0090 - Kathy Wilson, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-10

Episode 90 November 12, 2020 01:57:41
0090 - Kathy Wilson, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-10
Tong Ren Podcast
0090 - Kathy Wilson, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-11-10

Nov 12 2020 | 01:57:41


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Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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Speaker 0 00:00:03 I think we got it. There we go. Speaker 1 00:00:06 So welcome everyone, Everyone doing today, The 10th is pull everybody up here. This is very interesting. Five Oh six this morning. First request came in. Speaker 0 00:00:45 Yes, we don't want to miss out Speaker 1 00:00:57 Copy and paste in case we get too many requests. Speaker 0 00:01:20 Six. Speaker 1 00:01:22 All right, so we're going to start off with tree branch here. Balanced circulation, spinal fluid, reduce pressure, swelling on optic nerves, discs from high pressure in brain left side weakness, headaches. Here we go. Okay, so just starting off here, Speaker 0 00:01:47 You want to come and say, hi, Emma, come up here and say hi. Speaker 1 00:01:56 Yeah, let AMA say hi. Come on. Well, apparently, well, come here, come on and say hi to everybody. And then we can, then I can get to work. Hey, you want to say hi to everybody? She she's had her, her ear stunned. So she's not a happy camper. Hey, let's say hi. Or you kind of slip in here. All right. Well you're all you want to snuggle. Okay. That's how the story goes here. Okay. Well, there you go. You see all she wants to snuggle. Is that it? You want to find a, have a little snuggle. Okay. Well, that's fine. How about you have a sole snuggle on the floor. Okay. Here we go. She did want to say hi. Hey, you go initial all sorts. I did her ears this morning. Okay. Here we go. So starting off, um, coming down the let's just do the emotional points, Speaker 2 00:04:11 Headaches. Auto-immune dry eyes and mouth relaxation, starting with auto-immune. So here's a question just out of interest sake. We've got, what do you guys think about people that ask for a request and they don't hang around? What do you think about that? Two, three, three people so far, and they're asking for stuff. What do you think about that? Coming down, weight loss, start off by tapping Brown fat on two, just coming down the left foot. Numbness. There we go. Here should go. First. I agree with you. Talk to some of the other practitioners, see where they're doing. Speaker 2 00:10:38 Okay. Um, okay. So we're on to Pat for arthritis in the right arm. Cause we think about it. I don't know. Think about this a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. So nine requests for two people. And they're not even on the call, but I know that I know they're connected, but I'll just check some of the other practitioners too, but then we're all getting the benefit of it, right? So let go of judgment. So how's everybody doing? After, after there was elections in the States, there are some things we think we can't make a difference, right? And numbers were pretty close. They're really close in some cases. So important. We use our voice regardless of what it is for the, we speak our truth for Pat got the blood pressure. Speaker 2 00:12:30 This also is pretty low, as well as high blood pressure. Look at sugar in the body to do this. The last couple times we were looking at my tablet and sugar regulation in the body. You can't get away from the sugar like this. We've just had Halloween candies. And then pretty soon Valentine's day Christmas or whatever you celebrate around the Christmas time, more sugar. And then you've got, Valentine's day comes along then Easter. It's like, you just get rid of one lot of stuff. And then there's another one that shows up. Hate to say it. I used to throw out all the kids relatives with giving them those little 99 cent chocolate Easter bunnies, or whether it be $2 or $3 ones. And they weren't, they weren't very good pitch them. I know it's terrible, but me, but I thought, Jason, I'm not having to meet their way through, you know, six or seven or eight of these bunnies. And also you have to watch the quality of what you're eating as well. Okay? So we're doing metabolism here twice in the gallbladder metabolism, the Brown fat again, next year we go onto a lame hailing function, balance hormones. Speaker 2 00:15:53 And we're looking at let's just start off with the brain circulation source, go down the spine and come back up for the Preme coming up the brain STEM, releasing any pressure on the nerves, any pressure on the muscles pressure on the blood vessels, to the hormones as well. I've got you on this too. Andrea beautiful day here. Lots of sun. Apparently tomorrow. The temperature's going to go down, but Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. So many leaves. We did them on Sunday. The yard looks so nice. No leaves on the lawn or in the driveway. It's been about three hours. It's covered again, not as bad though. So we're working all the glands and organs involved and the hormones energy into them, giving them a little pump up and still going here on hormones, rotator cuff tear, mom. Now from macular degeneration, your mom feels a little calmer today and then on to your dad for the lungs. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:21:43 Okay. So, so Tanya, one of the things, um, this is start with the allergies. Uh, one of the things is, um, anxiety getting a new job. So, so part of when we feel anxious about things, we don't really believe that we're going to get what we want. So, so an example is, uh, when I was doing business consulting, there was a fellow in construction and he was going to start a cleaning business. Well, his heart wasn't really in it, you know, and it's just as much work to start a cleaning business as it is a construction business. So, so why was he doing the cleaning? Well, he felt he would, you know, it was a lower type of business in his mind and he felt that it would be easier to do well. The thing is you want to, do you want to sort of move into that place of knowing. Speaker 1 00:22:32 So do you really know the kind of job you want? The answer I would think would yes. Or you really do know the kind and a job. Do you believe that it's out there for you? Um, yes. Do you believe you can find it? So, so you're believing it's out there, but you're not believing that you're going to connect with it. So, so this is where you, you go into the intuition and you go into, um, yes. Kind of thinking in your head, what is it, the job you want and then feel it, feel the job, feel how much money you want to make, feel it in. And you want to pull it right into your heart and you want to have the sensation of it. And then you just sort of send in your mind, you just send her with your heart. You just send the energy out because what your looking for is also looking for you. So it's a trusting, It's kind of the trusting that it's out there. So, so I'm getting you glad at all together for this. Okay. So we're a middle ear inflammation now. So I'm getting you, you, you believe you're qualified. I'm getting, you know, the jobs out there I'm getting, there's nothing after do to be, get it. And then Speaker 2 00:23:46 There was, you know, more education or you don't have to, there's no hurdles in the way. Um, let's call it in like whistling for the dog. You know, let's call it in. It'll show up for you. But that's where we get in our way is when we're anxious about things or we think they're not going to happen. So just move into that, knowing that it's there for you. Yeah. Absolute, perfect job is there for you. And having said that you're going to apply it to almost anything. So there you go. So let's just get rid of the anxiety here. Speaker 2 00:24:30 Once you do it a few times. Like once you do the process and then you get the results. Oh my gosh. It's like, you become super woman. You become Superman because we often think we're the ones that have to change. We're the ones that have to adjust her case. Rhonda, Andrea and Marilyn. Hi guys. Andrew, we've done hormones for you. So let's just get the seizures and urinary tract. Here we go. Starting off with the seizures, going to bring energy into the brain. Just relax with energy flow. Even if you're not feeling it. That's okay. Let's do Maryland's to your digestion. Follow the digestive track all the way through. Check in as we go, I asked, just asked your body, if you were chewing enough, chewing her food enough. Yes. You're happy with way you've been chewing. It kind of relaxing your stomach a bit, not the muscles so much, some nice energy and around it. We'll do the cold for both you and Andrea. Speaker 1 00:29:52 Okay. Balancing it all out and onto Dawn. Yes. To the emotional points as well. I feel so stressed. Oh, hamster wheel in the head here, right on the ground. Sometimes we just, you know, we keep thinking the same things, you know, Speaker 2 00:30:30 Bladder. Speaker 1 00:30:47 Yeah. There we go. Yeah. It's beautiful out today. The only downside is it gets dark so fast. Now that they've gone on daylight savings time. So by five o'clock. Okay. So I hope that helped. Um, okay. So Rhonda, good Winnie. Speaker 2 00:31:29 Okay. Speaker 1 00:31:30 So let's just get the psych ad. We'll start with the Austin. The left side. Your neck feels a little tight. So let's just go there to start off with it. Speaker 2 00:32:39 Coming down the spine, the bladder, Speaker 1 00:33:01 Andrew, we're going to toss you back into this Speaker 2 00:33:38 Diabetes, Cataracts, cataracts. Next Few people Speaker 1 00:34:59 Onto the brain. Now Speaker 2 00:35:08 I'll bring Speaker 1 00:35:09 Back into this. Speaker 2 00:35:58 Okay. So we're looking at balancing your medications. So they're functioning it off to Regina. Now we've got diabetes again, arterial sclerosis, starting off with, to start off with the nerves and neurons. Demising any parts of the nervous system, anything that's been on chief nurse being repaired, either repaired or in the process of being there. You call Regina. Okay, here we go. Well, that's good. Yeah. I think Marilyn, when we go to the sun today, you and I will feel so much nicer. It's really quite strong. Okay. So Karen, we've got your back on you here for the cervical dystonia start balancing right? Left hemisphere, spraying energy out from the spine. Speaker 2 00:39:26 Okay. Onto the scoliosis. Again, this is where we need to step up and realize step into adulthood into our own sexuality. In our own strength, loosening, looking for subluxations on the spine here, tapping where the lumps are. Get some energy in there to straight it's so scientific art. I straightened the lumps coming down for the scoliosis point energy. And from the front, it feels more effective moving in from the front door and you can flip it to coming down the legs. Okay. Constipation together. So your mom, the herniated discs, L four five should do the whole spine. Everything's connected right to number four and five minutes impacting the rest. If you have a laser Karen, but that might help on your, let's just get one Speaker 1 00:41:34 Of your dolls and shine the laser on that. But you know that already. I don't have to tell you that, but I'm getting, it might be a good idea. Just do it, Sharon, that only leaves on those two points for sleeping. Okay. Bumping up the melatonin and balancing you both out. So we're looking at John now. Hey John. Okay. High functioning kidneys. That's what we think. I dunno. I think we have no power, but once you kind of set your mind to something and you know, the universe unfolds and gives it to you. So please run the kidney. Start off with John. Speaker 1 00:43:11 I had a, I have a friend that had a home-based business and a thought going into too much details what it was, but from his basement. And he just wanted to, he he'd had enough of it. He wanted to sell it. So, um, he wanted to sell it, right? So within a few days there was a knock knock, knock on the door and somebody wanted to buy his business. It's like, how did that happen? So we set the intent for what we want. So his sold his business. So, and so again, it's who was in and out the information. I have a dear, dear friend who, when she first got married, they were buying a house and she had in her mind exactly what she wanted. So first house, they looked at the kidneys, um, parathyroid, parathyroid, blood level potassium. Here we go. Okay. So work in the blood for John anyway. So they went looking for a house. She and her, she in her hobby to be, and they found the perfect one first house. Speaker 2 00:44:32 They looked at perfect house anyway. Yeah. Then she went home and she thought, well, you know, maybe we should look around a little bit more. And uh, because I mean, it's only the first house we've seen. Right? So, so anyway, her second guessing last of the first house and the house, they eventually bought it. Wasn't the perfect house. But I mean, they'd been there all these years. So they've made it the perfect house, but there was first house they looked at was the, it was fit the bill. And she said it was funny. Every other house we looked at, she's just didn't match up to that first one. Okay. There we go. So this is where you set your intention and you just let it happen, let it happen so that you can sell houses, manifest parking spaces, benefits, money to set your mind and do it. And once you've done it a few times, it just becomes automatic. Okay. It's got your blood there. So I'm just going to balance you out, John. And as soon as something else that's going on, it's going to bring some energy down into your legs. You look a little sluggish there, right? So father John spinal stenosis and neuropathy and legs, PDs are going to roll down the spine here for father John. I'm assuming she's priest. Speaker 2 00:46:33 This manifesting is not something else that somebody else can do. And you can't like you're saying start manifesting parking spots, and then you can move on to better things. That was fun and interesting. What's that mean comes in the one that what's that all about. And then you think back, Oh geez. I asked for that. The lack of clarity that thanks coming. And you think, Oh, okay. Yeah, it was me. Okay. Let me go down because for the neuropathy in the legs and feet, so find a good way to do that. One is just kind of just wipe the feet and then pull the energy down with your head. Like just in your mind to the energy that is kind ground, Naomi, kidney one. Well, that's interesting. Okay. You do this work and you think, you just know you're always yearning to actually use it, to shoot it up to kidney. It is to drag it down. They both work the kidney Meridian for father John, Sally, with the cataracts at all, killer migraine opening up the neck, the neck, lots of heat here. So were migraine now energy into the brain. Okay. Lacey, I for Anna now that's funny that reaction where the is really fast. Cause we've all been working on her. Speaker 1 00:50:28 As soon as I started tapping, it was like, the channel was right open. So where did it go? Well, sometimes you start working somebody and there's just feels like there's resistance. Other times. It just like, you're trying to try to warm up the pot at different reactions. And that just seems like it's. Cause we've been working on her every week. It's like, she's the pathway is all clean. Please going down a bobsled slide. Right. Action. Right there. Right away. Can you balance, let me just skip the eyes themselves and then we'll bounce. All four of you already did. Father John. Speaker 1 00:51:23 There you go. Okay. So we've got noise here. So let's go backwards on this one, all immune charging the batteries. Um, so here we go. So we can pick all of it here, starting off with optimize the immune system. And you're spelling my name with a C, not a K interesting. When I first got engaged years and years ago, of course they had a shower, right? This is the in-laws. They had a shower for me. And uh, my, my dear sister sent out the invitations with a C. So they're all spelling my name with a C. And then I remember saying, this is, this, this shows you how some people who they express it as a pupil, just don't say anything. Anyway, I spoke to one of the aunts and I said, I said, I said, they're all spelling my name wrong. Oh, she says like, I wouldn't say anything just in case it bothers somebody funny. Let's just see the old guard there and just keep it to yourself. Anyway, Scott, one of my big issues in life, let's put it that way. It's funny. All these relatives, honestly, for years and years and years, they were all spelling. My name wrong comes up, comes by it, honestly. Okay. This coming down here. Okay. So let's charge the daunting. We haven't done that yet. So we'll do all three hopper and a little bit more time on the lore. Let's just fill Speaker 2 00:53:26 Everybody's tanks up. So going back to not saying anything, I think that that would not be a choice. I, I would have taken, I think he needs to speak truth to study. She would say that everybody topped up here, a few holdouts going on for a little longer. So can you, so here we go. Okay. So looking at clarity now, one of the good things with people are intuitive as they don't move until everything's clear until they, until they see the whole connection. So sometimes that's a pause. Hello? I'd like working with intuitives could sell, we'll be doing something. They'll say, I need to kind of think about this or I need to talk to my, I need to talk to my spirit guides or they'll say something just to defer it for a little while. And I'm like, yes, yes. As soon as they come back, they've got it figured out. There's no doubt in their minds, even if it's a no, that's a good thing because you don't want to be doing something with someone that's not in it for stroke prevention, putting up a circulation, optimizing the vessels, neurological connections, same time getting rid of any emotional fear around this age syndrome. Just knots to the memory, age syndrome, the age for both of you, the kidneys. Speaker 2 00:57:40 Okay. There we go. I think we got everybody. Okay. Very good. Happy day. Um, positive report, brain function, high or good clear chief flowing smoothly. Okay. Continuing high brain function, energizing, productive, UC decision-making okay. Or fast asleep on the floor on the dog bed. Just opening up the brain here. I'm just going to get, do the occipital Ridge coming up. The brain STEM left brain, looking at the blood-brain barrier looks pretty good. Optimizing blood flow to the brain. Surely see any pressure on nerves and we'll do the angel point again. They're quite popular. There we go. Okay. All right. So then hop over to Facebook now. See what's going on over here. Speaker 0 00:59:49 <inaudible> Speaker 2 01:00:03 Yeah, a lot of nonsense on Facebook. Some of the things people are saying, so I'm trying to get large screen here. I can see all your requests. I see nothing. Speaker 0 01:00:25 <inaudible> Speaker 2 01:00:58 Okay. I'm going to be a minute while this loads loads up and I'll be right back. Speaker 0 01:02:16 <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:03:28 Okay. I think we've got everybody. All right. So we're on Facebook now. My apologies. We had a knock on the door at the same time. Okay. So, um, hi Kelly. Okay. So we're looking for healthy lungs and fatigue. So Kathleen on you now Speaker 0 01:03:55 <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:04:02 And my house here is, uh, it was built 1949. I mean the house my father built and it's as you say, it need to be done. So somebody is just working on the interlocking. Wonder if I want to mine straightened in the front yard, He's coming down for healthy lungs, The lungs. So again, it's really important that you take nice deep breaths. And particularly when you don't feel well, you know your, or you're, there's a lot people around you kind of, you know, hustling and bustling for the pushy energetically kind of Speaker 2 01:05:23 In your space. You know, you need to try it Speaker 1 01:05:26 And control your breath and make it nice and slow and easy and bring in a lot of oxygen. Cause as soon as you start doing that, you'll start feeling better actually, and energy will move in the body better. The cells will get more of what they need. Okay. There we go. So let's Speaker 2 01:05:46 Again, we've already got your daunting and filled up. So Speaker 1 01:05:50 Let's just check you for leaks here, Kathleen. Hi. Well manifesting. So here we were talking about it, right? So at the front there, I've got this walkway and it's, it was put in a number of years ago, but it has got little, little grooves and it suck in some of the places. And at the side has railway ties that are kind of like the border or the railway ties Speaker 2 01:06:32 Course Speaker 1 01:06:35 They're old and they need to be removed. So I'm thinking, so I was thinking this morning, I gotta do something about that. I've been thinking for the last week or so. I got to sit by that walkway. Well, well, well that was a knock on the door this morning and knock on the door. So we'll see what the guys Price me, straightening the stones From there. So it's that funny? Like you just, it comes to you, you don't know, Speaker 2 01:07:08 He's probably got his Speaker 1 01:07:08 Guys and he's only got half of these work for him Speaker 2 01:07:11 Or something Speaker 1 01:07:29 That the lungs and the teaks let's just get your adrenals there. Speaker 2 01:07:41 So I think with the breath, if you try and increase Speaker 1 01:07:44 Sure. Breath, you're going to find, just start getting a little bit more energy. And other things we know to do is, is we can just thump our thymus. Just very gently. You can take all of your fingers are just three of them or just the flat bits and just gently thump your thymus. That that helps bring energy in as well. Speaker 2 01:08:02 Well, Speaker 1 01:08:09 Did he go Kathleen Thrilled with the election? Yeah. I guess half the people Speaker 2 01:08:16 Were thrilled and half are not. So there's Joyce. Hi Joyce Cassie. Okay. So we're looking at a stuffy nose here. Did you want something? Did you want something? Are you okay? Got stuffy nose with Cassie here. Shifting, shifting stuffy nose and older recovery. Oh my goodness. Older recovery. Good way of putting it. He knows. Now get up to that nasal part. Look at all that stuff around Maureen here for right shoulder and arm. So just come down the spine energy. We're looking at flows a lot of times, like where does stuff come from? We can tap the points himselves and that works. Or we can bring the energy into the area that works. Speaker 2 01:11:17 Nothing in that works. Right? Let's just get that open up your right shoulder and bring the energy out from the spine. Putting a circular flow pattern in your body just to keep that energy moving. There you go. Great. So I'll do Elizabeth Elizabeth type two diabetes and neuropathy in the hands and feet shifting on me. Hey, here we go to diabetes as well. So we're looking at the nerve cells here for regeneration, the parasympathetic nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system, optimizing the Vegas, just falling down breathing. Does it diaphragm, regeneration, and energy down into the seat. Send it back up to the kidney again. We're running a flow here. Speaker 2 01:15:08 Got it. Pop the seat all the way up to your shoulders and then down your hands and then draining back into the feet and back up on both sides. So it's going to leave that slow going as long as you need it. Okay. Looks good. Um, okay, so there you go. Elizabeth. We've got Joyce next. Um, digestive balance, Melton skin lesion toxins. Okay. All that's good. Um, so we're going to just start off with the talks and release and we don't care what toxins they are. Get rid of. We don't care if they're mold chemical, dead cells, bacteria viruses, don't care. We're just going to get rid of these babies, supporting the liver for the same, coming in the legs here. Speaker 2 01:16:34 You need to have a look at how you're breathing as well. It's hard. It's hard to increase your lung functions, but Oh my gosh, it'll be so worth it. So, cause we tend to breathe more shallow when we're scared, when we're in fear, deep breaths. Try to expand your lung capacity. All right. So we're opening up the lymph system now just checking it started talking about optimizing all of our lymph glands. No. Okay. It looks like you've got stuff stuck in your gut area. Let's put up, move along. Here we go. Shifting. Now it loosened, but it was moving up. All that water. We'll take it out the back door. Speaker 2 01:18:26 Okay. Moving right along the lipstick. We're coming up to see the Meridian glands that are holding things that they shouldn't be did cells anything. Okay. Tell me up the lymph system into the head, back into the neck entrances through the bloodstream. Okay. And as we do this and look at toxins, we wanted to leave our body with ease and grace. We don't want like a big fire run for the front door. When someone yells fire, everybody runs sort of released at a speed that our body can handle it with grace. Okay. There you go. Hold tension children next. Sorry. Oh, I nearly forgot releasing neck, tension and shoulder as well. Oops. Everything's hopping around on me here. All right. I think we got everybody on Facebook. They're going to shrink you down. Okay. So back to the main site And Ron Vicky now, um, right. Hip keeps moving forward, causing intense pain in left. Speaker 0 01:20:58 <inaudible> Speaker 2 01:21:27 Okay. Let's just start with your spine. Thanks for bringing energy down into that right. Hip <inaudible>. Okay. Tapping. So it just kind of adjusted just a little shaky shift with your right hip. It's bringing some energy into it to give it some strength. Okay. It doesn't feel like this is the referred pain, but it feels if you've also got referred pain, not real. It's in the same spot to the lower back, down the spine. If it's muscles, it feels like bone misalignment, cell reproduction and energy down to that area is a bit looser. Completely. It feels a bit looser. Let's get the right leg. How does that feel, Vicky? Is there any change there? Speaker 0 01:26:20 Hopefully that helped. I really just need to figure out the parathyroid cancer. Just relax. One of the things that we need to remember is when you don't feel well, you're, you're not in the greatest place. So as practitioners Speaker 2 01:29:04 Bring somebody stuff there, when we're working as practitioners, you know, often people are coming to us at the worst times, you know? So there's no judgment on anything really. I need to just figure out what works for me and how I can show up the best way I can for, for everybody. Okay. Is on the bladder. Now you feel energetically after you feel like you've got your, you know, yes, I've got it. You know, you feel like you're driving your own car control, which is nice. It's hard when you don't feel well, you're a brave soul. You feel like you've got your ducks in a row under the sciatica. Speaker 2 01:30:38 I hope it's helping somebody coming down. I'm just going to put a bit more energy in your Dawn too. And I know you're full already, but just going to do that extra squeeze to top your rate up. There you go. Thanks for all your suggestions. I got to feel what to do. Peace run, love, heals and Murray here. Marie. You're not asking for anything for yourself. Let's just start with the energy towards the back and then we'll pull it up and down the spine. Everybody emotional distress. We'll do the angel point. Okay. There we go. Speaker 2 01:35:12 Enlightened day. Well thank you. Okay, so here we go. We're on to Kim. Here can be. So we're looking for detox in Malden hyperthyroid. We've done these points already, so we'll just do them again. Checking. Make sure they're open for you. Okay. Here we go. Detoxing fatigue. Okay. So let's just have a look and see what's going on with you or not. Okay. We'll just do the fatigue. So, so for fatigue, it's a good idea to cut away here, but you know, we're putting energy in the Dawn tin. We're working the adrenals, we're looking at the glands, increasing lung capacity, loosening the, some of the muscles that are tight, getting rid of, you know, getting rid of the emotional stress. So there's lots of approaches to fatigue, those good ideas to kind of figure out, okay, why am I tired? And often not often it's, you know, continuous stress. I've told this story of my great, great, great grandmother. She, her Speaker 1 01:37:56 Husband was a bastard. If you'll excuse the expression drank. And he had another woman on the side, another family down in Florida, he was an ass anyway. So of course he shows up and she's got two kids by him. So he shows up one on Christmas and knickers or whatever. And he's not here. He's not feeling well. He's got the flu. Of course, when he's sick, he demands everything. Right. And so she was nursing him and plus all the other stuff that was going on anyway, they achieved lost it. And they stuck her down in Bellville. They're not in the mental home. So after she was in there for a year, they, I guess they gave her, I took her out one Sunday and she wanted to see the house. And so they let her, you know, they drove her to the house and then she goes, and she wouldn't, she wouldn't leave. Speaker 1 01:38:46 So really that whole year of, of kind of being away from all that stress healed. So, um, just, she really wasn't crazy. She was just, uh, just exhausted. And so this is what we need to look at is what's, what's dragging us down. What's exhausting us. And it could be, you know, it could be more than one thing. So they were horrified when they couldn't get her back to the home or whatever. And she was fine. That point she was fine. She just needed a real good rest. So I have to kind of look at what's causing your stuff. So let's roll it down the spine. And there you go. Speaker 1 01:39:32 Or on the Cathy now. Okay. So pelvic floor dysfunction, left groin pain aside join. Okay. So let's just, let's just bring the energy down your spine. There's going to bring it down and make sure everything's open and it is not okay. So let's just roll down from C one. I'll hit all the highlights, the spine down the spine. Okay. P seven needs a little bit of support, not surprised and also has a few spots, lower whipping into shape, premium energy, right down the spine. Okay. And we're going to tweak it as well, that pelvic floor. Okay. So just going to do a little energy shifting. So just going to hold you on your, on your bum and just your front there, where the bone in the body joins, just give a little and plus you're also, I'm just manipulating that area. So You might feel it. You might not Magnetic magnetic Poland. So what I'm doing is I'm, I'm looking at the cells and have this bioelectricity or this sort of magnetic bit where they keep certain distances apart. And it also helps for sticking things together. So, so I'm just going to bounce energy in and out. See if that just pulls, puts the magnetic bit back here. I don't think this is scientific. I think it's just me messing with energy. Speaker 0 01:42:51 Okay. Speaker 1 01:42:59 It feels like droopy drawers. If you know what I mean, secure rid of that feeling. Well, it's a bit of a change. Not quite where I'd like it, but So you've got a bit of a tightness there now. Not necessarily tightness. It means you've got a bit of gear, Speaker 1 01:43:48 Taps, more energy into that area. <inaudible> as well as tightness there. Okay. Set the intention. It goes back to part should be okay. There you go. I hope that helped cap. Can you, so here we go into your points again. So with the angel points, it's, uh, you should be able to it'll help your intuition, help your calmness. It'll help your focus. It will help you connect with your spirit. It'll help you see clarity, clarity of, of what you want. Not what somebody else wants. It's your kids. You need to get your head out of the way. Oh, this is what I, I see my, I see this. Let me see. That looks good. Oh, what's the ones I wouldn't like it. So you need to get rid of that. Oh, so-and-so wouldn't like it, or, Oh, I don't know if it'll work, you know, get your head out of the way it'll happen when you're ready. It'll happen. Speaker 1 01:45:28 Okay. There we go. All right. So we're Honda Patricia here, there. Oh, that's annoying. That's that's why, you know, and seriously, when people call, you see, instead of K, it actually doesn't bother me. But I realized that they have friends that have that initial or a kids in their family that have those initials. Okay. So as I say, I'm not, I'm not worried. Okay, here we go. So we're working with Patricia now. So let's do the, the tooth pain. When I was doing business consulting years ago, I had a client. And so I had her for a year. And then I was set program for unemployment insurance where people could start their own businesses and still get paid, get the training. And then plus they still get their checks. Anyway, I've worked with a year with somebody for a year. And she said, you think you don't dear Karen Smith, not even close. That's all I could say. Dear Karen Smith. I want to thank you. That was pretty funny. Speaker 2 01:46:52 Have people sort of, yeah, you have to, I didn't take that one personally. It's pretty funny. Worked with her for a year and she's called you by totally rubbed me. I can see where she got it. Cause K and K you're right. And Smith and Wilson. They're both two's pain. Lower left jaw. Just get on your left. Not your right. Okay. Onto the heart. Okay. So now we've done all these solo. You were not. So I'm just checking to make sure you're all putting on a critical point. Okay? Heart feels a little bit of energetically tight. So actually more in your heart is telling me it what's more love it. Speaker 2 01:48:14 It's telling me the oldest. Pretty good. Alright. No idea. What secrets your cells in your body are telling me. Okay. It's in the vault. I don't share the digestion now. Energetically. She bring everybody else that asked for this back in your back in the pile here on two Samuel for the knees. Okay. Hard as well. I you not flowing too well, so let's just roll the spine. Energy should not move in too good with him. Right? We can sort it out. Here we go. John. Got you in on this too. Okay. Wait, balancing for the cat. Kitty Pippin horses. Tell us, tell us that's a nice name. Okay. So wait, balancing the weights. We'll bring you back into this Dolly. You're in with the kitty in the horse. Bumping the Brown fat resistance. We have one more. Okay. You're very welcome everyone. We did Vicky, but she's gone. We did Vicky. Okay. So Andrea, I think you're last but not least. So let's just do the depression whose babies can be painful. Depression Speaker 1 01:53:25 Feels like you'd need to talk to somebody like Speaker 2 01:53:28 Talk to phone a friend. Speaker 1 01:53:32 Yeah. I think that'll, that'll lift you up a couple of notches. Yes. Speaker 2 01:53:39 Dump Speaker 1 01:53:39 Your load on them. And Emma's feeling a little out of sorts. She's now the only dog living in this house. So Speaker 2 01:54:08 She's missing her pals. She's been a little extra clean you today, yesterday and today. So fibroids. Let's Speaker 1 01:54:30 Just work on your pain center. Seven, Speaker 2 01:54:32 Get rid of some fibroid to now. Okay. There you go. I think we're good. Speaker 1 01:55:12 Um, let's just, uh, close off here. So we're going to, um, I'm going to clear everybody's field, get all, anything that's sticking to you that maybe shouldn't be there. You're welcome to take it back if you want. Not my call, but I'll just loosen it. Um, if you have any chords, anything that's draining your energy field and there was one person had a leak and I didn't seal it yet. So I'll get that one. Speaker 2 01:55:43 And then we'll Speaker 1 01:55:45 Close out here, keep talking. So just clearing the field, taking out any negative energies in your body and we'll take out dead cells and stuff. And any with anything, anything it'll come out, we'll get rid of it. I it's lowering your energy causing disease, cleaning your, your throat chakra. Some people have got that all pulled out, balancing you with earth energies, where you live balancing with the Schumann resonance. And actually that resonance is higher than it used to be since. Very cool. Everything's changing. Okay. And we're going to very nicely give everybody a blanket. And it's just one of these gossamer energy blankets that glows and it's good for two or three days. Speaker 1 01:56:51 So we can either wrap you up tightly. If you like it that way or within just loosely, lay it on you. It can go over your head if you want. Cause you can breathe through it last but not least. We're checking everybody's bubbles. So these are just energetic bubbles that are not necessarily protection bubbles, but they tend to slow stuff down. Keep things out of your field. You don't want, let me just look at everybody and make sure it got around. Okay. You're all good to go. All right. Well, thanks for being with me today and uh, have an amazing day. And those of you are getting this lovely, sunny, warm weather that we're getting up here. I hope you enjoy it as well. And uh, I have an amazing day and we'll see y'all soon. Okay. Be well.

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