0083 - Kathy Wilson, Requests. What ails you? - 2020-11-06

Episode 83 November 07, 2020 02:01:29
0083 - Kathy Wilson, Requests. What ails you? - 2020-11-06
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0083 - Kathy Wilson, Requests. What ails you? - 2020-11-06

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Tong Ren is an energy healing therapy based on the premise that illness is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of blood, neural bioelectricity, blood, hormones and chi (life force energy). Tong Ren is a powerful healing energy treatment used to help people restore their health and heal from viruses, pain, cancers, organ disorders, etc.  Welcome to the Tong Ren Podcast | https://tongrenpodcast.com

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Yeah, I think the sound's working this Friday, so let's start off. We've had a week. Speaker 1 00:00:11 Let's just do some calming here in terms of just breathing Speaker 0 00:00:18 Out Speaker 1 00:00:22 Off by working the emotional points, calming points, We need to let go of other people's Speaker 0 00:01:05 Need to let go of all the drama and trauma that we're hearing Speaker 1 00:01:14 Center ourselves and see our own truth. Speaker 0 00:01:26 I think that's where you start going Speaker 1 00:01:30 To yourself and you find your own truth. And some of these things that are being said around us are being said, for a fact, some of them are outlawed, right? Untruths. Some of them are being said with very, very devious ploys in place. In other words, they always say that a lawyer wins. You can't win against a lawyer cause always five steps ahead of you. So some of these employees are really deep in terms of the steps. So that's what we need to relax and feel our own truth. Okay. It's going to bring the energy down the spine spine arteries. The truth may not be someone else's as a story of A number of blind men. And they're all good. I went to the zoo and they're getting a chance to touch the elephant. Speaker 0 00:02:58 Oh my gosh. To see this trunk hits so long and it's hanging down and then it goes up a bit and somebody else says, no, it doesn't. It's really small. One's touching the trunk and one's touching the tail. And somebody on the side just padding the side of the elephant says I have no idea what you guys are talking about. So again, depending on what you're looking at, where you're coming from, your truth may be different. And yet you're not wrong back coming back up with a spinal arteries. And here we go, okay. We'll do the angel points as well. Speaker 0 00:03:47 Emphasis is put on these next blues, you into connection with your spirit. I think I've told the story and that is that if you could see your spirit, if you could see what your soul or what it is, but if he could see your spirit, certainly be treating yourself a lot better on the angel points because he's been raking leaves today. So excuse me, I should have put a mask on. We're still on the, the angel points. Can your job is to relax. Let the energy flow, trying to get out of your head and get rid of that happening. Speaker 0 00:05:36 Okay, there we go. Let's start off now. Let's see your role on the, the main site for a while. And then we'll just take a little saunter over Facebook's okay. Looks like Elizabeth. Your first. Thank you. I'm going to see a little guy tomorrow. I'm a new grandma. Very cool feeling. He's actually a good look. A little kid. He is he babies are there. You know, you're sometimes you're struggling what to say. You know what? This kid's actually not a bad looking kid. So all his, uh, his two aunts and his uncle are asking me to pull out baby pictures so they can compare. I have to tell you, they're not nearly as cute as this kid, a lopsided faces. Can you say, here we go. So we're going for neuropathy and feet and hands starting as you want. We start with the type two diabetes penis here too. We have so many leaves on the front lawn. It usually takes three rates, but I got to get moving on them. They're called the sack. And of course, I've got a ravine on two sides in a woods on the other side, it's like lots of leaves. I'll tell you, people are funny. Speaker 0 00:07:31 Neighbor moved in and he's from Greece. And of course bought that house. And his wife is there. Lovely, lovely woman. She's himself, America. First of all, comes in. He sleeps fall. He's looking at his lawn and he's complaining the real estate. Man never told me both these leads. He said nobody ever mentioned the leaves. It's pretty funny. All the trees are at his house and he's complaining to the real estate guy still on diabetes. The pancreas neuropathy. Now in pans and feet, let's just come down the spine. Spinergy down to feet talking to prac practitioner just about an hour ago. And he's talking about his dad who says, since passed this, this would have been quite a number of years. And what he did is he took the tongue ring laser. He shined it on the dolls feet. His dad, his feet had been just freezing. All of a sudden, he says that they're warm. They're warm now sending energy out through kidney balance. In terms of connecting you to check your lines here, do an energetic cord from your crown chakra, right down to the, run it down. Speaker 0 00:10:21 And then if you're tapped into this call, this work for everyone felt like the first time I was running fishing line, I'd like a little bit stronger. Size-wise it's come down the center. So hopefully that helps. I'm just going to do your medulla. How would you shorten? I guess you'd call them. Doula was actually somebody's name. Okay. There we go. Balancing out there. So just take it, just kind of playing out if you can, for a little while, it feels like it's, um, the results are gonna come in sort of a little slower, so you can just kind of relax and just let the energy push its way through. Okay. On to happy 2020. Okay. So let's just start off with the, Parkinson's. Speaker 0 00:12:13 Pull them up, starting with Parkinson's and shakes again. Just as basic as me check your water intake check and see the focus here. Just roll down the digestive track. Then we'll do the spine. Stress body seems happy with the food you're eating. So I miss. Okay, well you're doing the spine now down the spine. And the focus is on the points for digestion sticking in Juanette Fergus. When the stomach coming into the intestines, taking all the good nutrients, colon grabbing all the water and the back door and the front door. Okay. There you go. Hopefully that helps. Speaker 0 00:16:18 And we've got your hobby better half. Um, okay. So we're on the sinus congestion. One of the things I was just talking to this practitioner, and one of the things about, um, talking about getting into tongue Ram and getting clients and everything, and I think it's the same for everything, but I see it as vertical marketing. So it's kind of like the angels are handing out your business cards and you're in the right place. So, so basically you kind of need to figure out what you want for yourself and you don't want the world telling you what you want. So if you wanna work three days a week, then that's what you want. If you want clients that are one type of issue, then that's what comes in. So it's sort of setting your intent is sort of setting out what works for you. Speaker 0 00:17:48 So vertical marketing, I see as aligning with the habit, aligning yourself with your spirit, with your, with what your desires are with how you think you can make a difference in this world. So let's get them sort of on his shoulders a bit. Cause they seem tight. So let's get to the sinuses. I'm going to tap that whole sinus area. Shake it up. You'll see a bit of a sinus headache. Let's just turn in the inner ear. Suzanne. Next. We're looking at auto-immune dry eyes, mouth low thyroid, starting off with the auto-immune case. One Suzanne. Now dry eyes start with, you may have him asleep on the floor here. Obviously not helping out too much. Just relaxing under the dry eyes, premium energy. Speaker 0 00:20:56 I left. Eye's watering some cells onto the thyroid, the parathyroid too, since it's so close concentration, thyroid we'll come at it from the back. That's one of the front as well. So there you go. Suzanne got page next page on the angel points. Okay. You're falling in love with the angel point. So here we go. One of the things, when you start stepping into the stream or what do they call it? The journey of consciousness, things start to go whack, a root. So you just need to sort of stay with it. And these angel points actually are incredible in the sense they support your journey. When you wake up and you realize, wait a minute here, you know, things shouldn't be like this. You know, when people start stepping into consciousness, they look at their life and they reevaluate it. And unfortunately some marriages break up some don't some do people quit jobs? Cause I think, why am I, why am I doing this? We're going to go all the way around the head. Still working angel points. So on to a lane now, bowel function, hormones, brain circulation, Speaker 1 00:23:46 Macular degeneration. When your mom heard her lungs for your dad. Okay. So let's just pull up and I'll do the hormones first. Okay. Um, I'll start for the brain circulation. So optimizing brain function coming up the spine and the other side to relaxing the muscles in the shoulders. Also relaxing those muscles coming up into the hand side of the spine muscle as well. Okay. Balancing right and left brain checking to make sure it's talking, talking to the other blood to the brain, optimizing blood to the brain, any blockages pressing on the nerves, pressing on the muscles, pressing on the arteries of the veins, go down to work in the endocrine system, which is hormones, adding a few other people, adding Andrea to this, stop working the hormones and each one of the glands and or organs, pineal gland or whacking away at today. A lot. I don't mind. I don't. And so he didn't seem to relax, let it happen. Speaker 0 00:27:18 Okay. Speaker 1 00:27:18 The adrenals were very happy to do. He has gotten dark so fast. It's hardly any light here. He liked to live up in Alaska, the Yukon Northwest area. Why do you kind of get chiefs to dark maiden late in the day? Can you still go on here? And last of all the kidneys. Speaker 0 00:28:13 So we're Speaker 1 00:28:13 Looking at bowel function. Now Speaker 0 00:28:39 Those muscles Speaker 1 00:28:47 To the rotator Speaker 0 00:28:48 Cuff, Speaker 1 00:29:06 Peter cough and on to macular degeneration. So energy in the eye. Speaker 0 00:29:10 Yes. Speaker 1 00:29:24 Not the energy flow. Your body knows what to do with it. And your trick is not to get in the way not to try and stop it. Speaker 0 00:29:40 So, one thing to think about Speaker 1 00:29:42 Is, is where are you getting your energy? We've talked about this before, but we need energy. We need energy to keep going to fuel our tanks. You know, you can get it from Tom. You can get it from other alternative therapy treatments. You get it from food, from sleep, from exercise, from hanging around with people, you, your, you know, your family, your friends. Is there going to be drainers too, but you hang out with people that support you and care about you. You get energy from that. One of the things to think about is where are you getting your energy from? You know, and some people who are you talk about energy vampires. They suck energy from other people, you know, drama make any other, always seem to be in crisis or drama. Here's your mom's eyes and onto your dad's long helping him bounce some out together, the lungs, your dad also hit the cardiovascular system, phrenic nerve all the way to the diaphragm and gossip also brings in energy. So it's just a good way of looking at it. And if you have trouble with yourself, look at somebody else, where are they getting their energy from? Speaker 1 00:31:36 So it's not a judgment or anything, but some people they're always in crisis. There's always a problem. There's always drama involved. And yet, you know, they it's exhausting to be around them. Okay. So got your dad's long was balancing your dad and your mom off together there. Okay. So we're onto Dolly now actually, let's go back, back out to the East coast there. So lane, I'm just going to do the emotional points here for this kind of put your whole family in this Speaker 0 00:32:52 Space here. We're looking at your whole family, everybody else, everybody else. Speaker 1 00:33:15 Okay. So now our hidden down to flat Dolly that you pay, we got arthritis in the lower back. Speaker 0 00:33:24 Um, Speaker 1 00:33:31 That's what I got arthritis, lower back, left foot and leg numbness, spine degeneration, weight loss. Speaker 0 00:33:44 Okay. Speaker 1 00:33:45 Hey, so one of the things to think about, again, it's all energy, right? And, uh, with this COVID and I'm guilty too, you know, you gotta tell the kitchen's pretty close. So, you know, stress eating. And so with the weight, kind of think about why am I hanging on to this? And as you sort of, the awareness sinks in it becomes easier to Somebody bought it. And you are doing something. When you asked for tolerant Speaker 0 00:34:16 Points are Speaker 1 00:34:19 Starting off with the weight loss. Someone's been sexually abused and I'm not pointing a finger. Absolutely anybody, but you'll notice that they carry extra weight because when people leave them alone, We don't feel good about ourselves. Food solves the problem. Speaker 0 00:35:01 So you want to be gentle with yourself. Speaker 1 00:35:12 Let's just tap the Brown fat Speaker 0 00:35:20 Brown fat Speaker 1 00:35:33 Dolly. Did you want me to list you on the practitioner's list? And I wasn't sure. Speaker 0 00:35:41 So let me know if that's, what's your purpose there. I could have an email from you. So I'm assuming that's what you're asking me, but I wasn't a hundred percent clear. There we go. Now we're on the arthritis, arthritis lower back, right? The spine as well. So let's just start off right at the top, coming down the spinal column, running energy to it, blockages tight spots. Okay. Now onto that leg now so that you can pin as well for yourself and just take a pin and put it in the doll pin, shortens the doll's life a bit, but it's really worth it. And you don't put them in too far to the kidney Meridian again, just sending energy up the leg, electrical shock, coming back up and balancing you out there. Speaker 0 00:38:16 Okay. You're cooked my dear. You're a cook Pat. No right arm blood pressure for launch for Olin sugar, blood pressure for all in sugar. I'm not sure what that means. We're on to blood pressure. I feel like I'm moving slower today, but that's fine. Some days, some days you're not, let's just start off with the blood pressure muscles. The wall itself feels good. The right arm coming out the shoulder. And again, we'll include every. So we're just going to bring them tight shoulder that we all kind of have carrier attention. And for those of us who spend a lot of time with the computer, this leaning forward on the front, sometimes we've had stuff for so long. We think we still are never going to get rid of it. So that's one thing you need to kind of shift. And that is not so bad today. It's been worse, but it's not as bad as it's been. Or, you know, I'm getting better every day. Speaker 1 00:41:35 We need to have a little, I need to kind of realize that we don't have to hang on to this, this stuff in particularly if it's in the family, you don't guess Bruce Lipton talks on him, cellular change. And he's reading. It's really interesting, but we don't have to follow the same patterns as our parents, John candy stead died of a heart attack around the same age he died. And it's, you know, with shifting things, we don't have to follow our, our family patterns. We don't have to hang on to these illnesses. Okay. There you go for Pat. Speaker 1 00:42:26 Okay. So we're onto good Winnie. I love what you guys come up with. Osteopenia left side and start off rolling down the spine here. Let's do the bladder. We've done the bladder already. Let's do it again. Pull this up. So we're looking at the bladder, the platter points pull back Elaine and others who have asked for this in the past one thing I'm going to start to do inside. I don't know if you want to get involved in, this is a, there's a number of you that don't get on the call. So was, you're not on it now. So how do you, and so what I was thinking is big of Bristol, boarding, a stick, all your pictures on it. So if you think you want to be included in your, not on it, then then give me, send me a picture of yourself, email it over. Speaker 1 00:44:33 So I'm going to cut everybody out. I'm going to run you off on the printer, patch out, and I'm going to paste you on a big piece of cardboard because I think it'll be easier on my focus. Cause now I, when I bring people in, I bring, I do this person, this person, this person, this person. But if I get this can look at a big Bristol port with everybody's picture on. I think I can focus in faster. I'm big on fast. So I want to be on the call on the webcast was there or not physically. He could send me a picture of yourself. Speaker 1 00:45:12 Make sure you put your full name on as well. He used to have a piece we're still on. Okay. Bladder. Okay. So we're on the obstacle. Lost your pain yet. Let's do the calcium. Well, Laura, that during osteopenia and then we'll go on to calcium, calcium balancing years ago, I used to do workshops all over North America and I have it shows in Britain as well. But, um, and I had this book, so we would, we would do a healing session at the end and people would add the names of people they wanted worked on. And I think I still got the book, but Oh my gosh, we had a lot of names in there. Just hundreds and hundreds of names people would put their own in. And so every workshop I did, I just bring the book out and tell people to add who they wanted. Speaker 1 00:46:24 And so at the end of every workshop, we, we sat at the closing of it. We sat around and send healing energy to everybody in the book is pretty cool. Actually hit some amazing things happen around that. Okay. On the calcium balancing now, so this we'll put the calcium back in your bones or it'll bring it out depending on what you need. It's this balancing, do we go left? Do we go right? What's going to happen. So balancing the counseling here. It's okay. If you say, okay, you said pictures of your pets. I don't buy that either. That's my plan. How do I get going? I can just look at the whole Bristol board and include everybody. Speaker 0 00:47:44 I'm big on results. I'm big on not taking a lot of time to get there. Everybody has their own speed. Let's do the pot. Still have to do the fibroid and the parathyroid kidneys. So this is balancing calcium. Okay. We're just going to tap the ouch point. In other words, that's the point can still be different for everybody where there's a calcium buildup. So on the back here set the intention. It goes where the extra calcium is in your body and cheeks. It sends it to where it needs it to go to the blood, into the, into the, into the bones and the teeth. We do the bladder. I think we got all of you there. Okay. So we're on to, um, Casey looking at memory loss, new points here. I want to use for memory loss. Okay, here we go. So here we go to memory loss, friendly thinking anybody that has chronic fatigue, anybody who's been wiped in an accident, an accident, sorry, toddler, you can't speak the words you lose the points. Are you bringing this kind of mellows out for doing a memory mental boost here, Speaker 1 00:50:41 Clearing the mind here. And these are five acupuncture points, but two of them we're talking about Speaker 0 00:50:57 You feel your teeth chattering in your head, Speaker 1 00:51:07 Going to work the spleen as well, Speaker 0 00:51:16 Contributes to excessive thinking, baby. And those of you who don't have spleen, some of you have had them taken out for various reasons. The energy is still there. Speaker 1 00:51:41 Remembrance of a spleen is still there. So send it to them. Speaker 0 00:51:57 Actually Speaker 1 00:52:01 They're coming in and replay or in live Nation cataracts, Speaker 0 00:52:50 The diabetes, diabetes tapping the stomach. There you go. Just go back and tap your, uh, your points here for calming the heavy burden. Remember, this is a year of self care. What do you need to do for yourself? It mean yourself. Tony. Italy. Hello? Okay. We've got asthma, right? Lung upper and lower back pain. Okay. So we'll start off with the asthma here. So welcome to the group. So just breathe, relax, Tony, just get out of your head. Just let your body take over. Just breathe. Your body has all of the programming. It needs to sort all this out. So right now we're working on asthma, working the lungs, working the CV Meridian at the front for asthma tapping the lungs actually is a good chance to do the COVID point. So why don't we do that? So we're looking at COVID here. So again, with the COVID, um, we're opening up the lungs, we're opening up the heart valve. The heart vessels were getting oxygen into the system. So this will really be good for you to Tony. That mean that's the point actually. Okay. So let's just start off. We're doing the COVID-19 tapping points. Good for people to get better. Lung function. Good for the throat. Good for any viruses is good for auto-immune. The list is limitless. Speaker 1 00:56:24 Okay, let's go. So this is also good for people that have the disease good for people that are unplanned to keep it away from them. Good for people that have any breathing issues, any auto-immune issues. And at this point, I'm going to just do the points and stop. Okay. So starting off with the immune system long and airway points coming off the spine on an airway points, lots of heat. So good. We're actually getting somewhere here along the narrow way points. So Ken, Tony, just relax. Get out of your head. Your body knows what to do with this. So just let it happen. Okay, auntie, and we'll sorry, anti-inflammation point. We're going to have any inflammation in the body inflammation. Speaker 1 00:57:24 And then my fave, our little pals, the exosomes on those babies. These guys have a varied number of functions. They stimulate immune pretty do more than we realize. Actually I helped with blood wavy elation cells talking to each other in the body. You have a little signaling thing going on, get rid of waste. So tapping me. Excellent. So getting that stomach point where it's like, okay, sorry. I was going to go higher. Okay. Next of all, the eyes, ears, nose, and throat swell. Putting all that up. Any blockages in there again, if you think you need more help, these calls are all on replay. Speaker 1 00:58:46 So feel free to go back and relisten to them. They're also in replay on Facebook and thanks to, um, clay, um, clay Collins, he's put them on podcasts. So if you'd Google Tom Ren podcast, um, a number of vehicles will come up that you can listen to them online, through Amazon through, I don't even know who all these different venues are. Apparently podcasts are quite popular. So anyway, they, you don't get the picture of the person, but you definitely get the tapping. So you can just listen on your phone and listen on your tablet. So if you need some more support, you know, do listen to these calls with the other practitioners as well. Then you might find one that really works for you, that you feel you resonate with. Like find some, you know, goodness, eyes, ears, nose, and throat. And we know Krone. You get exposed to it. It can hang around for a little while before you get any symptoms. Same, the cold, same with the flu. Speaker 1 01:00:14 So here we go. Um, stimuli and salivation just help launch some many, the stuff down 70, 60, or stomach acid down there on two bone marrow, optimizing the bone marrow with white blood cells, red blood cells, T cells, immune cells, the lungs. So tapping, which is what you asked for. Wasn't it. Okay. So I'll put a little more emphasis on the lungs here and tapping the lungs themselves from the front and then from the back. And then Tony will do the right lung a little bit longer for you bringing energy into that long. You might find that you're coughing a bit after this, but that's okay. Cause you're coughing up stuff. So that's okay. Speaker 1 01:01:48 Let's get down to the diaphragm. So let's just interface the phrenic nerve. Take a little bang down there. A little trip down to that. Diaphragm optimizing the framing nerves function include breathing. Okay, well let me up the sky window, the neck for oxygen circulation, breathing vegus nerve as well, nerve optimizing all of that, looking at the heart. Now I do love for the cardiovascular system, the lungs, the heart arteries down to the heart. Again, let's just give it a bit more strength. So we're on the physical heart right now and order the emotional heart. Why not in the neighborhood? And let's just give it from the front as well. And I'm going to run the kidney Meridian all the way down to K 14. So start start at 27 and just run the kidney. Meridian just feels like the thing to do coming down both sides, right? And left. There we go. Speaker 1 01:03:37 So next while we're doing the calming points, calming anxiety and fear. So this is, again, this is the COVID run, um, for stress gallbladder, right? And gallbladder left for stress in the cells, spiritual strength, trying to get that puppy, not to jump up and bark and that working. I've got two callers, two Bart callers, but I don't have the heart to put it on or one is a zap call on the other one and she barks the sound comes out anyway. That's I've got the headset. So you don't hear all the background noise here. Okay. So we're all spiritual strength. And then we're going to fill up the Dawn hands, upper middle, and a lot of emphasis on the lower dantian for energy. And then the last point, the rebuilding point, because things are going to be different and be different. One. They already are different. Aren't going to come out of this and this is the strength to rebuild. Okay. There we go. All right. So dice, we didn't do your back pain, so we'll just hang on to that. So, okay. So tell me, here we go. Um, so just lower back, right back pain. Speaker 1 01:05:23 Not sure if that's okay. So we're gonna look at, okay, I'm just going to come down the spine, Tony, and then go into that area. Okay. I'm going to hit the, and of do the slow ass muscle. I mean, for you getting that might be an issue coming down lower back pains are going to loosen the solar. So as muscle, and this is a real deep core muscle, deep going deep on the front muscle and can do a second time coming down. Let's see if that helps bring energy out from the spine to the lower back it takes. Let's see if that helps Tony. Okay. There we go. Balancing you out. Speaker 1 01:06:51 Can you say that's a lot of energy, Tony? So sort of, if you could just take it easy for a little bit, in other words, short don't run around the house just yet and just kind of slow down for 20 minutes after the call. Okay. So we're on to Alan. Did we, do you already know? We didn't. Okay. So, um, let's do you first, um, let's do the tight neck sometimes when we're in fatigue, we, we push ourselves like we're tired and then we still get up. So I can remember years ago, you know, um, I, I would go to bed, my clothes, which is because I, you know, I get up in the morning and I would start and then the day would go by and at 11 o'clock, I would just, or 10 o'clock or 10 30, I would just, I would just go to bed, you know? And, and literally wouldn't even bother getting my pajamas on because it's just like, there was still work to be done. So I would just go into our dropped. So not a good idea. We need to, again, with the self care, you need to kind of take some time to get rid of this fatigue. It doesn't Speaker 0 01:08:16 Help with all this activity that's going on. Right? That's crazy stuff. You hear all these things being said and the indecision of things I need to kind of just let her body get the rest. It needs to you're feeling quite fatigued, quite fatigued. I think we did tie it back. We've gone. We've done the lungs. I'm just going to tap them again. So I'm not ignoring you, even if it looks like I'm whipping through your faster, just because we've already done it. And usually what happens is there's no blockages anymore because it was done, you know, supposedly for somebody else, but we're in the collective here. So it's affecting everybody. Speaker 0 01:09:15 I'm just going to do your adrenals. I could do those before you, we put on your drain. Yeah. You just exhausted my sauce. So that's where we need to maybe try and get an extra hour sleep. Try to maybe have a little nap or something. You'll figure it out. What you need. Maybe look at what you're eating. Let's see if there's something they can help boost you up a bit. Candy is good. Like sugar is good, but it's a quick fix and it doesn't last. So if you're having a sugar snack in the afternoon, maybe you need to kind of regroup there and figure another thing out. He'll figure it out. But you cannot keep running a car on an empty tank. And that's really what we try to do with our bodies. Speaker 0 01:10:17 Let's just do your daunting in here. And there we go. Balancing out. Can Evelyn's mom? So we've got vertical too thick on the right side. Okay. Let's start high. We'll do the two things first. This is for mom. Okay. Let's look at the vertical same thing. We're going to run out the brain here. Gonna run an energetic cord from the crown chakra all the way down to the, all the way through, down to the chakra center of the earth. It's a little tricky thing. Energetic cord. Okay. Onto your dad now for hearing loss, hearing loss and speech as well. So let's just get the nerves that are coming out of the brain. Speaker 0 01:13:23 Not specifically for a hearing and for speech balancing the brain here, it looks like it's like we need some road repair. Let's just follow the nerves right down to where they're communicating to repair in the field. I'm just reading the energy. Let's look at muscular strength and circulation starting off with the muscular strength. Remember you've got to move your muscles. So even if you're, you know, if you're bedridden or don't get around much, you got stretch your mouth, wiggle, wiggle your toes. I'll get moving somehow. Same thing. You use it or lose it. Same with parking brake on a car. The guy from the dealers use it or lose it. Same with muscles move. You've got a stretch and they got a relaxed direction. Relax. Can you balancing your dad? I want to Doris for him. S and we'll also bring Linden on this one, the right point after hop over Facebook, say hello to Facebook. Okay. So we're still on ms. Angel points here for kind of getting rid of that feeling of not being good enough, not being deserving, inability to let go of stuff. Speaker 1 01:17:11 Can't let go of things in the past. Put a little bit of fog over all those things are dragging the health down. Okay. There we go. Balancing. We got y'all bounced out. All right. So shifting over to Facebook here, find it first. Take a second to load it up. Tricky. All right. So sound on Facebook. And we're starting off with a Joyce here just about and hormonal balance. We did that again. So I'd always start with Kelly. Hi Kelly. So I'm doing fine. She's just having a snooze here. She's moved. Okay. So we're on the, um, virus and respiratory system did that already. So I'll just do a quick, quick run on that. Tony did that with the COVID points. It's weird. It's not loading properly looking at the election still. Okay. Got it. So Casey, we did viruses already can quickly up your immune system and your lungs to Rosea memory diabetes. Okay. So we've done that as well. It's just going to tap the points quickly, um, and just make sure they're open for you Speaker 0 01:20:18 Blood to the brain. Yeah. The neck looks a little tight, Roseanne. Good for you and touch you already rushing you. Elizabeth neuropathy. Elizabeth. Okay. Joyce digestible check the hormonal on you. So I'm just checking to make sure that they're all points are all open. It's a little bit tight. Still. Sorry. Have to do balance. Keeps slipping on me. So got diabetes here for both Roseanne and Elizabeth. Sorry. I'm going sideways here. Brain starts to float. That's what I got to ground myself. Okay. I'm good. All right, here we go. Diabetes Elizabeth. Okay. The memory we checked already. Speaker 0 01:24:17 Okay. Neuropathy in both feet in both hands until again, you can do it yourself. It's just imagine a, an energy cord going down from your crown chakra right down to the center of the earth. And it actually does help your balance. And the cord can mean out of anything. Fishing, Lyle fishing line. I like it thicker, but imagine math, energetic chain link fence. You can imagine you're telling me that Christmas trees, imagine whenever you want, but just send an energetic cord down and really does help the balance. My dear friend, Peggy, we did a tongue ring workshop and she was, she was living in a senior's home and she came to the workshop and then she was going around grounding all her senior friends. And, and she said, it's amazing. So they weren't falling nearly as much. So let's just try to ground yourself down. Speaker 0 01:25:21 There you go. You've done balanced type two diabetes neuropathy in the feet. So we're looking at the whole nervous system. We're looking at the swine shells cells shells. We're looking at making sure the nerves are regenerating themselves. Okay. And the hands too now. Okay. And also can do your emotional points here just because it looks like a good idea balancing out. So we've got choice here. So we're good for digestive bowel hormonal. Okay. Mouth stews your most here. Okay. So they go, Joyce, let's do the auto-immune here for you just quickly. Just to help us top any infections I'm going to just drain the lymph system from your mouth here. Speaker 0 01:27:28 Curious crap out of there. I mean, so sorry. This stuff out of here. Okay. There you go. Um, tell left foot big stuff. What were you doing? I took a big step off a curve and not swollen. Okay. So under the left foot here, we have a new injury. It's always not always, but it's easier to shift something that's just new. And if people are in the shock stage, still, it is to shift something it's old. I mean, not always, but usually goes pretty the energy down the left foot. Tapping away. Still. There we go. Speaker 0 01:28:41 We're on to balancing you out here. So we're on to Alyssa, um, chronic tension in my elevator scapula right up through my neck and shoulders we're working on now. Oh, you're very welcome. Joyce. Um, so working on the, the neck area here, so let's just count first. Okay. So I need to go up first. Can you feel slight tension feels like that's where the issue is. It's not referred pain, chronic tension in my neck. I'm just gonna pull out and pull out from the shoulder. Give me, give it a little bit of a it's. Let me give it a little bit of a tweak on the neck here. Speaker 0 01:30:01 Little bit of a tweak tweak, tweak this, moving your neck a bit. Get so much attention now. It's really moving. Okay. There you go. Right. So back to our site now, the Facebook, isn't a regular one. Okay. So we've got breast and memory and insomnia. So here we go. So starting off with memory. So again, we've done this already, so I'm just checking to make sure here we've got everything open for you. Check the neck here. A little bit of tightness in that muscle points are open. Not that big, but sort of let them simmer a bit. And other were just relaxed because they're open. I would have liked them to open a bit onto the breast here. Speaker 0 01:32:09 Okay. Go down, tap the ovaries as well. And just open up the communication between all the women's bits. Interesting. If you get really vivid dreams out of all this, most of us don't remember our dreams, unless that's for in the moment we wake up, it's funny how they all seem real. You're that happen? You have a dream and then you see somebody who is in it the next day. And you're like, Oh my gosh. They know, they know this is a dream. They have no idea. Youngest daughter. She was, I don't know how old she is. Four maybe. And she was telling me about a dream she had and I was in it. And then she stopped suddenly. And it was like, well, why am I telling you about this? Because you were there. That was pretty funny. Speaker 0 01:33:47 And she's totally stopped telling me mum, there's no point you were there any awareness coming over her little face that she didn't have to tell me. Cause I, I apparently was in the dream. So very funny. Okay. So insomnia and there we go. And Rhonda Theresa now balancing out, how are we doing here for time whore. All right, Teresa, um, hives, more energy copay. Thyroid nodule. Okay. Trees. Here we go. So we've got Theresa first. Um, let's do the hives and tapping the skin. Okay. Adding energy actually is really moving here, filling up the Dawn. Speaker 0 01:35:20 I'll just keep filling it for everybody. We get everybody right to the top where they say energy goes interesting. Like it could just go into the cells to support the cells. It could go into just your whole system. And all of a sudden you feel like the Energizer bunny, it might just puddle you. So he might feel really stressed. And then all of a sudden, you just want to go to sleep. So the energy will do what it needs to do for you. Okay. There we go. Okay. And onto your moms, we're looking at coal bed, pull the points. I think we've done that, but I'm going to pull the points up. I don't have that for that. That's fine. Do it anyway. Okay. So just looking at your mom here, she's blocked tapping the lungs point on the spine. Let's tap the lungs sounds coming in from the front and onto the thyroid. So what's the thyroid. We'll look at those nodules and we'll just send energy into the thyroid in our mind. We'll see those nodules just disappearing, shrinking being disposed. Speaker 1 01:38:00 Excuse me. Okay. There you go. Now, so we're going to do detox, so should be good for the group. Haven't really done detox yet. So we're looking at, starting off with the liver, detox, clean from chemicals, mold, anything, you still leave your body. So starting off with the liver moving. Okay. Coming across the liver, just tapping the liver itself, bumping the immune system. Something we haven't done is to dad as well. Okay. So let's just tap the lymph system, starting at the, on the inside of the legs, coming up the arms inside of the arm side of the body, put into that shoulder blade area. Okay. V Meridian tapping the limbic system, the CV to the head coming up from the rear, releasing any toxins or particles that are staying in that lymph node, giving a little lab to get the lab and disposing to the bloodstream. There we go. Okay. So anger, anger, all the thrush. First wall, a little babies get thrushes and the hospital actually, she was born. Okay. Bumping the auto immune Speaker 0 01:40:54 System, just focusing on Speaker 1 01:41:10 Side in anger, sweeten the anxiety points. Wells, go back to the angel points. These you, these points go deep. So again, as we can do these written points that can help, or you need to go Speaker 0 01:41:32 Take yourself in hand note to self, I should relax. Note to self. Speaker 1 01:41:42 I need to not worry about these things. I can't do anything about Speaker 0 01:41:47 No Speaker 1 01:41:47 To self. I need to hide, do some self-care. What would that entail? Speaker 0 01:41:59 Bring the energy down your spine to your left, spring energy, down into the arm, to the fingers, specifically the thumb. Speaker 1 01:42:18 And then we'll just ground in the thumb and just bring more energy. Speaker 0 01:42:21 Yeah. Speaker 1 01:42:31 Yourself first. It's so important for self-care. Speaker 0 01:42:35 I mean, we, we care about other people, but Speaker 1 01:42:41 We look after ourselves and then we're able to look after Speaker 0 01:42:44 Other people Speaker 1 01:42:50 Got that. Got that. I'll keep balancing you. Speaker 0 01:42:56 Okay. Speaker 1 01:42:56 So on to Coco, he there Speaker 0 01:43:15 So tapping for the brain tumor, congratulations to you. I feel so proud and feel so proud working on the brain tumor on the right ear side effects from chemo needs a bit of support as well. Let's just get that one more time. You see it shrink in a way. Speaker 1 01:46:55 Okay. And then the spine. So looking at the, there we go. It's going to roll the spine here for you to Joe, just coming down the strength. Same time. Let's start this template. So I'm going to holograph you. That's what? Age? Stray sounds good. Okay. So we'll get a holograph, a copy of your energetic spine from when you were three, right on your third birthday. How's that going to bring it forward through time, and then we're going to insert it in your existing spine and we're going to pull it can adjust it to make it fit. Speaker 1 01:47:56 We're just going to make that holographic, energetic pattern from your, from you at three years old, we're going to put it right in your existing one. Okay. So that should bump the energy up a bit and give you a little bit more support. I'm getting, I need to pull another one in same three, 10, 11, 12, 10, 10, because we're going to pull it. And again, another time in your life, we're going to pull another holographic energy of your spine. We're going to pull it forward from when you were 10. And again, we're going to put it in your existing spine. That's obviously a little smaller in size or it's going to make sure we make it fit it's to gently pull it out. But it's a holographic pattern. So easy moveable. Okay. So just coming down now for both of them, we've double holograph, Jedi tapping for the bone here and there you go. Okay. It's Ron Tahoe now. So I'll have tell them hernias are working, working low here. Speaker 0 01:49:48 I was going to bring Speaker 1 01:49:48 Energy all into that lower area Speaker 0 01:49:52 Sort at all that statement while it's been sorted. Speaker 1 01:50:03 Yeah. Let's go back up to <inaudible> flood some energy. Speaker 0 01:50:11 Yeah. It looks like it's inactive. Let's put it that way. Energetically the hernia Speaker 1 01:50:29 And the AR It's kind of flooded the energy down there and Speaker 0 01:50:44 Just tap the spot so we can ground it in. Speaker 1 01:50:49 It was kind of be either push it or you pull it or you drag it along or you open blockages and it comes down on its own. You can do it. All right. Okay. So right now we're just grabbing the energy in and, and more is coming because of it Speaker 0 01:51:06 Opened up. That looks good. All right, there you go. There's a point Speaker 1 01:51:14 In your head here. I need to tap as Speaker 0 01:51:16 Well. Some sense? Not just ramble blockage. Okay. Speaker 1 01:51:27 Balanced out. So there you go. Speaker 0 01:51:32 Okay. So Dolly blue sky, all that's good. Okay. So we're onto the kitty trend Speaker 1 01:51:45 Animals that Tom ran for animals. Speaker 0 01:51:48 Okay. Cats Speaker 1 01:51:51 Left eye growth on the eyelid. Okay. Speaker 0 01:52:07 It was a very arrogant cat. Goodness. So just bring the energy up the neck and we'll bring it up the spine as well. Speaker 1 01:52:47 Okay. Cancer it bringing energy into the head as well. Animals are so much easier. You should work with them. People. They don't, they don't overthink it. All right. We got left here at Laney. Hi there. How are we liking the weather? Okay, so we've got two <inaudible>. Okay. So here we go. So I've done, I've done all these points already, so I'm just going to do them quickly again. So I have systems to do the auto-immune. We're not ignoring it because we've done them. Your points are open already. Some of them, most of them are actually T one is not maybe a little under resistance. Speaker 1 01:53:47 So remember there's no desinence time or space to this. So you can mentally hook into the call, sort of figure out what they are and set an intention that your energy is in them. That you're turn into the right radio station. Okay. Here we go. Okay. On the breast here, <inaudible> the auto-immune okay. Onto the breast inflammation, cook, hoping your ovaries and the breasts, just the kind of communication up and down is when somebody touches your breast, you can feel it all the way down. So Stephanie communication sale. Okay. There you go. Um, and let's get the right shoulder injury. Okay. Come here. Okay. Let's balance you out now. Okay. All right. So Margaret uterine cancer, chemo side effects. Here we go. Uterine cancer, Speaker 0 01:55:50 Chemo side effects. Do the calming points as well for her for some reason. Okay. There we go for time here. I think you just got one time for one more. Cause we're hitting seven. O'clock here. So sorry, Karen. I'm going to have to pass and gonna have to stop just one more. Um, so sorry, Karen, we're going to miss you this round. All right. So we're on to, um, K charter. Um, so we're doing headache and body aches. This will start off with the headaches. So you got a little lightning storm in your head, the light being going back and forth, all you can do is try. Right. I can do is show up the neck here, loosening those muscles in the left hemisphere. So hopefully that helps the flu here. Let's just bump your immune system. I used to like it when I had the flu years ago, I'd put on my pajamas and everything would, you know, and then you'd put on your pajamas and you pull up the covers and it was like, ah, Speaker 1 01:58:44 And then you fall asleep. What's the moment of bliss for me when I just lay it out on the sheets and pulled the sheets up. All right. So hopefully that helped. And I think we're going to have to stop so sorry, Karen. Again, didn't get as far as you next round day. And uh, so just for Karen, we'll just set intention that things are better. So let's just start off with going to quickly clear. Everybody said, it'd be a real fast here, clear everybody's field. Um, getting ready to have any negative entities. Um, we're going to ask permission to disconnect any negative cords you have, and that would be all around to what's happening politically. So let's just, um, set the intention than anything. That's kind of dragging you down. Anything that's causing you to be stressed, anything that's dragging your field down, anything that's dragging your mind, body or spirit notes. We're just going to ask acid it, be removed acid to be taken out of your field. Um, and have you find your center. Speaker 1 02:00:10 Okay. Grounding everyone down to the center of the earth. Um, adjusting your frequency to the showman resonance of the earth around the earth, adjusting your frequency to your bodies, to the earth energies where you live. And we'll take everybody and put a nice little blanket. Some of the rules still be okay from yesterday, but it's going to cover everybody with a nasal healing blanket, tuck you in for those that like it tight, leaving it loose for those that don't like it wiggle a bit. And it can, you can take it over your head if you want. Okay. Checking everybody's protection bubble, and you're good to go. All right. Well thank you for being with me today and, uh, my pleasure. So, uh, have a great weekend and, uh, I'm back on Tuesday, but again, do go on. If you're feeling not a hundred percent tolerant is for anyone that doesn't feel well, go on the replay calls, go on the podcast. Um, and just keep it going because bit by bit, you'll start to feel better. Um, bit by bit, the tumors will shrink bit by bit. Um, the energy will start coming back for you. So it's a pretty strong modality. Um, and, uh, and you're definitely worth it. All right. So catch you later.

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