Tong Ren Podcast

0099 - Kathy Wilson, Requests. What ails you? With Kathy Wilson - Wed

Tong Ren Podcast
0099 - Kathy Wilson, Requests. What ails you? With Kathy Wilson - Wed

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, organ disorders, cancers (including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer), etc.

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Speaker 0 00:00:09 Going to start by opening up the field Elizabeth's on here, catching you on the archives. Please put me in the collective group. I will try to see you between the five hobbies on vacation changes my free time. Okay. And she said blessed Thanksgiving. So I hope everyone's enjoying their Thanksgiving. Just opening up the field right now. And then we'll roll into request. She's asking for, I am sore and hurting in my left back. Just above my waist. Okay. Here we go. Coming down here. Our numbers are down. So I guess people are coming in and replay or they could be coming down and just bringing the energy out from mid back. Just above the waist. There we go. Okay. So onto Dolly now. Hi Dolly. Okay. So we're looking at lower back pain, spine degeneration, left foot numbness and weight loss. Just again, start down for the lower back.
Speaker 1 00:03:05 Okay. And that's this tapping goes on. Just center yourself, try and relax, relax. The best thing you can do for yourself. It's just to get the tension out of your body. One thing you can do is tighten up parts. So starting at your feet or your heads, let's say you start at your feet, just take your feet and squeeze tight, tight, tight, and then let go, and then wake up a little bit. You might want to do it a second time to squeeze every bit of your foot. You can, and then just let go. And it'll be more relaxed. Move up to your ankles. Same thing, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and then relax. Squeeze a little harder to squeeze your feet. But again, squeeze your ankles. Just imagine you're just squeezing tight. Okay. Down to the lower back here, Dolly, and then let go on. That'll help. It'll stimulate your muscles and it'll and you're in the area and it also just helps you relax. It'll be, it'll just take him one, one or two notches into relaxation. Another way is, watch your breath.
Speaker 1 00:04:31 Okay. Onto the left foot. Bring the energy out the spine here, back. Okay. Down to the foot and the leg numbness. You can sit in a dentist chair and you can be, you know, just freaking out. Or you can just be said about Zen masters. You just breathe in, breathe out, take your mind away from what you're doing. And that really helps. And you can relax and just try not to tense up. Okay. So just to bought foot here now, K one K one. Okay. Here we are bringing the energy down. Let's do the weight loss
Speaker 0 00:06:05 With weight. Loss is kind of look at what you're doing. I mean, you can tap for weight loss when they read it. I find for me it's I can be flying all day, but as soon as I get into the evening, I get stressed. And that bowl for the popcorn looks pretty good or whatever else is there to figure out when it, what is it? Slowly change. It don't be angry at yourself. Tell me, told me she just feasted on bagels. Bagels was her thing. She said, I have to stop by them. She says because otherwise, okay, so let's do the Brown fat. Now there's Pat. Now we're looking at Pat now arthritis. What else? He asked him for blood pressure as well. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:08:56 Pause pressure here. Oops. Battery. Hold on. Let's leave it. His thing picks up stuff. We'll pick it up. Sometimes it is good paper clips on it. How do you get out of battery on it? The other day, which I could clean my desk that would help a little bit. I'm using it all. I'm not done. I what's. My ex used to say, I look in the kitchen and you have the peanut butter, the bread. I would he'd have this. It was like arcade in his wake. And then I say to him, did he put this stuff away? And he'd go, well, I'm not finished with it yet. So I have to be a point of finishing. He found it. Okay. We're under blood pressure.
Speaker 1 00:09:57 Distraction me. Cross the blood pressure under sugar regulation, optimizing blood to the brain, hypothalamus pituitary artery. What are we up to? We're balancing sugar, balancing metabolism, pancreas, fat metabolism to the gallbladder and bottled up. And here we go. All right. So hopefully you guys are, this is helping you both. Okay. So under Suzanne, Hey Suzanne. Okay. Auto-immune and UTI. UTI sounds expire, movie. Doesn't it. All right, here we go. This is serious or I'm not laughing or they get all these acronyms. Okay. So here we go. Auto-immune moving into the eyes and the thing that comes up in a way here, but nothing, it kind of helps us to not have conversations that haven't happened yet.
Speaker 1 00:13:17 You know, how were we going to do something when they call? They're not going to like it always going to say this to me. Oh, you know, I'm just gonna present to the boss and I'm going to get, you know, I'm just going to get turned down. You know? So the trick is don't be having these conversations because what happens is a lot of times they never ever do happen and they stress you out. Doesn't mean planning. Like for example, you think, okay, well, if this doesn't happen, what's going to happen. Okay. This doesn't have most of my next plan. So what does it mean? Don't have plans just means don't have conversations about things and how people are going to react to you or how they're going to react. Because what it does is it puts it out there and it stresses you out as well. Okay. So there we go to the dry eyes and mouth. Okay. So we're onto the UTI. Now, just remember if you're older and I, I don't, I don't even know what that means, but if you're older, um, often I was just reminded of this. The other day is often when you're also starting off when you're younger and you've got a UTI burning it's burning. Um, when you get older, you don't get that burn anymore. So,
Speaker 0 00:14:52 Um, so you could have it. So just be careful. That's all just be called. You could have a UTI and you don't feel it anymore. I don't know why you feel like sunshine. Today's a little bit of sunshine. Let's get you from the front. Okay. And balancing out. Okay, there you go. Okay. On to Karen. Hey Karen, your brother, Robert. He may have coronavirus. Okay. So let's go up to that. We'll do the coronavirus run. This is for Robert and everyone else. Again, this is good for viruses as good for everything we're focusing in on coronavirus at the moment. So if you've had it, if you have it, if you think you're going to have it, and again, I sound like your mother. When I say this, just be careful. Just be careful. Cause we're not done yet. Anti-inflammation now onto the exosomes.
Speaker 1 00:17:50 Now these old guys, they do a lot stimulate immune response. They support quite elation of the blood, just and a few things they do. They help with, uh, intracellular communication or signaling cell signaling to the other cells, support waste management in the body. Cowboys. The body don't pay them. No mind. Usually we will today. Okay. Onto the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Whenever you like, what you see, start to see around here is people are wearing their mask. They come right over their doses. So I'm surprised the way they're wearing it. Somebody looks in a pizza place, but getting a pizza. And he said, the guy had had is his nose. Wasn't covered. You know what? I almost walked out.
Speaker 1 00:19:15 I think he was pretty hungry. That's why he didn't. I almost walked out. He said he had, there was no showing and he was in a food. He was at a pizza place. So just beat, just be smart. That's all Hazel eyes, ears, nose, and throat, throat from the front and go get the eyes and the nose as well. We're just moving things along here. Salivation central control center for the heart and the lungs, the doula, optimizing bone marrow T cells, B cells, white cells, red cells in the lungs for their involvement and lungs and the lungs themselves. Just relax. Just let the energy flow.
Speaker 1 00:21:20 If you allow it, you'll get what you need from this. If you don't allow it and you cut it off, well, guess you get what you need from there too. So let it flow. Feel those lungs. And again, remember breath. Expansion is amazing. What we noticed with the quantum touch when I was doing workshops is peoples would be expanding their lungs and increasing the oxygen and air. And they just felt so much better. And the other thing is they got a lot more control on their pain or other words, the pain went down and breathing is really important.
Speaker 1 00:22:18 Okay. So onto the heart. Okay. Back up here to do the cardiovascular system, I'm just going to run down the spine and the protocol feels like we need to do it when you get on the spine. Okay. What are we? Sky window. Optimizing Vegasy. Innervating the Vegas nerve. Sorry. The phrenic nerve going to roll the Vegas nerve down to the stomach. It's following its path. Following its past path down to the small intestines. Following the Vegas as path down to the large intestines, all in the phrenic nerve innervation, and then down to the diaphragm. We're just seeing all the communication systems with the nerves, opening up. We're seeing everything working. Let me cross the diaphragm, just stimulating it, coming across the liver. Now let's do the liver as well, coming up the liver from the back and going across liver.
Speaker 1 00:24:09 So again, if you have a lot, okay. I mentioned this one before. If you have a lot of liver issues like anger and that sort of stuff, um, you do a snake noise. So, um, so you just, you know, like I hate snake kissing. You kind of hold your liver area with your hands and kind of move your intention into your liver. And they go really hard and that helps. Um, and don't point it at anybody. Don't be kissing it. Anybody want all that liver energy to come out with all the dark stuff, coming out, all that we carry trauma in our liver and we carry it anywhere in the body, actually anger in the liver.
Speaker 1 00:24:52 So that snake noise. If you're kind of feeling a really see them can just turn to a wall or do it in a pillow or don't put your hands to get anybody, give them everybody else. You're saying put the garbage out. Somebody's frat log. Uh, there we go. Um, liver lungs, we did diaphragm's guy window. We did Vegas nerve. Got it. Okay. Calming anxiety and fear again. This is the run for COVID flu viruses. Just general body health, bumping everything up. Okay. Let's do stress, emotional stress, physical stress, physical stress. Okay. Let's do the angel points for spiritual connection. Let's see lights. The last deal path. Relax. Let the energy flow just imagine you're supported. Everything's fine. Everything's moving in a better direction for you. Go let's fill the add-on tune with energy,
Speaker 0 00:26:50 Go and fill in the Don TN area here. Kind of top everybody up and we'd feel people up yesterday. So suddenly you were just kind of sitting on the top. There there's new space. That's empty. That's not true. There's always room for more energy. You put too much in one place in the body. It moves somewhere else. Okay. And the last point on this is the back of the left back of the knees to rebuild, moving forward, maybe a different world. When this come out of this, the hard things is we're not, you know, in some ways this has turned into a political forum instead of the sensible one for the people. So we're getting stories that aren't necessarily true out there. So we need to just sort of pull back and make sure we're okay. Our families are okay. And then we can work out from there, Kate balancing out there. Okay. So that was kind of a long one there for Robert.
Speaker 0 00:28:21 So we've got happy 2020, um, for Parkinson's skin, health digestion, sinus infection. And tonight is you feel better than last time. I don't know why you just feel alone. You feel, you feel a little more plained, which is nice for me here. So we're looking at Parkinson's to start off with, and the shakes here we go on to Parkinson's. So are you feeling a bit better now? Or take a look here? Yes. Parkinson's tap the brain here on the skin, the skin itself getting on number of complaints from people that are wearing masks and they, um, they're getting kind of like pimples, so around their face or, or rashes. So I don't know if anybody's got any suggestions for them.
Speaker 0 00:31:25 Okay. So digestion now. So let's just follow the system down. So feedback is good just because it kind of allows a little more focus from this end. You have something to share. That's great. You don't want to, that's fine by me too. So you need to do what works for you because the night is we're in a we're reticent to talk about things and reticent to put ourselves out there. Some of us are introverts and some of us are not so important that you go where you're comfortable and not try to, Oh, there are other people what you think other people think you should do. Okay. So there's the digestion. Um, okay. We got to rebook. Okay. So annoying. Sorry. Happy 20, 20, 20, which is going to come down to hobby now sinus infection.
Speaker 0 00:32:57 T one is let's get her to open the rest of the inflammation points on the stubborn side. Okay. I'm going to change that word sinus area from the back here. Okay. The tinnitus. Now, there we go. Let me know how you're doing. There might not be actually on in her, her crew. Um, so let's just start with charge charging the batteries. No, we've already done this. I'm just going to do it quickly and also just check to make sure there's no blockages. If we've done it. When I go to the next person that asks for the point sorority open vertical stroke syndrome, definitely moving on the left side. Bladder.
Speaker 0 00:39:31 Yes. This is today's. Yes, Dolly. It is today. That was a spam call. It's not always the best way to communicate to the bladder coming down. So we're on to, um, Casey. Now I'm going to bounce it together, um, for memory loss, confusion, hallucination. So is it getting better for getting better or not? Okay. Not orange dot on here. I have to remember. I just, just dimension here in Canada. We had Thanksgiving, uh, a month ago. So this is not a holiday here. Everybody's a holiday, right? But no, it's not a yes. Not a holiday up here, but I do hope everybody's having a safe, enjoyable time tapping the temple here and the cataracts and the diabetes coming down. And there we go to Joe now. Um, how are you doing? Okay, Joe is not on much. You just sort of put people in the collective.
Speaker 1 00:44:32 They're not here piece. Would Joe got breasts metastasized, the spinal bone we are chose. Okay. Just remember it's a group effort. Like it's, I don't know how to explain it. Well, I'm going to explain that, but it's like your thought and my thoughts are kind of rolling around, you know? And uh, and we empowered each other. So the fact that you type something down, um, other people are looking at it too. So it's like, we're all in this together. And so by opening the blockage points, we, you know, we can just allow things to happen a little better health and allow abundance in our life. Allowing joy to come in. It's hard when you don't feel well, because you get sort of insular. Okay. So there you go. That's for you, Joe. You're Joel, it's going to bump the auto-immune for balance Choate coming down. I'm balancing out. Okay. So Coco having a rough week. Very weak. Okay. Low energy, low platelets, bladder infection and headaches. Okay. Coco, are you on here? Um, people not hearing me well, it's good. Okay, good. Okay. Casey's getting better. Oh, that's good. Okay. Here we go. Happening for platelets here.
Speaker 0 00:47:34 Platelets pain for headaches. Now on the occipital Ridge here where the skull starts, tap your adrenals as well. And there we go. Okay. There you go. Coco discussion, discussion, discussion, discussion about what today is so healing. Okay. So we're looking at shingles, nerve itching, especially on the front and back of right. Neck, shoulder, upper chest, and back feed and handle us to arthritis possible. Okay. And that's for Barbara here. Okay. So no Dolly, don't worry about anything. You can make someone laugh. That's really big.
Speaker 1 00:50:28 We're not laughing at you. Don't you feel like you just it's like you're on the other side of the looking glass lately, things happening, like what the heck? Goodness. I had a parcel for someone that I had to get to them. And so, I don't know. Anyway, so what I phoned her and said, I had it, she started telling me what she was doing. Just I go shopping once a week. She says once a week, and then my brother comes over for dinner and that's pretty much it, you know? So they were kind of on the other side of the looking glass subtypes. So I make sure I get it once a week.
Speaker 1 00:51:29 I have another friend who's rents her basement apartment. Okay, here we go. So we're working on DMEs energy to the feet and the hands. Anyway, she rents her to a lovely gentleman who is now working from home and goes out once a week shopping. And that's it. It doesn't go outside. Doesn't go for walks. He used to on his computer most of the time, hopefully he's taking vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin, but you know, it's just a strange time now we're in. So you need to look after yourself and make sure you stay in touch with other people. You still on the Demia there for Barbara. Okay. Just relax. The energy is really moving well to you right now. So we'll just roll down to the hands and the feet done. Shingles for loss. Tom's got for shingles. Sorry. I'm kind of floating out there right now. Basically the auto-immune points I thought, okay, here we go. Shingles. And then we'll just roll the skin there for tap all of your skin.
Speaker 0 00:53:41 Let's see. Seven and 26 are a little tight. Should all your auto-immune points look good to open. Okay. Hang on one. Not the other one yet. Okay. Let me go shingles. Okay. So let's just tap skin here. Just get the energy moving. Oops, osteoarthritis. See, I wonder that six was a little buttery. Hopefully this helps you under the right side of the neck here. Okay. I'm just going to relax those tight neck muscles as well and the right elbow to the left. To the left, to the right. Okay. Balanchine you out there. Can you put the baby on board here, Barbara? Okay. Dollar. Gotcha. Hey John. Okay. So we've got healthy kidneys in both calves, ankle feet, balanced electrolytes. Okay. So we've done a Damia. So we'll just check your points here for that
Speaker 1 00:56:29 Electrolytes
Speaker 0 00:56:47 Electrolytes. Let's do the kidneys. Now the electrolytes, here we go there. John
Speaker 1 00:57:42 Spinal surround to father John spinal stenosis and neuropathy legs and feats strength and the left leg muscles. Okay, here we go. Um, spinal stenosis. Okay. Neuropathy in the legs and feet. Let's just look at the nerves here, Optimizing their production,
Speaker 0 00:58:36 Making sure that the damage nerves are placed
Speaker 1 00:58:50 On the feet and hands.
Speaker 0 00:59:21 Okay. Down with
Speaker 1 00:59:22 The leg muscles here. I'm just going to do a little tweaking on the hip. Here. Feels like a jammed up a little bit of subluxation in there, but I don't know much, but it's better than nothing. Okay. Can we down the legs? We'd go for father John. Okay. Sandy's got the cataracts and I'll kill her migraine, right? I have to back off. Sorry. So those are, when you look at things energetically, you can, well, you can feel them too. So I don't really want Sandy's ocular migraine, but I can feel it. So that's another thing when you're intuitive, you often can pick up other people's things, whether you other people's energies, whether you realize it or not. So, um, particularly if you live with someone, even if you're spending time with someone, if you're not sure you could just ask, is that mine? And then that'll kind of straighten it out for you. Your body you'll kind of go forward. Is that mine, then wait to see if your body leans forward or backward. It leans forward to chores. If it doesn't that's, if you're not a dowser, you can just be there. Doesn't then it's not allowed to stay.
Speaker 1 01:01:55 Okay. Onto Anna lazy eye syndrome is definitely moving. She's a lot more receptive to energy than she was when we started a while ago. A little bit like she flashy going on to get there, but now it just rolls right towards her telephone wires are working. Okay. I'll get over to Facebook when I go down the line here. So, um, okay. So we're, we're onto river rat to pain and lower back holding breath and staying with the grieving process. So not fun can tell these glad I'm just looking at my own Facebook. Hairy cubbies glasses are like the computer ones. You should use the regular ones. You can't see my eyes. Okay. So river rats are painted in lower back holding breasts. Let's just do the, um, we crave a lot of things, you know, and, uh, you know, a little loss of loved ones, failing a math exam, you know, not getting a job, you know, or certain life is about flows.
Speaker 1 01:04:15 Just be kind to yourself. You're just to start off, actually, I'm doing the angel points here, connection to spirit. So just relax. You can tell you're not Canadian Dolly. That's all I can say. Here, here. We apologize for everything. You walk into a mannequin in a store and Oh, sorry. You're walking into a lamppost. You say, Oh, I'm sorry. We're very apologetic up here. I did what for, they were very apologetic. Stephanie came back and she's been living in Germany for quite a bit, quite a while, in many ways. So she's come back and she says she had a wife. I knew I was back to Canada when I backed into somebody. And they said, they said they apologized. And I'm very funny.
Speaker 1 01:05:58 Anyway, there you go. Nothing to worry about, again, just working on the brain here. Just kind of opening up some of the, some of the energy of trust and love and okay. There we go. Okay. Let's just open the lungs. You might have to try and do that consciously for awhile. I don't know what else to you've got the blues so bad. They got little black buttons on them. It's kind of hard to see straights. All I can say is I know you support you. Okay. Exercise, exercise in the lungs here. We've done that. And then down to the pain in the lower back. So I did the others first because I think it would just kind of calm me a bit more in the back would let loose a little easier.
Speaker 1 01:08:01 Okay. Here we go. Okay. So balancing out there. I love your handle river rat too. We just need you to who's river rat one or the two river rats. Okay. Um, okay. So we're on the Tahoe. Um, abdominal hernia case, we're working on the low, the private stuff. Okay. I'm just going to roll down the spine and they'll concentrate down there. Okay. Down the spine. We're just going to tap a couple of brain points here. Look like they could use some energy and then back down and down to just to flood energy down into that lower part or abdominal area. Cut me down. Hey, sorry. I'm student. I went down your back, tap in the low point here, energy out from the spine. Let's just tap that Cox of care.
Speaker 1 01:09:47 I me ask you from the front. Okay. So hopefully that helps. Okay. Where am I? Okay. Okay. There we go. All right. We usually add somebody else. Okay. So on to Vicky now. Yeah. So I hope that helped. Okay. So we're on to, um, Vicky here, Vicky, um, inflammation in the colon, liver from parasite detox, a little bad pain, stiff neck. Well start with the neck. So first my first class I STG, I said, okay, we go from top to bottom, unless we're following a flow. Might've stuck in my head. More than it. Did the people taking the class. You never know coming down, um, inflammation points here.
Speaker 1 01:11:25 It's like going to get to the heart. If you're saying this, feel, feel all this love. It's kind of like universal love. Or unless you get that, if you could package this, this heart shocker energy and give it to people like, you know, CBD oil, you have to make billions, billions. It's just beautiful. Our energy for the taking a, okay, here we go. Sorry. I was positive on your heart there. Okay. Here we go. Um, down in the colon. So let's just strengthen stat energy to the colon and the liver point as well. So we're coming in from the spine and then we'll do the front.
Speaker 1 01:12:22 That's the colon. Let's just roll around it. Sending lateral. So one is called lateral going across. And if you send me, okay, let's get that point. There looks a little stuck here. A little bit of a traffic jam, the little car pile up. I mean, everything's fine. There we go. Got her, opening it up a little sluggish. Okay. And let's do the little back pain done this already, but the energy down. Okay. There you go, Vicky. Okay. So what happened? Ronda's psychos cold sores. The moat digestion, sciatica pain. Bilateral bilateral. Okay. Got it all over. Right? Okay. Here we go. Cold sores there. My grandmother had cold sores all the time and I don't know why I picked it up, but I was really when the kids were little, like when their babies are being sure nobody kissed them on the miles. So I didn't want them having, I didn't want them suffering from cold sores. All their lives seem to have worked
Speaker 0 01:14:16 Cheek kissing only, please. What they did when they were out of my reach. I have no idea, but they're babies. I was trying to protect them from cold sores coming down here. I could have been way off in left field there. Okay. Two digestion, throat looks good. Stomach pH is awful. Get the energy in there. I hear here, come down the splines. So I add a couple points right on your Gigli part. Tap in your bottom, coming in from the front as well, balancing you out there. Okay. So we'll then do Kim here can be 92 and then I'll move over to Facebook.
Speaker 0 01:16:59 Do you talk some smoke chemicals? Mold. Okay, here we go. Let's just do the whole getting rid of toxins in the body. Sorry. I'm a little floaty right now. So I'm just going to pull the points up. So we're looking at toxicity right now. Okay. Everybody ready? Fasten your seat belts. We're just going to clear, clear the garbage here. Okay. Starting off with the liver here, supporting energy into the liver elimination. Getting rid of it. The bottom door here or the back door. We're on to immune system. Optimizing the oxygen in the body. Vegas nerve, supporting the kidney Meridian, supporting the kidneys.
Speaker 0 01:19:37 Um, let's do your, to your lungs here. So there you go. Okay. Popping over to Facebook now, going on here. Hi Kelly. As like this morning, she's fast asleep. Okay. So we've got Roseanne Rosa. Lucy is it's called diabetes and memory. So here we go. Let's do that on the skin. Okay. Diabetes. Okay. We did the balancing of the sugar. So that's going to get your pancreas here. So your stomach point equal opportunity here. Sorry. I'm right. So balancing right and left brain coming down. And Roseanne, we're just going to put some energy into your lower Dawn and you're leaking somewhere or is it of just going to tap and put a little healing patch on two areas? I noticed that my mom, when I used to run energy on or do it looks like I was running it through. So I'm just going to put for two spots. We're just going to seal them up if that's okay. The energy flow in your body,
Speaker 1 01:23:09 Your body here, maybe these are real. Maybe I'm just imagining it, but I don't know. That's what I see. Roseanne, Martha, Hey, Martha, uh, dizziness tonight is in PTSD. So let's just do the angel point. Can never do enough. Tom ran, right? Sarah is asking for her birthday if her girlfriend and herself to be included. So you are in the collective, you were in the collective the moment you thought. So I'm thinking about it and it's her birthday. I'm one of those, uh, I don't know if anybody's done two colors, but I've been orange blue. So if it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done anyway.
Speaker 1 01:24:32 Okay. Here in Ontario, they, they make you renew your license and your health guard on your birthday. Like really, really? I mean, what a bummer anyway. So, uh, so of course I'm always last minute on my license, right? So I'm standing in there and, uh, and the lineup with them. And then I came to the girl and I said, uh, I said, yeah. I said, I guess a few people have their birthday today. And she goes every day, I guess I wasn't the only one. So at the license Bureau, everybody's wait until the last bit, it, all their birthday to get their license renewed.
Speaker 1 01:25:14 Okay. There we go. And let's get the tinnitus now, Venus. Okay. So again, I'm going to ground you down to the center of the earth, down to your each chakra grounding, right from your crown. Um, sending a nice energy cord. We help you stay balanced Katie tonight. It's still and the balancing coming down. Okay. So chronic GI issues. And this is for Sherry, I think your last but not least coming down. So let's do the auto immune real quickly. T one's not as open as arrest, but it's fine. Fine. Looks good and open they're out of the GI tract.
Speaker 1 01:27:00 Okay. There we go. All right. So for those that are still on the call, um, maybe what we can do is just before we close out is it's just feel our heart chakras and just feel, just feel love. And let's send it out to all of the people on the call, all of the people in replay and just send out it is healing energy and then have, and then include yourself as well to come back. So let's just take a minute and do that. And so we're going to feel our heart shockers. We're going to feel the love, and then we're going to send out, um, healing, energy, and, uh, and then just great intentions for everybody, as well as a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Just take about a minute and do that. And then we'll close out this focused on all the people coming in and replay all the people that are joined us and had to go a few that are here and including everyone that we love and we care about. So I'm going to tell you want to close your eyes. You can see better with your eyes closed. You can see what you're doing. Come see the energy better.
Speaker 0 01:29:11 Wow.
Speaker 1 01:29:12 That's very powerful. So get everyone just to close out. However you want to do that. Just say, thank you. Say, well wishes. You want to say amen. That'll work to be like captain Picard, make it so, All right. Well thank you for being with me this Friday afternoon evening. So we're just going to do the little clothes off here. Just make sure everybody's field is clear.
Speaker 0 01:29:48 Make sure
Speaker 1 01:29:49 Any, any connections you have with energy, that's dragging you down. Just remove them throughout to put them back. You're welcome to it. Um,
Speaker 0 01:30:01 But
Speaker 1 01:30:01 We want anything that's draining your energy field, bad thoughts, people pushing you around people, other expectations of you, things you think that people think you want. They, they want all that stuff. Okay. We'll put a wonderful healing blanket or on everyone wrap it around to feel like that should last couple of days. And we'll just tick everybody's protection. Bubbles put ones in for those who don't have them. And these are just energetic, bubbles like eggs that are around you and they just protect. They give you a few more seconds to not let bad thoughts in your way. Not let negative stuff in your way, give you a chance to react instead of just whap and right at you.
Speaker 0 01:30:52 Okay.
Speaker 1 01:30:53 You're all good to go grounded and good to go. All right. Well again, thanks for being with me. Um, and we'll see, y'all later.

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