0092 - Tom Tam (Founder), Cancer Healing w/ Tong Ren - 2020-11-11

Episode 92 November 12, 2020 02:34:34
0092 - Tom Tam (Founder), Cancer Healing w/ Tong Ren - 2020-11-11
Tong Ren Podcast
0092 - Tom Tam (Founder), Cancer Healing w/ Tong Ren - 2020-11-11

Nov 12 2020 | 02:34:34


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Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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About Tom Tam

Tom Tam is a writer, poet, and healer. Born in Tai Shan, China, he came to the United States in 1975 as a political refugee. Since 1982, he has been practicing acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong healing with great success.

Tom Tam is a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts and has practiced acupuncture in Chinatown, Boston for 25 years. In 1984 Tom trained his students in acupuncture and Tui Na in the Boston area. In the ninety’s, Tom formed his own healing system, and wrote the Tom Tam Healing System (1995). Also he wrote a Chinese healing book, An Zhen – The Palpation diagnose (2005). This book combined the west and east medical knowledge and formed a new theory for the understanding and healing the difficulty disease.

For the last 25 years, Tom has been one of the foremost students of Master Gin Soon Chu, the fifth generation master of traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan, who is the descendent of Grandmaster Yang Shou Chong. Tom has taught Tai Chi Chuan for more than 20 years in the greater Boston area. Many of his Tai Chi students are teaching Tai Chi Chuan in America.

In 1987, Tom founded the Boston Chi Gong Center and began training students. The following year, he founded the Oriental Culture Institute and organized the Boston Chi Gong Delegation to China.

In 1988, Tom formed the Boston Chi Gong Delegation and traveled with 23 Tai Chi and Chi Gong students to China.

In 1989 Tom developed his own system for Chi Gong healing, and has trained many Chi Gong healers. In 1994, Tom developed the Tong Ren healing system, and brought a group of students to visit mainland China and Taiwan in order to share his Tong Ren healing method. In Guang Zhou Tradition Chinese Medical College, he demonstrated Tong Ren healing for weight loss, followed by a trip to Taipei to demonstrate Tong Ren’s benefit on leukemia.

In 1992 Tom visited China again, and performed the Tai Chi fast knife in Tai Yuan.

In 1994 he performed the Yang Family Tai Chi fast form in Taipei and won the gold medal. Now Tom is planning to finish his Tai Chi book, Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

In 2001, the first Guinea Pig class was formed for treating cancer in Quincy, Massachusetts. Now the Guinea Pig class for healing has spread to many countries around the world.

In July of 2007, Fox News broadcasting produced a news segment based on Tong Ren Healing and the Guinea Pig class. Soon after, PBS requested permission to create a segment based on Tong Ren Healing and is currently making a program with the Guinea Pig class.

Tom continues to practice, teach students, and travel the world to share his dreams.

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Speaker 0 00:00:29 <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:08:37 That has all these inventions and that's one of them. So when you put on different areas like census there Speaker 0 00:09:07 <inaudible> I sent you there, Jason, instead of having five and four, maybe <inaudible> but I liked them. I heard them. It can be no, no, that's fine. Yeah. I like the <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> eight. What do you mean? <inaudible> <inaudible> yeah. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:27:01 <inaudible> Speaker 0 00:27:58 Okay, Speaker 1 00:28:00 So we're going to set the class Speaker 0 00:28:03 <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:28:17 <inaudible> Plants is? Yeah. Speaker 0 00:28:54 Okay. Speaker 2 00:29:01 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:29:07 Yep. <inaudible> Speaker 0 00:29:40 Any, Speaker 1 00:29:42 How's your neurotic thing? Not good. Maybe 8.1. You have a clip. You don't have a career a lot. Then you sitting by a clip. Oh, you do have one. Are you using it? No, they're not. And he girl, you use it. You won't get a benefit. I promise. Okay. Speaker 3 00:30:28 Yeah. So, um, if you want me a couple of days <inaudible> stuff besides the formation. Speaker 1 00:30:38 Okay. But I think, you know, it's really up to Sue. I think this is enough to be excited about. Should we shoot? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. There's no wrong way with Tom grant people taking advantage of the good webinar. I'm going to go on Facebook, Speaker 3 00:31:37 Right? Speaker 1 00:31:40 Uh, Oh, like whatever. Nope. No speak English. No snow storms. Don't come till March. <inaudible> I took great pictures with my grandkids last time. Speaker 4 00:32:57 Look how pretty look. How pretty this picture? Speaker 1 00:33:01 Yeah. Yeah. What's up. <inaudible> Speaker 4 00:33:45 Oh my God. Look at the Speaker 1 00:33:50 <inaudible>. I am very excellent. We have a seat. Speaker 4 00:34:17 Oh yeah, yeah. That it said 90 over 60 or blood. Pressure's good. So, because they said 90 over 60, once you eat good, it's almost called the embrace. The whole wheat is a flat process. One 18 stable there. Wow. So how can we <inaudible> exactly. 68. So, um, they did something merely called, so, so I mean, all theory is to walk all day that they suggest that vehicle. If you are priced at 90, over 60, then you are the odds that he gave you more safe from the cows vicarious. So it tells you the, from the New York times, what his title off them think you have normal blood pressure, even levels of blood pressure that are generally considered normal may be high enough to flush the development of heart disease. So I'm thinking a Plaza it's a high or normal. So you can into the S have you read it yet? No. No. So take that. Save your blood pressure at 90, over 60 state itself. <inaudible> Speaker 4 00:35:51 yeah, that's what I say. It's a 90, over 60, then you really Protel. Uh, the two oddity are not hot. So, um, but everybody brought their own idea. When I'm reading this ad, the call I'm so excited. So I said, wow, why we are so all time thinking the low and down your blood pressure can be given with all the calcification. So the concept by case, and first we do on the heart, on the oddity area, then you open the obsolete. That's why you applied presser truck. So pot, the more flexible I solve the two opposites. So there's me. And <inaudible> on the hot tap. Exactly. So then the second failed, I said, this call is <inaudible>. Can we work on the scout? That kills you. So when people got in this car and I love the melody co com, so the third one, then, okay, let me do it the third. Once you sat down the calcification on the mammogram. So all the <inaudible> vacation on the mammogram, the calcium deposit on the miracle and the thought they may cost that breast cancer. So they, these 90, over 60 brought us a lot of the idea. All right. So you are the number one used on the breast case. Can you share what week? Speaker 1 00:37:37 Yeah, one week I used it. I wore this everywhere, um, even to bed at night and I get this little pinching sensation. Um, some days it was swollen and I didn't know what was going on, but some days it felt laugh and squishy instead of hard to work. So that's where I'm at right now. It's gotten a little bit flatter and just stop. Speaker 4 00:38:04 Yeah. Softer. Because then the council vacation, all the calcification is that things still on the organ. So not only the bone. So it, a cousin vacation can in that oddity contain the lympha. What they call in the liver that like a rock, right? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Nothing stone on the liver. So there's fence. Can they go to the kidney? So many organs, they can go to calcify. So when they calcify, how can you, it was far up. So only the Fein is very simple when we only use vitamin K. So he puts out vitamin K let's just say calcium, Molly Cole is active. When the active then on the mammogram, they will come out. But in the bone active, they can absorb more calcium lift the bone stronger. So this means that automatically author I chest. So when you have a too much, you have bought the on that area. You don't need, they can be something that any of your body need. They absorb more to make them more stronger. So seven days by how calm they have broad, because the things the soft up they'd be creating more presser outside, but not inside. Speaker 5 00:39:42 I'm wondering if that's a calcium deposit you have there. Speaker 4 00:39:47 Yeah. Yeah. Then less, because I have looked in the ethical, I tell, follow it because, um, the peer boy hair, the breast cancer, <inaudible> the chain though. Also the block. And they are all the kinds of girl. I cannot understand, but I don't either understand it because they're on purpose. Not let their people know it. Right. So I'm going to say, Oh, how smart I am. I all use that chemical Maka, whatever for candy, but one thing. And now the ethical last bit I tell family is their, because of vacation delays with the breast cancer, no thoughts. Hmm. So we say release the cause of vacation, then no more breast cancer. But on the last Thursday I did one, another girl is a theme. So we go to see tomorrow, I go to see a house. She threw, she was at the breast cancer on Monday. I <inaudible> as they <inaudible> also from the lineman. So I say, <inaudible> the breast cancer never come back. They it's all family, but you can feel so much to be released. I don't want to say it's painful, but it got bigger. Yes. And can feel that things did disappear or change. They change. But that change is a good change. Awesome. I'm looking forward to next week. Yeah. All right. And it'd be a breast cancer on the internet. Speaker 6 00:41:37 Yeah. Speaker 4 00:41:55 Can you type it in the clip? The price is going up. Okay. The <inaudible> I don't know. Let's say that I sent a message to easily by the Mackay. Hell all the calcium deposit also. I think it's the first one. Always something to be put. So <inaudible> coming. So let's see what happens. All right. So we'll open the T for kidney. Turn the floor, Speaker 6 00:42:50 Right? Speaker 4 00:42:51 No. Okay. Same you up both sides T for kidney. It's going to be for over, in the wrong for Ross and <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> pill. No y'all yeah, no, no. That's up Hill one. The 18. You still take it. I have. Yeah, but even with the pills, my pressure was never one 18. Never, never. So do you cut the pill or what? I'm going to okay. I'm going to, Was it always around one 43, one 41 45? Never. Never, never one day, But one 18 is better. <inaudible> So open the Guerlain home also. Speaker 6 00:44:38 Yeah. That scapula so far. <inaudible> that people talked about <inaudible> Speaker 4 00:46:19 You are no new CA again. I got, I got good news. Good news is when you went, hold on. <inaudible> when you bring in peanuts. Come on. True machine. Okay. <inaudible> yeah, there you go. Ooh. I know how to play. Uh, if you still think that you made make mistakes, so you're on his right. Tom. Tim. So what started? He said, no, he said, um, you know, of course you're anxious. And he called me last Friday and I said, how's it look, he says, it looks great. Vending the scam. Yeah. I've known a year ago. He said it was fantastic this year. Great to see them next year on the November. No, it's actually going to be six months. Okay. Six months. Good. Fortunate. Okay. Speaker 6 00:47:28 November that don't buy Speaker 4 00:47:30 The emit and then yeah. So all of them, for years already flying, you know, they stopped growing as soon as I came here. Yeah. Yes. So, all right. So that'd be a book out on the appendix and that, that just opened the Vegas for us. So all they put Nils <inaudible> yes. <inaudible>. I hope they can barely get them leased up there. Kelsey fight case that the calcium deposit, because the calcium deposits so many thing be lazy on them. So even <inaudible> I say really for the GPA. Wow. Open it. But then what? So I grew up in the brain, but the memory for many make me say that. And one is said that last week is Robert he's so far. Then he said, all the pain is gone numb and he can put it, but he said, this is all the pain is gone. So that is a last week. So they go over and teeth pain, 11 trolls, Speaker 6 00:49:19 Every time Speaker 4 00:49:28 <inaudible> <inaudible> David they're also Kayden because be not the guys here. <inaudible> up here. <inaudible> you can see pancreas. We have a good friend, the pizza guy's still alive. <inaudible> 90 years old, still woke up in the fall, the pain for there and lift. So it's Christelle ourself from Tennessee And then me Lang she's still, Speaker 1 00:50:28 She has a headache. Yeah. Prevention. Speaker 4 00:50:35 So you have five years, five and a half years. So what he has. Yeah. So how do you feel on the anomalous or tingling the pain on the foot? Speaker 1 00:50:49 Yeah, I think it's hot and it's I think it, Speaker 4 00:50:54 So I'm going to moving. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:50:57 And even in my head, I don't have neuro opportune in my hand now I feel like, Speaker 4 00:51:02 Because Lindsey is a, what you call it fucked up. <inaudible> motor cortex, but you can feel it because in the last week and Rob had said all the pain gone only the clip, no couponing either. Alright, Maya, how are you feeling that night? NEF? Speaker 6 00:51:37 Eight hours a day. You know, it's, it's tough, right? It keeps running. Flipping. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:51:53 You see what they've been? So, um, all right. Anyone else? Uh, ovarian usually, Speaker 1 00:52:03 Uh, now people are more breasts really? Speaker 4 00:52:11 Okay. Libya over in, uh, in the crane system. First GV 22 towing. These three. Wow. Five and a half. Yes. Hi. I'm flying skill here. The only thing I thought five and a half years. Yeah. And Chris from Tennessee is at five years. Speaker 6 00:52:52 No, they hear about how people don't show going over here with pancreatic cancer. Then you hear on television. The guy like Elektra Pak passes away from pancreas. Speaker 4 00:53:02 Yeah. At least to meet Monday, right? Yeah. Yeah. They should come in here by what they believe. <inaudible> four years ago is a famous guy on the channel. Five <inaudible>, something like that. I forget his name. We do a good there and I go the new himself. Speaker 6 00:53:32 Natalie handling Curtis <inaudible> Speaker 4 00:53:43 Yes, he is on the channel. 10 Oh five. And he, he, I have one patient interview him also. And then I did a good job, but they're family or whoever, but he, at least he lost him more than a year. Ain't good life. I say used to. Yeah. Chap. Speaker 6 00:54:06 Yeah. Speaker 4 00:54:10 <inaudible>. Yeah, Because Jeff could come and he's helping them and seeing all that stuff on their time felt good to him. They told me about it. The guns in 10 Oh five and then not the thought that I forget that doc lesson. Then he goes to the <inaudible> Speaker 6 00:55:14 Check. Speaker 4 00:55:15 No. Before thought the Johnson Speaker 6 00:55:21 Johnson Speaker 4 00:55:22 Take John's comment and say, even you heal my hip, I will put you on my channel five. I said, I healed everyone that came to everyone. You're the only one I can get him because he needed surgery. <inaudible> surgery is then I don't know why I told him that team yard. They ended up, you hear me? He's talking about <inaudible> he is sick. He was sick. I say yes. Sometimes you need that shoes. Sometimes I just 10, right? Yes. Wow. All the old story. So what can we say? Not saying so open the proteins on the Speaker 6 00:57:27 He's a blues there also. Ah, okay. All right. <inaudible> he won three, six. Oh yes. Yeah. All the people are doing good. <inaudible> Hey, no, it's still not too bad. Speaker 4 00:59:23 It's a team there. Okay. How ball is the lean? That Speaker 6 00:59:50 Okay. Speaker 4 00:59:55 All right, sir. Any news? No news. No, the PSA still. Good. All right. So Yes. Okay. Yes. All right. <inaudible> <inaudible>. Yeah. And they think <inaudible> <inaudible> Yes. So, uh, M and M from Canada. Speaker 4 01:01:50 No peanut shop <inaudible>. So all I saw was weed <inaudible> it says like a mommy and John baby. Wow. He said two days free week, three weeks, 21 days. Wow. You guys one caught me at 10 days. Now that one immigraes Tuesday. Exactly. <inaudible> because a lot to be seen. I never see her falling down anymore. Now the balance is good now. Yeah. And their speech is good. Also speeds. All right. So Amy B boy is Tony, their brain liver. All right. So let me go on the brain side with <inaudible> come and cry that often. No, you're going home also. You're bang the door at home. You all your wife, everybody, the whole family came there. So <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> so I <inaudible> Sunday, one, can you email to eat too lazy? I want they go to the homework. So I'll tell <inaudible> in Eastern. They should write the new agriculture. Neil was stuck there that caused them. <inaudible> <inaudible> I wanna, I wanna wait what they talked about doing <inaudible> Speaker 3 01:05:19 What presentation there. And then I'll let you know if they talk about it or not tell them Speaker 4 01:05:25 On the right thing. Okay. Because so many thoughts that there. So now, because the mayor Nila who found it, they thought in doctor, a woman, MD that he thought didn't it. We thought that the SKUs, that, that male on Newark, that this was merely proud. Those they used to <inaudible>, but they're more easier for the Italian people, except, and now the fed is who would these <inaudible> dr. <inaudible> <inaudible> so I, there would be much rise. The Marilyn dealer <inaudible> to explain the tome rate and plus they can put it. There is No <inaudible> Speaker 3 01:06:38 Yeah. Something went wrong. Yeah. It was walking down the street the wrong. And so these guys, certainly the <inaudible> I use it Speaker 4 01:06:50 <inaudible> four years ago. Pizza, pizza, pizza. The ball dropped down and the pizza tower. Exactly. Exactly. It's a cute Julia. They're also happy. Mama LA Chicago, no meals. All right. So <inaudible> we're um, New Jersey. Yes. Speaker 6 01:08:20 There's a slip there. You see the paper circulation via thought is the mafia or hatred? <inaudible> kidney <inaudible>. So when the heart say Jack five and Todd Maka and Patrick <inaudible> and Dave <inaudible>, Speaker 4 01:11:28 Um, made the choice was, um, showing the five <inaudible> ms. Because the event that one in, uh, North Carolina, uh, Lou Carey, I mailed them the headset and the clip. She brought him. Hi. Hi. No, but that's the only one from golf car runner. So they said, okay, I need people gave <inaudible> a mess. Speaker 6 01:12:08 Okay. Speaker 4 01:12:17 Yeah. Era a any news. Speaker 6 01:12:22 Thank you. Speaker 4 01:12:23 Thank you. No, you don't need a thank you. We need to know what is going on. Right? So <inaudible>. Speaker 6 01:12:36 Yes. Speaker 4 01:12:37 Hopkins. Okay. So <inaudible> So open the Lyft Tony's there. Lisa and Bray. <inaudible> <inaudible> lift up seven, eight, nine, 10. Both sides. Speaker 6 01:13:26 Yeah. Speaker 4 01:13:36 Lymphoma. Any news on gene? You're doing good. Speaker 6 01:13:52 Amen. Speaker 4 01:13:59 Oh, new or what? Okay. Arthur Mills. Speaker 6 01:14:05 Yeah. Speaker 4 01:14:44 <inaudible> C, L E L C a L L a M L. All that T one kicked me. <inaudible> <inaudible> on a leg fella. How are you doing any news? Speaker 6 01:16:01 Yes. Speaker 4 01:16:04 All right. So you have a calling? Yes. Yeah. Call them so over in the Vegas side, fucks, I need people calling ref them. All right. So Vegas <inaudible> <inaudible> Dominate 20 ones. Um, 25. All you feel is enough. Speaker 6 01:17:06 Yeah. Speaker 4 01:17:11 No. Good. The knee though. He's your hostile man. He is the mother now. Yeah. <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:17:44 Yeah, Speaker 4 01:18:01 No, no, no, no, because I changed it now the class date is number five, but number five is between four and five. Really? Yeah. I keep change. Uh, but uh, I is, uh, if I keep Elwood. Yeah. So now I've been, they see I, Randy and Nico to see the, I thought that to be the grass. I indeed. So, but it is keep coming back. Yes. Go open their face though. So how are you doing Wayne? Speaker 1 01:18:50 The 10th of November Was crossing a street, not a main street, the side street on the sidewalk. Then I got spun around and everything. Speaker 4 01:19:19 Cause maybe you're open. Uh, you know? Oh, in the GP 12. Did she stay? Speaker 1 01:19:42 She just didn't see walking. Speaker 4 01:20:03 Right. <inaudible> going to house you up back. Oh, okay. Not too bad. So <inaudible> say They had plenty of insurance. Yeah. Batteries are not good for their hot, right? No day. I begin to put them in scene on my grass cottage. I have to stop. So I use the cell phone one. So I threw it. I keep doing, I must do it. I'm going to do it. I found with these other grass, I said, okay, the old one, let me try it. Speaker 1 01:21:20 I don't like two and half, three years in. Both kids are up. We just, you know, with the age I went a couple of months ago for checkup. And he says he was surprised because he was ready. Oh, it's probably introduced surgery. He was surprised. He says it's stable. The same. It's very lethal. Yeah. And I mentioned when I do, I mentioned Speaker 4 01:21:49 <inaudible>. Yes, no, I even, I put in my last year at the grass. Hello. Wow. So, no, I don't know what year. This one, I must keep a holder. So I'm very interested in right. How you feel now? Speaker 1 01:22:15 Oh, you're doing good. Speaker 4 01:22:23 So I'm going to <inaudible> vehicle keys, but when the time, how do you feel now? Speaker 1 01:22:34 Not so bad. Speaker 4 01:22:35 Nah, I'm saying <inaudible> How you feeling. They might you're falling asleep, Speaker 1 01:22:55 Right? Speaker 4 01:22:57 Yeah. <inaudible> Hey, fro. So <inaudible> tomorrow he goes, okay. Uh, AML. So only a few miles, $2.5 million on the, uh, on the immune severity. Nah, that's awful. I push you in the, at the phone mail on myself. And he was asking me, I S T and S U, I thought that you were in the bone marrow wasn't. He said, Ray Fox. I said 10% and high, high wasn't the one to on the ricin roadway. To time you shoot yourself one to one time, they said one six, right? So I say your thoughts, not tailgate pays him the true. They wasn't making money. I said, you need to change that. Now that the offer, we, unless everybody buzzing, you must know how good he told me, but you must give me the right information. <inaudible> he'll come out. And now he plays a cough every week off 10% and no more <inaudible> anymore. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> not for everybody. <inaudible> and the stomach then <inaudible> So you can't lead the M and M or what? Or is this your cell phone? They say no. All right. Well it's on the internet. All right. Okay. If you can look in for the whole truth, all right, Speaker 4 01:25:57 Right. Speaker 0 01:26:04 <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:29:52 Everybody looks so peaceful and so cute with the little clips in their head, like elementary school. Anyway. Great news. Tom was so happy for you. And we send, uh, uh, lots of cheetah, Linda for her results that she'll get. And we're going to take care of you today with the accident and Sophia, we love having you here. So you want to see this neuropathy keep changing. It's very exciting. Speaker 5 01:30:26 And as you know, today is veteran's day. We want to wish all the veterans and thank them for this service to this country. And if there are any of you online, thank you. So as you might well know, we need your support guys. We need you to support. So there's a little box in the wall there, please. On your way out. If you don't mind putting something in dropping something in that box, we'd appreciate it. And for those of you online, also, you can send us a check on PayPal. You should debit card, whatever you'd like, but we need you to support. Have a nice day. Stay safe. Speaker 1 01:31:17 Yeah. <inaudible> <inaudible> on the other side. Yeah. <inaudible> I know what the doctor said that with most people will go away. 10% of the people. It doesn't go away though. So I don't know. I'm only like six, seven months. So I got to be patient. Thank you for telling me Amanda. <inaudible>. Speaker 0 01:34:05 Oh boy. Speaker 1 01:34:12 Uh, Speaker 0 01:34:14 I know we'll just take the shake and OCI then. When did you guys get here? Speaker 1 01:34:27 Are you teleported it Speaker 0 01:34:33 Good to see you to see you. Okay. Six feet. That's great. Speaker 1 01:34:54 Yes. Speaker 0 01:34:55 Cheerios. Speaker 1 01:35:04 Where do you see the Smarties? <inaudible> got it. Yeah. No, I don't think <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> okay. Just want to get through. Okay, cool. <inaudible> then she wrote me and then I ended up on like she stopped right away. <inaudible> yes. I saw her. She was walking and it wasn't a cake. <inaudible> yes. <inaudible> <inaudible> <inaudible> When you sit down <inaudible> Speaker 2 01:42:07 <inaudible> <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:43:16 Oh, I have to be right there to get you more stuff. Speaker 2 01:43:23 <inaudible> Oh, it's right here. <inaudible> yeah, it is. It Speaker 1 01:45:35 Is. It feels softer and smaller. Speaker 2 01:45:47 How's your friend, Mike. That's up at the plant. Speaker 1 01:45:54 I haven't been able to get in touch with him and that comes in. She hasn't been able to get in touch with her. Speaker 2 01:46:00 <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:46:17 You can just call us Speaker 2 01:46:21 <inaudible> <inaudible> yeah. <inaudible> wow. Wow. Wow. Speaker 4 01:49:16 Yes. <inaudible> invest. No, no. I made money. Yeah. I made my day already today. So I make my day, Rodney. That's the pay off for my mechanic. So I tell you, you had about $6,000 worth of work done on this car. How he pay for it. Speaker 1 01:49:49 The stock market Speaker 4 01:49:54 That they paid my deal <inaudible> And rotten. Right? Maybe one more, one more time. Speaker 1 01:50:26 I've got to go down. Speaker 4 01:50:28 No, I mean, we should be done your cousins. Yeah. We'll see. Monday. They say they're Pfizer, Pfizer going off Speaker 1 01:50:45 The CEO of <inaudible> the CEO of Pfizer. He made a lot of money after, Speaker 4 01:50:53 So I don't believe that 90% come on. 60%. No, they, first day they call 90%. In fact, I've seen Trump say, you know, I support <inaudible> because the customer wants to buy their first hundred million <inaudible> so my son <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:52:10 <inaudible> Speaker 4 01:52:31 Both sides. <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:52:44 Uh, in different spots. It isn't like a <inaudible>. So it's not like a specific spot. It's sort of like hearing that <inaudible> which means, which mean that you can play golf on and on and on and on <inaudible>. Wow. That was then, and this is now, I mean, the pharma Sominex is one thing, but national administrations it's another and they are more in tune with climate. That's true. Yeah. Stupid. Well, I know as long as there's no snow, I'm a happy camper. Yeah. Yeah. Um, I'll give you some way. You've IBS, IBS as your main problem, but what do you have now? <inaudible> choose a chair to go. Cause she said, do this movie. You can do it. Yeah. Interesting to watch some of the eighties there. Time-wise yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 01:55:56 <inaudible> yeah, come down. We all come here. Yeah, I know. Yeah. <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:57:25 Small class. Whereas Carol, if she does have likely to which Carol blond. Yeah. Yeah, she has. Speaker 2 01:57:40 Um, Speaker 1 01:57:43 But it's really such a beautiful day Here. We'll get this. You can wear this for a class. Speaker 2 01:58:01 All right. Let me get my computer there. <inaudible> Speaker 7 01:58:58 Stephanie is mom's cat needs to go to the vet. So at four 30. So she may not be in Susan is on the line, but may not be him. Speaker 2 01:59:31 <inaudible> yeah. Two Mondays. Speaker 7 01:59:59 No, not while I was here. Maybe. I don't know. I, I hadn't seen him. I saw her up here a few minutes ago. Disappeared and he comes for acupuncture and the two 30 class, I'm just going to get the knife. Speaker 2 02:00:38 <inaudible> we have one half neck use it wisely set, Speaker 1 02:01:48 Having PTSD. I had some dread on rich in dread and yesterday was like, I could care less. I thought I was on the planet or not. I was very ambiguous about it, which is not like he ever pants and pants did dread was amazing. Did you go to the hospital? The ambulance was driving by so they, yeah, I was out to lunch for a little bit, but I check myself, not stay here for awhile. Did they do an MRI in your brain now? They just did the chest area. I just, Speaker 7 02:02:51 Hi, everyone. Welcome to the emotions. Class divided, scraped. Have you back spin a year and hello online. Um, so I have your requests from online, but we'll do our usual. So, um, if you feel better sitting, you should really take care of yourself, right? It doesn't matter. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. So I invite everyone to stand feet, shoulder width apart, or you can start standing together, stepping out knees, slightly bent tongue on the upper palate, arms to the front, a couple of inches off of the body, allowing yourself to extend from the back way. So I feel my spine, uh, loving that stretch, fingertips, connecting with the balls of the feet, hands, slightly rounded, allowing the mind to quiet as we move into integration and her connection. As we cultivate our own field, we are extending out and in tangling with everyone in the class, everyone online Are waves reaching out, extending out to the larger collective. So online you are not far away at all. There is no time. There is no space. And so allow yourself to feel into this collective Speaker 0 02:05:08 <inaudible> Speaker 7 02:05:13 That has been cultivating for more than 20 years as the brain slows, as the mind slows allow the energy to flow downward, balancing balls and heels of the feet, Speaker 0 02:05:42 Shoulder strap, Speaker 7 02:05:52 Appreciating that it's our consciousness that makes us so unique on the planet, unique to each other. And this is what gives us the potential to heal ourselves and others. So palms up, please raise the arms, slight bend at the elbow, shoulder height, turning over Speaker 7 02:06:35 The arms, gently fall again. As we cultivate the cheat, I find this to be such a tactile experience because I feel so much tingling in my palms. Third time, palms up, extending out. So they extend your arms a little more Avon. Yeah. Poems over and allowing them to chat right Palm to left brachial plexus, like you are dancing. And we follow the ulnar medial radial nerves down retracting that ahm, and bringing this one across we, the same thing left to right. Very good prevention for carpal tunnel. Excellent. For the golf swing right to left. Well, wouldn't it be, as we clear the nerves of blockages extending from the neck to the Palm, to the ends of the fingers, crossing PS six P eight and one last time Speaker 0 02:08:12 <inaudible>. Speaker 7 02:08:19 And as you feel into the energy, bringing it down to the palms to the fingertips, allow the hands to drop connecting with the Speaker 0 02:08:31 Earth. Speaker 7 02:08:32 As we ground finding center, step out slightly with the right foot, bringing the arms to see the 17. As we opened the heart center, we opened the middle. Dantian one of our three brains have the mind we have the heart and we have the bluff and they all work in harmony. At least they have the potential to work in harmony. As we open the heart center, allow yourselves to just feel into this moment, gratitude for our collective, for being in this beautiful day, taking stock of one thing that you're really grateful for, allow the hands to bring this foot in right Palm under CV four left above CV 17. We do our cheap ball as we scan down with the top hand and bring the bottom around. So this is a really wonderful pasture allowing us to integrate metal, the lower dantian. If you want to come higher, we can go to the third eye in traditional Chinese medicine. These are the PowerPoints where we are able to integrate in our conscious awareness With the larger collective consciousness and unconscious. One more time, hands file into a V supporting the lower dantian for energy, for integration, for trusting our gut, trusting, discovering our purpose, our true purpose on this planet, allowing that purpose to expand, to change, to deepen every day. So change is a constant, even as we have our routines, our anchors in the world. Speaker 0 02:11:48 Yeah. Speaker 7 02:11:54 You allow the hands to fall to close. They extend out, come around. The tips, opening the Vegas, snow once and ways. Knees still slightly bent. Very good. And three times sealing. And she really appreciating the relaxation, Speaker 0 02:12:38 The comics Speaker 7 02:12:47 That we ship to get that. Okay. This is for everyone online and in class. So GB 13, 14, right to left one, two, five, two, nine, and 10 it's works. Um, occipital neuralgia, right? For you balance lower limbic opening. Um, the basil ganglia to the basal ganglia I must have on the mind basically kind of led to the circle of Willis opening Speaker 2 02:13:40 Vertebral artery Speaker 7 02:13:41 Carotid artery, up to try Gemini facial Thai name intake LA 2021, GB eight, triple warmer, 20 the L nine half nine and three quarters opening the aperture. PZS two thoracic 12 upper deltoid scaling. Also good for the back or opening the musculature along one lung to 10 dong shaking sky, really clearing any blockages in our bridging it. The next we opened C5 also see one through seven for those who have had some exposure to COVID, we're going to support everyone's immune system. I think people in time Ren have been doing very well, really strong immune, Speaker 2 02:15:14 Okay. Speaker 7 02:15:18 Being cautious, but we opened C one through 17, one through seven kidney, 27, 26. Really support the immune T cell, the B cell two seven spleen T one. And to keep everyone's strong Opening CB 17. See the six 42. Speaker 2 02:16:03 Yeah. Speaker 7 02:16:04 Uh, bio doc liver pancreas, the RAs six, seven through 12 S one through five, one through five T four T five T six, allowing the breath to deepen. Speaker 2 02:16:29 Okay. Speaker 7 02:16:52 T 11, 12, serotonin oxytocin. Two hormones balancing hormones. Speaker 2 02:17:04 Okay. Speaker 7 02:17:08 And GB 13, 14, uh, Meg Delilah, insular cortex working with neuroplasticity of the brain and hippocampus, especially for you GBH triple warmer, 24 short-term. And long-term memory that we want to balance things because to be hit by a car, to have a sudden trauma, right. Is traumatic. So we want to come down that trauma and integrate book campus Fitbook campus and the broker. So that, and become a bit more aware of what you may be saying to yourself, right? The messages that you are giving to your body, I will share with everyone and was in a car accident. So we're going to help you today. Come more fully back into present time. And how's the pain Speaker 2 02:18:37 Comes and goes Speaker 7 02:18:41 Bringing the energy down from BLN grounding, kidney one, liver three. So why don't we start with you? Speaker 2 02:18:51 Um, besides that yelling things back in order, like my house needs to be in order to, I haven't been able to do anything else. I need a bigger house. Speaker 7 02:19:03 Wow. Let's do one thing at a time. So let's take care of this house and put this house in order. Right. So, which means right now, you're the most important job you have is healing yourself. I know it's hard to live in a mess like you need what order to reflect what's inside also. So let's work on the inside so that it kind of happens naturally in the spaces around you. Speaker 2 02:19:40 <inaudible> Speaker 7 02:19:41 Calming down the amygdala, the hippocampus in a word, the serotonin, the boxy Towson Speaker 2 02:19:54 T Speaker 7 02:19:55 11, 12 Speaker 2 02:19:58 L two L three. We really want the, um, Speaker 7 02:20:07 Continue to balance the hormones really I'm in trouble today, opening upper trapezius down to thoracic 12, opening the full spinal. When you have the pain, where do you feel it? Mostly Speaker 2 02:20:25 Legs and across here in the back in the front ribs. Speaker 7 02:20:31 Okay. So we opened thoracic seven and we opened the full spinal from GB 17 down to the bladder, Meridian and clearing out bladder 54, clearing out any fear that fear that's related to the dread that you were feeling. So dread, I think is another form of fear. Right? And it's also a kind of defensive feeling protection, right? Because if you have a sense of dread, it's going to slow you down. It's not as intense as feeling fear. Right. So it's a, it's like lowering the volume, right. But it's, it's allowing your body and your mind, or do you still need to process what happened and return to Speaker 2 02:21:37 Your Speaker 7 02:21:37 Return, your body to like homeostasis, like, okay. It, I am safe again. And Yvonne, this is good for you too. You had PTSD for so long after you were hit by a bus or a snowplow. A bus. Yeah. So, and so we're going to work with the emotional aspect of that, the emotional side, And especially with memory and we opened the prefrontal cortex be held one, Speaker 2 02:22:20 Right? Speaker 7 02:22:20 I mean you more and to present your face, just got so much more color. Do you feel it? Yep. Yeah. Eight complete change. Right? Beautiful. So moving into here and now present moment we connect Blyn. We return more to your, a larger vision that leads you and guide you always, right. You have been on a spiritual path for a long time, and also you have dreams and goals that you want realized in the material world. So we're going to open <inaudible> 10 again, the full spinal artery, and we'll open your back also the lower back and then open the rib cage. That would be spleen opening. The full spleen Meridian down spleen is very nurturing. So imagine yourself in a bathtub right now, we're moving that and itching around the rib cage. Just caressing those ribs, allowing the breath to deepen and expand opening phrenic, accessory, phrenic, Coming down to bile, duct, the lower dantian coming down. Stomach Meridian to stomach 36 for anchoring rounding to see before spleen four. Speaker 1 02:24:20 Okay. Speaker 7 02:24:20 CD 17 to spleen four. And again, those with PTSD OCD, bringing that energy down, Grounding kidney one liver, you look much better. Okay. So we'll keep sending the cheek, let the clip do its magic. So rich, what would you like today? Speaker 1 02:24:52 I don't know what facing people, I think, um, because of the election or because of family. Yeah. So Speaker 2 02:25:27 I think, you know, Speaker 7 02:25:30 As we become adults, as we get older, it is true that people do disappoint us Speaker 2 02:25:37 As an adult when we have, um, a Teddy bear hair somewhere. Yeah. We could use, you know, Speaker 7 02:25:53 I think you'd get along with him. He looks like he's had Speaker 2 02:25:56 <inaudible> Speaker 7 02:25:59 We're talking about a stuffed yellow, M and M Speaker 2 02:26:03 I must. Speaker 7 02:26:06 He's one of my favorite guys in here because I'm sure he's a peanut M and M I am sure. Speaker 2 02:26:16 I forget who brought that. Speaker 7 02:26:22 So faith and others always, always comes back to faith in oneself because the worst disappointment is when we don't come through for us selves. Right. Because we are the only one we have control Speaker 2 02:26:38 All over. Speaker 7 02:26:41 So, uh, let's start there and let's remind you as we open CV 17, as we open your heart, what a wonderful guy, you are, And wonderful teacher Speaker 2 02:27:01 To bamboozle Speaker 7 02:27:06 And what a great swing you have on your on days. And we're going to work with the hippocampus and the Broca and the Buzzle ganglia to the circle of Willis to GV 2223. See if we can soften that very high standards, you hold yourself to, to be kinder, gentler with yourself Because you really deserve that. And if you look over time, the number of off days or disappointments really become swallowed up by the wonderfulness you have in your life and she's sitting right beside you. Speaker 2 02:28:08 Yeah. So Speaker 7 02:28:18 We need to, you know, it's okay to feel a little low disappointed, as long as we see it as a CA, that can be refilled. Speaker 7 02:28:31 It's like, who is it? Um, there's a business leader. The talks about trust as you know, S kind of saving spake. And sometimes people really dry down right. From what you have saved up. But if there is a core of the relationship or relationship there, and the thing about being a human being is you really can't get out of the human race. That is who you are, the bad balloons, not going to take you in as one of theirs, right? So you kind of have no escape. You know, we have this connection, this enduring lasting connection we're in this together. And if other people have kind of falling down, then that's what we do. We play the role of lifting up, all right. Just as others have that to lift us up when we need it to be that mirror back when we can't see ourselves and our true light, but we see you and your truth. And we're so lucky to have Speaker 2 02:29:52 You here. Speaker 7 02:29:55 So we're opening BL one to be out 10 to the full spinal, the bladder, and really balancing hormones, opening the heart and reinforcing connection between heart and mind. They're always in communication. And the relationship is both from heart to hypothalamus down to The enteric nerve and back smelted direction. Speaker 2 02:30:36 No, Speaker 7 02:30:39 And we bring that energy down. Spleen, Meridian, spleen nights, spleen six, kidney one, Speaker 2 02:30:49 You're welcome. Speaker 7 02:30:52 He said challenging times, Speaker 2 02:30:56 Michelle, like to be able to tone down my apprehension of our government from now until January 20th anxiety. Speaker 7 02:31:14 So I, I am not going to dismiss it and say, there's no basis for it. But I think that, you know, election day went off really well. Um, despite other some people's spheres, I think he's freaking out melting down. No, it's hard to know what he'll do. Um, but in the end, I mean, democracy may take some hits, but in the long run it's going to survive. And people are very aware, very, very aware. You know, there are the enablers and there are also those, I think within government who have a real concern and, and just stand. And I think that, you know, Biden has been acting, speaking with confidence, not even getting into any question about the election, because effectively there was no fraud. So if this is his way to put off a final decision, I mean, the concerns are more, if he puts sanctions on Iran, right. What we have to do to restore diplomatic relationships with countries where either we had nuclear arms deals or alliances. Speaker 2 02:33:14 So Speaker 7 02:33:16 It's good to pay attention. Speaker 2 02:33:19 <inaudible>, Speaker 7 02:33:24 I'm streaming on two 30 feet daily. Did you see? Oh, thank you. See, did you change the computer? Oh, you did. But I saw you go over didn't you do it for 4:00 PM. Yeah. Speaker 2 02:33:43 Oh, Speaker 7 02:33:46 Okay. Thank you, Jackie. Uh, calming things down, bringing the energy from <inaudible> to kidney one, liver, kidney hippocampus being on six L I 20 Parotid, Lower brain. I'm so sorry, everybody.

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