Tong Ren Podcast

0097 - Aimee Poirier, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren Podcast
0097 - Aimee Poirier, Tong Ren Healing

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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Aimee Poirier

Aimee W. Poirier is an Acupuncturist, Certified Radical Remissions Workshop Facilitator, International Speaker and Writer. For Almost 20 Years Aimee has practiced Tong Ren Therapy beside the founder, her mentor Tom Tam.

As co-owner of Collective Healing Center, where she practices Acupuncture in Metro Boston, Aimee has maintained a private practice in Acupuncture since 2004. Aimee obtained a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, she has a Masters degree in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture, the country’s first and oldest acupuncture school. She is certified in Tong Ren Therapy from the Oriental Cultural Institute and has worked closely with Boston based acupuncturist Tom Tam since September 2001.


Speaker 0 00:00:00 So you can see that I have the galaxy one C Torin stations behind me, and I know it's starting to sync up. So I'm running the galaxy one today. So you guys, um, uh, but going on behind me, everything is opposite side here. And it's, um, showing images, healthy images of the organ systems. It's a little tricky because I've tried to close this with the sunlight coming in. Actually, maybe we can dim that a little bit, the dimmer switch, please think. Thanks. That may help. Cause I think it's actually the light. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So now it's a little bit, yeah, you can see the healthy organs. So the idea, the concept is the mirror neuron in our grain, the mirror neuron can message. What, something that you see. Hi, can I message to the body it's in the brains? Pull up, check the request.
Speaker 0 00:01:11 Okay. Okay. So we're gonna take the requests. Oh, Coco's on. Okay. We starting with tree branch. Yeah. So what I was saying about the mirror neuron, so with Tom's work, the, um, quantum, the quantum physics is part of this galaxy one, you know, looking at that, um, concepts from the quantum physics into the, so you'll sort of see this running. I had to position myself a little bit different because people are working in the clinic today as well. So, um, so anyways, I'll go through your requests, but just know that if you, um, are aware of this program running, you know, the ideas that the positive images, the positive imagery will then allow that mirror neuron to reflect some kind of positive message to these organ systems, um, to, from the brain to the body. We're also these particular functions that we want to highlight, like the synopsis and neurologic, um, activity that we want to be healthy and balanced in your body for healthy functions.
Speaker 0 00:02:17 And so anyways, I have this on, this is also Tom's recent. Uh, one of the ideas is also with the, some of the, um, concepts once again, from quantum physics and then bringing in the energetic aspects of some of the supplements or pills that you can, um, know from science and you know, how they work to help and benefit the body for various things. And so I'm just kind of bringing this for prevention, preventative stuff, and some people, uh, that have things happening going on, um, for their vasculature functions, they, um, been able to experience some different things, improvements according to Tom's experience with them, but tree branch, good morning, please tap for decreasing pressure of spinal fluid in the brain increase potassium levels and nausea. Thank you. Okay, so let's bring this sentence, let everybody relax, settle into your body, get comfortable and a cerebral spinal fluid, you know, kinda move as long as there's no obstruction, right?
Speaker 0 00:03:24 So we want to lower any pressure or tension along the nap, along the spine, down the back, the blood flow down the spine and side by side, with that spinal fluid draining from the brain and then all the way down tapping all the way down the spine to the safe ground and tapping for those kidneys, potassium novels, the organs, kidney liver, yeah. Letting this relax and the nausea also this lower part. So you're from a T seven, eight, nine, 10 for the digestion vagus nerve from the brain STEM. There's a lot about the Vegas nerve out there. And some people write whole books about the biggest nerve. So the, as part of the autonomic, you know, as it needs to just work without us thinking about it. So we want to lower any tension in our neck.
Speaker 0 00:04:34 Yeah. And so anyways, I have this on, well, I have one, um, headband that goes with this whole, um, you know, method with quantum physics involved as well. And so some people wear this like either for the third eye or on the back of the head, different positions for various things. Yeah. I think you sent settled in increasing the breath, deepening the breath. Okay. And Koch goes on and also, I hope you feeling better to branch. I hope the nausea is going down or tapping down the midline to the belly underneath the belly. Excuse me. So Coco says, um, for death, please tap for tumor shrinkage, chemo side effects. I have very low blood platelets, headaches behind the right. Your blessings. Thank you for all that you do. Of course. Yeah. So we're going to include you and, um, the others for the brain together. So let's swap it up the neck, it's shrinking the tumor, getting good blood flow in and out of the brain. That was really important for brand health. Also for ms. Let me send this to the ms. Folks. Um, but we're going to send this to Isaac as well as Coco she'll artery opening. <inaudible>
Speaker 0 00:06:13 good circulation. Like I said, in and out of the brain, this is important. So that the nerves, um, you know, into the brainstem, there's a blood flow that needs to go up and then nerve impulses coming down the blood platelets. So we're tapping at T C 71 focused on T one. Okay. I know, I think you had some kind of checkup coming up, um, soon. So you had a stapled, uh, checkup, Coca-Cola cancer cells. Their only job is to replicate, right. So if they're not replicating, that means that you're doing well, so same for you and everybody else out there. Okay. Let the two run. I hope you feel better and less of a headache when, when we continue through the class, okay. This will keep working for you guys. So as we move on to another person, um, you know, this continues to move the energy for everyone. And so, you know, you might just be tuning in and if we're request, um, you know, uh, tapping for someone else, they will still benefit you. And Regina is on with osteoporosis, diabetes to severe, um, arthrosclerosis and, uh, your son's ms. Yeah. So actually I was just, just, um, clip for the, um, vitamin K for the occipital sclerosis. Uh, that's good for you. So let's send it and let's go into the no time quantum physics realm here, tap for your osteoporosis. So T one, two, three C one, two, three.
Speaker 0 00:08:29 Great timing. Just some beautiful blood platelets here. You can see all those blood platelets passing and traveling. Um, that was from the last request, right? So tapping for your immune system, diabetes pancreas back teeth seven, eight, nine. Yep. All right. So cleaning out the office growth is also the doula nine GV 17. And like I was saying earlier, good blood flow in and out of the brain. That's really important for any and all of the ms. Folks that we've worked with over these years, and we see a huge, huge improvements and their lifestyle, um, experiences and checkups, even lesions going away and all of this that, uh, can be detected by the doctor's checkups. So we want to increase that good circulation in and out of the brain for your son, as well as T4 T seven left side to the spleen and care Safra, cervical dystonia, scoliosis constipation for me and for mom, Clara, her needed just said L four, five rations.
Speaker 0 00:10:07 You know, we're going to keep up the next, that's an access seat one and opening it for the constipation Vegas nerve regulating the elimination is going down the stomach channel STEM of 21. So 25 herniated disc also L four L five top to the local area. John Kay is on. He says, please have for stomach virus, kidneys and edema in both calves, ankles and feet. Tina's immune system, clear lungs and energy, spinal stenosis, neuropathy, and legs, and feet and strength. So anything that okay, I can put it up on the phone, the Facebook, I didn't pull up over until now, three guys. So I'm got the volumes down. Okay. So we're going to talk about us immune systems. How for the immune system, T one, two, three T four T seven, clear lungs and energy for Tina as well. But some of the viruses, you know, you want to tap that system function.
Speaker 0 00:12:07 And then also when the kidneys and circulatory system can be involved in the tapping for your kidneys, lumbar spine opening, the way to feel, and this is good for father John for his spinal stenosis and neuropathy in his legs and feet going down and back to the knees, um, emotional healing. We constantly, uh, find that we can tap for attend to for this emotional center in the brain. There you go. Oh, Jordan, hi Jordan. Another one in Chicago. Are you still in Chicago? Jordan frozen. Hmm. Let's try this. So as you test for everybody, this is going to help add in Russia as well for coming on. And just now let's have for left foot pain for Jordan.
Speaker 0 00:14:29 John says for Sandy cataracts, ocular migraine, right. Eye and vertigo. Okay. So C1, C2, C3, ocular migraine, and we're tapping to right up, get a good lead flow up to that visual cortex. So what is something up with like cataracts? That's the overgrowth cells, but you know, two things and you want good nerve impulse to dies, right? So that's why I tapped for that. So you want to three area blood flow up to the eyes and then also facial artery up climb, travel. Now time travel less. Okay. Is that hope? This helps her ocular migraines to go away. And for the vertigo, it's the same area, all this area behind, behind the ears that they said the skull and let's ground this to the earth, down to the feet. And let's tap for Jordan for his request for the feet and for, um, foot pain. So I'm wondering Jordan, why you have left foot pain, but you know, we'll work down the spine. Um, if it's an injury, I mean, the reason I say why, cause if it's an injury, you just go tap on that left foot ouch point area. If it's something that seems related to like a pinched nerve or something else, then, then we can discern what part of the foot is actually, um, being affected. And then we can actually travel with the dermatome chart sort of backup to that part of the spine.
Speaker 0 00:16:11 So we'll just open up that whole low back for you down the back, lower spine sacrum down into the foot. Okay. Instability when George no. And Sylvie says memory please. And my cat monkey was lost for two weeks. Oh, health and happiness for her. Oh gosh. Yeah. That's a hard feeling. And you woke up with it on the top of the foot. Jordan says. Okay. All right. So, um, let's go down that lumbar one, two, three, you may feel T you may feel some heat or tingling going there and, um, see what you notice also later, obviously. Okay. Um, all right. So, uh, resilience is a tapping for, please stop for diabetes, rosacea energy day and nights, sleep sharp. Okay. Let's do it. Roseanne was on, you got it. And to do the lap, let's go to the back of the head, tap for that <inaudible> tab for beyond that. And she'd be 17 to help the vessels. Sometimes it's those vessels like getting to open. So we want to help them open and close properly. Okay.
Speaker 0 00:17:47 Down the back <inaudible> left side for sleep and C two right side for improving your sleep, build up. The energy is kind of recharge the batteries and hope you guys can sort of see this a little bit behind me. And now it's going into bioelectricity and the images involved in the nervous system. Really. So he put this sort of nerve, this nerve synopsis, also images of that, um, is on PTSD. Okay. So Martha, this will help you for the dizziness, tinnitus and PTSD. As we go behind the ears. This is a good area, um, in your ear, sort of cranial nerve eight, uh, both sides and for the tinnitus just directly behind that you're alone.
Speaker 1 00:18:50 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:19:03 Okay. Every little detail has been morning. Please tap for the immune system and Samia, right? Hip joint pain. Thank you so much. Okay. So T one, two, three, four is Somnia. So we're going to go to T seven. This also helps with hip pain, um, anything from like wastes. And so even with massage, you have someone massage, C7 as well as do the tapping. And do you guys know this as a massage tool? So you could even have someone use it. The immune system let's go to the outermost point to the right hip forever. The middle cell and happy 2020 is happy. 2020. We'll get praised soon. Are you going to change to happy 20, 21? Um, please tap for tremor and Parkinson's, um, skin health and continued improvement in digestion, sinus infection and tinnitus for your husband. Yes. So we're going to go up the back of the neck for that Parkinsonian, like tremor and go through the base of the skull C1, C2, C3, continue to this, this whole area also helps digestion as we're chopping for the vagus and going down the next stomach point on the neck.
Speaker 0 00:20:53 Yeah. And sinus infection behind the ears here, C1, C2, C3, and the tinnitus, which I've already been helping Martha with as well. Um, without a lot of help, uh, sorry. A lot of success lately with tinnitus, for people, especially the more, the more immediate kind, if it's more recent, always better to come right away when you can find it to be, um, more therapeutic quickly, um, than it is. If you wait a long time or we've had it for a long time, it takes takes longer, but it does import it does improve. So it's important to know that. Yeah. Okay. Digestion going down the back T seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, going down the spine and help your back soften, help the circulation going that way and good to see you on happy 20, 20. Yeah. I happy Thanksgiving coming up. Jaydeen nine 42, please tap for osteoarthritis. Low back pain. Tight right. Hip flexor. Thank you. Yes, for sure. To all of you. And um, so next, I guess when I, the day after Thanksgiving I'll be, I'll be online, but, but, but, uh, yeah, I'll still be there, so we'll be there together. Okay. Arthritis. I can already see people asking for their weight loss the day after now, the Pat Pat back backpack area down the back to the low back pain area.
Speaker 0 00:22:54 Um, so actually it's kind of in line with what we were just tapping the osteo and then the low back pain, right. Hip flexor, right side of the sacrum, no way says, please include me freshman motos, tune up immune clarity and charge them Bharat with immune system stroke prevention, short-term memory, age syndrome, and for my crew all with permission charge up batteries. Yeah. So let's charge the batteries, tune up the immune clarity. Um, something interesting, especially when we were using these endo Heino points, the ideas also clarity, clarity of mind when you're tapping into kind of sensory parts of the brain that help you, I would say, um, process information through those parts of the brain. Okay. So yeah, that's where tapping for that and Ohio part of your brain and, um, concentration, emotional balance, all that going to the frontal lobe, GB 13 left and right.
Speaker 0 00:24:21 Good for the immune stroke prevention is loosening up the neck as well. Festivals beyond nine GV, 17 D E more lengthening of the telomeres telling me lengthening recharge those batteries. And Karen says, morning, Amy, happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Please tap for large eye floaters. Uh, and for my large eye floater and for my friend with precancer cells. Well, Karen, we're so much to be thankful for this. Sit down, tapping all the way down to liver three, and KSW please, um, 10 for overall health and for the back tailbone pain. Okay. So can you do something you don't want to ignore? You certainly want to release it. So let's send that to you down the back and good lead circulating down the back to the Seagram.
Speaker 0 00:25:33 That's helpful. Christine Dawn. And she said, happy Friday. She says, please tap for a strong, healthy immune system, intense pain in the left knee, left hip healthy breast bones, no flows, liver scalp. Yes. So let's bring this in for Christine as well, pulling all the way down the spine for the breast T for opening T one for the bone that she ran. And let's just probably pause we're now we're in the black hole behind this year. Let's kind of take a pause and I'm around halfway through now. So let's run through some of the, um, the angel points and this is incredibly helpful for emotional and trauma healing. So I'm going to this up to let people really relax, help deepen there, uh, excuse me, experience. And this, of course I stayed there also because you could be thinking of others who have given you permission to tap for them as well as yourself. And so let's start with the M B L six, both sides left and right, 22, 23 pituitary hypothalamus, balanced insular cortex, some that terrible period, both sides of the brain above the apex of the ear.
Speaker 0 00:27:38 It's what you feel you notice in your body in time, which is the third eye, right in the middle of the forehead. Sorry, the nose L I 20. And that's like right beside each side of the, see what you notice, what you feel a lot of energy around to also send it down to the office, grounded to the earth at kidney liver three, you said says, please stop for Sjogren's and low thyroid. Thank you so much. You're welcome so much blessings to you also. So Sjogren's and thyroid, we're going to remember, we're going to go to the immune system first, T one, two, three, four, and T seven. Let's remind our immune system to work in a balanced way. So it's not overacting on our five, right? It's not beating up the thyroid. Now we can come up to the thyroid area, six and blood flow all around that thyroid superior, thyroid artery. Whoo. Shake out. My hands is strong, this energy. So we can also put this on or this and sort of position it. Yeah. Like that.
Speaker 0 00:29:26 And so we want to let the chief run open up to the back of it. Yeah. So I have a balance function of the fabric mean Thai boys say digestion. Yes. Yep. That just from your digestion is doing better. Seeing how this is not a fashion statement. I could work on that. Grading says, Casey, please talk for my eye cataracts, floaters. Very dry. And my wife's breast cancer meds to deliver. Yeah. So let's open this up for the eyes. You you're sending that for digestion to Thai boys. And, um, let's see. Um, okay. So we want lubrication for the eyes. So we'll do the parotid gland tapping for the parotid and for the breast cancer for your wife down the back to you went two, three, four, a lot of times people need to detox also. So let's go down to stock 21 summer 25 on the front of the body, detox the organs, especially including the liver Jen's on good morning.
Speaker 0 00:31:09 And you please continue to talk for my back feeling tingling in certain areas, low back issues. Again, also for overall emotional health balance for my puppy to get her act together. That's so funny. I could pick it, send that to my household to now that we have a puppy, get that, tell this puppy to get her act together. Okay. So tingling. Um, yes, let's go sort of under the, uh, along the neck here in the front and down the arms to the hands and fingers, and let's go down the back spinal artery, opening the spinal artery down to everybody for improving the back.
Speaker 0 00:32:01 Yep. And you know, just the emotional release part, send it to the puppy. Also still release it, see to right side. I think more than anything we need to ask the owners when I'm trying to train my puppy. Yeah. We needed that emotional calm for ourselves. So right side to be 13, let's do that to Metairie hypothalamus balance from the brain. But yeah, I do believe, you know, the puppy is, I mean, they have the signals also. So, you know, if you are kind of like the nonverbal communication, all animals can participate in this. Right. So send the good messages for the puppy and for you.
Speaker 0 00:33:09 Okay. Let's uh, keep working on the back, but we'll also, uh, take care of Tahoe, abdominal hernia, E D R a. You got it. Okay. So let's go down the back more of this working for everyone's benefit. And I'm John, a blood vessel T seven. We've been tapping for the immune system, really for the RA, um, rheumatoid arthritis, uh, with tapping for T one, two, three, four to seven, and sending us to Tahoe again, the abdominal hernia up to seven right side is the abdominal blood vessel where the nerve interacts with the blood vessel. So, um, for Tahoe also, EDU, we want to go down to free up the low back and also to the sacrum, those nerves coming out of the sacral spine is really, really important, going to some very sensitive areas, the genitalia. So we want to really kind of soften this area, the muscles around this area, the Seagram beat the bum as Tom, Tim would say, beat the bum.
Speaker 0 00:34:31 So you tap the lung at them and this can help. So yeah, for men and women, it's really important to keep kind of keep this area soft and freed up. Evelyn says, hi, Amy, for mom, for her to go dizziness, osteoporosis frustration for dad, muscular strength of frustration for her, right for your dad, muscular strength, circulation, mental clarity for Doris ms. All with permission and for me, tight neck, lower back lungs and anxiety. Okay. Evelyn, let's take care of you first. You always type yourself last, but we're going to tap for you first. So let's get rid of the tight neck and lower back and longest we free up the neck. This also helps with the, you know, nerve impulse to the diaphragm, which helps the lungs to be able to more fully expand, improve the breathing. And of course, we need to steep oxygenation for our anxiety, right? For good oxygenated blood to the brain.
Speaker 0 00:35:51 And this helps mental clarity because when we have good blood flow to the brain, this will help to, um, help your mental clarity and for your dad's mental clarity, rather as well, frustration just sounds balancing this frontal lobe insular cortex. So we're more comfortable in our bodies. This is good for yes, vertigo and dizziness. We want to tap for your mom behind the ears, C1, C2, C3, and then also like just right behind the ears. Okay. Circulation, feline, GV 17, and going down the back back of the knees down to the feet. I wonder what Jordan's foot is feeling now and dollies on. Hi, can you tap for low back pain, lower back pain spine, low back pains, spine deten tension. I don't know. I don't know what that means. And like has numbness and weight loss, um, for Pat right arm arthritis in her hands, blood pressure for all in sugars. Yep. Definitely. Yeah. And you have a good weekend too. We're gonna, we're gonna work on it and then not know that this what's happening now. We'll keep the ball rolling of like all this good intention for you throughout the weekend for all of you. So see how you feel over the next couple of days. Okay. So let's do it low back pain going down the spine. Thank you. Inside your like, um, deterioration. Yeah. Okay. Left foot.
Speaker 0 00:37:48 And the leg can get numbness from kind of like pensioner and fats. So bringing this up, let you, so that you feel that signal all the way to the left foot. You may feel some tingling to the toes. You may feel nothing at all for Pat would you the right arm in her hand. So we're also once again, it's, we've been doing for everybody to sort of see one, two, three T one, two, three, four, two seven, and for the sugar insulin balance T eight right-side pancreas balance lowering that pressure. Let's not forget to tap down to the, for three to the top, top of the foot over three Regina, how do I get K2? How do I get K2? I don't know. I'm not sure. Uh, kidney to the point K one is sort of the bottom of the foot. Um, if, if you mean the acupuncture point, if you want, you can always Google a map of the, um, Meridian systems and then you can check that out.
Speaker 0 00:39:10 Um, yes. Okay. And so Kristen's on Jaime, please tap for rectal cancer metastasized to live in a groin and optimum for an increase in white blood cells and T-cells. Yeah. Okay, cool. So let's do that. That first let's take care of those cells. Let's see. 71 T2. So that's for the blood cells and also for the thymus gland tapping. Yeah. And you know, we've been tapping for Christian A. Long time now. So we, um, we're going to soften up around the neck, all around the stomach channel on the left side for the, this kind of the vagus nerve involvement with our eliminations and digestive tract for all the way from the whole length of the digestive tract controlled by the vagus nerve.
Speaker 0 00:40:07 Um, yeah. And then also go into the lymph, you know, really like T one, two, three, and then going to the low back L one, two, three to live in the groin. So Elwood can sort of affect the droid neurologically, but we can always just tap there locally to just go to that tap there. Janice is on, uh, on Facebook. She says she means supplement that's that Tom is putting in the clip boxes. Yes. Okay. I kind of thought maybe that's what you were asking about. I don't really know the answer. I still don't know the answer because I think that, you know, Tom sells everything. Um, through this website you can go to run shop and, um, on tolerance station, click on tolerance shop and see what they have. And if they, um, are not posting it, you could always send like an email message through, through this website.
Speaker 0 00:40:59 And, uh, yeah. And ask your question there and then they mail it to you. Okay. Yeah. So Karen says, thank you for the tapping, uh, feeling all the energy, all over, feeling energy, all over Baptist design. Good morning, please tap for healthy lungs and kidneys, constipation and neck and shoulder pain. Thank you so much, Nadia. Oh, we have a musical interlude. The galaxy project brought to you by the galaxy project and also some wording it's going to get louder. Okay. Tom has a great sense of humor. So lungs, kidneys, constipation going down the front of the kidney channel down the front for Elton. Hello. Hi. Good to see you on. Please include low thyroid. You're tapping for that earlier. Hope you feel the cheat also Glendora will sit this tap for weakness in the legs. Yes.
Speaker 0 00:42:20 I hope you feel this. We're going to free up that neck and shoulder pain. Um, yeah, this is kind of like disclaimer, at the end of the galaxy project. That's all that really is your cat seems to feel tired a lot these days. Oh, key. Yeah. Yup. We'll send it to the cat, sending it to the puppy dogs today. Okay. And um, no, if you're showing opiods, I'm good. Please tap for your right hip ms. And anxiety. You got it. We were already thinking about all those ms. Folks with the softening in the neck and softening the neck for, so we'll send this to you to you. One, two, three. Yeah, just off-putting those shoulders for Nadia and Pam and everybody else. Can we go, go hi, where should I please a laser on doll for my brother's CLL? Platelets are high. Well, I would probably go to like T one, um, just because that's meant to regulate the, um, platelet production.
Speaker 0 00:43:44 Okay. So if it's overactive or underactive, I've placed that laser beam on T one at the back back, sort of like almost the NAPE of your neck for CUNY Coco. Yep. Oh, Reese's on. Good high reset. Please tell for vertigo. Um, Pam, we didn't forget your right hip anyways. Um, so we're going to tap for vertigo, uh, drainage of the sinus ear, diabetes type one feet and heal. Yes. Okay. So let's go to that down and we're going to go to the right hip for Pam to kind of, but this is really like a low back issue. So we're going to free up the lumbar spine for her and for everybody else. And yeah, you may feel coolness, might feel heat. I tingling or nothing at all. It's all very normal. This is going to be for Glint or for the weakness in the legs also because the nerves go down the legs.
Speaker 0 00:44:42 Um, but Risa, we have been tapping for John Kay for his diabetes type one. Also tapping for you T one, two, three, four seven, freeing this up also behind the ears, vertical tinnitus. We can doing all these for folks earlier as well. I hope you're feeling the energy. Okay. And clearing out any inflammation to the feet. So we're going to go see 71 as we tap for the auto-immune and the immune system that does help with the inflammation all the way to the outpoints points. Let's go to the ouch points to the feet for you also your heel. Did you mean heel, H E a L or did you mean heel? H E L right. Feet and your heel and like, let you heal all over. Okay. Um, it's a corny thing, but anyways, I know you reassess the word capping for your heel. Hi.
Speaker 0 00:45:45 Um, thanks for your, um, skipped. Oh, I skipped Bruce's request. Oh, how did I'm sorry. I didn't even see that. Okay. I think I did. I mean, I must have skipped Bruce's request. Sorry, but I'll definitely right now, as well as with Nadia, because you're tapping for now. Yeah. And so, um, yes, we got, we got you, Bruce. Yeah. I don't, if I don't see you guys on it, I'm like, all right, you guys know, I still have you in the back of my mind for sure. So many times when we're tapping for someone else, you know, as tappers that happens, you'll think of somebody else that you also are treating something similar or you want to send them good energy to like the same points. So it's nice knowing. Yeah. As they say to the T one, two, three, four to the shoulder right side, and for the lungs, keep that. Yeah. We can up those lungs. You may feel your breath deepening. You may feel more energy relaxation in your chest feeling good, good, happy, awake, and there. And um, we're going to send this to your low back as well. So for Marsha, uh, we won't forget you either. Okay. Okay.
Speaker 0 00:47:00 Yes. I know his hip bothers him. So we're going to go down to that area, but for you, we're going to tap for you guys together in this case. Okay. So going down the back all the way down the spine to the middle, back around that seven area, that's really beautiful. When you look at these images, it's not so easy to see because of the light, reflecting off the screen, but they're really powerful, very relaxing. Oh, John cave. You're welcome, Suzanne. You're welcome every little cell. You're welcome. Everybody. You guys are all welcome to, to help you do come on next Friday. Also after Turkey day, I won't be in the clinic. I'll be out of the clinic, but I will certainly be, um, running the class cause I'll have internet. So Hernandez 24. Good morning. Can you tap for anxiety and where are you pleased. Yeah, let's do that. Let's bring this in for everybody for, Oh, that's really beautiful timing. And that we're going through with a Nebula.
Speaker 0 00:48:21 Spam is spam phone call. Okay. Let's tell for anxiety and worry, go into the top of the head <inaudible> left and right. See to right side. Sometimes letting go of our anxiety and worry is also, you know, hitting a little bit of reset on this is tape player that could be going for us. Right. And so we really want to just sort of control all delete and just hit reset. And one more tapping for these points of the brain. We're really tapping to do that, to control alt delete or hit reset. So Ripley's trying to stimulate the right frontal lobe, the worry fear. I also want to tap for fear here because this is from the fight or flight center in the brain. You're tapping for that.
Speaker 0 00:49:21 And this is in the hypothalamus. So we're tapping on the midline here at the front of where our sort of integrated in the hairline. And then let's go down to the endocrine balance for anxiety, thyroid going down the back insulin, balancing our insulin, going down to our adrenal kidney area. And the low back, I'm just settling this interview, charged batteries, hope that Hernandez 24, that you're feeling more centered from our tapping and that everyone feels more or less, more centered from the, um, you know, experiencing this. Um, as I began already four, I hope I didn't forget a lot of other requests because I didn't even see bruises. So I feel like maybe I ran through something a little too fast, or maybe, I don't know, but if you guys have any other requests, feel free to type them in now, but I'm thinking that I'd like to run through some of the final like points that we're doing with the angel points. Again, as we kind of began on that before, I just keep staying, we'll sort of centered and notice what you feel in your body. I'm going to tap for insular left and right left and right frontal lobe, pituitary hypothalamus, third eye.
Speaker 0 00:52:03 And then the two points beside the nose, large intestine can, you may feel some cheesy moving or you may feel nothing at all. That's very normal. Then I'll do some for the metabolism next. Okay. Run through everyone's metabolism, promoting a balanced metabolism, not too active, not too underactive, whatever kind of balance. And you need your body knows what it needs. So we're just tapping to encourage that the Brown Shaq stimulating the Brown fat and the Brown fat signals where we need to burn out the white fat or lipids in the body. So stimulating the production or activity, I should say the Brown fat pancreas balance, liver detox, going to the front summit, 21 summary 25, And then sending cheat the whole group for the
Speaker 1 00:53:34 Little
Speaker 0 00:53:34 Bit PICU and recharging our batteries.
Speaker 1 00:53:37 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:53:44 Karen, I know, you know, the feeling regularly do Pico, you know, and also you can always ask me to do some PICU for you individually.
Speaker 1 00:53:58 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:54:01 I, you know, sometimes folks might be on, on this, uh, class, and then if I see you in the clinic, you can always mention, you know, if you want to work specifically on some people for weight loss, weight balance, or, um, you know, energy And the same thing goes for people at a distance, we can do private one-on-one, um, just to set appointments, to do Tongan, um, by phone or video chat.
Speaker 1 00:54:30 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:55:05 So since I won't see you guys until, um, after Thanksgiving have a peaceful, have a peaceful and, um, say Thanksgiving and I'll be looking for you on the morning. Sure. Um, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And like I said before, just kind of getting present with this work, um, allows your brain to keep messaging some healthy, um, messages of healing throughout the next few days. So see what you notice and feel free to let us know next time we see you in the class. Okay. Yeah. Perfect. Great weekend. Everybody tech TA like next week. Okay. Bye.
Speaker 1 00:56:11 Okay.

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