for AMS <inaudible> we will doll it. We stand for as writers and lower back spine degeneration, left foot and leg and leg as numbness and weight loss and for forgot arthritis and hairy hand blood pressure for all. And Touger thank you. Have a great month Monday to you to a strong, healthy, vibrant. Hi Monica. Hi, this is Jim <inaudible>. Speaker 1 00:05:25 Thank you. We'll miss you. James <inaudible> writers tied right hip flexor, and low back pain. Uh, stiffy. There you are. Um, please. <inaudible> thank you. You're welcome, Casey. <inaudible> please stand for my eyes. Got that. The mode is very dry. My wife, breast cancer med to the liver. Casey. He can hide Kim, California, please. Doctor P L Z. That for Maddix epilepsy is scoliosis very lower back and his skin cancer prevention blue sky. Good morning, please employ me for regular <inaudible> so right. Your theater gut hub, uh, for Isaak macular regeneration for mom allows for that many things be there not hello, Robert. They said I can't hear you there. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:06:38 hi, <inaudible> good. One. I'm pleased that for me, for ms is the event Alyssa and deep asleep Kirby for Quincy and Anna lung cancer and stomach pain for Caroline. He paid for Mel <inaudible>, John and Amy. You welcome Janice. Do you know one, please set for Sarah who has gone on cancer, including right cerebellum. Thank you. There are 14 online and then see, is anybody else on, um, Facebook? No. Okay. Thanks. It's a little low. Okay, so let's just die. Okay. Hi everybody. Good. I have all the machines in here. Ready for you guys. Okay, good. So, um, how you doing today? Um, you have some <inaudible> yeah, I'm not <inaudible> but uh, I am feeling better now. Yeah, better. My girl is doing better. Not as bright, so that's good. So all around them doing that? Yes. How it's towed? Yeah. That's still can be worked on, um, the other one, a little, little gray, this one, the one beside it, but okay. Let's work on <inaudible> on the nerves neuropathy. Okay. So let's go skate with the app to be a non-duty 17. Speaker 1 00:08:35 We have the machine galaxy one down there, work working. Yes. I have it here to work it. How about that? So I have to something about my situation, you know, I asked you many, I don't know if you know, but many of you might know that I broke my arm last year. I have run in my back since I wrote my own, it was terrible fault. My bag also helps some problems. So I have a lot of problems this year with my back, I broke my femur, the bone marrow of my femur, and I was not able to stay. So I have a lot of pain I'm being using the clips, Speaker 0 00:09:32 Calcium vitamin K to absorb the calcium into the bone from the blood fillings, from the blood vessels to hat, to the liver, circulation, all that. It's all in there. All the oxygen pocket. Speaker 1 00:09:53 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:09:56 I don't know. I got marijuana to put <inaudible>, Speaker 1 00:10:08 So I'm, I'm being used and I had, um, all the time, you know, um, seeing him last Thursday. So I have one of each side. Um, I'm been using all the time. Um, usually when I'm, when work it a lot, but if I go for a walk also afterwards though, I would have a lot of pain. So I went for a hike on Sunday, very steep hike, no pain afterwards. So I haven't had pain on my <inaudible>. Then I have all the issues that many of you have. It's didn't all see degeneration, um, uh, paralysis arthritis, and, uh, also the, uh, ruse on my, um, one IRA. I'm the feed married. So one does issues that cause a lot of pain. Um, you know, actually I don't have any pain just to let you all know that wears very well. Um, uh, bone tissue. Okay. So this, uh, pills, this, um, clips with the pills costs 60, $60. Speaker 0 00:11:37 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:11:44 Robert and they have some commissions. Okay. So what are you, what do you have, do you say Speaker 2 00:11:56 I'm closer to my brother and my sister. I haven't seen them all. Speaker 1 00:12:04 Yeah. You have one for the, you have the one with, I think they have all the fields with the stipulation. Speaker 2 00:12:29 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:12:32 So if you have extra, pretty one and H um, Speaker 2 00:12:35 I am too my sister the other day. Speaker 1 00:12:49 So this guy would know to, to be with my 16, 17 Jimmy <inaudible> the owner For the trauma Speaker 2 00:13:26 To Speaker 1 00:13:28 The uplines Speaker 2 00:13:32 Two of GPA, Speaker 1 00:14:03 DBA, Miro, hormonal stuff. Okay. Good job. So that is, um, also useful for anyone. Okay. That is the muni dairy. Can I say that word without anybody get offended? Speaker 2 00:14:45 Yes. For everyone, Speaker 1 00:14:48 We should do that point. That I, a lot, Speaker 3 00:14:53 We all needed what would happen to that point? <inaudible> happiness and joy affiliation. Brainstem. What's the name of that condition? Yvonne, that we treat in where the rains then go down CD J uh <inaudible> syndrome. So we have a patient that the rain is. Dan is just coming down a little bit from the fine canal Cape in the survey, because it got a lot of features. It's like, it's not closing it now. Okay. So we're going to work for people that they have some issue related to that. See what Jimmy, if you went to 23, you between then you face is getting them to say one, two, three, four, five. He said, then <inaudible> like a sandwich to the eye, to the fingers and to the wrist and the fingers align 12, Speaker 1 00:17:54 Um, to be a 50 port to deliver three in one. Speaker 3 00:18:03 Okay. Thank you. Overall appealing. Speaker 1 00:18:18 How was your weekend? Excellent. You did the, you did a lot of things. Speaker 3 00:18:23 Uh, yeah. Well, yesterday my girlfriend raked the leaves and Speaker 1 00:18:28 Okay. You didn't go to the beach. They both went to the beach yesterday. You didn't in front of the baby shark. Which one was Wallace? <inaudible> Speaker 3 00:18:45 Yeah. My muscles are all the ladies. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:19:06 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:19:18 Yeah. I seen you put the honey on the bottom. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:19:57 So you can cook with too Mary. Okay. You can do it to make all the time and you wouldn't have this day. Speaker 3 00:20:05 That's right. Speaker 1 00:20:11 It has a beautiful smell. So if you like us now, Speaker 3 00:20:23 Huh? Speaker 1 00:20:26 So I could with Curry, Curry, many other things for them to marry. So you have the many other benefits. Speaker 3 00:20:36 Yeah. You're back now tonight. Oh, you can get a mic as accurate. A big, Oh yeah. Oh, okay. Well, I don't have it either. I just go to bed. I got to go to 16, 17. This is all going to go for people that are suffering from blood sugar issues, diabetes to any, um, insulin resistance. I need sugar and bonds on a cleanse and I need to do the system T one, two, three, four, five, seven. That's good. The seven one two three. We're going to work on the <inaudible>. Also for anybody who suffered from Mike, me, all the issues that are already mentioned is the Nazis, osteoporosis, the gender, this Bogin, this very fondness groups, uh, hip flexor, hip replacement, uh, prostate, all various youth heroes, uh, cervico plaster, uh, ovaries, ureters, urethra, condom cancer, rectal cancer, any third Galatians on the legs and they need problems. My knees go Rocher, knee replacements, osteoporosis arthritis, and the issues with <inaudible> again, they're my 36. <inaudible> Speaker 3 00:24:28 yes. Vegas like eight green friendly, also cancer cells, long thoracic nerve for heart issues. Short enough breath. CFPV calling Nancy. She has two grandkids, lymphoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, heart cancer, clean up the phrenic. Mom's dressing matter. Vegas, open the chest open and run along really easily open the diaphragm. So people that they have have this hernia that they have, her girl that they have as the red flag is so far those issues throughout ages like this would, this is back in your syndrome. That's from the asset reflect also. Yes. It's Dominic liver gallbladder. That pancreas is clean and there's a small and large lever. Silver, any Oregon issues, cancer, or now gesture issues for any hernia. I'm really, <inaudible> also how you're feeling. Okay. Dear. How you feeling today? Speaker 4 00:26:44 Good up. Speaker 1 00:26:48 Is that chair back there? Yes. Yes. Okay. Speaker 4 00:26:53 And you hit all the spots there. Speaker 1 00:26:56 Did they hit water bothers you? So what was bothering you too? Speaker 4 00:27:06 And um, Speaker 1 00:27:12 You see, Hi here. This is the hernia that it goes between the cellphone and the stomach. So the stomach go inside the stuff at us open it goes and stay too close. Go inside the cell phone also because a lot of acid reflex pain. So Speaker 4 00:27:45 <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:28:14 So sometimes can be very painful. Sometimes it's painful to be good with acid. Yeah. Okay. So just say, Yeah, if you have pain in your back. Okay. Sometimes it's the tense. It's not always the same. Speaker 4 00:28:42 Right? Speaker 1 00:29:14 The band is Roma. Speaker 4 00:29:40 Actually I did at work today. Speaker 3 00:29:49 Let's keep working on them. Speaker 4 00:29:52 <inaudible> Speaker 3 00:30:16 When you live very close to the river, you can have beautiful walk. Speaker 4 00:30:23 I used to get out of your morning around before they closed it off. Speaker 3 00:31:24 B L Speaker 4 00:31:38 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:31:39 Yeah. Speaker 4 00:31:48 Yes. Speaker 3 00:32:29 See one, two, three, four, five, six, seven energy sessions rather now. So we weren't going to also people with weight, eaches lived on hormone, tapered with emotion with, um, Speaker 4 00:32:57 Right Speaker 3 00:33:07 On the left side on there, right? Speaker 4 00:33:13 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:33:17 And the green system. <inaudible> pain chain. Speaker 4 00:33:31 <inaudible> Speaker 3 00:33:36 <inaudible> Speaker 4 00:33:38 Okay. Speaker 3 00:33:42 Back on for nursing now, Work on Brainstem also for math. <inaudible> We're on Simon trope. Speaker 4 00:34:30 Yes. Speaker 3 00:34:43 <inaudible> relation with daycare also. Speaker 4 00:35:00 Right? Speaker 3 00:35:00 So the thing that's causing harm to the blood vessel to also the way you swollen. Speaker 4 00:35:23 Right? Speaker 3 00:35:24 So for people that have grown up here in pain night, or hearing sound all the time, people know they have pronoun, the ears, the eyes, um, Speaker 4 00:35:38 Uh <inaudible> um, floaters. I see one, two, three people with migraine headaches behind the eye, and then they got gotten it back. Let's open up your face. It's the people that have issues with their eyes, say two or three people that I have eight shifts with the team, with the pace we did, Joe is like 16, 17, the a, and then we're going to work on, see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. <inaudible> he one, two, three, four, five, seven. And then we're going to take care of John Morrow. He, since he went wrong here, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight, nine, 10, 11. We're going to do the time that people, then they have also IBS to Oregon's, Speaker 3 00:38:36 Um, involving Scott, Any moms, because you've been working hard, anything I'm going to sign anything on the show. Is there anything on the middle of back? Speaker 4 00:39:39 Okay. Speaker 3 00:39:39 I'm never going to go up to the landmark. One, two, three, four, five, and sacred one, two, three, four, five. I already did those points today. So it was going to work and again, for any pain and discomfort also we've used it or events early. Speaker 4 00:40:06 Okay. Speaker 3 00:40:06 Side of the leg on it. I have work on the back of the knee Speaker 4 00:40:35 More, Speaker 3 00:40:57 Please. God for Sarah and that's going on. <inaudible> okay. Dominion hernia. E V R a. Thanks. Monica. Goodie. Yes. I'm getting one of those. <inaudible> you're welcome. Thank you. Neither is out, uh, all feelings. We have 18 people online. Speaker 4 00:41:27 Let me see Speaker 3 00:41:31 List three to seven, also Susan on there. So let's more on the NGO volume for everyone. And Robert is going to tell us again, Speaker 0 00:42:03 22 at the top of your head, probably winery. <inaudible> all kinds of life. The side effects of living Speaker 3 00:42:29 <inaudible>. So we're going to work on this point too. Speaker 0 00:42:41 They're also the deleted that it's helping you all the times and the psychic abilities Speaker 3 00:42:55 Going to work on it emotions. Okay. So let's, let's do this, going to work on the fear. Okay. Because <inaudible> is a system that God wrote on the stage of fight them, fly, make the lines. I mean, pools is third from the beginning of the brain. Develop. Usually get bigger when we are it doesn't go back to the same side. And if we are all the kind of stress, you get bigger and bigger and that's not good. So stress is not only, um, the Marsha Vivaldi and pain and Macy's is often trying to survive from that kind of work on the corner, giving you the mirror. <inaudible> I'm feeling good. Myself. Speaker 2 00:44:57 <inaudible> Speaker 3 00:45:24 So the system owners also say for her Pat left. Yes, we should do it now. Speaker 2 00:45:32 Okay. Speaker 3 00:46:06 <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:48:17 Okay. Speaker 3 00:48:38 See one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Speaker 2 00:48:47 Okay. Speaker 3 00:48:56 <inaudible> <inaudible> Well, also for back pain, shoulder pain off of the shoulder joint pain, frozen shoulder, Um, kind of break down Eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, all the organs. Anything seems related to the organs, including related to the <inaudible> and <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:50:22 That impact the ordinance. So Speaker 1 00:50:36 <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:50:39 Uh, Speaker 1 00:51:35 54 on the record. Speaker 2 00:51:36 Your name is Also Speaker 1 00:52:52 Too Speaker 2 00:53:00 All this pressure, all this summit. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:54:40 Good. Let's see if we have any more requests. Speaker 2 00:54:45 Okay. Speaker 1 00:54:55 How's everybody feeling online, Amy. Speaker 2 00:55:12 Okay. Speaker 1 00:55:13 Well, thank you all. Just relax. They'll do anything. Speaker 3 00:57:03 Okay. Thank you. I wish you all the energy that you need to <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:57:39 Okay. Speaker 3 00:57:59 <inaudible> Right. Speaker 2 00:58:30 Yes. <inaudible> <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:59:35 Hi. Hey. <inaudible> Speaker 0 01:00:20 <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:01:22 <inaudible> Speaker 3 01:02:23 <inaudible> <inaudible> Speaker 0 01:02:53 Well, what I would do is take some vitamin K and you don't have reality. I'm not doing this. Okay. Speaker 3 01:03:14 Yeah. <inaudible> good, mom. Yeah. <inaudible> let's see Speaker 0 01:03:51 All there. That's okay. Speaker 3 01:03:54 Okay. Speaker 0 01:04:02 Correct. Speaker 3 01:04:08 Yeah. She's not here. Speaker 0 01:04:23 Um, the hi and, um, Tom, Tom. Yeah. Ready? You got to provide any K in the calcium and see calcium won't care Zopa and a form because it falls to debts in the vitamin K2 migration in there with a counselor is loosens it up and to get any of you get in there and also loosens up calcium deposits. You mightn't have any joints or anywhere else because people take the pills. Like if you take calcium, <inaudible> deposits are on your body. And they were part of these calcium deposits in a woman's branch. Your calcium is inside your childrens because their calcium it's like your multivitamin <inaudible> jesus' steroid. You don't want to eat. Cause that felt like to do that. So that <inaudible>, and then you just get at her and every year, and then you're not entangled in all these different things. You eliminate, you know, those issues, which are major. Cause as, as we build up and build up, so anything Speaker 3 01:05:53 You can avoid, like <inaudible> Speaker 0 01:05:58 Sure. Yes. ECP stuff. Let's see. Yeah. This one has just for the brain, like thank you, Rob. I got to get upstairs. Take care. This is called the center for the brain. Steve's <inaudible> then you can just say add different things. I can multivitamin calcium, vitamin K, like that. And then Speaker 3 01:06:27 If you recommend the laundry, right, Speaker 0 01:06:31 Because the students will, we went and bought, you know, I mean, you don't need to <inaudible> to Chinese. This is cancer. This is football thing. There's all different ones here. Speaker 3 01:06:46 Great. Speaker 0 01:06:47 Yes. You got to go up to meditation. Peggy. Speaker 3 01:07:01 Okay. Speaker 0 01:07:06 I don't know. Go out and set up the, uh, Speaker 3 01:07:09 Yeah. Gotcha. Sarah. Well, we're hoping Saturday. Well, he's flying in hopefully Saturday <inaudible> yes, we did the amazing thing. Um, I had it on my phone. I was at my sister's house and we'd have music. I listen to on my phone from March to July and I got <inaudible>. I go to bed. It's really? Yeah. <inaudible> yeah, yeah.

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