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0098 - Janice Goldman, Emotional Healing w/ Tong Ren Healing - Mon

Tong Ren Podcast
0098 - Janice Goldman, Emotional Healing w/ Tong Ren Healing - Mon

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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Speaker 0 00:00:01 <inaudible>. So what happened to your friend? She's stressed out with me,
Speaker 1 00:00:08 But what happened to your friend? I mean, she fell and what happened?
Speaker 2 00:00:13 She broke her hip.
Speaker 1 00:00:17 So is she in the hospital?
Speaker 2 00:00:20 Yeah, she also has COVID she does well, she's living with two people who had it and who didn't, who think that it's a hoax, but they both cried it. And then they pass it to
Speaker 0 00:00:34 Very few precautions. They were taking.
Speaker 1 00:00:39 Wow. So
Speaker 2 00:00:41 I supposed to die the night that she went to the hospital, but somehow she survived, but to see how she is now,
Speaker 0 00:00:51 Of course she needed surgery. Then her other son, she was living with her son and her daughter-in-law. Her other son is going to bring it back to Massachusetts when she gets through this particular stretch. All right. If she gets through, I shouldn't get through her. She's a tough bird. Health is.
Speaker 2 00:01:15 So you said the toughest person I've ever met in my wife, almost as tough as her.
Speaker 1 00:01:20 What are, what are her co-pilot's symptoms? I don't know if she has a decent well that's
Speaker 2 00:01:27 Yeah, they gave her medication at the hospital. When they found out she was positive and said that the medication wasn't working, her blood pressure was way too low. And we got, she's going to die. That night. Fever is the biggest one is a fever, fatigue,
Speaker 0 00:01:51 Big one.
Speaker 2 00:01:58 My dear friend took the truck. So he's already got the vaccine <inaudible> months ago. He signed up for them. Wow. He's pretty sure he didn't get the placebo. Cause the second shot, he had a fever and he felt I'm crying for two days. And him and his doctor, friends, they all had those same symptoms. He was a pretty sure I didn't get the placebo. I'm like, wow. But he's okay now. Oh yeah. It's a series of two shots and the second shot him and five of his colleagues all had a slight fever and they just felt like for 48 hours he was 95% sure. I already thought, wow. So ain't gonna run around
Speaker 0 00:02:53 Maybe.
Speaker 1 00:02:55 I mean this still isn't long-term results. I mean, yeah. So you don't.
Speaker 0 00:03:07 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:03:09 So what I love welcome everyone. We're a small group today, day before Thanksgiving. And what I love so much about being here is that everything we do focuses on building our immune focuses on, um, getting rid of fear, right? Focus on the positive and even the chigong form that we do sort of models or follows the very pathways that grin opens up for us. So Matt said, I've looked at everyone's requests online and we'll get to all of those and let us begin as we always do. I'm so glad you're here with me today. So we start feet together, stepping out, do with apart knees, slightly bent, arms, fall a couple of inches from the body. Nice and loose shoulders dropped.
Speaker 0 00:04:25 Pull
Speaker 1 00:04:26 Yourself up by the way. Right. GV 22, 23 Fingertips connecting to the toes And welcome Annie. Hi.
Speaker 0 00:04:47 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:04:50 And just allow the mind quiet.
Speaker 0 00:04:53 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:04:56 If you've been out in traffic or
Speaker 0 00:04:59 All right.
Speaker 1 00:05:02 Maybe had an overdose of news, right? This is the place to shake that off
Speaker 0 00:05:14 To reconnect.
Speaker 1 00:05:20 Yes. Our own resources. So I'm feeling connection, fingertips, palms of the hands, Allowing the breath to deepen and the mind to quiet. If you need to send the mind somewhere, you send it to follow the breath,
Speaker 0 00:05:52 Tracking,
Speaker 1 00:05:54 Moving more deeply into our sematic experience.
Speaker 0 00:06:07 Very nice.
Speaker 1 00:06:11 There's a lot of chicken in here today. Tom has yet a new machine. I hands up burning. We turn the palms up slowly, raising the arms, slight bend at the elbow, shoulder height slowly, turning over, allowing the, um, to fall gently through space. That really feels heavy, not empty filled with energy, palms up arms again to shoulder height as we cultivate that Shi for ourselves and each other. Wow. It's really palpable today. Zap, last time up turning over hands. Fall slowly. Yeah. Over the balls of the feet. Right? Palm to the left shoulder left hand, extended out slight round at the elbow and follow the ulnar nerve. The medial nerve down crossing cross the Palm through the middle finger and across for our next partner left come to the right shoulder.
Speaker 1 00:08:06 This is very good for bringing energy down from the head and the neck opening the brachial plexus right to left. So as we follow the nerve structured in the arms, we innovate the arms. This is a good preventive for a carpal tunnel. Allow yourself to cross P eight and one last time. And as you feel into the energy, know that we are reinforcing circulations, our circulation, allowing the hands to fall grounding again, reconnect, allowing the breath to deepen. You'll have a choice in an out through the nostrils are in through the nostrils, out through the mouth. Your decision is step out, just slightly bringing the arms to CV, 17 knees, slightly bent. This is my boob and we extend the arms out. We are opening the heart and the field, our heart field considered the middle of rain. It's still the area that Oregon that knows even before our mental brain opening the arms again and yet in communication upstairs and downstairs, upstairs to the hypothalamus and the pineal gland downstairs to the, to our gut. One more time open
Speaker 0 00:10:29 And breathe
Speaker 1 00:10:32 Closing, allowing the hands to fall. Step back in shoulder length shoulder with rather apart Reconnecting, extending from the lower back, right. Um, under CV four left above CV 17 and the top hand always scans the Vegas and we bring the bottom around to make our Achieva to bring in connection. The three centers in TCM, the upper dantian, the middle of that in and lower body mind. So allowing the hands to drop gentle V
Speaker 0 00:11:42 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:11:43 The lower dantian considered point of integration. As we make a V at CV for CV two, or sending energy into the lower digestive tract to our root and allowing energy from outside and within to integrate, I wrote center Supporting our energy
Speaker 0 00:12:30 Known for supporting our endorsements.
Speaker 1 00:12:36 We're in it for the long run
Speaker 0 00:12:44 And
Speaker 1 00:12:46 We allow the hands to fall and clothes coming out and around once fingertips, following Vegas, nerve down,
Speaker 0 00:12:56 Um, when it's and twice, third time sailing in that she, she bat yum, yum. So
Speaker 1 00:13:51 Online
Speaker 0 00:13:55 There are,
Speaker 1 00:13:57 We have our usual requests, but also, um, Carolyn Johnson. I'm not sure who you are, but I see your request that there was a gunshot through window that can be very upsetting interfere with sleep. So let's work and of course, PTSD requests for PTSD and anxiety. So I want to return again to all of the ways we have, especially with tongue REM to support our immune and strengthen our immune system and also live in a more fearless way. Right? But as sometimes the news, it may not be intentional, but contributes to a sense of for boating, right? And we know, we know from quantum physics that we co-create with the universe, we co-create with the energetic fields around us. And so the more positive we can be, the more positive our intention, the better able we are to in a genuine way, feel strong, feel less fearful, more positive with every step forward. So we want to come down, she'd be 13, 14, Soothing the amygdala, the hippocampus she'd be a triple woman, 20 opening bill one through five tying in Tang, subclavian, artery, vertebral artery, both sides to the facial artery, trigeminal cleaning out eight, seven, 11. So are opening up the neck. Whether they're like this from either the computer or just a kind of freezing that we have, um, just in response to rising numbers and that's open 10 dong shaking sky lung one lung two,
Speaker 1 00:16:45 Really supporting, we open the subclavian artery. They know arch see 17 CVA, six 42, upper trapezius and down full spinal bladder, Meridian, bladder 54, reflecting back to T five T six heart diaphragm allow yourself to relax into your being, to deepen the breath support to the diaphragm. Opening diaphragm supports lungs, digestive tract
Speaker 0 00:17:41 <inaudible>
Speaker 1 00:17:44 We bring that energy down the stomach, Meridian, stomach 36. And we opened the full spleen around the rib cage coming down to screen nine spleen six spleen four CV, 17 to spleen four. So we're going to do different combinations of plates today to calm down any sense of trauma and to, uh, address any insomnia or PTSD. So CV 17 to spleen four, very good for calming down trauma GV 24, 23, 22, thoracic 11, 12, right? Serotonin oxytocin, two L two L three. The cortisol want to bring that all into balance at GV 22, 23 hormonal balance. We want to be, we want the love hormone oxytocin like that love hormone, very present, not just for our loved ones, but especially for ourselves. So typically when there's PTSD, right? So we're gonna work with the hippocampus. We're going to work with the Broca and the parietal lobe, The upper trapezius and the limbic brain,
Speaker 0 00:19:52 But part of
Speaker 1 00:19:55 Addressing PTSD and healing PTSD is bearing witness to the moments when we are triggered to go back into a traumatic state, to notice,
Speaker 0 00:20:11 Okay,
Speaker 1 00:20:15 To open, to, and improve and enhance our observation so that we are able to understand that trauma feeling as it comes, but to remain present, to remain here and now as the animals do.
Speaker 1 00:20:42 And so they use visual, they use their eyes to notice where are they use their pause, our feet, right? To remain standing in this moment. And then with PTSD, often there's dissociation. There's a disjuncture between the upset that you feel and the present moment that we are in. And so in the moment that it's happening, it's important to do your best to stay present, but to heal, to heal that kind of trauma and distress that comes up. It's important to understand that with trauma, the body that the human being, the way we handle trauma is to fracture or split off, right. And that other parts of us continue on to manage our lives. But that part that fractured our split off that was traumatized, that was hurt often remains in our subconscious. It remains hidden to our conscious mind. So tongue grant is so powerful and working with this because we can move in between consciousness levels. And as we bring the subconscious to light, right, as it comes up for air, as we become aware of it, then we can heal that part of ourselves. And usually that means that part need needs, love, needs, love, and reassurance, because that part that gets triggered and lives in fear has a very narrow point of view, right? That point of view is from the past. And so we, since we grew up as adults, we get to
Speaker 2 00:23:11 Parent
Speaker 1 00:23:12 That young part that got split off and bring that part into present time to listen, to allow those feelings to express, but also to reassure,
Speaker 1 00:23:32 Reassure that part, that those dangers are past and the danger that is being experienced as being present and here and now Israeli past danger. It's a memory. It's a moment in time, a sliver. And, and so we can work with the hippocampus from memory GBA, triple warmer, 20, it can work with the limbic brain. Has it plays a kind of umbrella role governing ancient emotion and present time. As we send in the bio that Tricity, we connect with the chemistry of the brain and the brain is so resourceful. So Neal plastic eye that as we do this, as we work with the tongue Ren, and as we focus on being here and now, and loving and compassionate to the parts that feel this fear, We come into present time.
Speaker 3 00:24:55 No,
Speaker 1 00:25:00 And we become more congruent As we integrate. Wow.
Speaker 2 00:25:11 Oh my goodness. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:25:12 Yay. Grounding. So that took care of everyone on line. So
Speaker 2 00:25:17 Let's move to, I was like, Whoa, wait, I go,
Speaker 1 00:25:21 Michelle, what would you like?
Speaker 2 00:25:24 Victor took care of the whole world, right there. More acceptance of things.
Speaker 1 00:25:32 And that can be so hard when you love so deeply and so hard, but it is a really important division of labor to have whether it's in a relationship or in the world, right? You fight the battles that you, where you can make a difference or you feel you need to make a moral statement. And so that has to do with boundaries. Bounding, that's bounds your heart a little bit. Let's protect the heart. T five T six, B L one, work the pericardium Meridian, supporting the boundaries that are there that protect the vessels, the arteries, right? That bring resources to the heart that support the blood that is pumped by the heart and we'll support its movement to our other extremities, to arms and legs, to the lower stomach down through the, back, through the legs, the bladder Meridian, and we open, we don't want the heart to close the open T five T six, connecting up to the upper trapezius and opening the full deltoids scalene home already in spinal, down to thoracic 12 L one through five S one through five,
Speaker 0 00:27:30 Hey,
Speaker 1 00:27:32 The 10 down. And we want to connect that deep
Speaker 0 00:27:42 And
Speaker 1 00:27:42 Terek nerve to the heart, to the amygdala and the insula correct
Speaker 0 00:27:52 Text.
Speaker 1 00:27:55 So that which is in best service to your essence, right? We'd bring that beautiful divine energy down through the heart, to the root and grounding that down. Liver Meridian to kidney one and liver three
Speaker 0 00:28:17 Rich. I need to stay cool, calm and collected for the next five weeks.
Speaker 1 00:28:24 Just five weeks. Okay.
Speaker 0 00:28:29 Hmm.
Speaker 1 00:28:30 So let's calm things down amygdala to the insular. And at the same time we open the third eye.
Speaker 0 00:28:39 Okay.
Speaker 1 00:28:42 You bring that connection. Be a one through five
Speaker 0 00:28:47 To
Speaker 1 00:28:47 The association, motor sensory cortex, opening 10 dong
Speaker 0 00:28:57 And C5 and C5
Speaker 1 00:29:01 Down through the phrenic. The accessory frantic
Speaker 0 00:29:08 See this 17 CVC
Speaker 1 00:29:11 Six, four, two. We really want to open the bridge way between body and mind. This will open the neck, see one, two, three. We also open the visual cortex visual cortex. Isn't just about vision and seeing, right. It takes in all kinds of information, visual included. We'd bring that back to the third eye. And then we engage the Corpus callosum left and right brain. So that the larger vision, the being bigger than any small frustrations is connected to the logic side, the intuitive side. Now it bring back right down spinal artery and grounding
Speaker 2 00:30:18 Three nice red color, Carol. Um, let's say maybe today I woke up and sort of like sad because I'm not seeing my family friends at all felt that same way. Cause everyone's yeah. Right. So in that
Speaker 1 00:30:45 I think I felt like that one day it really got to me, you know, and so I started to think, how can we resource ourselves in a way that allows us to not get pulled down right. By certain realities that we're living with right now. And I mean, if we wanted to look one, I think we have to remember that, you know, human beings, we really, we don't give up. And that's something that I really feel so much here at tongue Ren. We never give up right. That we w we are going to get through this and we're going to, to surmounted. But also we need to also look at the data. And the death rate is really going down. It's a very small percentage of people who are dying. And so as we go through this, we need to understand there that there are certain segments that are very vulnerable to this illness, but others that are not. And so this does not mean that we remain locked up forever and it is, it's very hard to not see family and friends and for things to not be normal.
Speaker 2 00:32:15 Right. So I start with smiling.
Speaker 1 00:32:24 It makes sense to begin, to, to feel gratitude, to really list what we are agreeing to. And that opens the, in a way that fear closes in the opposite way that fear closes the heart or a despair or hopelessness, right. I think despair and hopelessness of the hardest to come out. So open being a one and know that you're sharing in the human condition, right? So what you're asking for is important for all of us. As we open CV 17 lung one, lung two, and we tap into our own life force
Speaker 3 00:33:23 And
Speaker 1 00:33:24 We find other creative ways to share, to be in nature, to connect with our loved ones, Opening the heart, the diaphragm, opening the heart Meridian to H eight. And we support the enteric nerve Thoracic 11, 12, but back to the interior corner of rooting roots center,
Speaker 3 00:34:05 Rolling.
Speaker 1 00:34:10 I sustained existence. And knowing that we are here to evolve, and this is not an easy assignment to be here. Right? And so again, a dig, a little deeper. I, and no, I mean, you being here is an inspiration
Speaker 3 00:34:36 To
Speaker 1 00:34:36 Everyone who participates in Tundra to your family, to your friends, to your coworkers, right. And so think of the despair, the hopelessness, as a hiccup we fall into, and that your story is the lasting story of inspiration and overcoming the odds and grounding. Thank you for that request, Annie. You're fine. All right. So let's let's and let's work association, motor cortex.
Speaker 3 00:35:17 Yes.
Speaker 1 00:35:22 Do a little bit of diabetes. And the glaucoma though, we did the eyes and again, we support the immune. We'll do all of the Plains to keep everyone healthy and strong So that COVID does not find you.
Speaker 3 00:35:48 And we opened the Elman
Speaker 1 00:35:50 To really keep close that larger view of evolving, becoming loving, sharing compassion,
Speaker 3 00:36:06 And
Speaker 1 00:36:06 The grounding in this moment, Connection. We're so fortunate to have with Tom grid.
Speaker 3 00:36:22 And
Speaker 1 00:36:24 As we close, I invite you to stand if you would like to, or we, um, move back to the route sheet, UCI position and remember what she, that emptiness is filled with potential,
Speaker 3 00:36:45 Right?
Speaker 1 00:36:48 For whatever, and tangled to find form as life form. And as we stand in this posture
Speaker 3 00:37:03 Where
Speaker 1 00:37:04 Filled with our own potential
Speaker 3 00:37:08 Possibility,
Speaker 1 00:37:19 That is just waiting for us to
Speaker 3 00:37:21 Express, wow,
Speaker 1 00:37:34 She is so strong. We sail in the cheap, she bath again. I think all of you for being there for your requests, for your presence, you are truly part of our collective unconscious and conscious. And I wish everyone, a happy Thanksgiving, a nice, joyous, safe day tomorrow. I'm going to bake bread with my nephews. That should be very interesting. I will keep you posted by Howard. My darling brother just left
Speaker 3 00:38:25 And
Speaker 1 00:38:28 We are good to go. I'm going to go change the machine. I am so glad you were. Yeah,
Speaker 2 00:38:37 <inaudible> happy. Thanks. Can you get afraid? He's got this truck. I don't know why someone hasn't said he got picked them up. Well, I think it's going to happen January 20th. You gotta wait till he gets out of the office. It's going to destroy us and they have to arrest them for him in jail. Throw away the case. Uh <inaudible> yes, she does. I'll tell you how. Just be grateful every day is the same. Don't make it like a special time because you can't change a nurse at mass general. So like she just, and she said, you can't just be happy. No, but she's desperate. She said, don't worry about it. Might feel easier. My sister gave me, gets it. You got two kids at school. I'll tell you this. My thing, my Nissan had broken. She was there. So I had my mask on the whole pod and my cousin, she dies in October 19th. So I like it because then the next day I got a phone call that someone was sick and he was not, he only had a sinus infection still, but I was mad because I took off my past.

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