0074 - Yvonne Tam & Jacqueline Fuller, Tong Ren Healing

Episode 74 November 03, 2020 00:54:36
0074 - Yvonne Tam & Jacqueline Fuller, Tong Ren Healing
Tong Ren Podcast
0074 - Yvonne Tam & Jacqueline Fuller, Tong Ren Healing

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Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast | https://tongrenpodcast.com

Please visit https://tongrenstation.com for more info.

If you’ve benefited from this work, please make a donation to Tong Ren Station.

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Speaker 0 00:00:35 Hello, Speaker 1 00:00:40 A minute for people to join you. Got it. Yeah, I got it. Speaker 0 00:00:45 Awesome. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:01:50 Waiting a minute for people to start joining, but welcome. You can send your requests in where you are live on Tom run station, Facebook and Instagram. Speaker 0 00:02:05 <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:02:08 Um, I can give a brief update of what Tong rent is for anyone who's new. Um, Tom Ren is a energy healing modality that Tom Tam developed in the early nineties. We use, um, an acupuncture model doll, and we tap on certain points to open up blockages, to open up the nerves to work properly. And it's almost like an energetic massage. So it's been a great healing modality that you can do, especially virtually during COVID. Um, so just because we're not together, doesn't mean you're not perceiving that energy. You are receiving the energy the same way you would in person. So sit back and, and you can send Speaker 0 00:03:00 Your question to us and we ask that you can have three. And, uh, we always say that senior citizens can get more in three wishes. So we will begin shortly requesting arthritis and lower back pain and spine degeneration, left foot and leg has numbness wait for Pat. Okay. So let's start for everyone at the top of the head and open up the brain. We always work on kind of the design and the mental areas. First we go down the neck where a lot of blockages have that clarity. Please stress. You may hear another tab where today that's my mom and Yvonne should be back shortly when you're receiving different feelings, like a real sense of peace. You may feel tired. Give me more energy, let us know how you're feeling. Speaker 0 00:05:47 Okay. That was a good warmup. All right, let's get into the requests, right? Arthritis. So going to work on the auto-immune T one, two, three, four, and seven for your lower back pain, we'll tap on the ouch point on the lower back spine degeneration. So you said left foot and leg numbness. So we'll tap her left foot down the leg, and then for weight loss, for metabolism and blood sugar and bring it down. Hi, Paula. Alison, thank you both for tapping. You're welcome. We're grateful to have you here, please chat for cocoa lumbar sacrum. She's still hurt her low back leg. Okay. So this is for Coco. Our dog friend do tap for animals to her back leg. Just similar to what we just have four actually. Speaker 0 00:08:04 And then for you, Allison bones, gums, teeth, retaining water under cheeks from factory draining. Okay. Let's do the kidney flush clean out. That's good for everybody. Kidney flush. We'll hit on the point for the gums and also T4 for skin and then the facial artery area for the under the eyes and cheeks. Bring that down. Thank you, Alison help you feel good? Thanks. Always Coco. Happy mama. Hello, please. Chat for CLL. Perfect glide. Okay, perfect. So let's do glad again. Healthy. Thanks. Happy mama. Okay. Generic one. Please have her Sara with colon cancer with Mets, including right cerebellum. Okay. So first Sarah cancer metabolism and also top of the head, any anxiety, fear. And then we're going to tap the right part of the brain healthy cells. Speaker 1 00:12:02 Okay. Hi, Karen, cervical dystonia, scoliosis, constipation tap, and then Vegas constipation. It's going to be related. We are on Karen first, scrapping for certifies guests in the bathroom. We actually should open up Monday night. No offense boys. Okay. Um, you're on to Karen. So tapping for scoliosis and constipation, which could be because when the spine is all wobbly, then it could be pinching a nerve pinched nerves. We're talking a lot about pinched nerves tonight. This happens to the best of us wrong humans. Our body's working hard to keep us walking and keep us even sitting in Jerusalem, sitting this weekend, every even everyday thing. But as long as we know how to fix it and take care of it, and it's good to recognize it when it happens. So you're aware and know where that could be for everyone, good bowel movement and comfortable for everybody. Speaker 1 00:14:14 And then we've got Clara, her name, the desk ration with the belly buttons sleep. Okay. This will help Tomball with the abdominal hernia, lower abdominal. So T4, check that out. Point to the belly button. Okay, here we go. So we got arthritis. Yes. We didn't do that yet. Let's do tacos and Sjogren's for Suzanne and the hives and Hashimoto all the same. Same as the auto-immune. We can have it with everyone. Hello, mr. Minder. We're on Conrad station.com Facebook and Instagram right now. So right now we're still working on time station. We usually go on Facebook or Instagram. So hang on tight. Speaker 1 00:17:02 You got a good group of people today. Yeah. Just reminder if we're working on something that you didn't ask for, you're still getting the benefit. So soak it all in your Monday, Halloween and Kim D's at the hyperthyroid. We had a request on Instagram to balance four moms. So we can work on that too. Now. Yes. Oh yeah. Someone was saying that like, no real. Clamshells we're looking at the galaxy one right now. It's on breasts again. Ladies night. Okay. Hormones, hormones. That feels like, I think a lot of people are appreciating this one so we could do like a kidney flush. <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:19:28 not the request. J boy, environmental toxic kidney flush. Hi Linda. We can't see you. We are on Instagram are only, you can only see us. Can't see you, but we can here. We can see your comments, paying attention to like how your dad has all that quotes. I feel like we need to have that one. Be on a wall, can be flush. My bladder did the thyroid. So we can see seven P seven goes to all the lower body water. Seems like we're getting a lot of hormones that like teeth and gums and bowel constipation today is that the trend seems like the track trend predictions of the year, the blockage of the day, healthy teeth, facial artery thingy on the face, the feed, the hand, we feel like there's like one, two, three Nacional. Um, visual artery gets all those areas. Speaker 1 00:21:58 Anyone with the teeth, clenching or jaw or healthy nervous system. We'll definitely include that. And the immune bottled, we included formal braid stipulation by shoulder to shoulder for the macular regeneration. I've noticed my eyes are improving. Um, I was driving. I usually wear glasses when I drive and it was snowing. So I really like the day I really should have been wearing glasses and I wasn't. And I was like, I noticed I wasn't wearing glasses. And I was like, that's weird. Like what? The optometrist? Allison said, the broken doll book. Just fine. It the intention. Well, I know mine doesn't have a arm. Eco-friendly adopt don't shop, take the broken ones. They deserve love to come up as balanced legs. Speaker 1 00:23:35 Do the ms. So T one, two, three, four for the auto going up to the brain STEM for the balance. It can also be the ears with balance. Oh, maybe her ears. She gets in his ears. And she said, she thought so interesting. Beginning of like, Oh, what about cats? Like they injure the whisker or something, right? They'll be like, get a wobbly, like something. So mind you, this is the auto attacking means full density tab before and after. And they said that the doctor was like, threw them out of the water. I don't know why your numbers are back to normal. Now bone density, can't go back to normal. That will have her thyroid that produces calcium after wearing my new cleft to where to go over there. That has the calcium in it. I have a wearing on top of my head. Speaker 1 00:25:17 I wear it at night and jingle Calvin. So you can put different herbs or calcium or vitamin supplement minerals into here. But the lens is what entangles it? So it entangles the energy of the medicine or whatever with you. So we have been using it on, um, wherever you want. So we have put in putting the calcium and vitamin K multivitamin in there to help cause the whole body's made a bone. It area. It can help the area underneath it too. That's why we put it on the right here. You can help with the scope, but also underneath the structures, the signal you can do both because the kidney, like the nerve come out from the back. So the question was, did we tap the front or the back for the kidneys? But you could do both. The intention is already bolted kidneys, but the bath has the nerve for the nerve goes in the pump. Also the organs access. Speaker 1 00:26:34 Good question. We appreciate those. How's everyone feeling. Oh good. Oh, COVID through the worst now. So was good. That was, that was that, um, Laura Laurie. So she said my one, her father had tested positive for COVID the worst. Okay. So COVID points. Good. We also have a post on Tyra and station.com that goes over to tap for, for COVID. So definitely if anyone's interested, look at that. Hmm. So Ashley says she's feeling more clear, a good job with the headache. You had a headache break Ashley last week, last week. You dead yet. I think we worked from her office today. Okay. Speaker 1 00:27:39 You're Ashley. Glad you're here. You telling us and all these good things she learned from your dad. Oh gee, the immune, you all the COVID and COVID family. Auto-immune Maureen. Got you covered. Thought of Hashimoto would do a lot of the autoimmune and the thyroid. So stroke prevention, memory age. Okay. Let's do some stroke prevention and you know, stroke help. Ashley said, uh, your dad used to tell us all to just eat M&Ms he's the most laughs. Diet nutritionists channels, Einstein sometimes. And he said he equals MC squared energy equals M&M and Kanya. Thanks, Jay boy. He just linked to the article on Instagram. I didn't know. You can link articles there. You can't link on top. Yeah. I wonder if the link will work. Thank you. So yeah, you just posted it. So Jake, what on duty shooting pain down the leg. Ah, Laurie kidney kidney, given the shooting pain from the lumbar, the secret dental nerve goes to the front, but also goes down to the toes. Speaker 1 00:29:53 Good for Jeremy's lower of that to check Facebook. Jimmy James got you. Working from a home war. Oh yeah. So we took care of, okay. We've got another little of that problem. So we'll do that. Here we go to the motor cortex, sensory cortex down to the T seven middle-class we got back. So then I was running, my brother hates going shopping with me or anywhere they say like ridiculous things. And people would just like stare at me and their children away from me now going to the library, headache, eyeball headache. And for people who get reoccurring migraines, a lot of it stemmed from a certain area. Speaker 1 00:31:53 You'd be surprised how many people go to the ER, because they have headaches. Yeah. So backing up a pill. This girl like ninth and 10th grade, ER, three times in one month because of migraine, but we just tapped for her with them and do the acupuncture or massage and just to have more headache, save a lot of money and time. Yes. You're welcome. Yes. Lower back white blood cells back. Great. What is the difference between white blood cells? Can we get technical white blood cells, natural killer cells. So they're blood like cleans things or like Speaker 0 00:33:10 Yes, Speaker 1 00:33:10 A virus or bacteria. Then the white blood cell will attack, but let's sell more for the duty of carrying oxygen has a condition that hemoglobin, which attaches to the oxygen cells. So that's more for like for nourishment and red blood cell, but also there's platelets, platelets, bandages everything. The combination of all of that running through the nerves, running through the blood vessels, all those jobs like protecting, never shaking a patchwork. So you can have low white blood or a high white count, but you want to have that. Yeah. So some people have really low. So they have they're at risk of infection or that's why they're more like an immunocompromised. They got to stay at home. They don't have a defense mechanism, but somebody will have a very high count, but it's a high count of like some really for the main like, do you have a lot of junk? So that's not good either. So some people they can have though the white blood cell is being built and reproduce like 100 full of junk qualities or they come to the job too low also also for osteoporosis. But this area T1 that is bone marrow produces the blood cells. All the blood cells also ask at the right time. They're sticklers. We did earlier today tells the body where to attack. So that's part of the auto-immune Speaker 0 00:35:21 Facebook check. Clear. Okay. Got for Instagram. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Let's do that. Speaker 1 00:35:38 No, I keep pressing for Paula Trisha's. Patricia is right, but, and gout. So can we use the uric acid kidneys, any painful calcium deposit, like a crystal deposit really in a long time. But when he saw me, Oh, well maybe he did. I don't know. It's a lot of things. He doesn't talk about the line right foot, which has probably come from that fractured ribs, separated shoulder to shoulder fluid and pump it up. Live T3 is low two for one separate stroller, like sledgehammer, bath. That's your pee pad for mat, for tinnitus and anxiety GV 22 points. All the head cases. Speaker 1 00:37:42 The fear, I feel this right now. Let's go with this. Like, yeah. I just feel, it feel like happiness. You don't say things like we don't notice, but like sometimes you try the machines and they're like dueling on the phone and like, like music and all these things and like how you feel like nothing, because they're distracted. Listen to your body. You can hear a lot of what's. One of the lessons I've learned from Tom, Ron is exactly that paying attention to my body. I'm way more in tune with my body being present with yourself, anxiety. And then tonight. So the ringing of the ear, facial arteries we have for Linda, um, heart muscle damage. So we had, um, that'd be the doula and then Vegas. But we had Eleanor. She actually goes to our patient who was a cardiologist at the top cardiologists in new England. And she showed us the email that the doctor and the cardiologist said, amazing news, your, your heart and muscle and the partner of everything is regenerating. So the cells are regenerating and just got to bring the right signal. Just like give a, the house burns down. It can be rebuilt, right. We just need the traffic cleared, cleared, and then all the materials can go and rebuild right now with a clear those roads allocate. Speaker 1 00:40:03 When you on that one, that's a great story. Let us know how you feel. All right. Actually, we got the bouncing, the hormones and high green. All right. Um, huh. I never heard this before. I got to go back to the Ida. So yes. I believe it's like the, I, the like the hair follicle or like the odd ducks for ducks crying glands. That's Linda. And last Thursday, when they were working on something that you haven't had, like tears in the, this time Allison, she started tearing up. Yes. Dry eyes from painful to like sand all the time. So she actually started having the tears. I had a patient who had too much tears. You could see just like, almost like rash Speaker 0 00:41:34 From Speaker 1 00:41:34 All the good witness and she can't help it. Yeah. After the session, she was like dry. Speaker 0 00:41:40 Nice. Try not to drag other vessels. Yep. Yep. Yep. Instagram. So that gives us time to go. Okay. Speaker 1 00:42:42 Hey, so that this is time to show everyone the galaxy one, Speaker 0 00:42:48 The announcements. Speaker 1 00:42:50 We do have one session on an off show. Speaker 0 00:42:55 Um, Speaker 1 00:42:57 It's on, let me actually, I don't know. Speaker 0 00:43:02 Okay. Speaker 1 00:43:02 Okay. Right. November 14th, number 14 would show, um, it's even, you can look on Taran station.com and you can see permission to sign up, but it's all virtual. So anyone anywhere can join and it's going to be super fun. Speaker 0 00:43:19 Oh no. We've got another one to one other teammates we've got and then yeah. That's it. Speaker 1 00:43:39 The training coming up. We're saying the, uh, the one, just give us one minute. Speaker 0 00:43:48 Thank you. Happy mama. Oh, November 18th. Speaker 1 00:43:56 Thank you for that information. It sounds like the, the, um, if you think November 14th of November 18th, but Alison confirm November 18th. Okay. Speaker 0 00:44:04 Um, it's a great class and Joe's wonderful Speaker 1 00:44:09 Being with him a few weeks ago. And I learned a lot about his philosophies and how he uses Tom brand. He's been working with Tom for many years. Speaker 0 00:44:24 Perfect. Speaker 1 00:44:24 We can bring it over. Okay. Field trip. You guys over here. Speaker 0 00:44:28 Okay. Speaker 1 00:44:37 I'll bring you over. This is the, this is the workstation. This is the cheap bar where you get to try all the different devices. There's our little station. We've been putting all the different vitamin supplements, whatever into Speaker 2 00:44:54 <inaudible> Speaker 1 00:44:58 Next. We, the donation bucket to remind you that the center runs on donations and we're doing this volunteer basis. Speaker 2 00:45:07 <inaudible> different devices. Speaker 1 00:45:32 This is the galaxy one. And it has Speaker 2 00:45:34 With different, healthy, or Speaker 1 00:45:37 I the has all the, and so isn't tangling you with the future and having all the healthy Speaker 2 00:52:53 <inaudible> <inaudible>. Speaker 1 00:54:21 Thank you for joining us, everyone. We hope to see you in April, so we will touch everyone next week. Bye.

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