0072 - Monica Calvo, General and Anti-Cancer Healing

Episode 72 November 03, 2020 01:07:58
0072 - Monica Calvo, General and Anti-Cancer Healing
Tong Ren Podcast
0072 - Monica Calvo, General and Anti-Cancer Healing

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Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast | https://tongrenpodcast.com

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Monica Calvo, BA/CTCM/LMT
For private treatments and questions:
Phone – 617-605-3308
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Speaker 0 00:00:02 Yeah. Yeah. Uh, hopefully early March and, uh, I was on to blow all blockers and I wish I stopped one on May 2nd. And the other one was Fremont on mobile locker, which I didn't get the July shot. So I've been off, you know, I've been winding down, but I still continue to get Huck, but really, so that's going to kind of be the key because PSA tests and on January, uh, uh, won't late, late December. So hopefully without the hormone blocker PSA levels, everybody's going to be a charged particle. It's going to be, yeah, that'd be all right. Speaker 1 00:01:10 So let me get 'em through the station here. Okay. We are on go to the Facebook. So Facebook today. So my name's Dina had Gabby says that from my back and neck, we will, um, Roseanne Collibra please stop for rosacea, diabetes and memory. Okay, good. So those are the, those are the Facebook I have, I think, let me see people to see it. Okay. I have here Speaker 2 00:03:03 The light laser to, to the GV 22 to the GV 22, the lower Dunkin to before. So today it's not under second one Speaker 1 00:03:27 Spin at 33 and that for her, it's going to spin around at 33 and like playing the Beatles. <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:03:46 So three ranch. Good morning. All happy November, a tree branch. Good morning, ms. Staffer and Haretha nerving and the face chest decrease on the optic nerve and the spine. Our food pressure too high in the brain. Very scared about possible brain surgery needs towards is okay. <inaudible> is scoliosis <inaudible> <inaudible> Raj under the belly button sleep. Okay. Jump K. Hi Monica. Please start from healthy kidney, prostate bladder, and lower triglycerides. Tina immune system, clear lungs and a straight brother, John restenosis <inaudible> and their strength, legs left leg, muscle, Alexandra and motion, or osteoarthritis and knees and energy Ana uh, Russia, Lacy eyes syndrome on both sides and ureaplasma Sandy and right. I opened up my urine and right. I am very keyed up. Carol Johnson. Thanks. Monica friends for tapping neuropathy in habitat, feed their feet, make up energy and right from the log closed, head injury. Also open for Japanese IVs, male coma, diabetes to talk from the of the morning to all of you <inaudible> to you to JB night. Speaker 2 00:05:34 Good morning, Monica. Please stop for osteoarthritis. Diorite he's like, sir, I'm back. Thank you. I'm having a nice day. So you do Dhabi. Hi Monica. You talk to her arthritis and lower back and his spine degeneration and left foot and left leg for numbness and the button of my hip and my left. Who also, if you have time for that, her right arm, blood pressure for all and sugar. Thank you. You welcome Regina and mrs. <inaudible> clearances and very high blood pressure diabetes do some immense lessons. Thank you, Kim pen, please start from, uh, California, please. <inaudible> seven year old with this glorious and epilepsy and for mom is fully recovered from surgery. We will. Thank you, Louis CLI blue sky. Please start for regular blouse balance hormones, grade resignation. So right shoulder for not miss degeneration per month. Online health for that, we leave 15 w P for Matt fractured ribs, separate shoulder. <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:07:00 what is <inaudible> AC? Graham is seen that Jay drought to good morning. Please tell me for ms. Is thickness on left side and the rest want to sleep bland, a stomach pain headaches for mother hip pain for male and John immune for Lilly, John and Amy Jan, Janice. Okay. Kathy K IVs. <inaudible> granddaughters, right knee injury. Kara <inaudible> numbness. Thank you, Christine, please. <inaudible> and grinds. And other men increased yourself reduction on white blood cell Zen. Listen to you, Monica <inaudible> and deep relaxation. Kim get good lines. It's not only here in California. I know. Thank you for being there. <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:08:07 live in Europe, but the thank you. You woke up. So we have 14 people online and we have four people on, um, Facebook. Okay. So I, I have this black, uh, background. I help you get a seat and we have also got actually one on the back. So we go to start for the neck. Um, Hey, so any problems with brain rain? <inaudible> brain injured, brain inflammation, rain cancer, right? Two more, um, neck injury, um, blood clot, um, um, ellipses, um, and MIS, uh, Parkins. Thank you. Um, it's drugs, uh, um, as sign there's memory issues, um, uh, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, um, hormones, um, balance, um, circulation, eye issues, um, hypothalamus, hormones, um, and pools. Are they champions? Um, so the brain is a PC of Laura, Bobby, isn't it? So I'm friends and efferents, uh, signal. So <inaudible> bring the signal from the brain and away from the brain to the body. Speaker 2 00:10:06 So it's a mother after in <inaudible> the signal from a, from the body to the rain. So their sensory signals. So also for neuropathy's, uh, issues. Okay. So for signals on the body, uh, pain people, they have <inaudible>, that's an airplane and then their issues, uh, for Lipton hormones. So I going to get everybody related with the rain issues. Okay. Um, any trauma we're going to do the angels bind for the trauma. So anybody that has inflammation in the brain, um, any, uh, anything else on the brain? Did I get it all? Okay. So hydro pressure, I didn't get it all high blood pressure, lower blood pressure. Uh, this illness, um, ear issues hearing tonight is all related up to the brain. Okay. So ready. So limbic system and Marcia depression, metabolic syndrome. So we're going to open the next, that is going to help us to open the vegans. Now the phrenic nerve long drastic nerve, the common carotid artery, the small, um, so there are three. They are to take the ball. Speaker 3 00:12:20 That's going to help to lose, uh, Speaker 2 00:12:27 The neck, open the oxygen to the brain. They always seem you have to do is just see a relaxed, listen, to try not to sing, not to question be there. That's going to help you to change. I used to, um, because Speaker 3 00:13:18 It all the five related to your girlfriends as to everybody else and to my problems and to your brother, Speaker 2 00:13:30 Yes. Naming the coins doesn't make any difference. It doesn't make any difference. And that's amazing because I Speaker 3 00:13:47 Run any names, the areas Speaker 2 00:13:51 That we're going to treat, okay. Speaker 3 00:13:54 That we can then the Speaker 2 00:13:56 Point regardless, pause or dive in and say, Speaker 3 00:14:01 And people get very fixated on points. And what we train in are the areas that made the difference and the galaxy one that helpline, Speaker 2 00:14:14 There are areas that we treat in. So, so Speaker 3 00:14:18 That's did they get out of it? Fixate and Speaker 2 00:14:20 Of the points you have to sing it on the iPad, then you treat it. You're treating the brand. What's the rain, zoos defined doesn't mean anything. It's just Johnny. So Speaker 3 00:14:38 10, 11, nine Speaker 2 00:14:42 Is sky window up. 17. Speaker 3 00:14:55 Do you mean I can? 20 people want my 16 and 17, the B L 17, 2021, 1922, 23, 36, 23. We got to work on the trauma too. On the <inaudible> on the, if you want to work, I venture on all the other, no struggles. <inaudible> those boy 10 on the, and all the Elvis here. You can work on the <inaudible> deviate here because we have here work on the Marsha, work on the talent, on the <inaudible> Charlie's here. He is a very successful practitioner. He has the Hey gray class every Monday night. And his house is beautiful. I would recommend to go to his house because you're going to love it. 6:00 PM, sorry, six 30, 2:00 PM. And, um, he also is a great nutrition is under efficient, and he has a lot of great tips and you too. So I would recommend people get into his channel as Miguel ski. And he has a great book that we haven't yet. I don't know if we saw your Google Charlie. Speaker 3 00:17:39 Right. But he has, he's an add-on ran list that a super efficient at yeah, yeah. Yes. You're living happily ever after one Apple a day, or what is it that lap on a day? Make pizza. Yeah. So I'm a ton of Apple fare over the counter. His house. They're really good. One of my hockey buddies in his orchard to October. So last week, right before the frost and he is an avid hockey player. Oh. So I will recommend to get into his YouTube videos. You have your YouTube videos, Alex. So he has Tom read videos too. He tacks on the tongue, isn't it? Yeah. Nutrition dot or random nutrition.org is the website, but in the media videos. Speaker 3 00:19:09 But I think if they could chat an eight pound ran nutrition and it would come up to because he's very famous for good reasons, not bad. And we are very lucky that he is here today because it's not always that happy that it is today. And he is always, um, he's doing a great job with everyone that he trains. So he also does a lot of <inaudible> on the phone three lung, these patients. So you can find this information on the rent, istation.com because it's the least of the practitioners there too. So we keep in working on the paper, our, our, the app to see one to the medulla, to the sacred of, with, to the central nervous system. Speaker 3 00:20:41 And so those people that they have a lot of brain issue that somebody said the mind is we try to release that and also for pain. So a lot of people suffering from chronic pain for many issues or not such a chronic and people are to stop friend from depression or anxiety. So we've got to work on the, also an appearance and evidence thing and their incentive. And we're going to work again on the Angela pong from the trauma, Reno carpets is the name of those agile. You've got to look it up on the internet and we're going to work on the eyes. Also on the hearing tonight are three <inaudible> tell me like the points. So we're going to miss him for the point. We have one, two, three, and again that on the nostril, one 16, 17, um, metabolism, that one is a massive many functions regulate the hormone. So what is regulating the hormones? Speaker 3 00:23:21 When we say hormone, we don't understand what it is. Is it female hormones is we only think in that part, but the Oregon's word hormones, and we can regulate that also harm, harm, or thermostat. It's also like nightly harmonious court resolve with the farm. Isn't it? So people don't, then it's done exactly what miss out on. So many things that helium is regulated rather than sugar is regulated about metabolism. So when we talk about metabolism, people think only, and hormones, female, and male hormone is not what you're saying. Only that it's many other things that Metalla is also regular. A lot of the growth fat. What else? Negatively Charlotte. He is an expert. Speaker 3 00:24:46 So we balance the metabolism, regulate the carbs. Yeah. Okay. So let's regulate the sugar and the voting for people that suffer from incident resist. Then, um, many people don't even know that they suffer from diabetes before they diagnosed with diabetes. And many people, they don't know myself. You know, they diagnosed with insulin resistance that they've been suffering for on it. And they don't know that. So is it on the system metabolism type two diabetes type one diabetes or type one diabetes related to the immune system is related to metabolism. So regulate the sugar <inaudible>. So also we're going to worry about that really work in segregation. Speaker 3 00:26:12 So people, when they have neuropathy or they have problem with the sugar, what happened with that? So neuropathy is the damage of the nerves. So now I chose the neck can be back with Lisa can be done from trauma, from, um, medication from chemotherapy, also from fat, when the fat is not balance because insulin resistant sugar or many other reason get into the blood stream. So the blood does both float running, um, nice and freely because it's got in there that will damage the nerve. And like Pat said, relation issues. So it would cause some grasses that mainly the cells will die. The skin cells die and the nurser would like to, okay. So one of the reasons of people suffering, but they also live a life of fat cells on the bloodstream. This is the anatomy class today. Okay. Speaker 3 00:27:26 There are many reasons why that happened. Okay. So let's work on that too. So the water and circulation, so that can happen on the eyes that can happen in any part of your body. They have lot stream. Okay. There's also a fact efficiency equal. You'll see, um, you'll have stomach fat, which is too much of what she's talking about. But a lot of times they have dry skin and their fingers crack, and next you're not getting enough seed oils like pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, and you can't do them roasted this law like that, that is needed for nervous repair. So one of the ways to get rid of the diabetic neuropathy is to actually eat more like raw seeds, sunflower seeds. I remember when I was a kid, the best thing we used to be eat. It was a lot of, we used to buy, we didn't buy cookies or anything at the school. We bought the package of sunflower seeds. So we were eating sunflower seeds all the time, you know, with, uh, with, uh, um, with the shell. So we were, you know, regular the shirts and throw the shirt away. And he did that. That was a snack, you know? Yeah. Speaker 3 00:28:49 These glasses don't fog up on your, breathe through your regular glasses. So then see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, we'll take care of C1. We'll take care of problems related to the top of your head will get problems related to the front-end luck, C3 to your eyes, C4 to your cheeks and Myles and no C5 to your throat, peas and Jo C six to your large orange parents. Fine, sorry. C 67 to your Syrah. Um, um, parasite. So Asia's nostrils, uh, thyroid any, uh, link inflammation, any throat cancer, any issues in there. Okay. So how you doing? Speaker 0 00:29:53 You don't feel well. Uh, the only other thing would be Speaker 3 00:30:04 Okay. So we go in that now, T one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. I always have the <inaudible> and you <inaudible> take care of the immune system with data of the, also the bone marrow T cells. Um, when five feet to the side was on the ground for people that have <inaudible> <inaudible> before for the skin rest here, all they call sweat, or they have <inaudible> for this plane and abdominal blocked vessel. So we took care of the organs, um, cancer or any issues that you have with any Oregon's related to those points. So we're going to work also on the Cleveland <inaudible> to the arms, to the joint of the show there's <inaudible> front and back of the shoulder blade. So if you have any joint pain of your arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, any items approaching your shoulder, any problems also, and your arms, um, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, and he throw it in your elbow and the inflammation on a raised hands down to your aunts. Yes. I took care of their frightened of the eyes. All of them. Yes. And for you also for the arms to how you're feeling all of them. So three for one. So also for any problem on the viewer that they have issues with pain on the shoulders, upper back pain on the shoulder blade pain under the arm. You know, when you have this thing here, going up here, um, if you have pain, when you are in bed that you need to Teresa, you have pain there too. Speaker 2 00:32:49 Yes. Speaker 3 00:32:57 So I forgot anybody with headaches. Also, we went into this because it really, Speaker 2 00:33:05 Um, Speaker 3 00:33:07 <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:33:14 Yes. I have some little Crick in my neck, somewhere for 85% goes down, but a little bit of stuff. That's more fun than that. And still here at that level though. Speaker 3 00:33:57 So we need the brain, the neck, everything related to his eyes. Did you do yours? Speaker 2 00:34:09 I, I probably wasn't here, but I have that Chris still listening to C3 Speaker 3 00:34:34 All the upper back and neck hit rang I everything up until T seven. So we've got to do phrenic, lone, thoracic, um, Vegas for anybody who has like you, the problem and something and stuff. When you throw, Sometimes it's related to ask them Speaker 2 00:35:01 Some guy, some guy, sometimes she has the blockage, so we're going to work to loose it out. Sometime when the shoulders are tight, we can have that issue too. Sometimes we can have some short, short and sensation too. We're going to do maybe 20, Speaker 3 00:35:38 1912, 27, six five four three. So it goes to the lungs, to the lane, Aria to learn one to the chest. So anybody with Elsa, we didn't call them issues with any, um, respiratory issues with any, um, allergy issues who event any problems on the lungs, lung cancer, or lung bronchus relation, heart issues, breasts, CD 17 opened it all on the heart, see these 13. So I'm going to be pulling on the chest bond that people sometimes get some heartburn and then some pain on the stomach or asset DB, two rattling hormones, open the chest area. Speaker 3 00:37:01 Also when we do the head, people that didn't have kids with epilepsy or stomach 2135. So we couldn't get up the Oregon Senate cancer on the leader on this <inaudible> for, um, for, um, diabetes, uh, liver, tumor libraries, pancreas and liver for pancreatic cancer and destined any pain on the stomach. Any fat on the stomach, all from females and males, organs, um, prostate adrenals, um, cervical cancer are all very cancer. Um, sees bouncer on the groin 11. So anybody who has pain on the heap, on the hip flexors on the knee that is galaxy linger 10, well, the 34 34 for everybody, that's paying them to the grind to them, Speaker 2 00:38:47 Um, from the ground, from the hip, from the pain or not from pain on the back or on the knee, all the clients you get. Yes. So we want to work on the, Speaker 3 00:39:48 On the back. So from <inaudible>, so people that they have pain from the shoulder blade down, or any organ issues from the shoulders laid down. Okay. We're going to take care of Speaker 2 00:40:04 So drawn to cancer. You're going to take care of that. Let me read a little bit here on that, on mine. So let's see. Speaker 3 00:40:33 <inaudible> so we're gonna to do the abdominal hernia. Speaker 2 00:40:39 All right. Gina. Speaker 3 00:40:43 <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:40:47 Okay. Speaker 3 00:40:50 Good morning. Miner, please. For my <inaudible>. Speaker 2 00:40:56 We did that insulated with victim with your dad. And she said, she asked him, Speaker 3 00:41:02 This is Charlie. I think I answered that question. Yes. His job Is to say, yes, it's true. Speaker 2 00:41:13 So that was the question. We'll answer those questions. Okay. So now we're gonna go T a nine, 10, 11, 12. So we take care of the pancreas, the liver gallbladder by that intestine recycle for sure. Virals and the thing, is there a recycle of the intestine? And that goes for IVs, like leaky gut, any cancer and any area of the Oregon's Emmy is stones on the Oregon's, any NECs and the ordinance, uh, for people that they have renal failure also, um, we're going to do that too. Let's do the back first. So for people that they have that issues, sometimes they have inflammation and those, um, between the shoulders Lang ways it's inflammation beside of this fine. So we're going to work on that too. Okay. Is that it has that pain. Speaker 2 00:42:54 So for organs and for muscle for man and for, um, right. I say that, yes. So ready? Good. The seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, any inflammation related to it? Okay. You don't have to do anything just feeding in general. The last thing, can you do the better? The lens concentration, just listen. So we're taken care of. And also Sartorius muscle is a muscle that goes on the side that is a touch to the drug basis and a home only arm. So, so now we've got to take care of also female or decks over you to take care of people with a hearing aid females or males. We both to have this like growth cancer. Speaker 2 00:47:15 I have pain for declinations, this diagnosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, um, <inaudible> um, regenerate this pinch login. They also can have ruse bruises on the blonde Morrow. They can have very far issue. Here is on the Mondays. They can have Baker says on the knees too, that we gave you a problems on the knees and on the, um, and also <inaudible> off the back of there on the phone. Peggy going down inside our stomach, 36, Oh, some people with dizziness, with a stomach issues, with no shifts, a lot of heat, a lot of headache and migraine pain. So we've got an older way. You want to release a lot of midterms, the type of along the way, working for cancer hormones, and also for the people that they need to gain weight. The interesting, the offer, the shoulder blade. You can do that yourself, you know yourself, China to cheat you on that. They do that all the time. So like 36 check. So we have tended to on, I think I did off. Um, so we're not gonna do anything now. Speaker 1 00:53:48 <inaudible> Speaker 2 00:55:51 Yay. Thank you very much. I wish you all the names I see you all next week. Thank you very much. Thank you, gentlemen. Speaker 1 00:56:38 And then I get distracted. <inaudible> Speaker 4 00:57:22 That should be enough to live happily a brand. You shouldn't have to keep taking them because that wasn't really good enduring. Speaker 1 00:57:31 Yeah. Speaker 4 00:57:33 Alex, do you know, like going to see it? It's like, okay, this is how I can, and you've been, we've had that conversation a long time ago. So you've been doing it for quite a while. Maybe I'll just check it once or twice a week. Cause it's pricey. Amazon, Amazon had some deal like a 60 pills, $18 or something. If you do it or sign up or check it out. <inaudible> I will say eating Primrose oil, you know, like when you hear about fish oils, it's EPA DHA. Well, it's, <inaudible> linseed oil capsules. <inaudible> their brand. And they have like 500 milligrams <inaudible> to maintain it for me. That's an essential fat. That's what? The diabetic people <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:59:25 <inaudible> Speaker 4 00:59:34 No, it starts in the gut. Speaker 1 00:59:38 She had it. And then I got it. Speaker 4 00:59:48 But stress knocks down the good bugs here too. So yeah. Speaker 1 00:59:52 Well, but like it's a weird feeling. <inaudible> Speaker 4 01:00:26 See. It's probably, you said you never get salad at a Chinese restaurant. You might not cook your salad. I don't know. Do you ever go to Austin, Boston, one 79, Speaker 1 01:00:37 Harvard alcohol, Speaker 4 01:00:43 He's holding my political. He goes, you should give him a lectures. Number two, he goes, stop the cold water and stop the sides. And you know, I have a garden, the gardens, the size of this room, and I made my salad every night. Isn't that other stuff, but all that work, jams this up. So, you know, as well as the cold water. So my prostate couldn't like breathe up and out. So changing that stuff Speaker 1 01:01:07 <inaudible> Speaker 4 01:01:16 Yeah. One 71 Harbor down used to have a timeline class. He just got tired of doing it. And this woman, Linda does it some, but it's, I don't think it's on the website anymore. So it's mixed. It's a Chinese apothecary. So you show up, you just show it to me. Like I said, how can you, how you know, it's like, you should get more lectures. You worry too much. You don't like, and you're, you know, you're a believer. If you just show up and have to wait 24 hours, Speaker 1 01:01:44 <inaudible> Speaker 4 01:01:56 Wait further down in Brookline village. <inaudible> heading North. He'll be on the left there between the, you know, between comma Avenue for a Grove is bright now. So it's harder to have right there. Speaker 1 01:02:15 I can remember back now, but I, I I'm, you know, Speaker 4 01:02:33 It was funny because a guy that comes to my Monday night class, he's one of my hockey buddies. There's no trial. When I leave my speech. You said I'm flying here. But when I get home, Speaker 1 01:02:45 <inaudible>, Speaker 4 01:03:05 You know, just start to type all that stuff, you know? Cause Monica ever sees her neck here too. Speaker 1 01:03:14 <inaudible> I did Thursday. <inaudible> denominator, no symptoms. Speaker 4 01:03:57 You could also for smacking down the bad news bugs in your gut besides the anti-inflammatory Speaker 1 01:04:08 <inaudible> I still <inaudible>. But I'm just trying to go back to looking for this book. Speaker 4 01:04:37 Yeah, look it it's under the immune and Arcturus and stuff like that. Cause there's another amino acid, which also tightens up the gut. It's not glucose to me per joint quota me it's amino acid powder. If you went to the vitamin shop, you would get a $20 thing. It lasted five or six months. It's just like a scant teaspoon on your tongue. Take a swig of water. Cause it tightens up the gut and it's also supports <inaudible>. Speaker 1 01:05:06 Yeah. Just going to bring my jealous cause I don't memorize glutamine. I'll forget it. And um, that's my crystal Speaker 4 01:05:15 Ball. I used to work at the Harvard center faculty. I'll start with just one faculty wife came in with horrible rheumatoid arthritis. She just went on a poultry, eight hundreds all the time. And she goes, I know, I know. And I said, get the glutamine. And she said, Oh my God, Charlie, this is like in four days. Amazing difference in my body. Speaker 1 01:05:32 So, um, I I've seen, yeah. Speaker 4 01:05:40 Okay. So now here's the other thing you're going to break down is a blip site. I have one called COVID-19 nutrition.org. So COVID C O V I D integers blend nine, Then the word nutrition. Okay. Speaker 1 01:06:01 Okay. Yeah. Speaker 4 01:06:04 I have a list of, you know, like a smart multivitamin, cause you want a lot of vitamin D so your immune system works great. And then the thing I also recommend is a multivitamin, because most people aren't getting upset maybe, but the same matters inflammatory process. The third thing is the glutamine Serbian system smack down information that nobody's in the liver. So it's like major hands of what I see. When you see mentioned, there'll be a link to fight a cost if you want it to nail it because I wanted to make it music for people to read this <inaudible> Speaker 1 01:06:53 I make <inaudible>. Speaker 4 01:07:00 So the B-complex fits in. That is wonderful. It's called two per day tablets, but two there's almost too much to take Speaker 1 01:07:08 <inaudible> I bought it. Um, <inaudible> I just take <inaudible> I just think it's just smart to sleep. Speaker 4 01:07:41 <inaudible> the people that landed in the hospital 80% have had low vitamin D levels. It's one thing when you're out getting a tan, but North of Washington, DC.

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0034 - Susan Zecchini, Tong Ren Healing - 2020-10-20

Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast | https://tongrenpodcast.com/ Please visit https://tongrenstation.com/ for more info. If you’ve benefited from this work, please make a donation to Tong Ren Station.   Susan ZecchiniFor questions or private Tong Ren Healing treatments, I can be contacted by emailEmail – lazybumhealer@gmail.com   Speaker 0 00:00:21 <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:00:29 I always forget to mute the speakers. Sorry about that. I'm so glad that we have video today. You see what I'm doing? I forget what to do when I have video. So can you see me or hear me? Okay. I'm just trying to establish whether or not we have video connection. I'm not getting a response, but there can be a delay. Oh, thank goodness. Thank you, blue sky. I appreciate you letting me know. I thought I was talking to no one, so I'm glad I'm talking to you. All right. So we have John cave. Well, first of all, we'll begin with our immune system run to make everybody's immune system strong. And then we'll do the, I'm sorry, I'm hearing an echo then we'll do the, um, peace of mind run. I don't honestly know what to do about that, ...