0096 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else - 2020-11-24

Episode 96 November 25, 2020 01:17:30
0096 - Anusuya Quinn,  Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else - 2020-11-24
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0096 - Anusuya Quinn, Eyes, Emotions and Everything Else - 2020-11-24

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Welcome all newcomers to Tom Tam’s Healing System. Join us for our Tong Ren Healing Class called “Eyes, Emotions and Everything!” During this hour-long class, we will use Tong Ren Healing to treat all kinds of problems related to eyes, emotions and general physical ailments, (cancer, autoimmune, metabolic, etc.) This is a general healing class, so all are invited to participate and learn what we have experienced in our own healing–what Tom calls “the mainstream medicine of the future–now!” Our goal is to empower you. By experiencing Tong Ren Healing you will literally be learning how to heal yourselves–and others too! Come, join in building the international collective unconscious of the Tom Tam Healing System of Tong Ren.

Anusuya Quinn
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Speaker 0 00:00:00 One where I put it, it had a broken wire, but it still worked anyways. Um, I've done the emotional room. We might be live with audio when you look at the settings again, cause it had shut off Speaker 1 00:00:16 My web cam Cam's on, I didn't know what's going on. Like I said, it might've just died. Um, system display is probably where my camera settings are. Speaker 0 00:00:53 I've also got some new little icon that says to join meetings at some kind of software or, Speaker 1 00:00:59 Um, webcasting that isn't what we use had switched. Speaker 0 00:01:28 Yeah. Over to the camera that was in the computer. Anyways. I think we're up. Speaker 1 00:01:36 Sorry. You're looking at the tug on my computer because I can move it much more. Speaker 0 00:01:42 Okay. So anyways, we've done emotions. Let me go find the webcast. Let me see if I can still find my last. I did have, um, Speaker 1 00:01:53 I did have a whole list full of requests, which appears to be gone. Um, easy warning guys. Sorry. Can't make any of this really work. Anyways. Speaker 0 00:02:16 We've done emotions. We've done metabolism, whatever that run is. Speaker 1 00:02:23 Hopefully you guys got it, even though we weren't up. Okay. There's Tom in station. Um, but my word document has vanished. That's very strange. Let me go look where things go by default that I don't send them. Usually the 25th. Speaker 0 00:03:12 I wonder I've I never used one drive, but there it is. Okay. I wonder if my computer change my browser to Microsoft, which I Speaker 1 00:03:25 I've never had it. Okay. Let's see. So let me get rid of that. Speaker 0 00:03:32 Our webcast, sorry. It's now 15 minutes. And then, like I said, I've done a little bit of work, but mostly I've messed around with my computer. True. The heater off. So you don't have to listen to it. Speaker 1 00:03:54 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:04:02 So there it is with up. I think I turned my phone off and put it in the other room. Um, okay. Since we're so far behind, I'm going to say a couple of things I think I'm know. Speaker 1 00:04:32 Okay. Speaker 0 00:05:18 Thanks Yon. Okay. So where up. So I've done emotions already. Um, let me grab what I can get a request Marsha. Okay. So I have the requests through Jean and Zanny that I got before. Um, then Speaker 1 00:05:41 Yeah, Speaker 0 00:05:41 I'm missing a whole bunch. Probably. I don't know what I'm missing. I'm missing though. I know that. So I picked back up with Marsha, but Marsha, I'm not seeing Bruce's request. I'm just seeing yours. So if anybody that and Dolly, I already had yours from before and everybody please keep the request short. I don't know what happened to that, but if everybody could keep it a few words, that really helps me, especially now that we're like 20 minutes late. But um, anyways, let me add the, so I have through Jean I have for Marsha down, but not Bruce Marsha. I think maybe you and I, maybe we should have a phone conversation after class. I saw your email. Um, some of those things I can answer for you without asking Tom, but if we have a quick conversation, we can, um, see if there's anything I need to ask for you, Regina. I think I had you, but maybe it was just that I saw you. I had you. Okay. Um, the sound is low. Is the sound low? That shouldn't be an issue. Um, okay. Wait a minute. Okay. That's off and should be, um, anyways. Okay, so sorry. I had that one earlier. Speaker 0 00:07:21 Okay. So anyways, while I finished grabbing requests, the other thing that I was about to say, when I realized I had no B is, let me go grab my email. I had an email for me Vaughn. So Yvonne's email is about giving Tuesday. So I'm going to address this. All right. Now I haven't really fully read it. I had a bunch of emails this morning. Oriental culture Institute wants healing research foundation. So OCI HRF, the nonprofit end of our work, um, wants to remind everyone that December 1st is giving Tuesday, giving Tuesday is an international movement that encourages people to do good in this world. Whether it be volunteering your time, donating to your favorite nonprofits, such as OCI HRF, or simply by showing kindness, we would be very grateful. If you can remind and encourage your patients in groups to donate. If it is in their ability. OCI HRF relies on donations from Tonga and healing sessions to promote and sustain our endeavors to help heal the world. Since the pandemic and quarantine, we have been limiting the number of attendees at live sessions, which means you were donors. If we can utilize the strength of this movement of giving Tuesday, we can help continue supporting OCI, HR up and promoting Tong rim. And we can Speaker 1 00:08:56 Do that by mailing a check to OCRA HRF. I have the address by donating online through PayPal, um, by using Amazon smile where OCI has a page. So all of our things we buy through Amazon, a small donation goes to the foundation. So anyways, since we're so far behind may as well, read that, do that, share that news and the move on to the webcasts. So, um, okay. So type that in, grow up the rest of the request. What about Florida? I know I got your request to all in Florida. Okay. Wait a minute. So let's see nothing was happening because something happened to my computer. Okay. Anyways, so let's see Regina. I have some very far away. I don't know what's up with that. Does anyone have decent sound? Speaker 1 00:10:21 Okay. So my sound setting must be turned down. So wait a minute. Let me go look at that to really quickly open, open combined. Let's see. Okay. Wait a minute. The Mike's down. Okay. How's that, that should be better. We should have better sound that um, the volume flipped itself down to, I don't really know what happened. My software reset itself. Um, anyways. Okay. You have good sound and picture. Okay. It should be better now. Okay. Okay. So let's get aligned with this good girl. Not a good beginning, right? Okay. Okay. Happy mama. Okay. Um, Kimmy Coco. No, no, it can't be cocoa. Kevin can't okay. I have through, wait a minute and I'll tell you, wait a second. Okay. Marsha, put Bruce back in. Okay, please. My mantra a little here I have through, Speaker 0 00:11:56 I had through genes, strong, healthy, vibrant, and then I picked up Marsha would worry, anxiety, sciatica and everything past that, but anything that was in between. Speaker 1 00:12:08 Um, I lost, Speaker 0 00:12:11 So that's the story. So if you can, um, Speaker 1 00:12:16 Copy that and paste it. Kimmy Coco. Speaker 0 00:12:22 Okay. Kimmy Coco. It was that had them. That would be great. Sorry. You're late. Don't worry about it. I'm almost really just starting Speaker 1 00:12:31 Good. Speaker 0 00:12:34 Excuse me. It's been a morning. You're a tech wise. Speaker 1 00:12:39 Okay. Speaker 0 00:12:41 So again, let me go back. So now I have both sides of Marsha. Okay. Okay. So I did the emotions. I did the metabolism, endocrine deep sleep. We'll do the emotions again. Let's quickly do Speaker 1 00:12:59 Metabolism, Speaker 0 00:13:00 Endocrine deep sleep again. Then we'll do the neurologic energy building. Respiratory circulation go through the general healing. Speaker 1 00:13:09 Well, okay. Feelings was getting empty, which is okay. Um, Speaker 0 00:13:29 Do the cancer work. So obviously we're going to be late today cause we're starting very late. Speaker 1 00:13:35 Okay. Um, so mentality, Speaker 0 00:13:39 Endocrine deep sleep, triple warmer, 16, 17. I am going to say much less than usual today. Metabolism detox, revs the metabolism up, cleans out any kind of toxins in our system. So starting with triple warmers behind the years, endocrine, let's take that metabolism up to GV 2223, the growth hormone, the Telameri, the endocrine, anything into print related. We go through Biel six, take the L six. Um, bring it back through the nerves, the motor sensory cortex, top of the head, open up all of the nerve pathways back through the brain. STEM also works deep sleep circadian rhythms on the brain STEM as well as being that, um, nerve pathway for everything. We can also open up the pineal gland. Part of our endocrine functions student, um, produces our melody. Speaker 1 00:14:39 Tonin so brainstem and, Speaker 0 00:14:42 And the, um, yin Tang point. We're opening up Speaker 1 00:14:48 Probably excuse opening Speaker 0 00:14:52 Up for sleep. Circadian rhythm. Good thing. I put the laser on the lower dantien today. I was wiped out yesterday with this clip on the feet. We still have the clip on the feet, but we moved the, um, laser today. Yesterday, it was on the diaphragm today. It's on the lower nine tens. So they're loading us all up with cheese. We do the work today. We're opening up the occipital Ridge into the traps, which also opens up or thyroid parathyroid part of our endocrine animal. So part of our sleep. So we're taking that from the occipital Ridge to GB 12, to C5, C6 seven, let's open the heart and the diaphragm for sleep apnea. Also the brains now regulate the breath, regulate the circulation open up the diaphragm from that long thoracic also gets the thyroid parathyroid to get T one, two, three, four, and seven kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21. Speaker 0 00:16:00 We're working the immune auto immune function back in front. So sympathetic parasympathetic, we work how she motives is auto-immune. So we take those points back to the thyroid, open up the throat S T nine 10, open up, see six and seven again, take T four for the breast is endocrine, take T seven, bring the blood supply down through the pancreas T seven left. We worked sleep pancreas. We work on sugar balance its endocrine exocrine down through the, um, pelvic bowl. Excuse me, opening up the, um, adrenals at L one kidney 16. So back and front opening up the pelvic organs, male and female Oregon's through the lumbar spine. Also bring it down into Prudential nerve for the, um, pelvic floor function, pelvic organs, Prudential Daniel on the back as two through five on the front stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12, take the cheek for me in Tang again, pineal gland, bring it down from the chest all the way to the feet out through the souls where we ground strengthened balance support kidney one. Speaker 0 00:17:28 It's bring it back up a little, the knees to the lower Don hands recharge and groaned liver, three kidney, one neurologic energy building and respiratory circulation. We actually just energy bills. Thoughts. Let's do, um, again behind the ear ears as well as the front, let's get the SCMS up and open the circulation up to the brain. Then we'll get the heart vessels, all of the circulatory system. So Chan drawn SCMS up through sky when no, which is our, um, carotid arteries, internals externals up through TWU 16 and 17 over the shoulder blades GB 2021, take it into the neck, open up for T bros, open up basil or open up basil ganglion. The brainstem stimulate dopamine for Parkinsonian type symptoms opening. So we have that circulation, um, circle of Willis as well. All the brain circulation opening up again. We got the triple warmer, let's go GV 22 regeneration for nerves, regeneration for anything in our system. Speaker 0 00:18:52 Again, our calories of GV 23, take it back top of the head back opening motor sensory. So we're charging the system, pulling in the tree through the top of the head, washing it to the feet, open all those nerve pathways again through the brain STEM, which is also our cardiac respiratory center, GV 17 BL nine open the neocortex loop, opening up the facial nerves back to G B12. We can take the B12 all the way down the spinal artery from C1 to 71 to 1201 to five S one five opening spinal nerves, which open everything from head to toe. Speaker 0 00:19:42 Excuse me, organ function to the, um, all the Oregon's actually along the spine opening, uh, um, C5, six, seven long thoracic to T six, heart pericardium phrenic ally 17, CB 17 and gave me 22 to the diaphragm and the ground and the pericardium on the front. So again, that nerve function opened the occipital Ridge opening, the, um, traps and thoracic spine open the GB 12 again, C5 six, seven is brachial plexus. Open up shoulders down through the arms, down to the elbows wrists, hands fingers, all in their radial and medial nerves all the way down openly. Um, subclavians on the front. Also down the arms to the hands, open the, um, T one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, open the immune auto-immune. We clear inflammation. We open the lungs, the lymph, the airways, the heart, the vessels, the diaphragm, the pericardium key seven opens our blood supply down to the lower body. Speaker 0 00:21:05 We're also still working nerves so down. We can take it L four and five works. The psychiatric nerve, anybody working low back and sciatica. We get that. We get S two through five again for the pudendal nerve. So we are opening up down behind the knees to the ankles opening the Vegas nerve root of the Vegas is on the brain. STEM back again through G B12, which opens the whole neck and shoulder area. Again, take it through the chest. Kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 2221. Again, opening immune T cells, B cells, opening lungs, lymph airways, heart vessels, diaphragm, pericardium. And we're going to take it down all the way down with the front, the back down to the feet, deliver three kidney, one back below the knees to recharge back to the lower Donte and the store that she all the way down again to the ground. Liver, three kidney, one strength, balance, and support. Okay. Um, sinus eyes, ears, nose, mouth throat. Let me go see what happens with the request. Um, I had, no, I was, I had everything was down, so I just, I had everything down. I had trouble. Well, on my end, it's fixed. We're fine. Speaker 0 00:22:44 But there's no logging in if I'm not up. And I, it was up and down with no sound, pay me with no picture, but where you should, everybody should have signed in picture now. So, um, Kimmy, Coco, you mentioned having the loss quest. If you happen to have the last request from, um, Jean and zany down till Marsha's first request, I would take those in-between cause I definitely lost requests today. Okay. I haven't seen Eileen on in a while. Okay, Laurie, you got your request in here. Thank you. I have been including Danny middle and you're not because I'm kinda used to it now that you've come through and I see you on Facebook. Okay. Let's see. Excuse me. Speaker 1 00:23:46 Sorry. I'm so sounds so congested this morning. Anyways. I'm actually fine. I just had, okay, so came. Hey, can Steven happy mama? They've got Bruce and Marcia Zanny but everything in between is gone. Okay. So we keep growing. Okay. I'm glad the camera still works. It's good. Even though it didn't Speaker 0 00:24:42 At first, I'm glad it does. I don't have to replace it or figure out where I put the other one. I know at some point I'll open a drawer somewhere and it'll be there and I'll go. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:24:52 That's where it is. So we are doing Speaker 0 00:24:56 Sinus eyes, ears, nose, mouth throat, Speaker 1 00:25:04 No quartets, eight shoulders, both sides. Can me six to 12 Speaker 0 00:25:18 Warmer behind the ear in 16, 17 GV 22, 23, open up the growth hormone. Again, the regeneration, the telomerased we opened the nerve pathways <inaudible> we use for dry eyes, P L six, seven, eight, getting the nerves, especially the sensory nerves for the sense organs, which these are. So we are opening up DV 19 opening up BL eight pack to nine back through the GV 17 into, um, B nine and a half the occipital Ridge as well. We can open the visual cortex, GV 19. We already got all those nerves along the neocortex loop. So those nerves to the sinuses eyes, ears opens trigeminal works on tinnitus, works on, um, anything related to the ears actually, um, that ringing in the head for Robin, again, the nose back into the palate for Amy into the teeth, gums, bone growth into the jaw. When we open the occipital Ridge, we're also working the thyroid parathyroid, which calcium balances us nicely. Speaker 0 00:26:39 We open up the whole next C one to seven, all the facial artery. So we get the circulation there as well as from the subclavians up through the neck and the shoulders. When we open the SCMS, we loosened the neck, shoulders, the jaw, the upper back. We open circulation to the brain as well as to, again, the sense organs, Rhea, the circle of Willis. We are opening again. So the facial artery spring them around yin and Tang, Thai yang, B Oh one and two, B L three, four, five, and six CNA open up the, um, sinuses below the eyes as well. The nose, the mouth, the teeth, the gums in front of the ears, down through the throat. We can open the brain STEM for the root of the cranial nerves. We want <inaudible> and 11 to the throat. Take the cheese, pulled it all the way down again through the T one, two, three, four, and seven, the kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21, both the immune auto-immune work on the bathroom, front all the way to the feet. Liver, three kidney, one, the back immune points on my doll. Feel like they aren't burning. They're so hot. Um, and we have a probe on all of that on the doll is with a device anyways. So we're up to virus prevention, immune and joints. And then we have digestive wait, Janet, or urinary. And then we have emotions trauma. Then we go through the, um, cancer ALS ms. Parkinson's excuse me, treatments. Speaker 0 00:28:33 I think I drank too much dairy and you guys are listening to it. So, sorry. I don't know what this is, whatever it is. I don't want to see it. Some new software. Okay. Yeah. I got Eugene. I have gene and Zanny, um, strong, healthy, vibrant, but I got, I lost everything under them, so I got Marcia, but I didn't get Bruce. And then Marsha put Bruce in again after. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Let me copy and put these on. I'm not going to bad for starting a half hour late, even though we had done the emotions before we got on and I redid that second run. Okay. Wow. This is actually quite a long list, even though I lost a bunch of you. I have a, I have a substantial list. I mean, two, three pages at this point. So no, I just heard one Speaker 1 00:29:42 Of the birds tapped the window, probably saying, feed us, please. Okay. Um, short and sweet works for me. Okay. Not that. Okay. So let's keep going. So happy mama. Your perfect blood should be highlighted. Should, can shoot Bruce. Okay. Gene and Zanny Matt Wayne. Dan will be in there for the blood work. Okay. Okay. Okay. Um, let me think. Everything above that maybe I had already highlighted David pay attention, Cynthia. Okay. Um, GNS. Yup. We'll get your ms. Carolyn's loan with Bruce. We'll get Virginia as long with Bruce. Judy. We'll get your breast. Okay. Okay. Okay. I have everything highlighted. Okay. So where are we? Let's see, we just did sign assize. Here's where it virus prevention, immune and joints coffee. Probably a good thing. Right? Okay. Here we go. Iris prevention. You made parotid gland, salivary glands. I heard Tom talking about the fourth one. They discovered yesterday. That was yesterday. No, it was Monday. Anyways, you may do one, two, three, four, seven kidney Speaker 0 00:32:40 27, 26, 25, 24 21. Let's go see five, six 71, two, three, six, open lungs, airways, lymph, long thoracic to the diaphragm. Let's get T five. Also strengthen the heart. Work on the heart vessels. Opening up phrenic on the front. Open up CV 17 from the phrenic nerve. Open up long, one long to kidney 26, 25, 23 heart lungs, diaphragm vessels, 22 as well. Open up all the cardiac respiratory for the wires prevention work. Also the immunes. So we had that T one, two, three, four, seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21. Also good for any inflammation, arthritis in the joints. Take it to the triple warmer. 16, 17, clean out the metabolism, rev up the metabolism as well. Detox the system open up and regenerate at GB 22. Work the telomere race at GB 23. Also the endorphins on the, um, GB 22 point, take it into the BL six, seven, eight GB 21, 2019. Speaker 0 00:34:02 Again, motor association, sensory top of the head back recharge the system, loosen up the whole spine, bring it back through the brain. STEM, open up the neocortex loop for tendons, muscles, ligaments, GB 12. Bring that down the spine again. So we're opening up the nerves down the arms, opening up the nerves through the, um, pelvic low back area, down the legs to the feet. Open up the C5. Six, seven brachial plexus, open up S T nine and 10. Bring this down the arms through the elbows, wrists, hands and fingers. All the joints take T one, two, three, four, seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21. Bring it down. Open up from T seven into the lumbosacral area. We want to open up the sciatic nerve L four five, the pudendal nerve S two through five at also stomach 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 or congenital on the front, into the pelvic floor down hips to the ground. Speaker 0 00:35:21 Again behind the knees, be all 54. Her knees on the fright, spleen nine, 10 liver, eight stomach 36 GB 34. I which point knees take GB 34 down to 39 outside the ankles inside the ankle out coined props of the feet, liver three kidney, one out through the souls, into the ground strengthening balance and supporting and grounding liver three kidney womb, digestive weight, genital, urinary, his next opening, the being again, digestive and genital urinary. So both you mean open salivary, which was the beginning of our digestive process in the mouth. When you sat right through the colon, works, everything water-related so also bladder kidneys, which is part of the genital urinary tract, actually part of the urinary tract, open up the, um, signaling. Let's get the cardia open up T six, the diaphragm opens down in through the GI tract. Let's get the signaling mechanisms. So the cardia stomach stretch receptors also lets open the pancreas as well, balance and sugar so we can get kidney 22 stomach 21 T six 68. Open up up to the brain. Stan were sending the signal up to the hypothalamus pituitary GV 22, B L six, but can also work on the, um, it's gone. The part of the brain that is like satisfied anyways. Let's work on Tom's Island. Speaker 0 00:37:22 Um, what am I working on? Digestive? Wait, genital urinary. Yes. So the signaling. Okay, so let's take GV, um, TW 16, 17 behind the ears, rev up metabolism, bring it back up. TGV 22 signaling endocrine. We do some endocrine work along with the weight balance, bringing it through the Biel six again, open up all those nerve pathways across the top of the head to the brain STEM. We can take it back into TW 20, the intra abdominals back teaming back to the occipital Ridge, which again will open traps to the diaphragm as well as the thoracic spine with all of that nerve function to our digestive organs. We like to tune up the digestive function, which helps us with our weight balance as well. Speaker 0 00:38:18 Key B12 C5, six 76 open <inaudible> also kidney 22, the diaphragm, the gremlin, the metabolism grelin is part of our weight mechanism. Also. Um, we're taking the T one, two, three, four seven kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 through the digestive and the genital urinary system. So anything inflammatory like colitis, IBS, crones, esophogitis a bladder infection. Clear the inflammation open T seven down. We're bringing that down into the, um, T a pancreas kidney, 20 stomach, 21 also pancreas bringing it down into the pelvic bowl through the, um, male, female organs with your endocrine base, the janitor urinary tract as well. So we are taking it down L one, two, three, four, five down through the stomach, 25 to 30. So down to poop and Nolan to the pelvic floor, um, open up the sacrum. So again, all those organs things like our bladder open, uh, the below the knee behind the knees opens the pelvis area again behind the knees, kidney Meridian down again. Speaker 0 00:39:57 We're clearing inflammation, working parasympathetic. The Vegas nerve is brainstem QG B12 two L I 18 down opens up our chest middle Warner's into the pelvic bowl for the digestive system. And we are pulling she back down to the feet through S T 36, where we recharge and work again, our digestive to the ground liver three kidney one back to the emotion trauma work very quickly see to both sides up to GB, 13, 14, right left, open up GV 2223, open the insular open the left side, frontal low back into yin and Tang. Thai yang, CNA S T 1112 S I 16, 17 TW 16, 17 GB 2021 open the, um, you Ming, no yin Tang, sorry. In Tang yang, TW 20 G V a L I 2021 in Tang, kidney 27 down to kidney, one out through the souls, into the ground liver three kidney one. My doll is warm to the heat. So we've done the COVID. We've done the eyes. We're doing Virginia with Bruce. We've done some of that. Head-neck soft Speaker 1 00:41:40 Palate. We've done liver Speaker 0 00:41:43 Spleen work. We're going to do perfect bloods Speaker 1 00:41:46 Here. Then we're going to do the, um, tremor Parkinsonian work with the ALS ms. Okay. See, sorry. Kimmy Coco. Yup. Um, thank you. Okay. Okay. I got those. Okay, good. Casey. Yeah, I got Regina. Okay. I don't know if I got you Robin, but I Robyn Diane, Anna, but I was aware of you. Okay. Okay. Thanks guys. Okay. So let me keep going. I don't know what I was wondering Speaker 0 00:42:58 Is I thought I saw, um, Speaker 1 00:43:03 Diane on somewhere with Sydney, but I don't see it anymore. So no, no, John. Okay. I got, I got all the really early stuff. Speaker 0 00:43:29 Well, what I actually lost was from let's Speaker 1 00:43:33 They had eight 38. Speaker 0 00:43:40 I had everything through Speaker 1 00:43:44 Eight 56, eight 58. I have everything through eight 58 Speaker 0 00:43:51 And I, so I lost from eight 58 through nine Oh seven is what's gone. And then I had everything. Speaker 1 00:44:06 Yeah. So I had Speaker 0 00:44:09 Danny and Jean at eight 58. I had Marcia at nine Oh seven, but I didn't get Bruce's and then I have for nine 20 on. Okay. That's the story with me today. So anyhow. Speaker 1 00:44:25 Um, okay. So yeah, Robin, I don't know. I, I don't know if you guys are up here or not. Yeah. Know, I had lost you guys. So now I have you, but I have been again, I've been aware of you. And when I, um, did the ringing in the head, I was included Robin there. Okay. So anyways, let's keep going. Very confused. We're doing perfect blood. I have three minutes, but I started a half hour late, pretty much. Um, so perfect blood, triple warmer. You guys know the drill. Um, a lot of the cancer work is the same for every cancer, other than the specific points that we treat like an out tweet and then the secondary. So that's the story. So here we go. Triple warmer. And I think I've said it enough time. I don't know that there's anybody that's really new here that doesn't know the story that maybe I couldn't. Um, yeah, no, I know we do. We lose it. Um, we lose it. I know. And I only lost it because I really left. I shut my computer off, like once, um, which means I really lost everything. Speaker 1 00:45:49 Okay. Let's see. There they are. Okay. Okay. Yep. Sidney was in there. Okay. Okay. So let me just get this and then, like I said, we'll keep going. Um, okay. Um, okay. Sorry. I can't, um, I keep losing so much. Okay. So since grandma was on. Okay. So Sydney, I thought I saw something. Okay. Um, okay. Oh, okay. Yup. Okay. Yawn. Okay. Um, Robin, Diane and Anna. Okay. Thank you. And okay, Suzanne. Okay. Okay. I don't know if there's more, I'll check again in a minute, but let's keep going through. Um, what do we do? Speaker 1 00:47:48 Okay. Sorry. I know I'm like disjointed beyond belief this morning. This was like, wow, what is going on here? Okay. Anyways, on we go. Okay. Yeah, I got equal. Okay. Okay. Yep. I got it. Then I got everything. I got Dolly twice. Okay. Got it. I got it. Okay. I think I got everything. Okay. I got that. Okay. Just got that. Okay. Okay. All set. Can we thank you. Okay. We got everything. So we're going to go through and we're going to treat. Yep. I got Regina. I've got everything now. We're all good. Um, like I said, we're going to go through and just treat these things now and be done. I'm so sorry. How, what a mess. This has been today. Anyways, we figured it out. I have to say I am good at troubleshooting. I'm probably better at troubleshooting than the average practitioner. So on we go, um, Oh, I got that. I got that. Okay. Everything. Okay. So back up the list, we're doing blood and then we're doing again. We're just going to go through and do a few of these cancer treatments. So first off is the blood work. Some triple warmer is like I said, I'm not giving it a lot of, um, context today. I do. You guys have heard me do it a million times. We're just sending cheetah Speaker 0 00:50:28 Points. TW 16, 17 GB 22 GB 23, B six. We can open the whole motor sensory brain STEM cells, RPL nine J D 17. We can open up the occipital Ridge, open up GB 12, open C5, C6 C7, long thoracic nerve to the diaphragm where we oxygenate a T six, along with ally 17, frantic and CB 17. Also diaphragm with kidney 22. So we're opening sympathetic, parasympathetic, oxygenating cells. We know cancer cannot thrive in a well oxygenated environment. So we are aiming to create a healthy environment, oxygenate the whole system we can do T one, two, three, four, seven, clear any inflammation stimulate the T and the D cells work, regeneration, bone marrow and spleen. So we're balancing red and white cells. Um, for the perfect blood, we can take the <inaudible> L to open up all the organs involved in blood production, balancing the Oregons and opening the nerve pathways, clearing any blockages, taking it back to the front. Speaker 0 00:52:01 We can open from the brainstem through the occipital Ridge to GB 12, to Vegas and L 18. We opened the kidney Meridian down Vegas. Intervates the chest innovates, the diaphragm, heart vessels, lungs, airways, limp, and Dre. Intervates the immune system and through the GI tract. So a bunch of those, um, organs involved in blood are actually also digestive organs. So we're bringing it through opening up all the way to the feet and the ground. Again, liver three, kidney, one tremor Parkinsonians ALS M S working. See one, two, three, focus, C2, motor open. The circulation up can dong SCMS up through the neck. The shoulders back to the brain STEM stimulate the dopamine BL nine GV 17, open up again, basil ganglia, basil, or arteries open the TW 1617 GV 2223 <inaudible> 2019 through the brain STEM again, the neocortex loop for the facial nerves, the occipital Ridge into GB 12. Speaker 0 00:53:23 We're opening all of the cervical spine opening the GB 12 down the spinal artery, C one to 71 to 12 or one to five S one to five. So we got that occipital Ridge through the trap shoulders and the thoracic spine that C5 six, seven and the S T nine 10. We can take down through the, um, gravy applexis again, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands fingers. Subclavians also down the arms to the fingers. T one two three, four seven, clearing inflammation, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21. Ms. Is auto-immune always worked. The immune points. Take it to the hips. Open up lumbosacral focus all four or five back to the psychiatric S two through five. Back through the Grendel stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12 also gets the pudendal into the pelvic floor and the hips to the toes on the front, down behind the knees opens the pelvis, opens out points, working mobility, flexibility behind the ankles, kidney Meridian, all the way back down through the hips. Speaker 0 00:54:41 How, which points at the femur heads spring it down. Ouch points through the Nene's spleen, nine, 10 liver, eight stomach 36 GB, 34 down to 39 inside the ankles. Liver three kidney, one out the soul's ground. Okay. Um, John Kay, we had stomach distress, kidneys balance electrolytes Tina's immune ones and energy father, John stenosis, neuropathy to feet strengthened left lid emotions, osteo to knees energy did cataract and right ocular migraine did lazy eyes, nausea, loss of voice. We'll be doing eyes again for Sydney. Did the sobriety impulse control did sleep narcolepsy. That was new. Um, a fib we've done. We've done osteo, flexors, a little back pain, bowel function, emotional balance brain circulation, liver and lung health. Okay. We're doing breast next. Speaker 0 00:55:53 Um, okay. Um, let's see. Okay. Did we ever find out where the sarcoma was? Yeah, I know. I hadn't thought about the time thing, but yeah, when I went back and look at my list, I can clearly see this was last and that was next. So we're good. Thanks so much Kimmy. I really appreciate it. Okay. So Alex, uh, as some kind of circle, um, okay. Okay. So anyways, here we go. We're doing breast. I'm probably going to run my hour. My hour is actually up at 10 30 today cause I started splitting. So anyways, let's keep going. I probably won't run the whole hour actually. So breast C5, six, seven, what's opened up Judy's um, traps, her brachial, plexus, NZ nanny, and Casey's wife and Kathy T and Sharon, Cindy from Quinsy. Who else? Anybody working breasts in good prevention for the rest of us in Kimmy Coco? Speaker 0 00:57:40 Um, no, not Kimmy Coco Kim, Ken. This does, um, skin prevention also. So this is going to be the skin work, which we'll also be getting with Cynthia in a minute. Um, more specific to skin there. So triple warmer, 16, 17 metabolism GV 22, 23 growth hormone endocrine balance B L six, endocrine BL six, seven and eight. We're doing mirror neurons, we're opening nerve pathways, motor association, sensory to the brain STEM, open up all of the, um, let's get the bioelectrical seat, healthy cell growth, healthy nerve function. We can open the occipital Ridge. We got the brain STEM cells on the brainstem, simple Ridge to the traps and into the thoracic spine. My whole upper body started totally tangled Judy all down my arms, those long thoracic brachial, plexus, all those points. Ooh, tingling like crazy. I realized one day recently, the reason I feel it in the upper part of my body is because the camera and the um, thing can only see so much of my body over my laptop. So I get all of that. So if I were to stand up, I would probably get it down further. Anyways. Um, so we did the brainstem, the occipital Ridge. He B12 C5 six, seven, two long thoracic kidney, 22 also long thoracic into the diaphragm, opens the ground. We also are opening the limp in the breast from C5 six, seven Speaker 1 00:59:34 T for kidney 24 Speaker 0 00:59:36 Breast open the bone C6 and seven for Kathy opened the T nine for the liver. We can open up pelvis, ouch point. We can open up the brain Speaker 1 00:59:52 STEM to Speaker 0 00:59:54 The throat for Marie Patrice. So let's take it to GB 12 C6 seven S T nine S T Speaker 1 01:00:01 And T one, two, three, four, and seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, Speaker 0 01:00:07 24 21. We are opening bringing it all the way down from the chest through the middle warmers, down through the pelvic bowl, down the legs, tap to the feet, ground up below the knees, back to the lower Donte hands. Fill it up with G store for self-healing store for abundant supply of energy to the ground liver three kidney one. Okay. Speaker 1 01:00:38 Did the ms. We are doing the lung cancer with Bruce. We plan hip pain. We've done a, yeah, Speaker 0 01:00:44 We've done low back. We've done degeneration, numbness, weight loss. We've done shoulders across back blood pressure sugar. We've done. Heart breath, digestion, calm, peaceful, mind, healthy art inquiry. Right? Foot skin, cervix and genital next. Okay. And then we've done breast to liver. Okay. We've done to ms. Done blood count. We've done the Parkinson's. Okay. Speaker 1 01:01:15 So let's get Cynthia's request. Um, behind the ears, triple warmer. 16, 17 GB, 22, 23 video sex and the print and bringing it to the brain's STEM cells to C5 six, Speaker 0 01:01:36 Seven long thoracic LLI, Speaker 1 01:01:38 17 frantic T six, CB 17, kidney 22 Speaker 0 01:01:44 Diaphragm. Grelin okay. Speaker 1 01:01:47 T for skin, kidney Speaker 0 01:01:50 24 skin, we got the immune, the T cells, the B cells. We opened T seven blood supply down let's open L two S three. Then into the lumbosacral, open up the Prudential into the pelvic floor. S two through five stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, Speaker 1 01:02:12 12, open up the Vegas. L I 18 backed down the kidney Meridian. So skin, kidney 24, bring it down through the middle of warmers into the pelvic bowl, kidney, um, 15 spleen, kidney, 15 kidney nine, Prudential stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen, 12 to the pelvic floor to the pelvic organs. Bring the chief from the chest all the way down to the feet. Where are we grounded again at liver three and a kidney one. So we did the breast to liver. When we did the LMS, we did the blood. We did the Parkinson's, the ALS we're doing limb. We did Xannies breasts. So we're doing limp angel points. Then we're doing Bruce's LEMS then we're doing Yvonne liver. Speaker 1 01:03:27 So I'm guessing the fever chills are like one of those liver cancer side effects. Cause liver manifests some weird symptoms, um, generally, but maybe I'm wrong. Okay. Anyways, we'll do that. Um, we're going to do Sydney's eyes. Okay. Okay. Wait those two. Don't forget them at the end. Okay. Um, do these last few. Wow. Okay. Good morning, morning. Yep. We've charged the batteries. We've done memories. We've done immune. We started very late and I should be done, but I'm not. Okay. So I'm going to keep going, treat these last bunch of, um, cancer treatments and we'll treat everybody okay. Oh, kiss did Cynthia. That always includes Suzanne gene, C one two three T one two three L one two three. That's one, two TW Speaker 0 01:05:18 16, 17 GV 2223 P L six. Back to the brain STEM cells. GV 17 BL nine into the occipital Ridge into GB 12 C5, C6 C7 T3 with LLI 17 CV 17 kidney 22 Brelin metabolism, diaphragm oxygenation, open up T one, two, three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 balanced the immune's work. G regeneration, bone marrow and the spleen. We want to keep the blood balanced. We want to keep healthy red cell counts to carry the oxygen load. Take that T seven down. Open the lumbosacral, especially the Prudential nerve S two through five down behind the knees, down to the ankles, back to the Vegas nerve through the chest kidney 27, kidney 21 balanced the blood and the spleen. Open the lymph again, kidney 25, bring it down to the ouch point. Also open up for genital stomach, 30 liver, 12 spleen 12, bring the lymphatic fluid down the legs. Focus on the right leg, but doing all the way down to the feet. Spleen Meridian down to liver, three kidney, one recycling back up through the knees up through the ouch point up through the lower dantien is middle warmers heart center, back to the thoracic duct and down grounding at the feet liver three kidney one and four, the angel points. We can go to the old factory or the young factory as Tom calls it at <inaudible> or a yin Tang in tank, Ty yang, TW 20 GB eight opens hippocampus, bring it to the Speaker 1 01:07:32 L I 2021. Pull it down to the feet and ground strength, balance support. Oh, today Speaker 0 01:07:44 Liver three kidney one, Bruce Speaker 1 01:07:49 Angel Speaker 0 01:07:50 Points. Okay. Bruce, triple warmer. 16, 17 GV 22, 23 endorphins also. Speaker 1 01:08:01 So Speaker 0 01:08:04 Balanced cell growth growth hormone opened back through motor sensory into the occipital Ridge. So through the brain STEM cells into the range, into the GI B12, into the shoulders, C5 six, seven brachial plexus to the right shoulder, also to the guy <inaudible> gets the oxygenation diaphragm on the phrenic nerve as well into the chest brainstem balances, the, um, breath and heart. So open up the respiratory center. Speaker 1 01:08:43 Sure. Work on the, um, GBA bioelectrical seat for healthy nerve function, healthy bioelectrical flow, healthy cell growth. Again, we, Speaker 0 01:08:58 We are opening that T one two three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24, 21 inflammation let's clear any inflammation in the nerves, into the shoulders, into the hips, open the lines. Speaker 1 01:09:14 So T three, we want to open lungs, limp, airways, kidney 25 as well. So back in front sympathetic Parris, Speaker 0 01:09:28 Pathetic Kate T seven, down to the left tip, open up L four, five, both sides for Bruce and for Marsha open ups, the <inaudible> behind the knees down to the ankles. Again, Speaker 1 01:09:42 Take the men in Tang S Tega in Tang, Thai yang, CNA S T 11, 12 kidney 27 down. Focus on the chest, bring the cheat down to the hips all the way down the legs to the feet. Back up below Speaker 0 01:10:09 The knees, where we charge up the batteries, fill up the lower down T Speaker 1 01:10:13 And with G for self healing, correct energy supply to the ground liver three kidney one. Okay. B, we're going to do the liver and the fever chills next. Um, okay, so we go on triple warmer's. Again. 16, 17 metabolism. Can you be 2223, B L six brain STEM cells. We also have the root of it. Speaker 0 01:11:09 Cranial nerve on the brain STEM to Vegas Vegas. Intervates the liver. Intervates the spleen integrates the GI tract. He may for GI liver is GI TW 20 inter abdominal spur the GI system. Isn't trapped on out. Oregon's back to the occipital Ridge GB, 12 C5, six, seven, and ally 17 long thoracic phrenic, nerve diaphragm, T six with ghrelin also CV 17, kidney 22 work the blood plasma liver 1314. Go to again, um, the T one, two, three, four seven, kidney 27, 26, 25, 24 21 T cells, B cells, regeneration blood red cells, white cells. Um, T seven is the spleen. We were actually want to go for the liver. So let's do again. The GV 22 growth hormone, the brain STEM cells along beyond line GB 17, let's open up C5 six, seven, two T six long thoracic. We can open up T seven to liver. Speaker 0 01:12:31 Key nine back up to <inaudible> for spleen liver on the front. We can take the Vegas L I 18 to stomach 21 also kidney 20. Um, so liver spleen open up kidney 21, bring it pack from the, um, kidney Merde and bring it to the feet. Bouncing again, the GB 22 for any fever, chill, body temperature back brainstem, neck front, take it down to the feet around strength, balance support liver, three kidney, one for Sydney, triple warmer, 16, 17 GV 22, 23. <inaudible> taking it through sensory, take it to B L E open up <inaudible> two GB 19 to visual cortex that GB 19 brain STEM cells neocortex loop into GBA about <inaudible> into the neck, shoulders, facial artery C3 C4 to the outpoints Thai yang in Tang. <inaudible> open up CNA, open up SCMS up the long thoracic diaphragm Speaker 1 01:14:12 Phrenic to diaphragm. The immunes key one, two, three, four, seven, kidney 27, six five, four 21. We're working in the blood. We're balancing the whole T cell B cell mechanism, working regeneration, taking blood supply down, bring the energy all the way down to the feet where we ground liver, three kidney, one for Sydney, and we are sending G to everybody. So thank you for being here did make an announcement at the beginning about giving Tuesday, which is next Tuesday. Um, you know, we have other announcements, so we are just relaxing, receiving the cheek, obviously, always with gratitude to Tom, as well as our whole collective, which is all of you guys, people pitch in like this morning, we had Kimmy who pitched in and sent me the request. We have people who talk in the background. There's always, um, support in the community for all of us. Speaker 1 01:15:28 I am tingling like crazy. So we'll send that to everybody. So happy Thanksgiving to everybody. I'm actually grateful every day, but I also love Thanksgiving because it's a day that people just really focus on being grateful, whether they are every day or not. So it's a special day. So everybody have a beautiful day in whatever way you celebrate it this year. Obviously it's going to be a little different since we're being discouraged from celebrating in person. And it's a very much an in-person kind of holiday. So, uh, anyways, what do you have a great day again? Thanks so much for being part of the community. Um, and I will see you guys Friday morning Speaker 0 01:17:10 At nine o'clock and I think we have the, uh, computer stuff worked out, so we should be good to just go Friday. So thanks for being patient with me while we worked around the tech issues this morning, and everybody again, have a great day, have a great holiday. And thanks for being.

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